I’m at a hair loss

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I have a lot of hair, very coarse and full. (Thanks, dad.) So, I’m used to seeing my hair everywhere… we all shed. But these days, I’m seeing what I would call hair loss. I think I remember this from my Atkins days. I take all the usual supplements, plus collagen. It’s surely not lack of protein, meat is my mainstay . My carbs are always under 20. My macros are good. I get plenty of fat… I’m stumped. Been keto since June. Down 43 lbs. That’s slowed down to a reasonable pace as I am close to goal weight. Feel great, blah blah. Remedies, anyone?

Hair Loss on Keto, please help
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This is a thread that I remembered had a lot on this before; there are other threads on here too with suggestions that might help if you do a search on the search bar. You are definitely not the only person that has had issues with this! I hope that you can find some helpful information from one of the posts.

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Found one article on it:

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Thanks. I used my phone to post, and it doesn’t always show the topic is not new. Back on my iPad, I see all the threads about this. Thanks.

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Excellent. I will now CHILL OUT. I don’t know how guys deal with losing their hair.


I dealt with hair loss by taking an iron supplement. I read that low iron could lead to hair loss so I checked cronometer app and noticed my diet was very low in iron. However, it is dangerous to have too much iron so it is best to check your actual levels before trying a supplement. My hair is on the way back in. It looks kind of crazy since it is just now growing back all at once. Sort of like I had hair extensions that I never replaced.

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Well, I never lost hair (that I know of, anyway). So, I never had to look into it.

As for iron, I just gave enough blood for 4 gallons of blood, and that’s only since the Red Cross has been keeping track. I’m sure I’m way above that. Last year, I gave blood 5 times (can only give 6), and was in line for the 6th one, but that was just after the pandemic hit, and everyone was at home. They decided to give blood. The line was huge, so I gave up.

Each time I get my iron tested to give blood, it’s always relatively high. And that’s WITH giving 1 pint of blood (plus multiple vials – 6?) every two months.

That may be why I never lost hair.

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Comb-overs and cheap toupées, mostly.

And as an absolute last resort, accepting going bald (sob). :cry:

P.S.—Tom Hanks did a movie with Jackie Gleason as his father (that tells you how long ago this was), and the runnnig gag was that Hanks’s boss, Hector Elizondo, kept trying out all these different toupés to hide his baldness (because, of course, no one can ever tell). And the joke is, of course, that Elizondo looks better with a naked head than most men with a full head of hair. (Just sayin’)

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Robin, it seems to me there are a lot of things that aren’t “fair.” Yet we’re all different, and we’ll all fall on either side of some magic line drawn somewhere. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m not even saying that it’s “unfair” that more men go bald; it’s just the way it is. I do think it’s unfair how female appearance is emphasized more than for males, in many cultures. Men become “distinguished looking” when they get older…

Although in France individual quirks seem to be more tolerated, even taken pride in. And off we go around the world, Maori Ta-moko tattoos, the value of ‘porcelain skin’ in east Asia, Indian beauty ideals becoming westernized… In the end, I think most people could do worse than talk to an older woman.

The dreaded comb-over. Good grief… :smile:

My dad went bald early - he told me he had “chunks of hair falling out” when he was in high school, so 14 - 18 years old. It was later for me, through my 20s it was getting thinner, and by the time I was 28 or 29 I realized that it really didn’t matter. “**** it,” I said…

Back when I was really fat fat, I used to say, “Well, I may be bald, but at least I’m fat and I wear glasses…”

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My Dad had thinning hair, was basically bald in his 80s, but my grandfather on my mom’s side did not. Nice thick hair. Read an article some time ago that it’s that grandfather that typically controls hair loss. On the other hand, I have very fine, straight hair like my dad.

By the way, these two are both indicators of why it’s hard to believe anything about age. They both smoked for years (decades), and both had what I would call poor diets – they were both T2 diabetics toward the end of their lives. My father loved, and refused to give up, pasta. My grandfather was also an alcoholic for decades.

Both lived into their mid- to late-80s.

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That Frenchwoman who lived to 132 used to attribute her longevity to drinking wine and smoking cigarettes . . . :grin:

It is supposedly our maternal grandfather whose hair is our destiny. Mine had classic male-pattern baldness from his forties, and so did all his sons, so I fully expected to go bald a couple of decades ago. But I still have most of my hair, so I don’t know what to make of that grandfather thing.

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LOL… you had me at talking to older women. We are pretty fabulous.

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Thanks, a nice dose of “who really knows anything?” Personally, if I ever I get a “fatal” diagnosis with a short timeline, I’m gonna live on Lays Original Potato Chips, good scotch, and cigarettes. I’ll go out fat, greasy, drunk, and stinky. But hey… I’m riding the keto train till then.

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It’s not bald…" it’s a solar panel for a sex machine!!


We don’t, we flip the ■■■■ out and run in circles screaming like babies.

If you’re not tracking your intake try cronometer for a couple days and take a look at your micronutrients, it’s typically that were you wind up going low on something. Also, the RDA of biotin (like most things) is BS. Take a lot.

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I don’t take Biotin or a B complex or B3. Which would take and how much?


The one I use is 10,000mcg. Most Biotin supps are like 1000mcg but in hair loss circles it’s usually 5000-10000. It does seem to help and when I clip my nails if one hit you it could kill you. But Iron, Vit C, and Vit D can also play a role. That’s why I track everything. Sometimes I’m way over on stuff, sometimes way under. As long as you’re in the green 80% of the time you’re typically good.


My SO has thinner hair at the places where his younger brother is completely bald since ages (he started to lose hair before 20 I think) so there must be some wriggle room… We aren’t happy with his thinning hair as he looks way better with hair and he is vain a bit but what can we do? One can inherit way worse things.

My anchestors were fine, even the males didn’t go bald, Mom said. And the family was/is way healthier than average. Not like that’s a high bar.

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Thanks! I’m on it!

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Isn’t it interesting that supplement company’s list a RDA that is incredibly low? I suppose they are held to a regulatory standard. But they could sure sell more product if they gave a wide range of doses up to the maximum.