High cholesterol, high HDL, high LDL, low TG

(Patricia) #1

Hi guys, I am super confused.
I started keto a month ago, with a weight of 61.5 kg. I lost 3 kg so far and I am finding easier to eat less in the evening (a yogurt or 2 slices of cheese) and eat in the morning after 12-14 hrs of fasting.

So far so good, but I am concerned about cholesterol.

On my previous blood test (Dic 2017) the values were total cholesterol: 245, LDL:154, HDL: 76, triglycerides: 69.

Now I had another one (Oct 2018) with the following values: total cholesterol: 270, LDL:171, HDL: 87, triglycerides: 59.

Should I worry? The values went up, but I am not sure if it was due to keto, since I just started and the previous test was on Dec last year.

My doc called me today saying that she wanted to put me on statins. I said no.

Please send me you input. Thanks!

(Omar) #2

I never seen such good results

(Patricia) #3

What do you mean “good results”? My cholesterol is very high…

(Allan Misner) #4

I’m not a doctor, so this is just my opinion. Statins are the worst medicine ever unleashed on us. It messes with your muscles and your brain. It blocks a key function of the body.

I’ve only seen one good study that demonstrated a correlation between statins and better health outcomes. That is for middle-aged men, after they’ve had a heart attack. Most other studies show no, or a negative correlation between high cholesterol and mortality.

Personally, I think your numbers got better. If you’re really worried about it, you can do an advanced lipid panel and look at your lipoprotein A. Otherwise, having an HDL > triglycerides is awesome.

(Leslie) #5

Hello. A cholesterol conumdrum: my LDL value is very high after being on a carnivore diet for 6 weeks. Not a good result. High is over 500 total cholesterol; 350 LDL, 102 HDL and 74 Trig.
Is it the carnivory? The LDL numbers were above normal since KETO (3 years), but I was not worried. Now?
Any advice? Back to a plant based diet, or?

(Dave) #6

You’re fine.You were right to say no to statins.

(jennifer Francois) #7

hi, have you gotten any answers about this? My #s are similar to yours after same 6 wks or so Carnivore.
Feel great, but my doctor is freaking out.

(Bob M) #8

There are no answers, only theories.

(Jon) #9

Do you have an update on this?

(Alec) #10

WHO data. The lower your cholesterol, the higher your all cause morbidity risk. So why exactly is your dr trying to kill you by giving you statins?

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(Jessica) #11

I think the reason people are saying those are “good” numbers is because there is evidence that the important number is HDL divided by triglycerides (under 4 being a normal value). Yours is 1.5 or so which is excellent.

(Gordon) #12

Can you insert your link for this information, please?

(Alec) #13


Zoe explains where she got the data from on the WHO website and what she did to get the charts.

(Empress of the Unexpected) #14

My LDL is very low - any tips on how to raise it?

(Alec) #15

I am afraid I have never had that issue, and therefore I don’t have a good insight. And it’s not a thing that many people will have tried to do given the current (incorrect) conventional wisdom. I am guessing saturated fat will increase LDL, but I am not sure on that.

(Omar) #16


I guess eat lots of sugar and trans fat and do not excercise



No, that only gives high triglycerids.

To get higher LDL, eat lots of cholesterol. It might work.

The Total/HDL ratio is apparently also important, and should be under 5. Can’t remember which of the keto youtube docs said it.

(Empress of the Unexpected) #18

After six months on keto. Total cholesterol 184. HDL. 67. Trigs. 138 (still high). LDL 93. Total, LDL and trigs dropped, HDL increased.

(Empress of the Unexpected) #19

No matter what my diet has been, cholesterol has been low my entire life. Keto seemed to lower it further. However it really lowered my trigs so I am happy about that.

(Empress of the Unexpected) #20

But my point is that if higher is better as far as cholesterol goes for older women, and brain health, I seem to be screwed. One doctor said she was very worried if total was lower than 240. I think Dr. Ede?