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Hello there. :slight_smile:

I just came across this forum a little while ago and have been browsing through it, just figured I’d introduce myself as I will be pretty much glued to reading through all the fantastic information here!

I am a 31 year old Australian girl who has just started the Keto diet as of the 25th of November this year, though I have started eating healthy and exercising for the past 4 months. I’m 5’7 and my beginning weight, which is embarrassing to say actually, was 396lbs and now my weight 306lbs, which my ultimate goal is to get myself somewhere from 130-150lbs.

The initial weight came off quickly just through diet changes (goodbye pizza my one true love), but around the 330lb zone I just hit a brick wall so I decided to try Keto. Just being on Keto this short time (a week and a half, though it took me about 4 days to actually get into Ketosis) I have lost 12lbs and am hoping to make Keto a life time diet for myself.

I am hoping to get to know you all and join in on this community in my life changing habits!


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Congrats on taking the leap and best of luck; welcome to the forum :blush:

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Welcome to the forum. Katters =).

Congrats to all the weight that you have lost so far, that is terrific. I wish you continued success with Keto. If you have any questions, please feel free to post and ask away!!

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You don’t have to be embarrassed here. You’ve done great and it looks like keto is treating you well. Welcome to the forum!


Welcome! No need to be embarrassed. Look at it this way. The higher starting weight will make the final success story that much better!

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Welcome! Way to go on all your successes so far. Glad you found this place, a wealth of information and support unlike any online community I’ve ever known.


Congratulations on the huge weight loss! I think keto might be easier. I just started too, and within 24 hours my whole body felt better. I am now in ketosis and will see what happens. You sound so focussed and I am sure of your success story in the future!


Don’t be embarrassed (you don’t even need it to fuel your changes as you already took great steps with success), be proud a bit that you do something now! It’s great. Some people get fat, stays fat and doesn’t even try to change their diet very much. My relative with diabetes, obesity and other problems still eat a lot and sometimes sugary snacks too because they are tasty. I am worried about her. She isn’t as young as you either. You can improve for life so very much just keep doing the right things! Good luck!

One can live without pizza (or eat keto pizza or real one sometimes. I planned eating one at a great pizzeria every 5 years - I have high standards but never ate pizza regularly - but it turned out I don’t even desire it so often. I don’t do keto all the time but pizza has nothing to do with it :smiley: Or missing food. I actually have very nearly everything on keto now), there are so many delicious and good food one can eat on keto! Even on a restricted keto, maybe you will realize certain food isn’t ideal for you even if they are very low-carb. And you still will have variety.

Your body did its best to keep you alive this far despite whatever caused your weight gain, now you are on its side and it’s quite powerful, don’t ever stop this attitude, you deserve a better life and a healthier body, I can say this much without even knowing you the least.

I’m rooting for you!

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Pizza was my favorite food, too, but now it is no more than a passing thought. I love the keto way of eating, and everything keto has done for me. Unlike any other diet I’d ever been on, I can eat ample, delicious, rich, hearty meals, don’t have to exercise (unless I want to), lose weight and feel better than I ever have, even the few times I was thin before.

Please don’t be embarrassed at your starting weight. Food addiction is real. Millions of people are not overweight because they want to be; in fact, most of them have probably spent a lifetime and small fortune trying to lose weight.

I was on FaceBook this morning on the dietdoctor page and there was a quote that inspired me. I am usually nonplussed by inspirational phrases, but this one rang true for me. It captures why I have embraced keto as my way of eating going forward. For all the benefits, the things I don’t eat anymore are a very small trade off.

If you get discouraged when you think of how far you have to go and ever consider going off, think of this. Time passes so quickly and you have come far already. It only gets better.

"If you quit now…

You’ll end up right back
where you first began.
And when you first
began, you were desperate
to be where you are
RIGHT now.

Keep Going!"


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Welcome :grinning:

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You’ve lost 100lbs in just over four months? That’s absolutely fantastic! Nothing to be sorry for! Your obviously doing great! Keto is a great transition to help with that extra weight and overall health! Congratulations!

