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I don’t have my container here to look at dosage. But it lasts me WAAAAY longer than that! Both of the brands shown above come with a scoop and say one or 2 scoops. I used to do 2, now just do one a day.


Sams Club has about a 680 gram container for about $32.


I am in Hungary but I realized that one of the webshops I use regularly have the stuff now! Yay!
I am from Hungary but I convert our currency now.
$17 gives me 1000g if I am fine with pig. Cattle is a bit pricier, $22 but nowhere as much as fish…

I may be poor but it’s not sooo much even for me so we will order and try it soon ~

If anyone can say smart things about differences between them depending on the animals… I would think pigs are good too. I already have them as my main meat source… And they have the same type of things in their bodies…

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Thanks, I got mine today did one scoop, It is 1/8th of a cup, I checked. I just did the one but will do another round later and try two, the one blended in very nicely.

I went to check out ingredients etc. https://www.vitalproteins.com/products/collagen-peptides Answered most of my questions.


I’ve just spent an hour researching collagen products and come to the conclusion that 4 eggs, salmon and beef daily provide a better source and amount of collagen than any form of supplements.
I’m not saying they don’t work but I’m wondering if user’s are enjoying these benefits from the clean KETO/CARNI WOL? I only say this because I’ve noticed vast skin and hair improvements and I’ve not ordered the products yet!

Thanks @collaroygal for putting the US site up, the U.K. one doesn’t list the ingredients or amino acid listings.


I barely read about it but collagen peptides seem to be different from just eating collagen…
I surely will try it, keto did absolutely nothing to my skin (well I am fine with that), nail, hair and basically anything else.
I eat many eggs nearly every day since more than a decade. My daily meat eating is only a few years old.


Obviously, I can’t say with any certainty at all what results are just from keto and what might be from the peptides, but in the hair, skin and nails department, I’m happy to go overboard a little and get all the help I can :joy:


I totally agree, I’m still reading about it so might change my mind yet!:joy:


I will order them in a month along with other items and I will report about our results, my SO wishes to try it out as well :slight_smile: Well, he is the vain one though I have some tiny vanity in me as well especially if it has something to with aging (it’s fine, later, not yet :smiley: well not too much yet, of course I don’t look like when super young). I am looking forward to get a face with character later :wink:
I wanna live until at least 130 (it would be nice to live way longer but I must be realistic) so I will be old at some point but I only really want health. And not being something scary/creepy looking or not in a bad way (Halloween and scary figures with characters are actually fine :smiley: but not as a default look, please).


Hey, you guuuuyyyys…

I can see some abs. I CAN SEE SOME ABS :rofl:

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Hi… I’m still floating around here.

Came back to my thread for that ‘you look good’ reminder… I’m not very good at this time of the year… any time of the year that isn’t summer really.

Work’s driving me crazy. Pretty sure my pacemaker is still malfunctioning but just waiting it out until my follow up in a week tomorrow. In limbo, feeling crap. I also retinol burned my face, so that’s fun. Died my hair for the first time in 3 years. Hate it. Probably gonna end up wrecking it with bleach and then just buying a wig… that I won’t wear, because they always feel so precarious… :upside_down_face:

Is this what they mean by ‘mid-life crisis’? Nah. I think this is pure me.

Anyhoo, aside from all those disasters and hysteria, I’m still slimming down on this WOE. I have no tits and a pudgy belly. It’s a look. Probably do feel physically better still, though with the mechanical heart giving me grief it’s hard to be sure.

C’est la vie.

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I’ve got these gremlins perched on my shoulders I think. A nice one on one side, and a mean one on the other. The nice one is like - You’re 4 notches in on your belt!, You’re wearing shirts you haven’t worn in years! You fit in a bathing suit that you used to wear when you were 15 pounds lighter! Your face and neck are much thinner!. Then the devil one is like - You still got a Pillsbury doughboy tummy! Your arms still look big and untoned! it’s taking forever to lose those last 15 pounds! Have another drink!

Wish I could be unconditionally happy for myself, but it’s hard to maintain that feeling because of all the times I’ve been at this point before and let it all go.

I like the title of this thread though, it’s a good reminder to give myself small, happy observations more often.

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. . . of heavy cream! :grin:


Haha, yeah… absolutely with the Gremlins. I think ‘mean Gremlin’ must reverse hibernate; melts in the sunlight or something xD

On the plus side (score 1 for nice Gremlin) I still haven’t hit the booze again. That’s a huge win.

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That’s great about the booze, it’s nice to have self-control from time to time. I’ll get there someday. My mom loooved her glass (or 2 or 3) of Chardonnay, but finally one day she started getting headaches and quit cold-turkey.

I think it’s good to set high standards for oneself and allow for some constructive criticism, but that mean gremlin sneaks in too much. Melt already :)!

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Thanks for the mention of collagen peptides. I started doing them about a month ago, nails and hair are showing improvements, skin not so much. I did try the chocolate flavor this week and it will be easy using that stuff. 2 scoops in coffee is like hot chocolate. Great for the wintertime that is coming.

@Elgyns Toy Hope you get your pacemaker issue sorted out quickly. So sorry you have to go through that. My husband is getting the last of 3 stents put in on Tuesday. Heart issues are a tough thing to go through. Glad you are still slimming down.


Noooo… don’t tell me things like that xD Sounds like something it would be TOO easy to get through ; )

Hair has definitely improved now after two months of the cow powder. So I dyed it… because that’s logical… :rofl: Face was looking a lot better too… until I retinol burned it :rofl::joy:

I just can’t even deal with myself, I’m so silly xD

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Well if you add only one scoop it tastes like a great mocha, so doesn’t always have to be hot chocolate. But WINTER IS COMING so it is good to have a great hot chocolate drink.

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Just got back from a little family vaca, and you went and got abs??!!!