How many hours is the best for successful Intermittent Fasting?

(Susan) #1

I have been doing intermittant fasting daily with the Keto for the past month (even though I started Keto in February and admittantly had some cheat days until a month ago). I started out doing 12 hours, and soon upped that to 16 and now I usually do 18 hours, and a 6 hour eating period (where I do 2 meals -lunch and supper and then 1 keto fat bomb before the time is up). My time zone for this has been 1pm-7pm and then I have tried the 24 hour fast twice, my goal is to do that once a week.

What seems to work best? Is doing the 24 hour one once a week any different or should I just stick to my 18/6? I found the 24 hour one very hard, as I prepare the meals for the rest of my family (which includes me being the primary caregiver for my almost 3 year old grand daughter that of course eats constantly, in small amounts). She loves fruits and vegetables, and it was very tempting as I chopped these up for her not to have any (I didn’t but it was difficult). I find it manageable and fine doing the 18/6 though.
I just wondered if doing a 24 hour once a week is that much more effective --if it is, I will certainly force myself to do it! as I want success.

Thanks for all comments/advice. :smiley: Susan

(Mom to kids who eat bacon & butter) #2

Don’t force yourself into any fast!
If 18/6 works for your, just keep doing it. Let it evolve naturally.

Personally I eat once a day (OMAD). I’m just not hungry until then, but I waited until I could do it without thinking about it.

I don’t think there is any added benefit to a once a week 24hr fat if it’s something you have to force. Maybe you could try shorten your eating window first?

(Carl Keller) #3

Dr. Jason Fung isn’t necessarily a LCHF doctor but he recommends, not forces, his patients to begin fasting as soon as possible. His belief is that fasting is not only a normal state that we humans are designed to handle, but something that will accelerate the healing of hyperinsulinemia along with other benefits. He says that switching things up will prevent your body from slowing metabolism because it believes there is famine.

However you can make it easier on yourself by eating LCHF for a few months and building up your “fasting muscle” with practice. The better your body becomes at acessing body fat for energy, the less hormonal protesting you will encounter when fasting.

(Susan) #4

Thank you, KetoCancerMom -all the best wishes and positive energy to you for healing and recovery, I hope for the best for you beating this vicious disease.

Thank you, Carl, for the advice and link -I booked marked that and read it all, I guess I will continue as I am and keep trying to do a 24 once a week, hoping that it will get easier.
If I lived on my own it would be easy, it is just harder as I am constantly making all the food for my grand daughter and it makes me hungrier… haha, oh well! I will have to be adjust to this.

(Karen) #5

Seems to me, when I read the Circadian Code, that an eight hour eating window was sufficient.

(Susan) #6

I have no trouble doing a 6 hour time frame, just the 24 hour I found hard due to family and my making food for them (my 3 year old grand daughter cannot make her own food yet of course and so I cannot just say make it yourself hehe). My hubby is easy to cook for but he buys a lot of junk food snacks… that is well out of my control for the moment. I cannot do much on that, but focussing on my own health and well being and trying to influence him that way =).

Thanks for the info and advice, Karen =)!

(Graci) #7

I finally ordered a copy of the Obesity Code book in hopes it will detail fasting info, it should arrive tomorrow :hugs:

(Susan) #8

Awesome, Graci, thanks for the info for all of us, I might look that up as well.

(Graci) #9

That book was suggested a lot to me, there’s a PDF version sold online for pretty cheap, but I like having an actual book in my hands lol. I was doing IF 16:8 from the close to the start of my Keto journey and I am sure it was contributing to healing my Insulin issues, but I haven’t seen the weight loss many people my weight have so I am now trying EF as much as I can, finished my first one at 46hrs yesterday and started a new fast this morning after breakfast, hopefully it will get the weight roll’n :blush:

(Susan) #10

That is great, I wish you all the best for success!! =))

(Full Metal Keto) #11

Hi Susan, I get the difficulty preparing foods when fasting, (can you say self torture?). I would suggest that if you want to do an all day fast skipping food altogether that you pre prep for that day. Cut fruit in a container, casserole cooked, just heat and serve etc. Minimize your kitchen time and cooking/handling foods. Give the kids their food and leave the room! I hope this helps. :cowboy_hat_face:

(Susan) #12

My kids that live at home are our three daughters that are 18, almost 21 and our daughter that is temporarily here just turned 25. Our almost 3 year old grand daughter lives here as well, she is the daughter of our 18 year old daughter. (We also have two sons, that are 23, that visits once a week and one that is 27, that is married with a son that is 2 and we see them when they come over as well =)).They mostly all make their own meals, as they don’t like what I am cooking. My hubby works full time and is not well and in constant pain, so when he comes home from work, he has his shower and lays in bed, I bring him his supper, and he watches tv/doses until he goes to sleep for the night around 8ish, then gets up and goes to work in the morning.(I don’t expect him to cook or anything on his own, we have been married for 29 years and I always do the cooking, but he helps with laundry, cleaning and does all the outside work, and I have always been a stay at home mom, and did some home daycare previously as well. He has diverticulitis, bipolar, hydrocephalus and Parksinsons). On the weekends, he gets up early to do lawn mowing, yard work, and then mostly watches tv (on Sunday’s our 23 year old son comes over) so he hangs out with all of us, and I cook them all a very nice non keto meal that night (and something alternate for myself).

