Hair loss on keto


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Good morning everyone!

So for the last couple weeks or so I’ve noticed more strands of hair around the house than normal…I thought the dreaded hair loss element of keto had escaped me, but I’m starting to worry now that it hasn’t. Upon further research I’ve come to understand that this phenomenon can actually occur 3-6 months into this way of eating which sounds about right for me.
I love my hair and although I’m a bit bothered by it (actually I’m more than bothered, I’m freaking out inside :joy:) I’m going to tough it out and see where I go.
I have a hair appt booked on Monday to get my roots done and I’m wondering now if I should get my hair dyed or wait until this phase has passed.
I’m hoping there’s others on here who went through something similar. Did you get your hair dyed whilst losing hair on keto? Did you have any ill-effects from this?

Thanks in advance :blush:

I’m at a hair loss
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Major changes in diet can be shocking to our bodies and hair loss can result from this. Realize that it’s usually a temporary thing and new follicles are growing to replace the losses.

My hair thinned out a bit but around the fourth or fifth month it seemed to be growing thicker than before I started keto. @daddyoh said that his hair was not only growing back, but it was doing so with MORE natural color than he was used to.

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I’ll sit tight and hope it passes soon.
During my research I read that the lady on the gnom gnom site had hair loss, and that a bad hair dye job caused her to lose more hair!
I’d hate that to happen I love my mane of hair :laughing:

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I am in same place. I cut my beautiful long hair last week because they were everywhere in the house. My husband got scared one day after I got out of shower. He was like what happened to you. I am just waiting to pass this phase. I started taking biotin and use biotin plus collagen shampoo. No change yet but finger crossed.


I had to cut my long hair short, as well…
It looked very scary for a while, I think even my labrador was wondering if we got a new dog :wink:

I am seeing a lot of new growth, but it’s going to take even longer to see in actual volume.
It takes time for our bodies to figure out we’re not trying to kill them :wink:

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Sending hugs your way!
I’ve read that collagen powder is a good one to take…I bought some ages ago but I keep forgetting to take it every day! :speak_no_evil: hope your beautiful hair grows back asap!

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Haha I love this! :joy:
Speed to hear this @Meerkatsandy and I hope all returns back to normal for you soon!


I haven’t noticed more hair loss than usual but my nails seem to be more brittle.


Thanks :slight_smile:

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Hmm I’ve not noticed my nails suffering.
In the early days I did notice a massive difference in the volume of my eye lashes.


Hair loss is normal and should start growing back within a few months in. In the mean time be sure not to under-eat and get enough protein.

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That was meant to say ‘sorry to hear that’ Not ‘speed to hear that’ bloody spell check! :laughing:

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I’ve been loving more protein lately…I’m definitely not scared of going over my protein macro so fingers crossed that helps a bit! :blush:


I understood, autocorrect always gets us :joy:

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Ive been contemplating the same thing. My conclusion is I’m going to wait till the growth cycle begins again. I have no blonde in my hair currently, and that’s intentional but not preferred. Usually like 80% of my hair is platinum (bleached), and the rest is a natural dark brown with auburny tones.

I’ve let all the blonde grow out completely in order to heal my hair, and now I’m the loss cycle. I’m going to hold off altogether until I feel it growing thicker again. I don’t need any more falling out.

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How long have you been going through the loss cycle?
I had a shower this morning omg it was horrible…I was dreading doing it because that’s when I notice hairs coming out strands at a time.


My hairfall was at its worst during the fall and beginning of winter. It slowed down around end of January and now i’ve started looking puffy :wink:
I hope you can see it in the photo…

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So quite a while then?! Oh wow I’m so glad you’re through the worst of it…This gives me comfort! :laughing:
I think it’s been going on for longer than I realise, hopefully it’s not for too long. I’m gonna make a point of taking my collagen powder every day. I can only but try eh?!


Yup, it takes a while :frowning: but I hope we’ll have lots and lots of hair soon, just like others have noticed :slight_smile:

Before and after :wink: it just had to go, my hair was so thin :frowning:

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Bless ya! :kissing_heart: you’re much braver than me! You still look fab though and that’s the main thing :slight_smile: