HELP! Weight gain after consistent weight loss almost 3 months in


(Karla Chamoun) #21

You’re right! My clothes aren’t tighter (at least not yet); so it could be that.
I’ll try to keep at it and not weigh myself until next week (idk if I can keep that promise, but I’ll try!)

Thank you!

(Karla Chamoun) #22

What did you do to lose it back? Just cut down on the nuts?

(Omar) #23

first I stoped eating nuts and the rapid weight increase stopped.

If I do extended fast I will lose it I am sure because every time I do EF it works but this time I think most of this gain is muscle with some of it fat gain in the belly. so I am not planning to do anything.

(Kimberly) #24

@karlagoesketo Hey, I’m just wondering how everything turned out? Did you find the culprit? I’m going through something VERY similar so hoping for a few tips and some insight. :slight_smile:


I always took coffee to be free of carbs but i guess there’s 1 carb per cup … i am a coffee drinker

(Karla Chamoun) #26

hey there!! well, after i went up a few lbs i just kept doing keto and after a few days the scale went back down and lost about 1.5-2 more lbs just doing keto.

then, it stalled at the same until 2 weeks ago when i started doing “zero carb week” (less than 5g net carbs per day) and ive lost 2.5 more lbs these past 2 weeks! dont know if it helps but you if you can’t find the culprit, try it ouut! it’s actually not that hard at all and you get way less cravings.

i will say, however, that i’ve started losing again after i’ve mainly eliminated all the “keto treats”. i haven’t been baking them or consuming any keto-friendly flours. i think that’s what had been stalling me and zero carb week kinda forced me to eliminate those (only 5 carbs per day so i used them in cheese and veggies. )

hope this helped!! stay strong!

(Karla Chamoun) #27

what??? NO WAY!

(Gordon) #28

FWIW, I was in the same boat. I was going in for blood work, which ended up great and I’m now off statins, but I did the Feldman Protocol (3 day version and it worked). Part of that included removing all MTC oil and coconut oil and coffee. I was doing IF about the same as you 16/8. I was drinking BP coffee with mtc oil, and used coconut oil in cooking. I had stalled in weight loss, so I tried changing my macros from 70/20/5 to 65/35/5 and cut out all mtc and coconut oil. The weight started falling off again, 12 lbs in the last 2-1/2 weeks. Now, I was happy with my 1.5-2 lbs a week, but then I stalled. I think I might stay off the MTC for a while more. Note: I have added back in the coffee (black).
Has anyone else seen similar results or have any info on removing coconut oils? I love this lifestyle and it is truly sustainable, I"m losing weight, feel great, hope to be off all meds in 3 months. LOL, I even get a bit cocky with my friends when they ask if I want a coke, or chips, or regular pizza. I just say NO, I quit taking (drugs) addictive unhealthy products about 6 months ago.

(Karim Wassef) #29

Short term weight loss is meaningless KCKO

(George) #30

Eliminate keto treats, cut back on dairy, maybe try OMAD for a week, and throw a 48 hour fast in there somewhere. :slight_smile:

My wife had stalled/had minor 1-2 lb gain as well, tried all that for a week, and lost around 5 lbs and continues losing.