Happy observations


For clarity, I’ve never been obese and whilst I definitely started down this road with some weight loss in mind, it was largely just to be healthier in general.

I became a rather sad couch potato over the last 2-3 years. When I started out 2 months or so ago, I was undoubtedly in the worst shape of my life; far heavier than I’ve ever been, flabby, shapeless, tired, stressed… the list goes on. I was getting winded just getting dressed or taking a shower and as much as that shocked me, it also fed into the old loop of self loathing and it took a bit for me to finally say not only “I need to change”, but “I can change”.

To date, I’ve lost around 4.5 inches off my waistline. I don’t weigh still, so can’t comment on that side of things!

But the biggest change I’ve noticed is in my actual body shape. My muscle definition now is just… wow. I didn’t know this was possible for me xD Even when I was fitter than in my couch potato stage and was working out at least some, active every day, I didn’t look like this. I have curves! Healthy, firm, curves :smile:

I might even get my legs out in public one of these days :rofl:

And yes, there’s the improved mood and energy levels. There’s a distinct lack of multiple chins, and I’m pretty sure I look younger already… certainly feel it.

The only thing that won’t eff off is the mahoosive suitcases under my eyes, which is a bit odd considering how well rested I feel but eh, win some lose some I guess!

All in all, a very happy bunny :smile:

(Robin) #2

Girl, food for you! A waist! An actual shape! Yeah, that one was a shocker. Isn’t it grand?

BTW, do you take collagen peptide powder? I began about a year or so ago. My age spots (including a large dark spot on my face I’ve had for years) have disappeared. My hair (the not yet gray part) is much darker and coarse and thicker, my nails are strong and grow like crazy. My toenails even went form grotesque old lady toenails to cute enough to show off and paint pink.
As the saying goes…. Never have I ever……


Ooooooo… That sounds good. I do not.

I do also have some dark spots on my face that I’m not massively keen on, and my hair’s a bit straw-like and wispy xD

I think I’ll look into that : )


Would that be something like this?

(Robin) #5

That’s exactly what I get. Put it in my morning coffee or tea. No taste.


OK, I’m sold! I shall give it a whirl : )

(Robin) #7

Oh… also lessened the wrinkles on my face. I told my 40 ye old daughter to start NOW. Be proactive.
It takes while to see the results and it’s gradual … a few months I think. Just keep it up and one day you’ll look in the mirror and REALLY see the difference.

(Rebecca ) #8

Great to hear! I’m so happy for you! The positive changes are a gift, aren’t they?

(Rebecca ) #9

Robin, thanks for the collagen reminder! I have it in the cupboard, but never remember to get it out in the morning!!


Nothing short of bloody miraculous in my eyes xD To think I’d get turned around like this in such a relatively short space of time o_O This is me for life, I know it.

(Bob M) #11

I like that brand, as it is relatively non-sweet. My wife gets another brand that’s too sweet for me.

Costco has the Vital Proteins brand, and that’s where I get it.


Heh… waist measurement was outdated… I’m down to 36" now from a starting measure of 42" o_O

(Marianne) #13

Awesome post! Love to hear this from folks! This way of eating has been a miracle to me.

As for the bags under your eyes, I’ve found mine have diminished, however, they aren’t gone completely. It’s taken a while. I do feel that they will keep getting better and better. Hope you will notice a difference there, too.

(KCKO, KCFO) #14

Fantastic results. Great that your waist is your guide post and not a number on a scale.


I knew that weighing would be bad news.

For a start, BMI is a load of old crud. I’m 6’2" and definitely inherited my Dad’s frame, which can very literally be described as ‘big boned’. My hips are super wide and I have chonky knees xD If I were to drop to what was considered a healthy weight going by BMI alone, I would look like a walking skeleton and it ain’t pretty.

That aside, I’ve the kind of mind that would start fretting over every gain or stall in weight even though I know these things are normal, and that my gains may not even be fat. Far better for me to just look at myself, see how my clothes fit, and say “yep, doin’ good girl!” :wink:


I looked in the mirror this morning and actually thought to myself “Wow, you look good”. This is not a small thing!

Should I have a day where my brain decides it hates me again (I know this will happen) then I need to refer back to this and remind myself that unless I’ve fallen entirely off the wagon in the meantime (/doubt) then I can’t possibly look worse and I should trust the judgement of past me ; )

(Robin) #17

For sure. We need to send a note to our future judgmental selves that just says, Oh, stop it!”

(Megan) #18

Hey El, I’m 6’3" and I’d be a walking skeleton if I went by the BMI too. Love this thread! So you’ve noticed a benefit from the collagen powder?


Just silly, isn’t it? ; )

It doesn’t help that it’s a bit like somebody stuck together a top half and bottom half from two different people to make me. I’ve always been at least a size smaller from the waist up than from the waist down xD

It’s probably a bit too early to have any really visible results from the collagen powder I’d have thought, but I’ll keep on keeping on and we’ll see what happens : )

(Robin) #20

Stick with the collagen powder. It takes a while…. But so worth it.