Help with "bread" recipe for Keto stuffing

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After researching this subject for only a month or two, I can see that the need for a good Keto bread is overwhelming. I guess the science enters into the subject. Keto bread just can’t rise like grain-floured and yeasted breads.
Even the corporate-made “Keto” breads show up with oat fiber and wheat gluten, technically cheating…
Just hoping someone out there has found something by the trick of science that holds up. I like your idea on the meated loaf Coopdawg.

My search is really more for my husband than myself. I’m perfectly fine with never eating another piece of bread in my life, as I never cared for how gummy it is, so was never a big consumer of bread.

The mesquite flour is wonderful to use in breading chicken for frying up in avocado oil. But I still can’t get that rise with it when trying out bread recipes, lol. For anyone whose never used it, it is similar to Lupin flour in bulk, but a hundred times better in taste.

Coopdawg, your second set of photos shows a wonderful loaf. Hubby would eat that up in a heartbeat. :slight_smile:


That’s Northern Irish wheaten loaf, friend. We also do soda bread. I miss it so much on Keto.

The tastiest bread, toasted, with home made soup, that I have ever tasted…and don’t be shy with the real Irish butter. x


There are Keto bread loafs and buns on Amazon (I’ve bought them before), but they really are expensive.

So expensive I took to trying to bake my own…friggin disaster lol.


I have many recipes (I just can’t make something the same way twice :frowning: exceptions are cherished). And the good ones contain starch anyway, not much but starchless breads suck except pure egg ones… (Still may work for sticks. I love bread with zero soft part, all crunchy.) But it’s based on normal yeast–y keto breads, lots of gluten, some flax and fiber, eggs… It’s quite individual what one likes, I disliked other people’s beloved keto bread recipes too…
I can search for a recipe but I really meant it’s just edible to me, okay even enjoyable sometimes but not really, really good. I have problems with the texture. It tends to get too dense. Last time I hybridized it with my sponge cake: whipped eggs and way less flour :slight_smile:

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I just found this recipe yesterday. I have never tried it. IDK if it could be substituted for real bread. Don’t know when I’ll try it. So if someone tries in the near future please let us know.


You are too kind Shinita.

Don’t worry, I’ll have fun figuring it out :slight_smile:


Cheese and eggs!

I already do that for omelette/pizza hybrids; with good effect. :+1:

But I understand OP with her request, stuffing.
That’s a tuff one on Keto…it’s bread and herb based.

The bread crumbs are the factor that restricts everything else…

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Agreed Coopdawg. The mozzarella would not allow for much absorption of stock if one was trying to make stuffing. But a nice little recipe for other uses, to be sure. :slight_smile:


Indeed. I may use plenty of gluten (my super tiny, put into the mini oven next to a big wheat bread keto bread has 60g), it still stays a bit dense even compared to my dense wheat bread. Fibers make it cotton like, ew, I barely use any. I really start to accept I only get fluffy bread if it’s based on whipped eggs. But sometimes it’s go better than other times.

Not cheating, keto is about low-carb. Some ketoers have blacklists, okay even I have but I don’t have things like “keto ingredients”. Everything can fit to keto if we manage to use it in the right amount.
My keto ice cream had banana :slight_smile: It was very good and banana was irreplaceable. My carnivore ice cream is different, of course…

So Lupin flour is something awful then. Okay, never will try, those times are gone anyway :slight_smile: I enjoy the simplicity of carnivore (even though I still can eat 16 different items at a single meal).

At least I don’t have that problem. Never missed bread. But then my SO’s gluten free years ended and I bake bread at least once a week… That has some kind of effect sometimes. And I don’t even like his inferior, eggless bread… Still not bad with butter and radish… It’s so good my “carnivore bread” is even better for that role but if it’s evening (my Gremlin time. I shouldn’t eat after 6pm, I become a lil monster), I happen to be a bit hungry or fancy something and we have fresh bread but none of my own stuff… Not ideal things may happen there.


