How Much have you Lost

(Laura) #1

Found this in a Facebook low carb group.

If anyone knows how to post the Whole list here please do.

I have lost a 2 month old horse and still need to lose the small bale of hay.

Edit: Thanks to birddog27 for posting the list below…

Just realized how much 51 pounds is
(Jennifer) #2

Here you go… I’m down a five-gallon bottle of water and a rack of ribs. Lol…

(Jill Bowman) #3

:flushed: Oh no - I’ve apparently lost a 2 year old… who has my rack of ribs!

(Dustin Cade) #4

I’ve lost an Irish Setter and still need to lose the average amount of refined Sugar an American eats in a year…

(Mike Glasbrener) #5

I’ve lost about a human leg. Magically I’m still bipedal. I hope to lose the 2yr old horse by the end of the calendar year!:innocent: However, I did even know I owned a horse till this list came out… Each entry would be even better with a:

I’ve lost a … and I’ve gained cheats on my life.
… I’ll get to see my great grand children
… I’ll get to see flying cars

(David) #6

I’ve lost a sperm whale’s brain. Awesome!

Now all l have to do is lose that dammed housecat.

No offence @mikki.

(eat more) #7

why? i’m confused LOL

i wouldn’t mind losing a housecat - a bald eagle of fat :blush:

(Laura) #8

Thankyou so much…

(Laura) #9

Got news for you, saw experimental flying cars on TV the other day…

So you might can consider that a win. And if your kids and grandchildren are having babies high achievers… well I am 64 and have two great grandchildren so I guess I have to shoot for great great grandchildren. :grin:

(David) #10

I thought I’d seen the odd housecat feature in your posts. It’s understandable if a person might have felt a certain sensitivity…

(eat more) #11

oh i think you mean Floyd!
@brenda 's kitty :heart_eyes_cat::blush:

(David) #12

Oh. Okay. My bad. Sorry for invoking you :slight_smile:

(David) #13

Congratulations on losing that horse. What an achievement!

(eat more) #14

i like being thought of even if it isn’t me :joy:

it’s the spirit and thought that counts right?

(David) #15

Every time :smile:

(What The Fast?!) #16

I think I gained a guinea pig, but like…a real muscular one!

(eat more) #17


(Mike Glasbrener) #18

Let me guess… Your guinea pig is an endurance athlete?

(John) #19

One elephant penis down I suppose…

(What The Fast?!) #20

I think he pumps iron.