Has keto changed your fashion sense?

(squirrel-kissing paper tamer) #21

Give it a minute, it’ll be coming back in style just around the corner.

(Complete legend) #22

My wife made me start wearing a different batch of t-shirts on the basis that my favourite ones “make you look like you’re wearing a circus tent.”

Not sure that counts, though, because I’d still wear the other ones if she’s not around. Like today, when I’m walking to the markets Assuming I feel brave and rebellious enough…


(Jill F.) #23

Yes! I have a lot of oversized shirts that hid all of the problem areas, I cant wear them anymore. They look like tents on me now!
I have diet cycles for years and have a range of size 10 to 14 in my closet. So for now I am shopping in my closet, lol, through the older skinny clothes. I have noticed though in most tips that aren’t sized by numbers I have hone from a L/XL to a medium so that has been fun! I cant wait to go shopping for a new wardrobe once I hit my goal weight! There is no telling what I will end up wearing then!

(Carl Keller) #24

I usually just pick from my 30+ year collection of vacation tshirts that family brings me and slap on a pair of jeans and I’m good to go.

(squirrel-kissing paper tamer) #25

You’re a low maintenance kind of guy, I like that Carl.

(squirrel-kissing paper tamer) #26

And if you’re inclined toward self-abuse you can shop Chinese clothing on Amazon where a size 16 is an XXXXXL. It’s always so much fun picking that option!

(Jill F.) #27

@PetaMarie XXXXXL is a 16? No thanks! I prefer Chico’s sizes. A size 8/10 is a size 1 there!

(Banting & Yudkin & Atkins & Eadeses & Cordain & Taubes & Volek & Naiman & Bikman ) #28

Wearing a slimmer cut of jeans, but not a “skinny jeans” guy, according to my wife, who hates them on everyone.

Wearing slim cut dress shirts, which is weird, but honestly, the fitted look is better. Not tucking shirts when I wear on the weekend. Was always kind of using the tuck as a support garment as much as anything.

My face is more of a diamond now, rather than a rectangle, so hats are a bit different. Still can wear a broad rim fedora, but don’t need as wide a brim, apparently.

Can wear nicer shoes, as I don’t need the generic orthotics


Unbelievable shift in style and fit. Have gone from a tight 46 jeans and khakis to my first pair of 38s since the 80s.

I once wanted my pants to fit loose and not binding especially when sitting. Now I hate to see the baggy butt and legs. Want slimmer fitting pants but may have to be a bit more patient.

My XXL t-shirts now hang on me like a tent. Again, waiting a bit before changing over from a stack of 50 or more t-shirts for Larges.

I also once wore all my button down shirts outside my pants to help cover up and provide comfort. Now I’m tucking in everything. Don’t have s single shirt that is tight, actually they are all big.

Last, my underwear looks I have a saggy diaper on and it doesn’t even secure my junk in place. This something that needs to be remedied soon.

(squirrel-kissing paper tamer) #30

Ben, while I don’t have junk to secure into place, I do feel you on this one. I recently bought a batch of new undies because the old ones were sliding down even when I wore them with stretchy jeans and tights. I think I wrote that it was trying to put a pair of underpants on the letter Y, need a tighter fit!

(Clare) #31

Deadlifts and push up jeans have helped a lot! :joy::peach:

(Becca) #32

Ok so I definitely would never have worn a bodysuit before but something compelled me to try something new. And to my surprise they actually fit nicely! Now that my stomach doesn’t hang all the way down to my toes :joy:

(Cindy) #33

I went through a clothing phase when I hit my goal weight with the LapBand. It was fun for a little while…but then I quickly reverted back to my t-shirts, jeans, and tennis shoes.

What was really nice, though, was knowing that if I needed something fancier for some reason, I could find it.

So no, this time around, I don’t think my clothing will change, although at some point, I have to go buy some new things because everything I have is falling apart.

(squirrel-kissing paper tamer) #34

OMG you are so brave. I’m not there and don’t know if I’ll ever be. I want to be though. Good for you, Becca!

(squirrel-kissing paper tamer) #35

Today I wore stretchy jeans and a t shirt–not a tent or a dress, but a t-shirt. Granted I couldn’t do it without a longer-than-the-butt cardigan. Baby steps.

(Becca) #36

Good for you! I’m sure you looked great! Baby steps :grin:


I had to pretty much get rid of everything, so I have been shopping a lot! The biggest problem now is having lost so much weight, everything I try looks and feels so much better than it did that I have to struggle not to buy it all. While before, nothing looked good.

Great on the ego. Not so much on the budget.

My style has become more varied. Before it was loose tunics over jogging pants or leggings (XXL size). I still prefer these for comfort, but the tunics are more fitted, the leggings are much smaller and I have added jeggings and tees (M size). :smiley:

(squirrel-kissing paper tamer) #38

Me too!

(Becca) #39

@PetaMarie I found the courage today :joy: it’s not as bad as I thought, but going to the bathroom is gonna be a [spoiler]bitch[/spoiler].

(Doug) #40

Becca, I clicked the little heart for ‘Like’ incredibly hard. :slightly_smiling_face: