Happy observations


Random thought for the day… I never imagined I’d be able to eat so much cheese, and still lose weight xD

(May the blessing of bacon be always with you) #62

I know, right? I was never able to cut calories to lose weight (mostly a mental block), but the weight dropped on keto with no effort, and no hunger. And it’s stayed off, which is even more surprising.


Was just packing my shopping away, looking at the fridge crammed full of fatty cuts of meat, every cheese known to mankind (and then a few), sour cream, creme fraiche… And it’s like, huh… all this time, I just needed to quit the bread and taters :rofl:


Lucky you, I need to avoid this all (well fine I don’t exactly do that but I try) or else I would overeat fat like CRAZY, it’s bad as it is… Though lately it’s not necessarily fat, I need super high protein, apparently. We have our phases I guess, I definitely do.
Key is to find what satiates us (if the problem is that we overeat due to hunger as I typically do in the presence of more than minimal carbs). Less carbs definitely help many of us, not everyone but many. But lowering carbs do various good things to me so even if my fat and protein just can’t stay low enough, it’s still better :wink:

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Yea, who knew? I wasted so many years (yoyoing like crazy) eating low fat cheese.

To think I just had to eat the real cheeses without breads and pastas. Voila, right where the charts tell me I should be and only occasionally gaining a few lbs. that easily fall away when I get strict again.


I pretty much denied the existence of low-fat dairy all my life but CHEESE is totally impossible without much fat. I just can’t imagine the thing, it makes no sense to me :smiley: Well, it’s a protein source so I can see its role… I appreciate leaner protein sources as I need to depend on them as much as possible… But they must be tasty :slight_smile:


I keep fat-fingering my numbers when I enter them into Cronometer, or forgetting to change measurements so I’m entering tbsp versus grams or whatever… then totally freaking out as to where the calories or nutrients are coming from all of a sudden xD


It happened to me a few times too :smiley:
Oh you track your collagen peptides? I ignore it, it is negligible, waaaaaaaay less than the accuracy of my tracking. I don’t take much anyway and no way I will weigh even that stuff. Though I glued back to the little legs of my stupid kitchen scale just before, it was quite erratic lately… Still, tracking is such a chore, I’ve been doing it since AGES… But I am curious and it’s easy when my woe is simple… (Or not, my roasts are a bit complicated sometimes. But fatty meat is impossible to track anyway…)

I realized I totally can add my collagen peptides in my “snack” row and I will have that there every day… Wow, I get protein with it, okay I knew it has protein but somehow I didn’t process that I can eat less food to get my minimal protein… That’s good, my protein tends to bring too much fat quite often.
Yay and thanks to bring my attention to this! :slight_smile:


I’ve decided that this WOE is definitely some kind of witchcraft… it’s the only explanation xD

My body recomp is fascinating me. I have my teenage tits back (largely non-existent :rofl:), the muscles in my legs look awesome even though I’ve had to back off the exercise for a bit whilst there are still uncertainties with my heart. Arms and waist are super slim and just a little ‘pillow’ of a belly hanging in there.

It’s pretty mad : )

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Isn’t it crazy?! I never had a waist before… even in my youth.