How many hours is the best for successful Intermittent Fasting?

(traci simpson) #21

Do you get dizzy first thing in the AM? I did a few days last week and also when was doing yoga and on my back, I’ve felt like things were moving?? I guess I need more salt?

(Susan) #22

Yes, I get dizzy quite often during the fast, but part of this is probably my blood pressure. I am 23 min from 72 hours at the moment and I will eat then. I think that 48 hours for the next one will be sufficient for me though. I just took my blood pressure and it is 181/129 so I know that is still too high.

When I did it a few days ago when I woke up, before this fast it was only 160/131. When the cuff fits my upper arm, I feel that I will get more accurate readings, but this is still giving me an idea of the numbers. I will take it again later on, when I have eaten, and am more sedentary/resting =). I would think the Pink Himalyan salt will help you though, I see a lot of people suggesting keeping up your electrolytes when fasting, and the salt also helps me with the hunger, so I think it will help!

(traci simpson) #23

Good luck


I think it depends on the person and how much fat they have to leverage. For me, anything over 20 hours is torture and I’m not into purposely suffering. :slight_smile: 16 hour fasts helped me a little, but 18-20 hours (while still being easy as long as I eat enough during my window) is what really blew my mind and got my body to let go of even more fat than I tried to lose. However, some people, with more to lose, say they have to AT LEAST do a 24 hour fast in order to get their body to start burning the body fat. That’s just not me… so it depends on the person.