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Yay! Another Australian.
I’m from Brisbane, a year older, and had the same goal weight as you.
Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:


Yes, I just noticed that. I dont think it is possible to lose 90 lbs in such a short time period? Maybe she would like to explain how that worked?

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You can totally lose that much weight that fast if your very overweight, people with less weight to lose won’t be anywhere near that, but it is possible.


Thank you all so much for your warm welcome!

@Gingersmommy - I absolutely love that quote! I actually have a Discord channel for myself where I track everything and put in motivational quotes or random notes for the week or day, one of my favourite ones so far is this one.
“In two weeks, you’ll feel it.
In four weeks, you’ll see it.
In eight weeks, you’ll hear it.”

@Chantarella - Majority of it literally just came from a diet shift, I went from eating well over 3500 calories a day (extremely high carb, I am talking like 100 carbs just for breakfast - damn you sourdough bread and how good you taste) to curbing that down to just 100 carbs a day whilst eating about 2000 calories. I started walking, I could only do 15 minutes with a lot of stops to start with, but then added more time as I got used to it. It came off really fast to start with but now has slowed down a lot.


during what time period? you wrote that you started keto just a few days ago? 25th of Nov.


Yeah, prior to that it wasn’t Keto, just adjusting my diet down and starting excercise, which lost me the 90lbs in 4 months. I literally went from barely moving from in front of my computer/television to actually going outside every day and eventually going for a walk for an hour each day. It went by quick in the first two months, but then stalled near the last few, I am guessing it was a lot of water weight? I’m not sure.

So far with Keto these past few weeks I have lost 15lbs. The first week was quite a considerable amount (12lbs first week, 3lbs this week so far), but I am guessing that is from going about 100g of carbs down to just 20g of carbs per day.


Admirable. You must be so motivated.Good luck on your further journey!

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Initial fat loss happens much more quickly for those who have a lot to lose, particularly the menfolk. (Women’s hormones sometimes have to be re-regulated before fat loss can take off.) As we approach a normal level of body fat, however, the rate of loss slows down. This is why people with 15-20 pounds to lose often get frustrated, because they’ve all heard the stories of fantastic losses, and then they don’t lose the fat within a couple of weeks after starting keto.

But we all need to remind ourselves that fat loss is not a linear process. Even the people with a lot to lose can go a couple of weeks without seeing changes. And there is also the phenomenon of the whoosh—where twenty or thirty pounds can disappear seemingly overnight. Another thing we all need to bear in mind is that the scale is not the only measure of progress—some people add muscle and bone density even while losing fat, and this may prevent the scale from registering some very real progress.

I don’t mean to criticise anyone by making these remarks, simply to restate for the newcomers what we veteran ketonians have learned, often the hard way, lol!

@KetoKatters Welcome to the forums! We have quite a few Aussie members (and many from NZ as well, but we won’t speak of that, lol). In particular, one of the 2 Keto Dudes (who founded these forums) is Richard Morris, a former systems analyst and current grad student from Canberra. His posts are generally data-dense and always well worth reading.


Thank you! Nice to see so many Australians! Usually whenever I join forums I’m one of very few. Lol.

Whilst I do watch the scales, I also measure myself to see how my progress is coming along as I know sometimes things can have variation (I have gone through 1kg, 2kg gain or loss in just a day especially whilst keeping myself hydrated), but I just use it as a guideline really, kind of enforcing that I am heading in the right direction, not in the way that it would stress me out. Lol.

I will be starting some weight training soon, simple to begin with because I don’t want to injure myself, just low weight dumb bells doing squats and dead lifts, so I know that will skew numbers a little bit as well, but I want to work on muscles a little.

@Chantarella - Oh, let me tell you, the motivation did not come easy. I have been trying to lose weight for the past 10 years. I’ve always been a big girl, even whilst in school I was tipping the scales at 250lbs. A family member of mine had a cancer scare recently, so it just kind of woke me up I suppose seeing how precious life is and how I’ve been wasting it away hiding indoors when I should be out there and living it. It has kind of put things in perspective for me a little more and helps keep me motivated.

@PaulL - I can’t wait to read those posts! I am slowly browsing the forums when I can just soaking up the information to better help with the structure of my weight loss and healthy life changes.