How do you cook liver the keto way?

(Josef Kane) #1

I love liver but have always coated it first in flour before cooking, same as all the recipes do.

What do you use in place of normal flour? I don’t fancy coconut tasting liver using that flour.


(G. Andrew Duthie) #2

A few alternatives:

  • Almond flour
  • Crushed or ground pork rinds
  • Cricket flour (not my cup of tea, but someone recently mentioned it in another thread)

(Josef Kane) #3

Thanks, I think I’ll go for the almond flour. I’d never even heard of cricket flour until your post.

Just had a complete blank as to how to substitute for some reason.


(Osama) #4

I bbq it, wrap it fat first and then bbq it.

(bulkbiker) #5

I just pan fry it in butter without any coating apart from freshly ground black pepper…

(Jacquie) #6

I buy fresh beef liver and saute it in lots of butter with only sea salt and freshly ground pepper. I like my liver pink. I might saute a bit of onion first with some bacon and add those on the side.

(Josef Kane) #7

I’ve never thought of not coating it as all through growing up (many years ago) it was flour coated. May try it in lots of butter though.
Unfortunately not the time of year to BBQ it here as it’s cold and very wet, will try it in the summer when we’re a bit warmer (though normally still wet).
Always have to have bacon with my liver so will spoil myself.


Skip the flour. I just fry it in lard.

I also fry sliced onion, celery and fennel as an side for the liver. Since onion is pretty carb loaded, I diluted the fried onion with celery and fennel…as the mixture has less sugar and carbs and still makes a pretty good side.

(Genevieve Biggs) #9

I’ve also used nutritional yeast. It works well.

(Guardian of the bacon) #10

Could you explain this process a bit more?

(Joan Hulvey) #11

While I like cooked liver, I think it’s also helpful to eat it raw. To get around the texture issue, I cut it up into tiny pieces so small they don’t need chewing. Then freeze. Swallow them like a vitamin. For folks who can’t tolerate the taste, just dust them first in cinnamon. All you will taste is the cinnamon.

(AnnaLeeThal) #12

Oh…this is intriguing. I feel like I want to eat liver for the health benefits, but I don’t particularly like the taste.

(Joan Hulvey) #13

This is a great tool. Gerson therapy and others used it.

(Kelly LeBlanc) #14

I fry up a package of bacon. Remove from pan.
Fry up some sliced onions in the bacon grease (per your preference or carb tolerance). Remove from pan.
Season liver with salt and pepper. Fry in bacon grease to your preferred level of doneness. Remove from pan.
Lower heat, add HWC and stir in. How much? I don’t measure. Add onions back to the pan, and bacon as well if you don’t mind it getting a little soft. Serve liver with the pan “gravy” and bacon.

Liver is not really good reheated, IMO, so I cook only what we will eat at a meal.

(Osama) #15

I take lamb liver and cut it into large cube sized pieces and get pure fat from the lamb and wrap it around the cubed liver, then skewer them and bbq. It’s called pattay tikkay, hidden skewers.


I sauté mine with red bell pepper then season with salt and black pepper. This is because I recently found out that red bell peppers are also loaded with vitamins especially C and A. I found that just 50 grams of the bell pepper gives me enough vitamins without going overboard on carbs, and of course it tastes delicious. I use loads of ghee.

(Paul Jaeger ) #17

I found that it works well with lots of butter and curry. I like to throw some water chestnuts in for texture. The best advice though, is to not overcook it. Small pieces tossed around in the skillet and turn off the heat after 30 seconds.

(Josef Kane) #18

Thanks everyone for some great ideas.
I know people have it raw but I really like Liver but have this mental thing that meat should be cooked.

Is there any great advantage to having some raw?

(AnnaLeeThal) #19

I believe the nutrients are more available when it is eaten raw.

(I like to post memes!) #20

@Genevieve, I picked up some Nutritional Yeast today and your comment is one of only two that mentions it. I’m not into liver. Have you had success using NY as a breading for other meats and pan fried? I have some pork chops in the fridge.