High cholesterol, high HDL, high LDL, low TG

(Terry Engelmann) #21

Your LDL can never be too low!! Enjoy

(Ruth Beardsley) #22

Dr Aseem Malhotra has some good information out there in relation to Cholesterol and Statins. https://doctoraseem.com/

(Charlotte) #23

There are tons of credible studies that show statins increase the risk of alzheimer’s, parkinson’s, and dementia. As well as higher cholesterol decreases the risk of those diseases. Your brain is 60% fat. Its the fattiest organ in the body… why wouldn’t you want to feed it fats? Cholesterol is good for brain health. I personally would rather run the risk of dying fast from a heart attack than slow debilitating death from diseases of the brain. That’s just me though.

(Alec) #24

It absolutely can. Lower LDL = higher risk of All Cause Mortality. The CW desire to lower LDL using statins is the biggest drug con in medical history. It harms patients.

The motivation to do this is based on the flawed “science” of the Ancel Keys era which we now know to be utterly wrong. The drug companies are making literally trillions of dollars from statins and therefore have an army of people working to keep the status quo.

(Bob M) #25

The issue is that you don’t have much control over LDL. You can’t really raise it for instance. (The Dave Felman ideas are only temporary.) My LDL is relatively low by “normal” standards, as is my total cholesterol, and there’s pretty much nothing I can do about it.