Greek Yogurt... do or don't?

(Allie) #41

Everything I’ve read since I started making my own yoghurts says that you cannot make it with cream as the cream doesn’t contain the lactose needed for the fermentation process.

(Laurie) #42

No, sour cream is made with a different bacterial culture. Also, most store bought (industrial) sour cream is re-pasteurized after culturing–whereas homemade yogurt and some industrial yogurt (labeled “live culture” or “active culture”) still have active bacteria, which is supposed to be desirable for gut health.

@Shortstuff, all I know is that I tried it and it worked.

(Bacon is the new bacon) #43

Sonyfield makes a double cream yoghurt, but try and find it in the shops. I only know about it because my local supermarket got a container of it by mistake!

(There may be hope, however—they must have a new manager, because they’ve started carrying pork rinds again, after a two-year lapse, yay!)


Paul, have you ever asked them for it or to see if they could acquire it? I only ask, because a lot of times when we don’t see something we’re looking for, we will simply ask them and they will usually try to see about getting some in and even carrying it regularly. - At least we’ve had good success so far for most.

(Bacon is the new bacon) #45

I did ask, but to no avail. Yet these are products that other branches of the same chain do stock. Unfortunately, these other branches are too far away for regular shopping. But the restored presence of the pork rinds is a good sign—perhaps things are changing. I miss the supermarket I used to shop at in New York—they had everything I wanted. The irony is that that chain bought the one where we shop at now, but the customer service ethos hasn’t percolated down from the parent company.

(Heather Meyer) #46

I made it from heavy cream as well

(Allie) #47

I might have to try mixing more cream into the full fat milk I use to make yoghurt… that’s what I was thinking of doing but reading online put me off as it said cream can’t be used.

(Heather Meyer) #48

im trying to remember… i believe i did 1 litre of heavy cream to 1 litre of coffee cream? i think… its been soo long i dont know anymore… i just know its possible.

(Allie) #49

Last night when I went to bed I left the yoghurt making running with a batch of Bulgarian made with a mix of 1ltr full fat milk and 500ml heavy cream. We shall see what’s happened to it. Not today though, fasting day.


I buy a really good yoghurt from Tasmania with no added sugar and I add salt and a great EV olive oil with sometimes some walnut oil added to it as well. I can’t eat any more than a small bowl… but I love it.
There are massive out-of-control fires down near the area where it is made I believe so am hoping the cows and the dairy factory are intact.

(Shane) #51

This is the last thing I ate almost 50 hours ago. Just whole milk, cream and bugs. And I’m even happier about eating it if I only have to count half the carbs.

(traci simpson) #52

Found this yogurt.


  • 17g of protein
  • lightbulb icon 1g of sugar
  • lightbulb icon 2g of carbs
  • lightbulb icon Just milk and cultures
  • lightbulb icon No sugar added
  • lightbulb icon Made with ultra-filtered milk
  • lightbulb icon 99% lactose free
  • lightbulb icon Gluten free
  • lightbulb icon 2% milkfat
  • lightbulb icon No artificial preservatives, no artificial flavors and no added color

(Jacqueline Porter) #53

I really missed yogurt when I started Keto and got confused about the science of bacteria eating half (!) the carbs!
Now I mix a tablespoon of a good live yogurt (I like Yeo Valley) with 3 tablespoons of soured cream! How could it have ever been otherwise!
Absolutely delicious :yum:

(Bacon is the new bacon) #54

(A) How big is the serving size?
(B) Any particular reason for not getting whole milk Greek yoghurt?

ETA: I like Cabot Dairy’s Greek yoghurt—lots of fat and very thick, with a nice, not-too-acid, tangy taste.

(Allie) #55

Full fat would be better. It’s so easy to make your own good quality yogurt, I make Bulgarian with full fat organic milk and add extra cream to it :heart_eyes:

(traci simpson) #56

Servicing size is the container (s) larger is 26 oz. Just looking for a different kind.

(traci simpson) #57

It’s 12g carbs!

(Allie) #58

I never worry about the carb content of yogurts as long as they’re unsweetened. The sugar is mostly eaten up during fermentation so the carb count on the label is what was measured before it was turned into yogurt.

(George) #59

Reading through this thread has my craving for frozen yogurt (Menchies, Yogurtland, Pinkberry, etc.) going through the roof!!!

…And I’m in only 1/3 of the way through a 72 hour fast :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

(squirrel-kissing paper tamer) #60

I’m going to keep telling myself that as I shovel my 5% Fage into my mouth. Allie said it was okay! :grin: