Happy observations


Oh, I absolutely will. My hair and skin need all the help they can get xD

Having seen how this stuff turns into snot when I mix with my water, I’ve not yet been brave enough to dump it into my morning coffee. I mean, I know it all dissolves after a bit anyway, but… :face_with_monocle:

(Robin) #22

You won’t notice it in your coffee, I swear. In fact I notice when it’s not there… and add it because it adds to the flavor. Not, not snot flavor. :wink:


Robin! I’ve been taking that cow powder for less than a month, and guess what? The dark pigment patches on my face have started fading already!

SO HAPPY :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thanks so much for the recommendation.


yea 5’8 only but if I did my weight per what ‘they say’ say same thing.

At about 30 lbs higher then recommended in this chart, yet my people in my life called me out of whack.,too thin and a big head on top. WTH? I dont get it and know I wont ever

crazy times we live in now truly

(KCKO, KCFO) #25

Thanks for mentioning this, I will have to try it too. Got some spots I wouldl love to see fading away.

(Robin) #26

Yes! Great news!
Collagen: pretty sure it is unicorn powder.
The magic is real.


Definitely magical!

I was sat talking to my housemate last night, and I mentioned that the cow powder was having results to which he replied, “Yes, I can tell”.

I’m like, wait… you can? For real? How?

He told me that my face looked much smoother, especially around my forehead.

Now, if a man actually notices a difference like that, you can bet your ass the change is real xD Amazing :rofl:


That’s me sold! :wink:
Can it be used to thicken stuff up like soup please?


Once it’s dissolved, it’s very liquid. You’d probably need to use a ton of it for any thickening effect so far as I can tell.


Thanks, I’ll settle for it thickening my forehead! :joy:



(Central Florida Bob ) #32

Got time for an old dude question? Could someone tell me what the difference is between that and this?

(Robin) #33

I have used both. No difference that I could detect.

(Central Florida Bob ) #34

Thank you, Robin! I used that for a few months a couple of years ago, hoping to see a difference in my fingernail growth but never did. I was wondering if there was some massive difference between them, that I couldn’t see looking at the product pages.

(KCKO, KCFO) #35

What brand do you use, since you got results quickly, I’d love to try some.


Vital Proteins. There’s a pic further up the thread : )


Hi, I’m looking at the Vital product now, it says 20g per serving and the label says net weight 284g, so each jar is roughly 14 days supply. Is this right please? If so I’m wondering if there is a subscription facility and/or a larger container.


They do a 567g, which is what I bought and you can get that on a sub too:


Thank you! I’m reading about it. I use a collagen serum which feels lovely on my face but it’s hard to get hold of.


I’d be willing to bet that after a while, you could cut down to a single scoop and still get benefits. I’ll stick with 20g for the first couple of months I think, then give that a try : )

Outside of this, my skincare routine has always been a bit crap xD For now, (before bed) I just do a gentle face massage using some coconut oil and a silicon… thing… uhhh, I’ll take a photo ; )

Then I wash with some Simple brand face wash, apply some hyaluronic acid to my damp skin, and finish with an Olay skin cream.

Have been browsing for some nice moisturisers and toners ad have a few on my Amazon list that I’ll be giving a try after pay day this month : )