How many veggie carbs?

(Juanita Rice) #1

How many carbs do you all eat a day in vegetables?

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Same here. Zero. I did at first, then decided I had better places to spend my 20 g of carbs. But some have veggies as a regular part of their diet. Whatever works for you. And don’t be surprised if it changes over time. as you eliminate all those carbs processed foods, your body will start talking to you about makes it feel good and what causes problems. It’s much easier to identify problem foods…. I eventually felt better without veggies in my gut, an cheese made me lethargic. That’s just me. The point is keto will make it easier to figure out your best food, Just stay under 20g carbs and you’re good.

(Todd Allen) #4

I stopped counting carbs in vegetables years ago. I don’t eat high carb veg such as potatoes. I doubt I could eat enough lettuce for the carb content to be an issue for me. I eat some moderately high carb veg such as onions but as accents and not the bulk of a meal.


I’ve been experimenting with potassium-rich fruits and vegetables to see if this helps with muscle weakness, lethargy and fibromyalgia. Lately I’m up around 50 g per day. Still seem to be In ketosis. Not sure yet if I feel better. I definitely don’t feel worse.

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Not very many. I don’t eat a serving of lettuce or broccoli or whatever. But I do get a bit of vegetable matter in sauces and so on (e.g., peri-peri sauce, Pace’s Picante Sauce, or hot peppers). So, maybe 5 carbs per day, on average?

(Jane) #9

No clue. I never counted carbs in lettuce, onion, garlic, asparagus, tomatoes, etc.

Just me. Maybe some have to be more strict. When I eliminated potatoes, bread, pasta and rice I was good!


Very little. Small amount per day from sauerkraut.

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Basically, an unlimited amount. For me, carbs from vegetables “are not carbs”.

(Allie) #12

Today, apparently 6.3g
I’m going through a tracking phase, don’t usually bother.



and I am wild excited to see how many are 0 — :100:

Of course I know I am on Zero Carb Plan so I know I am 0 on plants :slight_smile: but a few who said 0 kinda surprised me in a great way!!

Can you give any support to what you are saying here. I am curious cause this just doesn’t make any sense in real science to me. Just askin’ on thoughts on it.

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No science, just experience. I feel very well eating vegetables, and they have never kicked me out of ketosis.

Instead, bread, pasta, etc. are horrible to me.

For me, “carbs” is a misnomer. Carbs from vegetables are great.

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In my case specifically, and not speaking for anyone else. I eat a lot of dairy - butter, cream, cheese. Aside from the butter I use, which is zero carb ghee (clarified butter), most other dairy I consume contains a small amount of carbs. Some cheeses are zero carb, by the way. The very small amount of carbs that I allow myself I prefer to come from dairy rather than vegetables which are nutritionally and energy dilute.

PS: For anyone who doesn’t count carbs from ‘green leafy’ and/or ‘above ground’ veggies and/or thinks their carb content is negligible - you might be in for a surprise if you look them up on the USDA nutritional database. For anyone who wants or thinks they need to eat this stuff, I recommend bok choy because you get more nutritional bang for your carb buck than from anything else, even the stuff often touted as ‘keto friendly’.

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Yesterday, I had about 2 net carbs from veggies: a little celery chopped up in chicken salad, and 2T of tomato sauce on a crustless pizza. Typically, it varies from zero up to maybe 6-8 if I’m having cauliflower rice (infrequently). I generally prefer spending the bulk of my carbs on dairy and a little bit of nuts, but I find that some veggies provide interest for me and help me stick to plan.

(Juanita Rice) #17

Thank for the replies. I am doing 20-gram of carbs a day and most of that is “above ground” veggies.

(Bob M) #18

Same here. Though I am carnivore adjacent, so I eat less of these than I used to.

(Joey) #19

I’m in league with these folks. A nice pile of above-ground vegetables makes up my nightly dinner salad … which goes nicely with a thick butter-drenched piece of meat and a glass of red wine.

(Rebecca ) #20

I will on occasion have Spinach, Broccoli or Cauliflower or Cabbage, but not on a daily basis. I took me a long time to convince myself that fruits and vegetables are not "necessary ". When I do have any vegetables, it’s because I want them not because I am required.