My day starts out when my grand daughter says “good morning grandma” (she is 3 in July and the daughter of my now 18 year old). I get up and make her her breakfast (which is scrambled eggs with grated cheese in them, a drinkable yogourt, and a clementine I peel for her and break in pieces, or some strawberries cut up for her). In an hour or so after that, she usually wants more fruit (like an apple I have to peel and chop up). Lunch she generally wants Kraft Dinner I make her, or a sandwich and she loves salad, so wants one of them too… then afternoon snacks I often give her cheese and crackers, and then supper she has whatever I am making my hubby (her grandpa) and sits beside him on the bed eating (he puts on her “kid’s shows” on Treeehouse channel. During this time I am eating beside them too, and then I do the dishes, while she hangs out with him. I then make his lunch, give her her bath, get her stories read, etc bedtime routines with her.

I appreciate your advice, and replying, and I do some of that, in terms of always chopping up veggies and fruit to have in tupperware in the fridge; however, those are the things that my daughters will grab and eat on me (although no one admits to taking these things… haha). I will get there, it is just difficult when no one in the family is supporting me reducing weight… (you look fine, mom, why do you care? you are old…) it is frustrating… and my husband is like “we are old, who cares about looking good?” sooooo yes… there’s that! I am determined to succeed though, so happy to have found this forum, and well all you lovely people will be my aid to success!
Thank you =)

(Hyperbole- it’s the best thing in the universe! ) #13

Feeling good is important no matter how old you are. Especially with so many people depending on you.

Also, nothing wrong with wanting to look your best!

(Susan) #14

Yes, Ruina, I agree! My grand daughter has been a great incentive for me to get healthy tbh, I want to be able to run after her, and walk her to school every day, and so will be in shape by then.

I feel lighter, when I am walking, and not so out of breath now, even though I have 100 or so pounds to shed still, I can already feel a difference, which is a great feeling.

Thanks for the encouragement!

(Susan) #15

I made myself a delicious shredded zuchini (to imitate pasta) dinner, with sugar free organic tomato sauce, and sauteed in organic extra virgin olive oil : onion, cabbage and cauliflower, and grated some mozarella cheese on top (having the rest tomorrow night at 6:30 for supper, after I do another 24 hour fast that I am currently on.

I made the family Lasagna, garlic bread with grated cheese on it and a big salad.
It was Father’s Day and my son’s 23rd birthday. While they had the birthday cake and icecream and homemade fudge I made, I had a chocolate-peanut butter fat bomb =).

I was happy and so were they, and I have my meal for after my fast all made and waiting in the fridge, and I have enough of the family meal left to feed my hubby and grand daughter for supper tomorrow night, so this particular 24 hour fast should go more swimmingly then the last two I did (which I succeeded with both but found difficult).

(traci simpson) #16

I made it to 23 hours today. It was difficult after the 20 hour mark. I ate my one meal and was satisfied, however I got hungry again about 6 hours later. Wouldn’t of mattered if it was Monday through Thursday night however since it’s Friday I was out and about with my sister and so I was up later than usual but I was very hungry so when I got home at 11:30 I had to eat some pork rinds It’s hard to eat OMAD.

(Susan) #17

Congrats on making it to the 23 hour mark, Traci =). I found my 3rd 24 hour was easier then the first two. Our bodies get better at fasting over time (I had read that on here a few times and seen on some videos as well). I have seen it referred to as a fasting muscle. I did a few 24 hour ones before doing a couple 48 hour ones, I want to try a 72 hour one soon, just waiting for a good time to do it with family things going on =). You did great, and the point is to do what our bodies can do =), we aren’t competing with each other =).

(traci simpson) #18

Thank you so much for the encouragement. It was a challenge after a few hours and I felt like a drug attic who just had to have the next fixed. However I will try it again maybe next Saturday or once a week or something and see how it goes.

(traci simpson) #19

Yesterday I made it 23 hours, and today I am going to make the 26 hour mark. Today was easier because I had a bunch of stuff I had to do and I wasn’t just sitting around doing nothing but thinking about food. I have noticed that both days, when I’m on my back in a little dizzy and I’m kinda sleepy too?!

(Susan) #20

I always get dizzy and more tired when doing the fasts, even though I keep my electrolytes up.