How do you cook liver the keto way?

(Clare) #41

Flash fry it in butter and have it on a salad. mmmmm.

(Todd Allen) #42

The carb content of liver is going to be variable depending on how recently fed the animal was prior to slaughter. And you’ll see that reflected in varying nutritional data from different sources. The data I’m using shows roughly 6 grams of carbs in a 4 oz serving of beef liver. Which also has about 33 grams of protein and excellent vitamin and mineral content. I find liver in all varieties a good addition to my diet and well worth the carbs for a moderate portion but I wouldn’t try to make it my sole source of protein for the day.

However, I’ve got a more liberal carb budget than many here and I count net carbs not total carbs. For someone wanting to be really strict on carbs they might exclude or restrict liver to a very small portion.

(Norma Laming) #43

I agree. My mother used to coat liver in a little flour, for a crisp coating, but it’s fine without. Slice thinly and fry in butter or ghee

(Mel Soule) #44

Pork rind ground down to a nuggety powder and Trader Joe’s organic coconut chips (unsweetened) ground down to a powder mixed in equal volumes makes a wonderful breading and BTW almond flour sub for fat head pizza. But an especially good breading. I have used plain pork rinds and recently bbq flavored to give it a little pop with lard fried chicken. IMHO fried pork rinds is the new flour for keto nirvana.

(Mary federico) #45

what is bacon nectar???

(Candy Lind) #46

This sounds great! I think I’ll try @Fiorella’s onion/celery/fennel side with this. :grin:

(Vladaar Malane) #47

I’m intrigued never tried liver before. They say the organs are a forgotten part of animals and most healthy for people to eat. Does it taste close to steak or ‘like chicken’ as they say everything tastes like chicken? LoL.

I got a local farm around me that sells grassfed beef liver for $1.99 per pound. That’s loads cheaper than the ground beef or steak. Ground Beef that is grass fed is $6 a pound.


I soak the liver in milk first, it removes some of the bitterness. I don’t do any coating on the liver.
Then I cook up a butt load of bacon, with onions and mushrooms. I would use the cast iron skillet, but it’s not really big enough so I usually use an over-sized electric skillet.
You can season with ordinary black pepper or alternatively some paprika based seasoned salt.
When the bacon goop looks pretty good, and there is a fair amount of grease, I sear the liver on each side. For the love of Zeus, don’t overcook it! Eat it while it’s hot.


Sous vide 54DegC 45mins followed by quick toss in supper hot bacon fat or ghee for the outer crust …

(Allen Heishman) #50

What is the texture like after sous vide?

(Bunny) #52

Wrap in bacon mmmm!


(Tubeman) #53

I still have a bunch of fat that I was planning to make another confit with… might try the liver that way.

Once the weather gets nicer, I’d like to try smoking one too…


Hey you could do those kabobs alternating bacon-wrapped chicken livers and bacon wrapped mushrooms! And bacon - wrapped scallops!


Just a warning re: raw liver. I remember seeing a post (on here? or maybe on Mark’s Daily Apple?) of someone who was super careful with all the guidelines in eating raw (frozen) liver and did it for years but then one day got sick from it - really sick, took months for her gut to recover. Something in that particular batch of liver? I don’t know whether it was a bacteria or a parasite but it sounded miserable.
I had been interested in eating liver this way, and reading her post was sobering and I won’t try it now.

(Garry (Canada)) #56

I’m going out to find some calves liver today.
I haven’t eaten it in probably 10 years as I’m not the biggest fan, but strangely enough… I have a craving for it. :nerd_face::gun:??
The challenge will be whether I can get the wife to enjoy it too…


my favorite liver is Moose, always cuts with a fork, just fired in butter or bacon grease.

(Ken) #58

Try making Pate. It’s delicious, and when kept in a dish and covered with a layer of butter it keeps a couple of weeks. That way you can make several batches at a time. Or freeze it. Julia Child to the rescue again! I use those crocks that cheese comes in, with the metal bail and rubber ring seal

(Casey Crisler) #59

Based on what I’ve heard from the dudes and Nina T, I’m going to try eating liver. I bought some individually wrapped frozen ones Saturday. But I feel, well, scared. Almost like I’m ready to jump out of a plane to skydive for the first time. The one other time I had beef liver it made me nauseous. I was younger and immature which may have contributed. But I have to force myself to eat it for the health benefits. Like sardines. There are some good recipes here to try. No way am I eating it raw though. I do like chicken liver though.

Should it not work out, I will do the whole grind and mix with ground beef method.

(bulkbiker) #60

If you can try some chicken livers… delicious or lambs liver which has a less strong flavour. I had a pigs kidney yesterday but maybe should have rinsed it a bit better. Was pretty tasty though pan fried in butter with lots of salt and pepper but still had a wee aftertaste.


I tried to mix liver in with ground beef. I could definitely taste it. Maybe I should have used 1/2 the liver. I dunno. I really want to try it alone and tolerate it…but I am a little hesitant after the ground beef. I also tried sardines. My bf asked if I was eating catfood. Indeed I was…sardines are nasty. The cat enjoyed them tho :slight_smile: