Harvest Festival - Fail

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I’d always promised I’d eat a little fruit at this time of year. It just seemed right. Naturally once a year the trees and shrubs would be fruit laden and unavailable for 50 weeks a year.
I’m not talking much, maybe just a small apple per day, anyway, it’s a mistake. I don’t recommend it. I now crave 3 meals a day (up from 2MAD) plus snacks.


Fk it

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Exactly. Now I’ve got to re take my vows … didn’t even enjoy the fruit that much


Oh it’s finally October so I heroically only eat apple and grape in the weekends :slight_smile: I am impressed if I can pull it off… Carnivore helps, no way I could avoid fruits every day on keto…

I eat more meals on carnivore but less calories.

I eat 20g apple at a time, by the way. And usually 1-2g grape. Unusually a bit more but it’s too sweet so no way I could handle much. And if I make my decisions right, I enjoy a hell out of every bite.

We humans are wonderfully different and it won’t stop to amuse and educate me :slight_smile:


Humble pie?

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Except crustless. Humble Fritatta.

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Trouble is those fruits are on my mind now … I’ve let the devil in. Wahhahah (said with an evil laugh)

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This was me back in August. I have 3 apple trees and one of them produces tasty ones. They are small, fortunately, and I couldn’t help myself but to grab one after work when I went out with the dog. I didn’t deal with cravings, but I plateaued and didn’t lose a pound at all that month, lol.


Eating fruit from a tree or vine you have planted and care for is good for mental health, I think. I grow Nashi pears, grapes, olives, avocadoes, strawberries, blueberries, lots of things in a food forest. There is joy, sorrow and sunshine in that fruit. Somethings die. Sometimes there are insects to deal with. We share with the birds. There are rats and possums who visit in the night. There is getting outdoors, watering over summer from rain collected in winter, watching the daily growth and ripening. The blossom perfumes the Spring. It takes months to get to picking the perfect ripe fruit from the plant and it is delicious. There is a lot that goes in to that first bite. Bought fruit just doesn’t have the satiety factor of home-grown.


Bought Idared apples have a totally different taste too. I call it “Idared taste” and I hate it. Mine doesn’t have it. Once I tasted someone else’s Idared and that lacked the taste too. I wonder what they do with it to get that… My family likes store-bought Idared and doesn’t understand my problem.

Granny Smith is fine from a supermarket too I think but I almost never bought that. Ours is very tasty and this year we have zero fruit from our very huge tree (our biggest fruit tree. it barely had any fruit until it got bigger than our old cherry tree next to it).
2023 is a very bad year for fruit here but we still had/have some. The last one will have its season in November and December, that isn’t affected much. June was a bit tragic and I love my early red fruits best. Not eating them much is fine and dandy but not seeing the trees healthy and the fruits ripening and becoming pretty… It hit me hard. I only got the pretty flowers, I love that phase too.

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@ FrankoBear good for you mental health and it does seem nice to be able to do it… terrible on my blood glucose though! Fasting in normally about 5 (90gm/dl) and now it’s up to 6.4 (115mg/dl)

No more of the forbidden fruit.

(Alec) #12

I am sorry to say I am with you. I love fruit… if I could eat fruit morning, afternoon and evening, without consequence, I would. But there’s a reason I love fruit… it’s the sweetness, the sugar, the fructose, and as you spotted, the consequences of all that… therefore fruit is a pleasure that is appropriately in my past.

I have one exception: I eat a small amount of apple sauce as a condiment twice a week: I prefer my own home made apple sauce made from apples from the garden. I am prepared to be not perfect.


I love fruit, no matter the sugar. Well, the more sugary it is, the less I enjoy it after some point…
One of my favs is lemon and it’s not particularly sweet :slight_smile: But I don’t get the experience of biting into the flesh there… And anyway, all fruits have different flavors. I go for the flavor and of course, some sweetness suits most of them. Sourness is more important though except in the case of many tropical ones. But my favs are tart and just somewhat sweet. Too little sweetness is better than too much.

But I love sugary things, that’s true. Hence my love towards cream. Butter too. I never want to touch tasteless ghee but sugary butter? Nice. I quite love milk too but if a dairy is too sweet, I dislike it. Lactose free sour cream, that’s bad (good for desserts I suppose but it’s weird alone).

