How do you cook liver the keto way?

(Genevieve Biggs) #21

Sorry, I’ve only tried it with liver. :pensive: I don’t know if it would work as well with other meats, because liver is so sticky.

(I like to post memes!) #22

@Genevieve Gotcha, thanks! I’m finding lots of recipes on Linda’s Low Carb to use with it!

(LongHaulKeto) #23

I pan fry it with mushrooms, thenadd some heavy whipping cream. Soooo good!

(shawnkuplin) #24

I grind it in my food processor and add it to keto versions of meatballs or meatloaf.

(AnnaLeeThal) #25

I made chicken liver in my sous vide and then blended it with egg yolk, heavy cream, and some reduced brandy with bacon and shallot (just the liquid) to make a pate. Will report back tonight to tell you how it is.

(migorstmarseille) #26

Last night I made my first batch of keto liver and onions. One of the stores where I shop was selling 2 four packs of beef liver for $7.

I put a few tbsp of almond flour in a shallow bowl, soaked two liver slices in a refrigerated bowl of milk for an hour or so, then heated up some butter and bacon grease in an iron skillet. Then, I cooked one small yellow onion in the fat, adding salt and cooking until translucent. I pulled the onion out, lightly coated the liver in the almond flour and cooked in the skillet for about 5 minutes a side on medium heat. I then added the onions back in and heated for another minute or two. That one plate of food was all I ate yesterday and I’m still full this morning!

(David) #27

I’m walking to the corner shop to buy some mushrooms. I bought liver yesterday. mmmmmm, looking forward to it.

(David) #28

I just fried some onions in bacon nectar, added some sliced mushrooms, and then a liver that I had quickly seared each side earlier.

It was a taste explosion, it wasn’t much to look at, but it was BLOODY GORGEOUS.

Oh yeah. I had a gherkin for afters.

(David) #29

I’m going to try this, I’ve put some liver in the freezer to make it harder. I’ll try slicing and dicing it later when it’s a bit firmer, and then freeze some in ice cube trays.

(LongHaulKeto) #30

I love it cooked with mushrooms☺

(David) #31

I love how I buy something that I think would be good to eat, like avocado, or liver, or whatever, with no consideration to putting a meal together, and then get inspiration from posts on here, and then I just wing it, and it turns out a success like that.

(David) #32

(LongHaulKeto) #33

Bacon nectar…:heartpulse: think I will have to stencil that on my bacon jar!

(migorstmarseille) #34

I don’t have photos, but here’s my Friday meal:

  1. I mix salt, pepper and onion powder in with about a 1/3 cup of almond flour on a plate.

  2. I soak the liver slices in milk in a covered dish in the fridge for an hour. This process removes the bitter taste of the liver. If you’re OK with it (I certainly am) , then skip this step.

  3. I keep a can of bacon grease (or, nectar) in my freezer. Scoop out a tablespoon or two and put in a pan on medium heat. Let it melt and get nice and hot.

  4. Cover the liver slices thoroughly in the almond flour till completely coated. After soaking in the milk, the liver is a little unwieldy and sometimes breaks up into smaller pieces. No matter - get all the liver coated and into the pan.

  5. Depending on the thickness of the liver (the beef liver I buy is pretty thin) cook in the pan about 3-4 minutes a side.

  6. BONUS Scramble 5-6 eggs. Add some butter or ghee to the pan. Cook the scrambled eggs in the oil until desired doneness achieved.

  7. Plate eggs with liver. Add salt, pepper, etc. to eggs. Eat. Smile.

(Patty W) #35

After my last fast, for some reason I was craving liver, so I decided to try one of the recipes above…tasted wonderful! I sauted 1/2 onion & some mushroom in bacon nectar, added the strips of young beef liver, then once the liver was cooked & removed, added some cream & curry powder & salt/pepper to make a pan sauce. Very tasty. The curry was a pleasant surprise that complemented the liver nicely, & helped it taste not quite so “livery”.

Will definitely have this again, thanks for the idea!

(Jennifer) #36

When I get to the point where I can buy a half or quarter of a grass-fed steer, I will ask them to blend the liver into the hamburger at a 20% or so mix. Supposedly, it makes the burger taste richer but you can’t tell it’s in there…

(Jodi) #37

I do this for my son. Long story, but he needs the added nutrients and only eats hamburger and bacon. I grind it myself and add a pound to about 3-4 lbs on beef burger. He doesn’t seem to notice it at all, I think it adds a bit of a deep flavor that I liked.

(Eric Bryant) #38

This is sort of off the topic of cooking the liver, but I look at the nutrition facts of liver, and it shows a bunch of CARBS…Why is this?

(Todd Allen) #39

Zaraphyn, the liver stores glycogen.

(Eric Bryant) #40

So then that would mean I would need to be mindful with how much liver I add to keep my carbs as low as needed? I am still quite new to this and apologize if the questions are silly.