Gummy candies

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Great for a carb free candy type sweet. I use one package sugar free jello gelatin(this is strawberry) and two packages Knox unflavored gelatin. Stir into 1.5 cups (12 oz) of boiling water until dissolved. Chill till firm, cut into bite size pieces.

Gummy Bears
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(Chelsea) #3

Do you have a favorite flavor orbrand of sf jello??

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Jello brand works great, but I bet the store brand (generic) would be just as good. I love strawberry, but sometimes make cherry or orange.
I am going to the craft shop to buy more silicone molds. They’d be GREAT for this!

(jennifersmatthews) #5

I have been trying to get mine to be gummy but they just taste like jello. I have used up to 4 gelatin packets. I must be doing something wrong?!?

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Not sure I understand. Do they get firm? I have heard of other ketoers adding fruit extracts and citric acid for a stronger flavor. Maybe that is what you need?

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Dang brenda, ur recipes are always so tasty and easy to make! I, now, prepare quite a few of ur recipes! Not sure why I bought a couple keto cookbooks! Thank you!

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Why thank you @softail925
Now, can we talk motorcycles? With a name like that I figure we could. Lol

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I’ll start.

This ain’t no steenkin’ crotch rocket.
It’s a Kawasaki KLR650 Dualsport .

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Sure lol Ive been riding for 20 years…this is my 3rd. Been all over the country! Have never ridden a crotch rocket, but have wanted to…stuck w/ harley cruisers! How about you? (Btw, most ppl usually chuckle when they see my username - hell my tail aint soft! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

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Well trying to figure out how to put a pic in here from my ipad Be back in a few lol

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Ha! Found it - upload! Geez, still learning the ropes in this forum!

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No motor though.

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Very nice. You didn’t think mine was a crotch rocket, did you??!!?


Nice! Sadly I sold my Suzuki SV650 (standard “naked” bike; SVS650 is same bike with fairings and clip on handlebars) almost 2 years ago. Still have my MX-5 (miata) though. :slight_smile:

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They seem gummy at first but the next day, they are really just jello. It’s not the end of the world, I’ll keep trying. Just thought I’d ask the master!!!

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I knew it was a Kaw, but didnt know what kind. And nope, I
knew it wasnt a crotch rocket. Sheeeeesh lol

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Ok. Good. Lol

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Are you using Knox brand unflavored gelatin and keeping them refrigerated?

(Jenn W) #21

I think she’s going more for the actual gummy bear consistency.
I’ve not come across a recipe that fits the bill. You can increase the gelatin amount and reduce the liquid for a thicker set. After you need to roll them in powder sugar sub. I don’t have my recipe anymore but I just found a ton on Pinterest. Good luck!