HELP! Weight gain after consistent weight loss almost 3 months in


(Karla Chamoun) #1

Hey guys! So i started keto November 2018 with a starting weight of 186 lbs.
I’ve been consistently losing ever since, with a few stalls or ups of up to 1 lb.
However, after reaching my lowest of 165 lbs on Friday, I’ve been consistently gaining for the past 5 days and now I’m back to 168 lbs. I’m scared because i’ve stalled before but I’ve never gained consistently for consecutive days until now! Not even when my period is coming. What’s more frustrating is I’ve been staying within my macros and calories for the most part.

Here’s my macros for the past 5 days:
101 F, 52 P, 20 net carbs: 1,200 cals
68 F, 66 P, 13 net carbs: 990 cals
117 F, 91 P, 19 net carbs: 1,504 cals
80 F, 67 P, 13 net carbs: 1057 cals

I’m 5’7, 168 lbs right now, 24 y/o female.
My goal weight is 150 lbs.

I do 16/8 IF (no breakfast); ive cut back on sugar alcohols, low carb “treats”, dairy and nuts.

I drink plenty water and feel fine. Just really frustrated with this.

Any suggestions??? Please!

(Omar) #2

do you drink diet coke ?

how many grams of nuts you consume?

(Karla Chamoun) #3

Hey! No diet coke, and I had 0.5 oz of almonds about 2 days ago, no other nuts. :sleepy:

(Omar) #4

are you under stress?

how many cups of coffee a day?


Do look over everything you eat.

I thought I double checked everything, but the capachino from the cafe had nearly three quarters of a cup of milk, I thought they only put a tiny bit at the top. Very wrong. About 10g hiding in plain site right in front of me!

My wife puts “tomato” paste in cooking. I think it’s got tons of sugar …

I will have to triple check everything.

(I also hate to say this but keto+exercise produces better than keto by itself. It’s so hot here I dread the thought…).

Let is know how it goes after a week or two …

(Omar) #6

very good comment

I am sensitive to any carb and I found hidden carbs so I try to stay 0 carb as much as I can

(Robert C) #7

From the non-keto department. Are you pregnant?

(Karla Chamoun) #8

1 cup of coffee with 1/2 tbsp of heavy cream in the morning (reduced from 1 tbsp in an effort to reduce dairy)
I am a bit stressed but i mainly started feeling it yesterday and it’s basically about the weight gain😂 which I know it’s a bad thing but I have PTSD and think I’m gonna gain it all back.

(Robert C) #9

Macros look fine (and I assume have been about the same for longer than 5 days because you cannot figure out this weight gain).

Per @Alpha - has stress become a factor in your life lately? Same with sleep - if either of these too get messed up - your body can want to counter with holding on to fat “just in case”.

(Karla Chamoun) #10

That’s mainly why I’m worried! I cook everything myself, weigh out even my oils, and track it all. I haven’t eaten out in a while.

I work out 3x per week.

Thanks for your input!
I will!

(Karla Chamoun) #11

Ummm i sure hope not! I’m in birth control pills. My prescription was changed in December, idk if that may have to do with it, but i took this new pill for a whole cycle while losing consistently. :thinking:

(Karla Chamoun) #12

Yup I’ve had the same macros for over a month. I have been sleeping well, but a bit stressed, mainly over the gain, so it’s a vicious cycle. Lol. Will try to relax.

(Robert C) #13

In order to help yourself stress less - you should keep this in mind:
You have hammers that work consistently.

For example, your body continues with the current macros but adds another 2 pounds - out comes a hammer.
One full day of non-eating per week (maintaining the same macros the other 6 days).

Weight will come down a bit and find a new plateau to sit on.
You have control and you can give yourself time to work these issues without stress.

Also, to reduce stress, you may want to clear you mind on the pregnancy issue.
If the new pills didn’t cause the weight gain directly - they may have indirectly because the are not effective for you.

(Karla Chamoun) #14

Thank you!
Although now I’m stressing about being pregnant :rofl:
Either way, I’ll try to clear that up soon.

Thanks for the advice!

(Ellen) #15

Some b/c pills can cause weight gain, plus the change in your hormones could take a while to come through.

(Karla Chamoun) #16

I’m starting to think that might be the culprit. I guess I’ll have to wait it out, but this is frustrating.

BTW Everyone, I’m not pregnant! Lol

(Ellen) #17

Well at least that one thing you don’t have to worry about!

(Omar) #18

I am glad also I do not have to worry about that :grin:

(Carolyn aka stokies) #19

Working out as much as that - your body might just be in a rebuilding phase. We do gain bone density and increase muscle mass the longer we do keto. So if your clothes are not getting tighter, it could be recomposition. It can be frustrating, but the numbe ron the scale is only one way to determine progress. Often it is the least reliable in all honesty.

PS: continually stressing over it can also backfire a little it by increasing your stress hormones :wink: You are doing ok - it happens. We women have it ieven more frustrating in that we can flux 5-8 pounds just in water weight due to our hormonal cycles.

(Omar) #20

few months back my weight got down to 76 kg down from a peak of 91 kg.

Then I start eating lots of nuts and my weight elevated very quickly to 82 kg and my tummy got a little bigger but my waist remained the same.

today not sure if all that weight increase was fat or muscle. six kg is not little.