Hair loss on keto



Thank you for your kind words :slight_smile:

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I feel you. I have had major hair loss a few times in my life and it is horrible, especially not knowing when it will stop. I have been in the throws of hair loss this time around since probably November, so it’s not from keto. I understand it can happen from time to time. I had my thyroid checked and it was very seriously low, so I have been on levothyroxide for several months. Thank goodness I had very, very thick hair to begin with because otherwise, I’d be in trouble. I keep waiting and hoping this will stop soon. I am much older than you, so I don’t know if it is age with me. Good luck; I hope you notice your hair loss stops soon.

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I hope so much that this is true for me. I just want my old hair back. :cry:

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Its so weird because it started the day I got in a car accident on 4/9. It was a lot, I was scared at that rate I was gonna be bald by the end of the week. Sucks too, because I have hypothyroidism and that makes your hair thin to begin with. It had finally started growing in thick and full. I was making bone broths, taking biotin, and using collagen and biotin shampoo. Worked well.

F’ing Keto side effects. Hair has stopped coming out as much as it was, so hoping its out of my system and regrowth will happen.

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I think a traumatic experience like your’s can be a shock to the system. Glad it’s coming back. So, you think bone broth helped? Not my favorite thing, but it’s better if I put salt in it. I’d start drinking it, though, if it was going to help my hair come in.

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Yes, it totally did for me. My hair was thicker than it had been in a while. Bone broth does suck, but it really did seem to help, along with.drinking Sole water.

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Right back at ya. Luckily I have a lot of hair too so I’m hoping the damage will be minimal.
I’m wondering if it’s not worth me having my thyroid checked. Can’t hurt to find out?

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This right here!!! :raised_hands:

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Hmmm see this is also something I’ve been wondering…for the longest time I’ve been taking half a teaspoon of Himalayan salt in the morning, another in the afternoon and one before bed. I felt I needed quite a bit of sodium, but the past couple of weeks I’ve found I’ve not needed anywhere near as much. I’ve just not even thought about it! Even today I’ve been buzzing around the house clearing up after a sicky toddler and not once have I stopped to have any salt! Even though I don’t ‘feel’ like I need it, I’m wondering if there’s a connection here.

(Marianne) #30

I’ll give it a shot. This hair loss is really getting to me.

(Marianne) #31

I’d encourage you to have it checked. It’s a simple blood test, and at least you’d know. Plus, underactive (hypo) thyroid is pretty common. It’s an inexpensive prescription that takes care of it.

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A way to make hair grow even better than before you went on a Ketogenic diet and help avoid this shedding problem when transitioning into keto:

  1. Bone broth (gelatin and collagen; eat on empty stomach; nothing to eat 4 hours before or 4 hours after)

  2. Organic Sulfur MSM (white powder usually comes in a clear plastic bag just add to drinking water)

  3. Organic Vitamin C (from eating chili peppers)

The Vitamin C is going to bind the collagen to the keratin along with the organic sulfur MSM (prevents the hair from falling out).

The kind of Vitamin C you get from pills is not the same-thing as you get from peppers, there are other biological things in that pepper that help you absorb the vitamin C, and the particulates are smaller.

Gelatin also makes your nails (super strong as well as hair) and skin thicker (gets thinner as you age) and more resistant to tearing or bruising.


[1] How Can MSM Help Your Hair? “…MSM can improve your hair health in two ways. The first of which is by boosting the production of collagen throughout your body. MSM supplementation helps your body produce more keratin. Keratin, similar to collagen, is a type of protein that provides the building blocks for the structure of your hair and nails. …” …More

[2] Want longer thicker natural eye lashes without wearing fakes? Interesting Benefits of Castor Oil (a great compliment to above tip)

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Thank you for this @atomicspacebunny :kissing_heart:
I’m not good with chilli peppers, but bone broth and MSM I can do!
I’ve been debating getting some good quality gelatin for a while now :thinking: I’ve seen it whizzed up in coffee!

(Bunny) #34

Or peppers in general, does not have to be chili…lol

I am biased, I love chili…lol

Not all peppers, are burning hot!


Well NOW you tell me! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Hey, I hope everyone here appreciates the irony of a bald guy giving “likes” to all the comments on this thread.

Just want you to know I’m sympathetic, and you’ve got my support. :wink:

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I can do green peppers, no problem, but not chilis. How many peppers are we talking?

(traci simpson) #37

Age could be a factor. It is for me! Seems to be hormonal and nothing to do with Keto.

(Bunny) #38

From what I’ve seen age is not a factor (young or older) and happens to some women but not all.

Probably variables with thyroid?

(traci simpson) #40

It depends on the person I guess. For me, my thyroid is perfect. A lot of the women that I hear talk, and have thinning or hair loss, it is due to menopausal or pre-menopausal issues.

(Bunny) #41

I always hear young women even in their teens complaining about how their nails are peeling like onions and can’t grow them; perhaps bad estrogens (xenoestrogens; DIM support)?

I think the biggest factor in this is nutritional deficiencies, no gelatin in the diet without sugar and no bone broth, and the depletion of the organic type sulfur in the agricultural soils to name a few. Soil being replaced by chemical fertilizers?

Dimethyl Sulfone (MSM): Top 5 Benefits & Uses

Note: supplementing with man made mineral pills do not mean your absorbing it, the only way to absorb it is through animal organ meats especially the bones of animals or vegetables and some fruits but chemical fertilizers and ground soil depletion kind of destroys that aspect? Man made mineral supplements (pills) are like trying to stuff the Empire State Building (in micron particulates) into your cells compared to a golf ball (organic what you get from Mother Nature)!