Help my fridge died on me

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I just gave a huge bag of half thawed meats and veg to my cleaning lady. it helps to clean it out somehow. I like neat.

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Dry ice can be a solution that works quite well but, speaking from experience, the price of getting enough may be greater than the cost of losing the food.


I have no idea what dry ice costs.

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If you find a source, just be sure that enough dry ice to save the food doesn’t cost more than the food is worth. All I’m saying.

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It may not be about the food with dry ice. It is about how cool it may look opening up and having that fog roll out.

Yeah it will depend on how much is in there to determine the cost benefit. I use dry ice when packing a cooler of food for a beach trip. no issues with water getting into food and maintains temperature even in the sun for the long drive.


so what is the price of dry ice?

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How totally frustrating! Any time it would be but especially now with the isolation. Small consolation I know, but butter and hard cheese (and eggs) do not spoil simply from not being refrigerated. You can leave them on the counter or in a cooler spot depending on whether you are in a climate that is cold (maybe put in garage?) or warm (in shadier spot inside house). You can tell whether these things are good or bad by smelling and/or having a small taste. Even if hard cheese gets moldy you can cut off the mold and the rest is good

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I am sorry that your fridge died, that must be so frustrating. Our fridge is almost empty because of not shopping for a couple of weeks and we have no milk, no HWC, no cheese, no vegetables or fruits or much of anything in our fridge. I have two fridges, one in our kitchen and one in our furnace room, both are quite empty of food. The one upstairs is mostly containing all the sauces that my family uses on foods, and the one downstairs is full of the alcohol the family drinks, (like my husband and son make their own beer, and the wine we made) but since Keto I rarely touch any alcohol, only a few times a year now, and a bit. With this staying in, I am surprised that people have much in their fridges. Maybe you can ask one of your neighbours to store some of your food for you --you have been going to stores (so already exposing yourself to people, so not really any further risk asking a neighbour to help).

Are you sure that you don’t have better service there in Germany for having it taken care of sooner? Here we have emergency services that will fix things around the clock, even on holidays or the middle of the night, etc. I had a flood in the basement and they came at 3am to help start fixing it.


This makes it even worse Susan - but I just got a delivery of a LOT of food on Saturday- would you believe? What crappy luck. I wish mine had been almost empty before this happened instead of stocked up. BUMMER !!! :weary:

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I can’t remember but I think it was about $10 per pound. The sell it by the pound because it is constantly evaporating so whatever it was when packaged decreases over time.

I did find this on how much it would take for a cooler or fridge:
Use 10 to 15 pounds of dry ice per day in a standard 25-quart cooler. For use during emergencies such as power outages, use 1.5 pounds of dry ice per cubic foot of freezer space.

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Ohhhh --we don’t have any delivery here I can do. Do you have any neighbours that could help at all? If you call a lot of companies and explain that, you might be able to get a repairman out today. Here they are so competitive that most have on their websites an emergency number and will come out 24/7.

Most people I know here are still working; even if their businesses are not essential. My husband is still working full time, and is at a very high risk of being really ill with Covid if he gets it, but he doesn’t qualify for government money if he stays home, so he is working. My son, and most of his friends are still working, as is my daughter’s boyfriend (although he stopped doing UBER, his secondary job) for the time being.


I never knew dry ice was a thing!


Today is a holiday here too. Hoping for tomorrow.
The fridge is basically empty now. I did all the work. I like to have things tidy. Dont like a fridge full of soggy things

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I am sure that it is very frustrating when you had all that fresh food; so that is why I wondered if you could get a service person that would come out of hours --or store some at a neighbours. I hope that you can get it all fixed tomorrow and that you haven’t lost too much money in the process.

I have had service men come to my house on Christmas Day in the past to repair my furnace – here they will come 24/7 for emergencies, that is why I said to call around =).

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Veggies also do fine out of the fridge. Anything like lettuce or celery you can put the cut end in water like flowers to keep them perky. The basement is probably cool enough to be helpful for those things too, they don’t have to be refrigerator cold. The HWC is the only problem I see. And if you put some in a jar, squeeze in a bit of lemon juice and make yourself some fake sour cream, that will last on the countertop, or in a non-cooling fridge, for longer than the fresh cream. Refrigerators do help with keeping food longer, but the only thing I’d be concerned about food poisoning is leftovers. Does your cream come in aseptic containers? If so, as long as unopened, that is fine too.

I’ve lived without a fridge in a sub-tropical climate with no problems. But, and it’s a big but, that is with the ability to do frequent shopping. No fridge plus self-isolation is trickier. I’m glad you still have the freezer though!


I feel for ya on this one…when it goes wrong it goes wrong for sure but never let it be an excuse for eating crap. In fact change it up in your mind, go for the ALL IN how do I survive on my keto or go zero carb for a while and make it all about holding plan thru the crazy and you will win, I know you will :slight_smile: Make it a game of keto/zc survival and take the lead and succeed and later when that new fridge comes and you feel more secure and all you can say I beat the heck out of life’s crap it throws at me. Win for sure!! :slight_smile:


Right now I have eggs and pork rinds. Thats about it. I don’t know how this is going to work.


wow that is tough for sure :frowning:

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Butter doesn’t really need to be refrigerated. I leave mine on the counter. Covered is best.