How long does it take to lose weight! Frustrated!

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Hey guys! I finally stopped only stalking reddit and got on board, woot woot! :slight_smile:

So ive been eating keto, and I did really good all last week. Friday night I drank vodka and soda, and didn’t drink at all Saturday or Sunday. I’ve been logging my calories and meeting my macros, and I’m discouraged I’m at the same weight I started at last week. I’m not sure if maybe I’m having a sensitivity to dairy, however I did the HCG diet years back, and was able to eat keto in “Phase 3” with no problems while maintaining weight around 128-130 lbs. I used to low carb, low fat at a 1200 calorie limit with intense exercise once a day and shredded weight before my wedding a year ago and got down 20 lbs I gained to 134 lb. Now I’m back at 153 lbs, and the scale hasn’t budged so I decided to try keto.

Here are my stats:
5’2 height
153.4 lbs
Waist 30 3/4”
Hips 39 1/4”
Arms 12” each
Legs 22 1/2”

I’ve been eating around 1200-1450 calories a day just trying to figure out what fits best for me, since before I had success eating low calories (but obviously gained it back) and my body likes to be stuck around this weight! An example of what I ate yesterday…

Breakfast - 430 cals
Tbsp heavy cream
Vanilla stevia
Keto egg casserole

Snacks - 393 cals
Salami, cream cheese asparagus roll ups
Celery and keto pb
Maybe 10 blueberries
Half small avacado

Lunch -
1 chicken sausage Spinach feta
1 chicken sausage green chili
1 tbsp olive oil mayo
No added sugar ketchup

Dinner - 465 cals
Jalapeño cheddar burger patty
2 oz pepper jack cheese
1 tbsp mustard
1 tbsp ketchup
1 1 tbsp olive oil mayo

Total calories - 1542

Macros 101g protein/18g net carbs/111g fat

Even though I went over my calorie intake I still don’t know what gives. I weighed less yesterday… I bought keto stripes and the ketone BHB supplements I’m taking along with turmeric and b12 and a few other supplements, as well as keto electrolyte powder for my water. Is this normal when starting out in keto? I’m going to start working out again today now that I have my electrolytes ( I took a break last week… felt awful!) and I’m really hoping I can cut some weight by my anniversary in 2 weeks!! I feel bloated and squishy LOL. Not like I do when I eat low fat & carbs at 1200 calories while working out. Advise is greatly appreciated guys, thank you! :hugs:

(Allie) #2

Please do not limit calories. Limit carbs, eat fat and protein enough to not be hungry. That’s is. Sounds like your body may be in need of some time to heal before it can think about burning fat stores.

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Okay, two points, first. A ketogenic diet is not a rapid weight-loss program, it is a long-term shift in eating habits, which restores metabolic health, and which allows the body to shed excess stored fat as more of a side effect. A lot of people successfully lose fat on a ketogenic diet, however, so you are in good company.

Second, the fact that you only want to lose 20 pounds or so (if I’m reading your post correctly) means that the loss will come slowly. If you wanted to lose 200, that would be a different story. The rapid weight loss comes at the beginning, with people who have a lot to lose, and even they found that the last 20 pounds came off slowly.

Also, you are a woman, and your hormonal situation complicates things. Not to discourage you, but quite a few women have found that it took them some time to get their hormones back in order, before the fat loss really began.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to load up on calories. By eating food that lowers your insulin level, you can afford to eat to satisfy your hunger. There is a scientific explanation for all this, but we don’t need to burden you with it at the beginning. But understand that skimping on calories causes the body to hang onto its reserves, whereas caloric abundance encourages the body to ramp things up and even waste energy. As long as you are eating protein and fat to satisfy your hunger, and limiting carbohydrate to as little as possible, you will do fine.

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I would lose the snack and eat more at your 3 meals so you don’t need to snack. This will reduce your insulin response and give your body more access to your fat stores when it needs energy.

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Agreed with Paul and Janie.
I have struggled with losing the last 10kg, as I only ever had 20-30kg to lose to begin with.
Snacking did not help.


Your numbers all look good and around 1500 isn’t too low which most people automatically do. Only thing I could say in my personal case is I’m incapable of loosing fat with my daily fat intake much over 80g or so.

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If I walked in to the kitchen after school I’d always hear, no snacking, you’ll spoil your dinner. They knew. Last summer I guided an Amish family, mom and dad and 5 kids, through my local history museum, farming area, 1880’s. In their Amish clothing they looked like reinactors in front of the period buidings. It killed me that I couldn’t take pictures. So the point, the reason they looked so authentic is dad and the kids were hard, straight, and skinny, the way you’re going to look if you don’t rely on cars, electricity or tractors and eat what you raise. At the end of the day we’re going to look more or less the way we live.

(Scott) #8

if you are focused on calories and low fat you need to embrace keto. It is high fat, low carb and eat to satiety. This is the beauty of keto, no logging, no counting, no starvation, it naturally just works. There is a catch, this way of eating is the rest of your life. As much as people wish to call this a fad it is not. You either eat this way or you don’t and it takes years to get it right. Give it time and embrace fat as your new friend. I took it to the next level and went carnivore but keto was good to me too.

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Hi Brenda, woot woot back at you! There are 2 supplements that you are missing:
Patience and Confidence (that keto will work!)

Your goal is to lower your insulin while keeping you metabolic rate high. Decide on some protein to eat, add some low carb veg, salt, add enough fat to feel full. Listen to your hunger signals and get in tune with the shifts in metabolism. One day soon you might notice you’re not hungry for breakfast- so skip it.

Re the anniversary in 2 weeks, hmmm that’s tricky because your big changes could be 2 or 3 months away. I suggest beautiful hair and makeup and a flattering angle. And photoshop?!? Stick with this for your long term freedom and health! Good luck!

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Agree with everyone who is suggesting to drop snacks. Also suggest to lose heavy cream on your morning coffee. “Do not count the calories” rule does not apply to me.

(Anthony) #11

Seems a good plan for achieving fitness goals. I would like to know the bases and reasons for creating that nutrition plan. If your goal is to just loose your weight, then you should also follow a customized exercise plan.

(Jane) #12

Her stated goals are primarily weight loss.

This is a KETO board - she is eating a ketogenic diet to lose weight.

Not necessary on a ketogenic eating lifestyle, but many exercise for fitness and enjoyment.

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A number of studies have shown that exercise does nothing to promote weight loss. It does have many other benefits, however.

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Freaky hey? The squishy part got to me when I first started. I actually thought I was adding fat, even while the scales were falling. I was concerned it was muscle mass I was losing.

My good wife found the cause though. Turns out while if we burn fat as a primary fuel source instead of secondary, we burn our visceral fat first. That is the hard wall of fat that can coat our organs. And as you can imagine, burning that fat first is an awesome thing to do. However, it will leave you with that ‘squishy’ wobbly feeling until your other fat is started on.

Health wise, bang on what should happen though :wink:

Good luck!

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I don’t know, but I suspect he has one to sell you! :grin: :bacon:

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I agree with Paul. I don’t think exercise was a significant factor in my initial weight loss…which was 40 lbs in 6 months. More exercise was a side effect, as I lost the weight, I found myself more energetic and naturally being more active, just doing more around the house, in the yard…just moving more. But no dramatic workouts. I am losing, but much more slowly. KCKO.


Don’t feel bad, MANY of us need to track what we’re taking in. Heavy cream was a HUGE source for me (think 4-5 large iced coffee’s a day). I was taking in way to many dairy fats and not loosing because of it.