Some fruits are just sweet, I don’t consider them fruit. Fruits must have fruity flavors (and usually tartness). If they taste like sugar, they aren’t tasty as sugar isn’t tasty. I mean sucrose, that’s just sweet. Glucose is better, xylitol is tasty, coconut sugar and honey are the best tasting ever…
But if I want fruit, I want the fruity flavors, the juiciness and the whole experience, biting into some pretty, firm or soft fruit.

I know I don’t really want sweet things anymore. Most of my sweets nowadays involve fruits. Or chocolate but my chocolate isn’t sweetened (or barely as I am lazy to make my own when I almost never touch it. I use Alvaro’s mixed with butter). I like chocolate because of the cocoa and the lots of fat. Adding sweetener doesn’t really make it better but it quickly make it worse after some point.

But there is consequence for everyone… If you just mean feeling unwell, yep, some can eat all the fruit we want without problems. In my case it’s because I don’t want much :slight_smile: Too much fruit easily sugar poison me and even tiny fruit may if I eat it alone and my body has problems with it at the moment…
My past was different. 1kg apple or banana at once felt fine at some point but I am not sad at all, it’s way better not to overdo things, that’s how things should be. One normal apple is excessive for me since very many years (it happened a few times when we travelled home all day and the car was half-full with apples… They have such an intense smell :smiley: I still want to taste all the new kinds of apples if we buy some… And our own, of course. But it’s a tiny amount.

I don’t care about blood sugar, it’s my body’s job to keep it at a good level. It nudges me if I eat unwell and I try to behave. I don’t need to keep myself back, that’s good. But I do train myself to want the right things. It’s not so hard, the right things are nice and the not right things never can be really tempting, I am a hedonist, I want to feel really good and stay so. But I can’t consider fruits “bad”. I know they are a tad sugary - but almost everything is sugary and amounts matter a lot and I can handle a little sugar…
I won’t go deeper. I know I love fruits and can’t stand the idea of not eating them. My health consciousness just can’t label them as bad things when in moderation. I know they aren’t so great but if the frequency and amount is low, it’s probably the healthiest I can do. Mental health is important too and as a hedonist, I need lots of joy. And saying no every time (not like I could) is the opposite of it.

I plan to keep my fruits forever. Especially my own, citruses (especially lemon), banana, musk melon and maybe one mango a year. I won’t give them up. I could but it would make no sense.
But I eat all the fruits I desire anyway. And more. As I almost never desire fruit. I just know they are nice. I may desire the freedom and having nice things…? But not the fruits themselves as I desired and NEEDED them when I was a newbie ketoer. I just didn’t function without fruit, apparently… Odd as the human body clearly doesn’t need it and I had physical symptoms if I had no fruit and not even a bunch of vegs. Old times, I changed for the better :slight_smile: It’s a choice now (well… if I have fruit in my garden, it’s only a choice of when to taste them… I can’t skip a single kind and I have many.)

Erm, sorry. Fruit as topic always have this effect on me. I suspect I use writing and thinking about them as a way to cope with eating little. Still more than what I NEED and I don’t feel restricted, I don’t want to eat more as I would be worse to me in the end but I remember how nice just to eat and eat and eat fruits… Now I get enough joy from eating just a little. So I don’t feel anything bad but as I had more fruit in my life before and now I like to have the same amount of fruit joy, just a big part of it is through other ways than eating them.

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“I am prepared to not be perfect.”

Love this.

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #15

I love this too … it’s the same line my vet uses with regard to dog training :slight_smile:


@Pjam How about olives, avocado, and eggs (fruit of the chicken)? Just the first two.


I never heard this one before :smiley:


I made it up. But someone has probably said it previously.

(Todd Allen) #19

Fruit is snackable. Which is trouble for me so I no longer go there. But what does work for us is a little fruit at meals. After pan frying steaks for my wife and self tonight I’ll probably deglaze the pan with some chopped tomato and peppers. Keeps the drippings from going to waste, makes cleaning the stainless steel pan easier and makes a nice accent for the meat. I also use sweeter fruits such as apples and pears similarly but keep the amount small, not making a side dish just a condiment.


But what isn’t snackable…? :thinking:
At least I hardly can overdo fruits under normal circumstances…

Vegs and fruits may have their role but due to the sugar they make me hungrier, sadly (as I won’t stop eating them but it never will be very frequent again as far as I can extrapolate ;)).
Animal sugar doesn’t have this effect to me, strange. Or maybe not, I am not knowledgeable enough to tell.