By the way, do ANYONE can make CRUNCHY biscuits? Crunchy. Very crunchy. 100% crunch. I don’t even care if it’s the UK or US meaning of biscuit, the main thing is crunch.

I can cook (I seemed a natural), bake bread (took some time to learn, I blame the bread machine first and the sensitive nature of breads second), bake simple, soft cakes… But biscuits? I am hopeless. I can’t even do it with flour, not like I can do much experiments with it. I instinctively try to make everything baked out of eggs. And they are lovely, my fresh sponge cakes are crispy but CRUNCHY? Eggs aren’t like that. Not even if I put various oily seeds and other flour type things into the dough. Crispy is a great win in my world where almost everything baked ends up being super soft.

Sorry for the offtopic but I have these intense biscuit desiring times and I get desperate…
I don’t care if it’s dessert or savory, I care about crunch and very low-carb. But even somewhat carby is better than buying a whole package of sugary thing that isn’t even particularly tasty as it has too much flour for it and I dislike flour flavor… But crunch, oh boy, it has it galore…

And I do have cheese whisps (easiest cheapest crunchy treat ever, I start to have problems with the sodium content in cheese though) and super crispy chicken skin sometimes but they aren’t actual biscuits.

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No! Please don’t get that impression. Maybe I chose the wrong words. I think with Lupin flour, it is about the company and how many times the flour has been rinsed before final drying and bagging it up.
Some companies won’t go through the long process. If you can find a good brand (I use Anthonys) it can be quite tasteful. But if the company putting it out wants to cheap out on the labor, it can have a bitter taste.
Otherwise, it’s a nice addition when you need a lighter texture in the batter and baking process.

That said, for a savory end product, I would pick mesquite. But we all know taste is a personal preference. :wink:


Oh I am very wary about the taste of all low-carb “flour” :smiley: I dislike all for one reason or another.
There is a reason I mostly use(d) nuts as they are tasty…
Almond flour is pretty neutral but expensive and I used all the others in various mixes and it just never was good.
So I don’t even believe these things can taste good (I am enough open-minded to give it some chance but it’s not enough for me to want to try, I don’t need them anyway).

I can’t buy Lupin flour here I would think and I definitely won’t order food from abroad. It’s fine, I mostly eat carnivore items now :slight_smile:

And I know tastes are quite different, I saw it many times :slight_smile: You still didn’t encouraged me to try Lupin flour but I wouldn’t try the tasty one either unless I can find it here in a proper amount… I never would use up 500g keto flour :smiley: I have the last bags since years and it will be quite some time to run out of them. And I put them into my SO’s baked things. It takes a very long time for me to eat just 10g as I am happy with my carnivore-ish ways.


I have several hundred kilos of almond flour…I’ll give you good discount?


Biscuits require the right temperature to bake? At least 180c I would suggest.

Because I don’t bake them (not since I was a child!), I’m not sure, but I think pre chilling the dough is required. I must confess I have no idea about the science around that.

Stay away from biscuits! LOL.


Why not chaffles? I use chaffles in place of bread a lot. I have a waffle maker that makes 4 waffles at a time, and periodically (maybe once a month) make a couple of batches. I use it as sandwich, float cubes of it in soups and stews, and I think it would be great as stuffing. You will find a ton of chaffle recipes online. I always add more cheese and less egg so they don’t have that eggy flavor. I add whatever spices turn me on. I add a tad of almond flour, again, to eliminate the eggy flavor. They are versatile and double for bread in so many ways.

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I’m not exactly sure what kinda stuffing you want but crumbed up pork rinds perhaps? … with a fatty binder maybe?
Some people dream about a stuffing like that … lol (please don’t ban me, I’m new and young and inexperienced :disappointed_relieved:)


I used broken up (not crumbed) pork rinds for this before. It worked well.

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@velvetYes, I’ve watched a lot of Serious Keto’s videos and how he makes chaffles. That’s a really good idea. Thank you so much for suggesting that. I think that would work perfectly for the taste and texture I am looking for.
Two heads are definitely better than one. :slight_smile:
edit: And yes, I have a mini dash to make them too.