Help with "bread" recipe for Keto stuffing

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Hi everyone.
Does anyone have any experience here with making a stuffing that won’t fall apart when made Keto?
I’m very recent to Keto, and am doing all of the things Dr. Berry mentions that we Westerners are typical of. Mainly feeling like I need to go out and buy “all things Keto.” I have the Almond flour, the Coconut flour, also the Lupin, Mesquite, and even Hazelnut flour (I LOVE hazelnuts!)
Along with the allulose, various thickeners such as the commonly used xanthan gum, gum arabica, and some less used (but I read up on them and sound interesting)
I want the pantry stocked! I cleaned out all the carbs and sugar.
I have even started my recipe book. As I prove each recipe out, I either modify it to be reprinted, or nix it.
I have yet to find a “bread” recipe that can hold up to being wetted with stock and spices. Anyone care to share? I’d love a heads-up on this one. As all of us know, Keto kitchen goods are expensive. I don’t want to mess this one up too many times before hitting the jackpot.
Thank you in advance to any and all ideas and recipes you care to share with me. I am open to tips and tricks - all! :blush:


They aren’t if the ketoer is me :smiley: I skipped almost all the expensive and mostly unnecessary stuff but I understand, I had my early times too (but I had no meat and that’s a bit trickier to do super simple).

I would think that a normal keto bread with yeast should work as normal bread…? I never used any stuffing but I baked keto bread and its texture is somewhat similar to normal bread. Mine is based on gluten, it’s not good for everyone. I do have carnivore “bread” but that’s very soft and as I know nothing about stuffing, I am unsure if that would work for you anyway.

I haven’t even heard about mesquite before… Flours were lots of work, I am glad I almost completely got rid of them. Most are just not right, texture or flavor wise. Almond flour is good and neutral, I just never used it (except once when it was on sale) as it’s extremely expensive and I didn’t find it so great, just some neutral flour… But you can afford it and it may help you due to not being bad than so many paleo flours (my country is big on paleo, keto is not very known) if you need some flour type thing.

Good luck! My experience from the about 13 years on low-carb, making recipes left, right and centre that simplicity is sometimes the best. I felt so stupid when I struggled with various flours in my thin pancakes and it turned out it’s great without any… But it’s for massive egg maniacs, my SO still likes some flour in it. My pancake is egg and sour cream, sometimes mascarpone :smiley: It’s good I don’t want thick pancakes (I could whip my eggs though…), Hungary has thin, crepe-like ones.

I try to keep myself to talk about my egg recipes more. I am very proud of my 100% egg sponge cakes though… :wink: (For egg maniacs. My SO refuses to touch them. But he dislike sponge cakes in general.)

Good luck!


Good luck with that!

This is my first attempt to make keto bread (almond flour, eggs, xanthum gum, whole psyllium husks, baking soda) in a bread maker. Disaster.
I think it requires frothier eggs, and not to be made in a bread maker.
I followed this site’s instructions, sort of. There might be stuffing recipes on there.
THE BEST Almond Flour Keto Bread – Sugar Free Londoner

Tasted alright if you like heavy unleavened bread!

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Personally I enjoy the more simple foods nowadays … It’s complicated to search for a non carb version of a carb.
Though I did make a nice bread with Almond flour and eggs etc … it went moldy in 3 days so I didn’t bother again.
I’m enjoying things I refused as a kid, things like liver.


I have been baking various breads in the last 2 decades and I am very sure a bread maker is among the worst things that can happen to a bread. It got so much easier and better when I stopped using the machine… It couldn’t even mix the bread properly. While making a bread by hand is very easy and moderately quick. Even wheat bread, my keto bread is almost just a quick mixing.

I like baking bread :slight_smile: All kinds I do.
But keto bread is tricky. I tried out some others considered super good. Nope, I didn’t like them. But eventually I made an edible recipe. I am not very motivated to make it often as eating meat or eggs is way more enjoyable (and they easily can fill the role of bread even if they are very different) but if I want specifically bread, it’s an option.

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Thank you Shinita and Coopdawg.
Shinita, I’ve already worked with the Mesquite flour-it is divine! Think of a savory dish, and it would work out well. It would definitely be a flour to consider when making the “stuffing bread” but I am worried (as Coopdawg has pictured) of it being unleavened and thus turning to a brick. Have you used yeast without gluten? (please excuse my ignorance-i am new to this)
*Mesquite is a low-growing, woody shrub like desert plant found in the American landscape. I’ve seen it mostly in desert conditions, but also a savanna environment. It is commonly used as a wood to use with charcoal and grilling here in the US. The aroma of the wood is awesome. The taste of the flour is hard to describe, but delicious. The Native Americans used it in their cooking. The flowers are allowed to turn to woody pods, and then the pods are harvested and ground into flour. If you haven’t tried it, and are interested in unusual taste sensations, see if you can order some from Amazon?
Coopdawg, don’t give up! I have a bread machine too, and am worried about the same thing I see happened to you. If I find a recipe that does work out in the bread machine, I promise to post it for you. Thank you for the heads-up on that one!


