Help please 🙏☺️

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Thank you so much. I have downloaded them all and shall start watching tomorrow :blush: I really appreciate you taking the time to help.


Sounds good! 60mcg is a good dose for most, at that level I wouldn’t even consider the Thyroid as part of the equation holding you back anymore. That’s right around where I am most of the time…you know, until it’s summer time creeping up on me like now and I’m taking 100mcg :wink: Plus, the T4 doesn’t even matter when you’re taking T3, you’re skipping right over that part anyways.

Enjoy the relaxation!

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Ha, I wish I could up my dose a bit and shed a few pounds, my endo is very strict with only giving me what I need :roll_eyes::sweat_smile:

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Explosive power does take longer to return than endurance, but fortunately it does return, eventually. As has been shown in some recent studies.


Endo’s always are, the answer to that is a GP that you’re friendly with OR cash pay private docs! I recently lost mine because she sold her practice to a senior urgent care chain…NOPE! Not going there, so now I’m solo and having to find a new doc when already prescribed things I…need? It’s a little tricky, LOL.

That’s OK though, it’s 2024 and we have the Internet!

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Am I treading on shaky ground to ask Why t3 is so closely regulated? Does it have … Well … Special effects?

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I am relatively newly diagnosed (last year) so I’m not familiar with the online world of t3, I’m so scared I’m going to get defrauded and sent some sugar pills! Are you able to please send me where you get yours from in a private message?

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It speeds up your metabolism, it’s a hormone replacement if your thyroid is struggling or not working (or if you’ve had it removed). The NHS generally speaking doesn’t prescribe it as it’s too expensive. Unfortunately doctors and even endos are relatively bad at understanding thyroid issues, which is the main issue.


For me making sure I get enough protein is the key to not being hungry. If start feeling peckish I just eat a bit more meat or fish and thats it Im good. Took me a long time to work that out.
These guys came up with the Protein Leverage Hypothesis:


It’s not really, it’s prescription, but not a controlled substance or anything. As @MalHal said, most mainstream Doc’s are terrible at Thyroids, the other side is it’s literally fat burn in a pill, which is why people abuse it, many people will self prescribe, and then overdo it, which will put you into (forced) Hyperthyroidism, so you’ll be tired all the time, hair can fall out etc. It stops when you stop taking it, but people like to get stupid with it. NDT’s (desiccated thyroid) is much easier to get prescribed, aren’t as effective but will give a lot of people a boost to a sluggish thyroid.