Has keto changed your fashion sense?

(squirrel-kissing paper tamer) #1

It’s Saturday and I’m off to the thrift store jungle to do some hunting. Lately I’m not so content with my billowing shifts and leggings. It was a cute and easy style choice when I was more round and fitted clothing wasn’t working. Now I find myself excited about having a different or updated style but so many choices! (Nice to meet you, Choices)

Has your changing figure or self-esteem changed your clothing style?

(Becca) #2

I find myself loving skinny jeans these days! And I actually didn’t wear leggings before. Now I love them, where have these been all my life? :joy: I guess before, I was worried that leggings wouldn’t look good on me.

One drawback though, for me at least, is that I’ve lost a lot of padding in my rear :expressionless: squats time!

(squirrel-kissing paper tamer) #3

Ha! I was happy to lose some but I do stand at my press and do backward leg lifts in the hopes that I don’t get saggy skin butt, which is probably still happening anyway.

(John) #4

Well, I have gone from being a really fat old guy to just an average fat old guy. Many improvements in quality of life, but not a big difference in how I am perceived by others.

Plus I’m a guy so fashion sense is not my strong point. Jeans and knit polo shirts with a pocket, khakis and button-down oxfords, or dress slacks with broadcloth shirts. Those three have been my uniform for about 40 years, with minor variations. Not likely to change with my weight, up or down.

(squirrel-kissing paper tamer) #5

Oh c’mon John, live a little! Throw a scarf or new belt in the mix. Just kidding, if you’re happy I’m happy.

(Full Metal Keto) #6

I feel better wearing tank shirts. My style hasn’t changed drastically but I do look better with less baggy clothes than before.

(John) #7

I do have a range of belts all the way from max fatness (52") down to never-gonna-get-there-again 32". Oddly enough, I have just shunk down to a level (about 44") where I can wear a couple of custom belts I had made back in 2012 or so. So yeah, I am going to get some wear out of my fancy-stitched tapered western belt with fancy buckle. :slight_smile:

Eventually I may shrink into my outrageous Hawaiian shirt era from my 40s. :slight_smile: I still have some of those stashed.

I wore a scarf today, in fact (because it is freakin’ cold) - but it’s a big tan fleece one for warmth and not style.

(Kristen Ann) #8

Well after realizing I fit into an old pair of quilted bibs, I’ve been living in them on a daily basis… :rofl: That’s about as fashionable as I get lol!

(Hyperbole- it’s the best thing in the universe! ) #9

I second the skinny jeans and leggings. Never wore them before. Clothing options for larger women are extremely limited here, so I’ve gotten rather frumpy over the past few years.

I remember a Russian friend telling me that Russian women take style very seriously, unlike American women (side-eye glance at me) who can just through on anything. It’s not my fault! Men’s jeans and plain t-shirts are the only things I can find that fit, and also don’t have sequin teddy bears on them! So maybe now I need her to take me shopping.

I am now at the weight I was 9 years ago, so I am wearing old clothes I optimistically never got rid of. And now that 90’s style is back I’m dressing like I did in my 20’s. Except with skinny jeans.

(Mary Jo Koplos) #10

Recently, I was in the resale shop next to where I work and where they know me and have watched me drop 80lbs in the last year. I was trying on 2 coats: one a basic fleece style and the other a really sassy, designer number. The clerk looked at me in them both and said the fleece one was for my old self, but the sassy one was better suited to my new self. Sold!

(Jennibc) #11

I find that I am wearing mid-90s fashions more regularly now… because that’s where I am size wise and I kept all my old clothes. Hoping I’ll be adopting 80s fashions by this summer.

(⚕ lowcarb.skrinak.com ⚕) #12

Sure has. So much so I’ve riffed on it here:

and on my blog

What a great problem to have.

(Frank) #13

Absolutely! I’m wearing slim cut jeans and shirts. never in my wildest dreams would I be doing that.

(Ellen) #14

Nope, but tbh I’ve never been shopping/fashion conscious, although current UK fashion is skinny jeans so have had to buy some rather than wear uber baggy clown trousers.

(Laurie) #15

My clothing choices are governed by lifestyle, budget, comfort, and ADD + Asperger’s (can’t wear anything uncomfortable), as well as some hangups about color and so on. It’s taken many years to figure out what works for me, and to make it happen. So I doubt I’ll be changing my style much.

At various times in my life I’ve been thin and dressed to please. But I found that the men I was with at those times treated me badly. So although I’d like to be thinner for health as well as vanity, I have little motivation to dress well.

(Clare) #16

Same here!!! :joy: I got some push up jeans from Forever 21 the other week…so cute! :peach:

(Clare) #17

Yes! It’s so exciting isn’t it?!
I was never a fan on high-waisted trousers or jeans…now I absolutely love them!
Congrats on your success, it’s something to be proud of! :heartpulse:

(Becca) #18

I’ll need to check those out :joy:

(squirrel-kissing paper tamer) #19

I’m home and I did pretty well. I can’t say no to those buttery smooth Lu La Roe leggings when they’re only $2 (the colors!) I also bought some cushy sneakers at Target. This is a big deal for me because in my head sneakers are for working out only and (lololol) I was not working out. Now that I’m feeling more active I think I want to dress a little more Sporty Spice.

(Doug) #20

Well, still hoping to get a figure, here. :smile: Good progress has been made, though.

I’ve got some nice clothes from way back in the 80s - to think that I could wear them again…