Harvest Festival - Fail

(Todd Allen) #21

Fresh meat. At least for those of us who don’t eat it raw.

(Alec) #22

OK, I’ll run with this… how about:

  1. Fruit of the chicken ie eggs
  2. Fruit of the sheep ie lamb
  3. Fruit of the pig ie bacon
  4. Fruit of the cow ie steak

You get the idea… does this work as a fruitarian diet? My doctor would approve of me being fruitarian.


Why not? Or what does it mean snackable? I don’t see any big differences here but we are all different just like fresh meats :slight_smile:
I love snacking on meat myself though it’s usually hard to stop at snack size but that’s true for many snacks.

(Todd Allen) #24

I consider foods that take little to no time or effort prior to eating as snackable. Foods that require preparation especially cooking and cleaning up cookware and other dishes afterwards are less snackable. A bowl of grapes invites one to consume a grape at any time. It doesn’t take significant hunger to get started nor does it require much hunger to keep going. I will not cook up a steak to have just one bite. I will wait until I am sufficiently hungry to eat the entire thing and after I finish it there is no tendency to start on another to have just one more bite.


If it’s about preparation, yep fresh meat is only snackable for people who eat it raw. Smoked pork is very much snackable though.
Otherwise it’s highly snackable, if I get tempted to eat without any need, it’s very often meat nowadays. And if it’s chicken, I don’t even get a stop sign or satiation.

Understandable :slight_smile: But when did I take one bite from a snack? :smiley: (When I ate 0.5g peanut or one rosehip but those are extreme cases…)
I imagine snack being some nice lovely thing that one eats and eats and eats. Maybe not a lot but a bunch?

I am sure there are zillions of definitions of “snack” and I never was sure what one means. I don’t really have a definition or maybe it’s the last, fun course of the meal…? Meat is good at that too though it depends.

(Todd Allen) #26

Which is why I don’t go there either.


Great if that works for you. I would be doomed without my processed meats. I keep them low, they are so very flavorful and enjoyable that a little goes a long way (and I am after my phases where I ate a lot of certain kinds) but without them I would be in trouble on some days.
And they are extremely enjoyable and I may need that. I do like my fresh meats when they are good but even if I buy the same cuts, they aren’t the same just like I am not the same every day…


Pickles are the way forward.