Unfortunately I stocked up with kilos and kilos of almond flour thinking the apocalypse was near upon us lol…so I’ll have to attempt it again soon.


Yeast won’t work as the almond flour is so low carb the yeast has nothing to ‘feed’ on.


It’s a small wonder when my bread lasts a day… I do make tiny ones.

Now I remember I made an egg+almond “bread” once, it was very good. But if it’s bread, I like if it raises like a proper one. Or just eat eggs, no in-between.

No. I never thought it could work, the yeast needs the gluten in breads as far as I know…
If I bake without gluten, I use sodium bicarbonate (with a little vinegar because acid is needed for some reason if we don’t use baking powder that already has it) and that’s another type of bread, not the “normal”, yeasty, leavened one.

I wouldn’t think a stuffing is so very partial, you don’t eat the bread alone where every difference is very obvious, you just want something to mix with whatever people mix it with. And sodium bicarbonate does make doughs fluffier… (Whipped egg whites do that too but it only works with very eggy dough like proper sponge cake. Not the kind with way too much other things in it. Proper sponge cake never needs sodium bicarbonate or baking powder, whipped eggs bring the air.)


Oh, I can use the bread machine for more traditional bread, just not with almond flour.
WARNING- Bread images imminent.
Here is when I baked a wheaten bread loaf to go with my home made chicken thigh and vegetable soup. (If you go easy on it you can actually remain in ketosis…and very low carb/no sugar spike.)


Was lovely. Great for winter evenings. Pushing the rules of strict keto though.


I could make so much properly firm sponge cakes with it…
Yes, I am obsessed with sponge cake. I like to keep them at hand all the time though sometimes I manage several days without it. It’s my bread.

I have 2 cookbooks for bread machine. The author owned no machine, borrowed one, tried out recipes and made the book :smiley: (For many recipes, the machine only mixed and raised the bread. Good, machine breads look awful and can’t be filled either.) I loved to read it and even made 1-2 recipes - NOT in a bread machine… The camambert and fried onion filled bread was a hit among my friends!

I always heard specifically gluten is needed. Hence gluten-free grains aren’t good either.
Sometimes I wonder about carbs. As gluten has some but quite little. I never add sugar as I don’t see the point (but tried it out when I baked my keto breads. I saw zero change. normal wheat breads need no sugar, my Grandma was great at making bread and never used sugar so I did the same).
but some people say there is a difference. Oh well. I simplify bread making and we are pleased with the results (sometimes I am not but I can be super critical and my SO, the usual target who happily eats the bread gets slightly annoyed :D).

I try to stop but bread making, one of my fav topics :smiley:


What I would try for stuffing, is a good keto bread mix (with very frothy eggs and some baking soda), then add some good quality sausage meat, probably pork.

This is sort of what we do for Christmas turkey stuffing (sage, onion, bread crumbs, sausage meat). It turns out almost like a meat loaf and is best part of the dinner in my opinion.
It could maybe work for a keto bread recipe stuffing mixture?


I think that is why you substitute gluten with xantham gum additive?

Carly was disgusted at my feeble attempt at Keto ‘bread’, and blanked me for the rest of the evening…

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How often do you make this?

I only have “stuffing” on Thanksgiving, so I make it from real bread made with Einkorn wheat. It does cause my blood sugar to explode (and it’s sour dough too that’s been fermented in the fridge for at least a day), but considering I eat it for a few days a year, it’s not bad.

If I made it all the time, I’d probably be looking for something else.


I once made turkey stuffing with pork rinds instead of bread. It was good, but I don’t remember the recipe. I am sure you can google a recipe for that.


Yeah, i would first try to get meat alternatives to breadcrumbs, add sausage meat, then maybe get the proportion right for mixing in some keto bread mix for texture which would be trial and error.


Try this recipe with Keto ‘bread’ crumbs.

Sausage, sage & onion stuffing recipe | BBC Good Food

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There is a product called Carbquik that is similar to Bisquik that I’ve used to make biscuits very similar to Red Lobster’s cheddar biscuits. I think it would probably hold up. You might also try King Arthur Keto Flour. Or, finally, a commercial keto bread or rolls. This isn’t anything I’d ordinarily use, I don’t much trust the magic of “keto” processed products, but I’ve never come across any home made keto bread-like food that would withstand soaking like that.


You may well be right.

It could be that the almond/coconut flour recipes are only suitable for the like of biscuits or cakes…which doesn’t help us previous bread lovers.

I’ll try a few more times, then put the sacks of almond flour into the bunker with the tinned baked beans lol.


We need that recipe!