Greek Yogurt... do or don't?

(Omar) #21

I make it at home

I use local goat milk and make yoghurt out of it. but you can use processed full fat milk if you do not have access to fresh milk. I buy processed milk when my goats do not cooperate with me.

It is very healthy and keto friendly if you leave it to ferment longer.

(Heather Meyer) #22

I used to make yogurt with heavy cream…however i never understood what net carb count i would get per cup serving

(Heather Meyer) #23

holy moly! thats insane!

(Heather Meyer) #24

excellent! good to know!

(Karyn) #25

I was thinking of making some heavy cream yogurt this weekend… did you have to add anything to aid fermentation, or is there enough lactose already in HWC?

(Heather Meyer) #26

So i use straight heavy cream and buy a small container of greek plain yogurt and use 4 tbsp to 1 litre cream… there are recipes online… i make mine in the oven cause i dont have a fancy instapot.

(Brian) #27

Exactly the same here only I suspect I don’t always eat a full cup of it.

7g of carbs might be more of an issue for some people. For me, it’s not really an issue at all. That yogurt will probably be the largest part of my breakfast meal if that’s what I’m eating. And along with that 7g of carbs, I get 20g of protein! I like that and it fits into my overall eating quite nicely.

I don’t eat it every day. But I don’t feel guilty eating it when I want some, not in the slightest. And it doesn’t seem to have any ill effects.

FWIW, I like mine with a little peanut butter on it. If I happen to have a little sugar-free strawberry or blueberry syrup on hand, that tops it nicely, too, almost a “PB&J Greek Yogurt” thing. But that’s just me. :slight_smile:

(Bob M) #28

I find I pretty much always overeat with yogurt. It’s like fat bombs, they’re just extra calories to me. I have been eating some lately, though, as I’ve had a cold and kept eating long after I should’ve stopped. I haven’t had a cold in a while, but they tend to make me eat more.

As stated above, I find anywhere between 1-3 good, full fat yogurts in a typical American store. Sometimes zero. But if I wanted fat-free and filled with sugar, they have a lot of those.

(Heather Meyer) #29

So mine that i found is 10% greek full fat yogurt and it says 12 carbs per 3/4 cup…so what would i actually calculate as 1 cup? How many net carbs should i count it as?

(Empress of the Unexpected) #30

I would say 16, but I am no math whiz.


When I have about 4 oz of yogurt I count it as 5 grams net carbs, despite what the label says.

BUT - it must be the sour style yogurt, you know the proper stuff.

If it isn’t sour they may have added some hidden sugars. Then I would pay attention to the label’s carbs. If they put hidden sugar in baby formula they will put it anywhere.

(Bob M) #32

You found 10% fat yogurt? The most I’ve seen is 5% milk fat.

I made this a bunch of times:

If there was a benefit to eating this, I couldn’t find it. He says it reduces hunger, but there were times I ate two bowls of it, and ate more after that. It acted just like regular yogurt to me – I always overate.

(Heather Meyer) #33

Thats not even the highest…if you want flavoured we have 12% too

(Brian) #34

I’ve never seen anything higher than 5% either. Fage is what I normally get, Greek, unflavored. That was what I was referring to as having 7g of carbs per cup.

Really not sure how 3/4 cup has 12g of carbs unless they added some of the whey back in instead of draining it all away. Greek yogurt typically has most of the whey drained off and quite a lot of the carbs along with it. Either that or they’ve added something else, but that should show up on the label. I’m not sure they’d really have to add anything to the ingredient list if they simply didn’t drain off all of the whey. (?)

(Garry (Canada)) #35

When I don’t make my own, I buy this one.

Whatever the carbs say on the label, cut it in half for your macros. --The label is the total in the ingredients before culturing.

(Heather Meyer) #36

we dont have that specific one in Librte inless you want flavoured… i use 10% Olympia Plain Greek Yogurt… 12 net for 3/4 cup on back

(Heather Meyer) #37

Oh its strained… its definitly thicker than anything ive seen…its so thick in fact… that you could almost wonder if it were cheese.
The only ingridents are
Whole Milk
Skim Milk Powder

(Kiranjeet Bhabra) #38

Yogurt mix with tandoori rub and dash of lemon juice…the chicken wil be tender and succulent

(Full Metal Keto) #39

How is “yoghurt” made from heavy cream yoghurt? Isn’t it sour cream?

(Full Metal Keto) #40

Any meat will be tenderized by yoghurt, it’s acidic. Lamb in middle eastern cuisine is often marinated with yoghurt, also kebabs.