Help my fridge died on me


OK guys and gals
I think it might be time to take a keto break.
Its like everything has conspired against me.
First I get this really bad Keto rash that finally healed after weeks and weeks of suffering. I still have the marks on my body but thankfully the unbearable itching has subsided.
Then we have this pandemic that keeps us home all day and makes living meal to meal so it gets harder to keep to a diet. I get up in the morning and then just live from meal to meal with books and movies and naps to while away the hours.
And NOW- MY FRIDGE DIED ON ME. This on Easter Sunday, and here we have Easter Monday too. So the fridge service might come around on Tuesday. In the meantime all the stuff I bought - all the cream and the butter etc - will go sour on me.The bacon will start to stink and the cheese will turn moldy.I have a little freezer in the cellar which I saved the meat into because it is the most expensive and also frozen. Maybe I have to go carnivore? I don’t know- I just feel so bludgeoned. I am finally NOT a happy camper and dont know if I can continue right now. Such a bummer.

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What a bummer @Chantarella. You have my sympathies. Do you have any unglazed terracotta pots? If you soak them in cold water and stand cream and milk in side them one right way up and one inverted over it in a shallow dish of water the evaporation will keep your dairy items cool. It is what my grandmother used to do in summer in the days before refrigeration.


thx- sweet of you to offer a solution. Dont have any of those. I try not to open the fridge door today. Or seldom so that the cold air won’t escape. But I think by tomorrow eating aynthing perishable from my fridge will be at my own peril. And I dont need food poisoning on top of everything else.


it just occurred to me this might be the heavens telling me now is the time for an extended fast. I have been afraid of fasting- but now might be the time.I can fast until the fridge is repaired.

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Ask your neighbors to help store perishables.

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Reminds me of my water heater rupturing Christmas eve and I found it after bringing my son home from the airport. All stores closed til after Christmas. I took a cold shower Christmas day, It gave an “ice cream” headache I will never forget.

Back to your problem. If your freezer is a deep freeze or not. What if you take some plastic jugs and freeze water or those freezer blocks. Keep rotating them to the refrigerator and you may be able to maintain a cool environment in there. It was how it was done when the iceman delivered to maintain the “ice box”. Same would work for a cooler if you want to reduce space needed.

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Scott’s idea is the perfect solution if you have room in your freezer for gallon ice jugs?



Thx guys for trying to help. Nope- I can’t fit water jugs in my freezer. Right now it is full of meats- thats the most expensive… And things are different here with neighbours. We dont really know each other. The one neighbour I had to the right was so obnoxious. I mean REALLY obnoxious. She kept trying to invite me over for a drink, and I kept trying to avoid her invitations because I was undergoing radiation for uterine cancer at the time. When she wouldn’t take a no I finally kind of unwillingly explained to her that I had cancer so she would let up! I got a bouquet of flowers a few days later, with a card that said her mother died a real gruesome death of cancer so she understood. Well thx. I really needed to know the gruesome part. A week later she asked me if I was going to sell my house. So no - I won’t be going over there. And the family behind me might help, but with corona fears I dont want to knock on any doors. I have thought about it and I do have the eggs and the meats in the freezer and some fresh cauliflower. I guess I can manage. I just need DAIRY and now have to do without. I dont even know how one eats vegetables without cheese on it. Which is why I thought carnivore might do it.

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I don’t refrigerate my butter so it will be fine. It will last a couple of weeks at room temp before it molds.

Your hard cheeses will be ok for a while.

From the USDA:
Soft cheeses such as cream cheese, cottage cheese, shredded cheeses, and goat cheese must be refrigerated for safety. As a general rule, hard cheeses such as cheddar, processed cheeses (American), and both block and grated Parmesan do not require refrigeration for safety, but they will last longer if kept refrigerated.

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Can you get some ice from a gas station and use a cooler?


Thx Janie- good to know. I had food poisoning about 2 years ago and that was quite a night!
Dont want that again.
Cecil B DeMille sandal film about Moses. Ah yes- its Easter! Can’t wait for the scene when the sea parts!! LOL

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You won’t get food poisoning from butter and cheese left at room temp - just won’t last as long until it molds but you only need to make it a couple of days.

Sorry about the other stuff you will lose - that sucks.

Do you have a cooler you can put some stuff in? You said you had a freezer - you can freeze baggies of water for ice


Go to a liquor store and grab some dry ice, you can keep the fridge and freezer going for days with only a trip out every day or two.

Also, a bottle of their finest mood fixer is probably due as well.


Thx lfod, but they dont have liquor stores with dry ice over here. Its a great idea though.
And yeah- my mood isn’t very good right now. Problem is, alcohol never makes me feel better.


Little freezer is full to bursting now. And I will miss ice and have to drink warm drinks. Yuck. Might prefer faucet water which I can let run till cold. Or maybe coffee and just keep drinking hot.


Is your cellar a basement? What’s the temperature in the cellar?

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I didn’t even think about dry ice but it is perfect. Its colder and leaves no water behind when it melts if you can find it. Here in the states many supermarkets have it.


My basement is cooler but not cool enough. Its spring here now too and in the low 70s. Damn.

Yeah- dry ice is brilliant. But cant get it here. We also have “Easter Monday” which is an additional day of holiday. I hope to hear from the fridge service tomorrow and hope for a visit tomorrow to fix it. Then I can go grocery shopping again for all my keto staples. I just had steak and I have some prawns for later. Eggs last too.

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I’m so sorry.

I hear you, I really do - however, I’m just afraid that if you go really off track, you will feel way worse than you do now.

Can you put some stuff in a cooler with ice?


So true-- it would make me feel worse and more stressed if I ate sugars.