Getting Back To It!


(Scott H.) #1

Hi, Everyone,

I’ve been mostly keto for years now. But, the weight has crept back on because cutting corners turned into sloppiness. I can feel the pants getting tighter. So, today! I’m back to basics:

OMAD in work days
TMAD on non-work days
<20g total carbs per day
Simple daily exercise

6.5 hrs of sleep
Very irregular alcohol
Posting here
No pork rinds in the house, for these are kryptonite, even if I am not Superman

I plan to post here everyday until US Thanksgiving. Thanks for being here!

Thanks to the Dudes for new podcasts, too!

(Laurie) #2

Good luck with your new start. Good thinking on not having kryptonite in the house! I look forward to reading your posts.


Scott you have a good plan. Keep us posted on your progress.

I have to really watch nuts, pork rinds I can handle, but nuts I just always want a couple more… Because of DH they are in the house, but I keep the ones I like downstairs in the basement, so I have to really really want nuts to go down there.

(Scott H.) #4

Day Two: I got seven hours of sleep and ate on-plan yesterday, no fudging. So, why am I surprised that I feel great this morning? I hope tomorrow is as good as today!


Isn’t it amazing how quickly you begin to feel good, once you chalk up those first few critical days. Good sleep makes all the difference to me too. Good luck and keep checking in!


Good luck, Scott - hope it all goes smoothly!

That feeling is a great one to hold onto; here’s hoping today is as excellent.

(Scott H.) #7

Day Three: I got another night of good sleep and another day of good eating. I have a stressful work day today, so that made sleep fitful. But, even so, I feel better than if I would have eaten a bunch right before bed or poured myself a drink. The key will be holding on to this clarity.


Wishing you the best to get back on your healthy plan!!

But what happens here? What does this mean? No idea on it LOL

(*Rusty* Instagram: @Rustyk61) #9

Good luck Scott!

(Scott H.) #10

Day Four: Long sleep is amazing medicine. I’m on another good day. My OMAD days are about a 19/5 split, which is really comfortable. My 2MAD days are harder, just in terms of quantity. Once the furnace is on, it’s hard to turn it off…

(Scott H.) #11

Day Six: Somehow, I missed posting yesterday. Also, yesterday, I had friends over. I ended up eating some roasted potatoes and some corn chips. I felt fine at the time, but sleep was awful. So, I am right back on the wagon today. This week is off to a good start!

(Scott H.) #12

Day Seven: Even with too litte sleep, I notice that eating right lessens the impact for the first day. The second day of too litte sleep is miserable, but it’s noticeable how eating right at least mitigates the effects on day one.

(Laurie) #13

Good job keeping track of what you do and how things affect you. It’s an eye opener, isn’t it?

(Scott H.) #14

Day 10: Thins continue to go well. No surprise, as @fangs would remind me, alcohol is not friendly in this environment. I really think I feel best when it’s gone. So, being strategic about its use is helpful.

I am wondering more and more about eating before bed. One OMAD days, I tend to get home from work at 7:30pm or so, and I try to be in bed by 10:00. I usually eat between 8:00 and 9:15. So, it’s a narrow window with a pretty big meal. (I often have a huge omelette or 1.5 - 2 lbs of meat, with a bit of green vegetables and often some hard cheese or greek yogurt.) I listened to the most recent Diet Doctor podcast on this topic, and it at least has me thinking. I have no conclusions yet.

Have a great weekend!

(KCKO, KCFO) #15

I found having meals at least 3 hrs. before bedtime worked better than any time closer., the longer the better but having worked nights I understand working around work schedules.

I too have issues with sleeping at times. Haven’t found my holy grail on that issue.

(Scott H.) #16

Day 16:

Work has been a bear this week, and I am just now back on the forum. Today starts Sober October, which I really enjoy. For whatever reason, it’s easy to get behind a gimmick for a month.

I am also starting to wonder about the beat approach for me for weight loss. I had great early success with the 2KD approach. I have listened lately to Ted Naiman, and now I wonder about carbs. I have no conclusions yet, but I am still processing…

(Scott H.) #17

Day 17: I have been trying to remember how this worked so well for the first couple of years. A helpful exercise yesterday was looking at my cupboards. What have I given myself permission to have now that I never would have before? The difference between ice and water is one degree. The between fat loss and maintenance isn’t much different.

(Laurie) #18

Great that you are putting so much thought into this. You will figure it out and succeed.


very true

one thing I learned from long term maintainers is that they rarely, if ever, eat off the plan that suited them to hit all their goals, lose the lbs. and increased their healing and health to a high level.

They eat the plan how they lost the weight and improved health at all times. There is ‘no slack times’ unless they can rarely allow some extra food in their one day holiday plan or something and can handle it but go right back to the eating plan that gave them all their achievements.

There is no going back. Anyone who maintains longer years will always say one thing, they eat now every day is the same way they ate to improve health and lose the lbs.

I questioned alot of maintainers thru my travels of finding what works for me and in the end, when THEY ALL say that, those who succeed and hold plan make it…those that backtrack and want more and more food back will eventually go all in backwards and when one has such great info to give on what it takes, yea I listened…finally! yea there is a ton of valuable info to learn from those answers they give us.

I think it was everyone on the planet who holds their eating plan long term to keep their goal and health improvements say…I am one cheeseburger or french fry or 1 cup of ice cream away from total regain and failure and loss of my health…so…we all need to know how we stand on what we want long term and how we can go about it making it work for us and not against us.

(Scott H.) #20

Day 19:

Thanks for the comments; they are really helpful.

I am once again encouraged by the return to what makes me feel great. NSVs are hard to remember when eating or drinking garbage. But, a few days in and things feel wonderful!