How long does it take to lose weight! Frustrated!


Correction, that’s how SOME go about it. No shortage of people tracking and going by the numbers because they’ve learned their hunger signals can’t be trusted, whether fat adapted or not. Just because that a little more popular on this particular forum doesn’t mean anything.

It’s absolutely a fad and has been for years. A fad is something that’s overly / artificially popular for a period of time, which Keto absolutely has been for a while now. Just like Paleo was before it. The whole “keto’s been around for 100 yrs nonsense” doesn’t change the fact that it’s a fad right now. Also, the keto diet from 100yrs ago was a medical intervention and not what any of us are doing right now.

There is no such catch. People can do whatever they want to do.

(Bacon by any other name would taste just as great.) #22

It’s still a medical intervention today, and many of us are still eating the same way.

Did you ever read A Letter on Corpulence? It makes for fascinating reading.

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It is!

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Just read it … what a great read! Very interesting. Thank you


Anything that tastes sweet stalls me. Even a cola zero. It is a cephalic reaction to the sweet taste which causes some people to secrete insulin. In other words. when something tastes sweet in the mouth, the body prepares for carbs to enter the stomach by letting insulin into the bloodstream. Try cutting out anything that tastes sweet ( I am talking even with artificial sweeteners) and see if that helps.


Chantarella, this is interesting and I’m wondering if this could be my problem. I’ve been doing Keto since early July and my weight doesn’t budge. I seem to lose and gain the same 3-4 lbs. I’m 5’4" and btwn 145 and 142 (57, menopausal and hypothyroid doesn’t help). I’m wondering if I give up every stitch of sweetness, how long do you think it would take for me to notice a change? I only put monk fruit in my coffee in the morning (maybe a tsp or two), and sometimes something sweetish at night such as 5 small squares of lilly’s chocolate, or a keto popsicle. I also seem to crave milk and if I give in, I drink some ultra filtered 2% milk that has less carbs. Thanks for any help!


Some people react with insulin excretion to anything which tastes sweet. So I had to give up my beloved diet coke too. I also think it is better to do sweetness at night and not in the mornings. I can eat some watered down almond milk with some erytriol sweetener in it- a touch of vanilla extract and some sugar free cocoa. On ice at night. Its pretty yummy. That doesnt seem to affect my weight loss. But other stuff does !!! I guess you have to test it out- but try zero sweet and see if your weight loss improves. Then you know why.


Your almond milk “treat” sounds like a great idea for me to try! Especially to break me of the milk habit. Plus liquids are filling. Have dappled with dropping the sweetener in the morning but never stick with it. I’ve also just made my own cashew and almond milks to try and get away from the heavy cream. I’ve heard people crave what they have allergies to, and I wonder that dairy may be my problem. But I have no digestive issues with it that I know of. Anyway thank you SO much for the tips, I will these a try!

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Hi…just reading your post…truthfully, IMO and in my experience, the monk fruit and similar natural sweeteners are sooooo sweet that more than a couple drops is not good. I have a 64 oz thermos I bring to work daily filled with coffee. I use stevia liquid. 16 oz cup I use 2 drops…that’s it. Try cutting that down and see if it helps :innocent::innocent::innocent:

Also, ditch the 2% milk…it’s loaded with lactose (sugar) and replace with heavy cream. JMO