Has keto changed your fashion sense?

(Becca) #41

Why thank you, Doug! :blush:

(Bob M) #42

“Fashion sense” = oxymoron for me. :wink:

(Boots on? Balls to the wall? Good start.) #43

Looks gorgeous on you @beccs :smiley:

(squirrel-kissing paper tamer) #44

Dude, that looks so good on you! Plus, the best part, is how confident you look.


My clothes look like a kid is wearing their grand-pa’s clothes. I’ve already put this forward in writing to the Keto Complaint Department and I’ve requested all my money back! Ha ha.

Before keto I bought two nice new belts. 3 or so notches down - they look rediculous.

All my “nice” tea shirts, shorts and everything are bags on me now.

So yeah I have a new style, it’s called way way way too baggy style.

(Daisy) #46

I really haven’t lost much weight, so things don’t change for me much in that aspect. My weight fluctuates like 10 lbs in a month lol. But I have recently fallen in love with lu la roe leggings! I never used to wear leggings anywhere, but now I’m forcing myself to be more comfortable in them. All of my coworkers (most outweigh me by a good 25-50 lbs) wear them all the time, but anytime I wear them, I have one coworker who picks on my for my “skinny chicken legs”. It doesn’t help my self confidence lol.
For the most part I just shop in my closet. I have a range of about 5 sizes, so lots to choose from depending on my weight of the day.

(squirrel-kissing paper tamer) #47

I’ve been snagging Lu La Roe leggings at thrift stores for the past two months. Such cute prints and NO ELASTIC in the waist band and they actually stay put throughout the work day. I love those darn things.

(Ellen) #48

Looking good @beccs :grinning:

(Becca) #49

@safi @PetaMarie @Elle79 thank you ladies! :blush:

(Becca) #50

I’ve never tried lula roe leggings, hear lots of good things about them though! They’re super cute, at least the ones I’ve seen.

(Jacqueline Porter) #51

I have always loved clothes and tried to dress well even at 16 st. But now I really love to get dressed in the morning.
I used to be 'stylish ’ in anything as long as it was black! Generally with a strategically placed scarf. Can you really hide a big stomach with a scarf? Haha I thought so.
Now I’ve ditched the scarves and started wearing a variery of colours!
I have also had my hair cut, as my face is thinner, and dyed it rose gold!:blush:

(Hyperbole- it’s the best thing in the universe! ) #52

I also used to hide my tummy with a scarf. It works in photos, not sure about in person though. But today I grabbed one of my beloved scarves, and thought, wait a second… this scarf is giving me a tummy! I need to make/invest in some skinny scarves to go with my skinny (still overweight BMI, whatever) body. 'Cause scarves are a classy way to add funky color without breaking the bank.

(Brian) #53

LOL!! Kinda the same here although there are a LOT of people I now am not fatter than. It’s nice to see my reflection in the various store glass fronts and not having to tell myself how out of shape I am and continue on to remind myself that round is a shape. Even had a compliment a few weeks ago referring to me as “young and strong”. Hadn’t thought of myself that way in a long time.

Not a lot of difference in fashion… still just plain ol’ blue jeans with a lot less material and a couple of sizes smaller Carhart shirts. That’s just me.

Oh, and one thing I did find a bit peculiar that I wasn’t expecting. I needed a new pair of shoes so decided it was time a couple of weeks ago. I have worn size 10.5 like almost my entire adult life. This time, the size 10 fit perfectly. Same brand of shoe, even same model as one of the last pairs. I never really thought about my feet losing weight, too.

(Susan) #54

I went shopping yesterday and bought a new casual dress. I haven’t worn dresses in 20 years or so. (I wear scrubs at work). I bought some pajamas in a L instead of XL and they fit so comfortably.

I will wait until closer to summer to buy any new smaller clothes, hopefully I will be even smaller.

I have started noticing what people are wearing, something I have to make a conscious effort to do.

(Deborah ) #55

While I’m still only about 1/2 way to my goal, I’m thrilled to be out of plus sizes and into regular sizes. Before, I was quite happy with loose clothes, anything that would “hide” my lack of shape and wasn’t constricting. Now, when something becomes a bit loose, I’m like, “ack, it’s too big!”. LOL!

I’ve been pretty stalled for the past couple of months, but since I feel great and am really enjoying being in regular, smaller-than-before sizes, I’m not sweating it. I’ll probably tighten up my WOE after a while to get the weight loss going again, but for now, I’m content where I am.

The only downside (if you can call it that) is that I’m quite sad to see many of the clothes that I really like go into the “donate” pile because they swim on me now.

Ahh, if only all of life’s problems were so large. LOL!

(Hyperbole- it’s the best thing in the universe! ) #56

This isn’t so much a change to my fashion sense, but a fashion related situation.

I’ve had a good leather belt for maybe 12 years. I bought it last time I was at my goal weight and have used it the whole time, getting rather close to last hole. The other day after fasting I discovered the first hole is now too big. What? This belt was fine last time I was this weight.

Then I figured it out. Waistlines are (thankfully) higher now. I tried it on with some old pants I’d kept all this time and the belt was perfect.

Still need a new belt though.

(Tammy Bott) #57

I always liked fashion, but alas, at plus size I could only dream. Today I’m a 6-8. I’m a monster!!! I love clothes! My hubby always says “what more could you possibly need”? I tell him I am making up for lost time!!!

(Jill F.) #58

Most definitely! I am wearing tops that actually fit instead of being huge and boxy. I am a clothes shopping crazy woman, I have gone from a size 14 to a 4/6 so pretty much anything that fits now I buy!

(Becca) #59

First let me say: don’t mind my hair, stretch marks, or lack of makeup :joy:

Bought this swimsuit because it’s totally out of the box for me. And to my surprise, I don’t mind it. I do want to tone up a bit, but at least I have time before my beach trip for Memorial Day. Better hit the gym up ASAP :muscle:t4:

Still not perfect, but this swimsuit wouldn’t have even been an option in my mind last year. Progress :grin:

On the perfect-bodied model :joy:


On me

(Boots on? Balls to the wall? Good start.) #60

Nice cossie @beccs - rockin’ it :sunglasses: