New to the group...Losing hair

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I’m new to the group and have been doing IF daily for a good 6 months. Three months ago I did my first 10 day water fast and then a 5 day one and a few three and four day. I always get good refeed time in but lately I’m noticing lots of hair loss in the shower and my brush. any advice on what im missing to help this. When im not EF im taking collagen but thinking should I be maybe doing a bone broth fast now… Freaking me out, im getting married in Sept and need my hair lol


It’s very common to lose hair when you make dramatic dietary changes. If you use the search function you’ll find a lot of threads on the issue. It does get better :slightly_smiling_face:

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Ketosis has probably triggered a new hair growth cycle en masse. This happens to some people and is not permanent but takes time for them to grow out unfortunately. Some have cut their hair shorter so it’s a more even thickness after a bit if you thin out a lot and have long hair. Sorry about the stress concerning your upcoming wedding, I wish I had something better to tell you.:cowboy_hat_face:


Here’s an informative piece from Amy Berger on this subject:


Welcome to the forum :slight_smile: There are a lot of us struggling/have struggled with hair loss - I’m still waiting for mine to grow back. You can read one of our previous discussions here:

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Hi @sccarnation

Please do read the link that @Meerkatsandy has kindly provided - it’s my thread regarding hair loss.

We’ve both been through it, and are coming out the other end of it now - it does get better we promise!
Honestly the best advice I can give is do not skimp on calories or protein. I now eat three meals a day (no fasting at all) and all three meals consist of a decent amount of protein…do not fear the protein!!!
It’s good you’re taking collagen, as mentioned in the hair loss thread, MSM powder has been massively helpful for me too :slight_smile:

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I experienced this myself, too, and it is very alarming. Just read about it today, in fact, on In a nutshell, it explained that hair loss can happen whenever your body goes through a major change (eating plan, weight loss, stress, etc.). It did say that most often it is only temporary and not permanent hair loss.

How long have you been on keto? Do you feel like you are fat adapted?


I have been on keto since May 2018, my hair started falling out about 6 months later and it was pretty scary. It takes a long time for it to grow back, so give your body time to recover. In the meantime, try Clare’s advice: don’t fear protein, you may supplement with b-complex or other hair/nail formulas, MSM, collagen, etc., see what works for you and KCKO. :slight_smile:


My hair loss started about 3 months into Keto. Pretty sure it was worse because my Mom became ill and passed away during the same period. Your wedding may be enough stress to make yours worse as well. I lost about 1/2 my hair. 16 months later it has finally started to recover, somewhat. It may never get back to the original thickness, but it looks healthy and shiny so I’m counting it as a win. I have no regrets. Don’t let this scare you away.