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Do you have bone spurs on your vertebrae? (backbone?). I listened to a fascinating story of a person with a bacterial gut overgrowth of a species of bacteria (Klebsiella spp). The plant material and carbs in his diet contributed to gut inflammation, not sure if it was directly painful, but it was a version of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) - a catch-all medical term and acronym for long-term gut pain. The Klebsiella bacteria was broken down in the inflammatory defence process but bacterial proteins interacted with the immune system. Unfortunately, the bacterial proteins, were a bio-mimic of cartilage proteins found along the backbone. So, that set up an auto-immune reaction in the back bones and cartilages with the bony spurs creating lower back spinal nerve entrapment. The person worked hard to track down the diagnosis. He then went zero-carb and had physical therapy (not sure if he also took antibiotics) and over a span of months was able to reverse the problem.

The man’s name is Gabor Erdosi. He is a molecular biologist and worked in food processing.

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How do you make carnivore pancakes? Is it an omelette?

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To much work, don’t want to spend time on restorant. Junk food it is :pleading_face:

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Yesterdays brunch before work forgot to post.

A real bad night sleep last night. I was whittling all night about a work belt that one of the guys gave me. He went home lunch time especially to get it for me. He had ordered it from work and he ordered large, hmmm when I saw it I had to laugh. Fit me perfectly thats how small it was lol. Anyway when I got home I looked in my bag and it wasn’t there. Well I immediately thought I must have left it in staff room. I didn’t want anyone to take it so I called the custodial manager and asked him to take a look and put it somewhere safe for me. Well could I sleep, I just kept thinking about it … all flippin night. No matter how much I told myself to stop stressing over such a trivial thing, I couldn’t!!! At 6am I had to call the custodial manager again to make sure he had found it and he said it wasn’t there! Arghhhh then I am thinking did I put it in my locker in the staff mess??? I don’t know, I think I might have chucked it in with my original belt and i am sure I said to myself I would change all the equipment over when I next go to work. I think I am going a bit senial lol … I thought carnivore was meant to give you clarity of mind hahahaha.

Even though I was shattered this morning I still got up and did my stair runs and went to my booked CrossFit class and although it was a pairs workout I had to do it with 2 guys as we were 1 short in the class of 10. Gassy old workout again and I felt cream crackered after but did really enjoy it.

Brruch was cooked chicken breast sauted in butter with cheddar melted in.

Dinner was a couple of lamb chops and a steak followed by a tin of salmon. And some cheese and then some lol.

I am not going to worry how much cheese I eat, I am not trying to lose weight and I am not gaining so hey ho I am just going to get on with it when I fancy some!


I have new skills…
I managed to eat 1.8 pounds of meat for lunch without really trying, I just was hungry and had food and most of it was pork shoulders so quite fatty (I could write poetic things about it, such variety in this single item! :D)… And it’s not like it satiated me so I ate much more, mostly eggs as sometimes I miss them and meat just isn’t enough. Vaguely 2700 kcal just for lunch at noon (it was too easy to track and my pork was so much that I got curious). Wow.
I never got a stop sign.
So it seems I keep collecting unusual happenings this week.

Okay, it’s not like I ate enough meat on most days so I am not shocked or anything. But it wasn’t like this before. Oh well.

But I walked today as well. That’s good, I never want to get totally inactive again. It wasn’t refreshing, summer is too hot for even walks, even in the shadowy forest. But they still must be done.

I suppose though it’s pancake to me :smiley: It’s not THAT eggy :wink: I heard about people using only eggs for pancakes but that’s not right even for me! But it’s mostly eggs, yep. 4 eggs and 40g sour cream or 20g mascarpone mixed well (I use a little hand mixer. mascarpone should be softened as they mix not well with that little tool) gives me 5 thin pancakes. And I use fat too, of course when frying them.
I spent so, so much time on paleo and keto with trying to make delicious pancakes… But all those oily seed flours and other options just weren’t good enough. Then I realized I shouldn’t use water at all. Or any flour, just some dairy to make it not like eating simple eggs… It’s still eggy but that’s great, I love eggs.
I still need more filling ideas especially savory ones though. I don’t like to use cheese nowadays, I rarely eat tuna, I don’t have head cheese all the time (that’s my fav, sliced head cheese in pancakes), the stews can’t stay put, the not homemade spreads are a bit carby and for emergencies… I am lazy to make egg filling (the same that goes to deviled eggs), it’s not that exciting… I often end up eating dessert pancakes, mascarpone is just great in it but sour cream is nice too, that can be savory as well, it’s better as it’s too sour for me to be “sweet enough” without sweetening unlike mascarpone, that’s magical, I can even add coffee and it’s sweet enough for me for a dessert pancake. But I can put it into a soup I suppose, in strips. Or I can just eat it plain but that’s a bit of a waste :smiley: I work with it, I want to make it a bit more substantial.


If you add shredded mozzarella and shredded white cheddar to the egg mixture, the “pancakes” come out nice and puffy. =) I used to make chaffles (cheese+waffles) doing that, too.

Enjoying being on the TMAD - OMAD- TMAD routine. Puts me back in the groove, and the mojo is WOW!
Keeps the metabolism guessing, and the fat burning.
Meal 1…two turkey/cheddar brats, two scrambled eggs and butter
Meal 2… 2 huge burger patties today with a little cheddar.

Taking it easy on my leg, 'cause the doc doesn’t have my ultrasound results yet. So, this 3 day weekend is going to be more like a weekend than a work bee!

HOpe y’all are doing well. Hugs and cheers, my peeps!


2pm breakfast 2 rashers middle bacon and 4 eggs.

Walked the dog this morning then spent two hours at the beach car park coffee van chin wagging and tail wagging (Billie). 1 x long black coffee. So many people buy choc brownies or banana bread.

Been out in the winter sun :sunny: on the property building tree guards, emptying the composting toilet, and staking and tying up young trees.

Scotch fillet and some farmed Atlantic salmon tonight. Farmed salmon :sushi: is losing its popularity as a food in Australia due to the poor environmental practices of the aquaculture industry, and all the additives to the fish = colouring and antibiotics. Might have to resurrect my fishing rod.


That sounds like a WONDERFUL idea! I used to go fishing eons ago- in the spring, summer and fall…before life got so busy. This time of year, we usually go boating out on Lake Superior, but fishing sounds like way more fun. Thank you for planting that idea in my head!!! Have a good one!


thanks a ton for sharing those results with us cause not many would be bloodwork controlled on this journey AND with Dr. C to boot! I am following all you write big time and seeing what goes down with Dr C on your case :slight_smile: appreciate your sharing on all this truly Azi!

-----------------all good
zc all the way baby!

being whatever in eating. summer, hot, moving a ton more and I eat less so…just what nature has suited me for :slight_smile: and my best times. Winter, never…go away for ever…Summer I know me point blank.

today I woke up starved but hard life stuff I had to to handle so it beat out any eating, of course on zc we can do this and live…lol…did it. Came home starved but drank 40 oz water in a flash and felt so much better and no hunger. Now it is about 1:30pm and no food yet, and it is 'big azz ribeye steak or ‘less than that’ but I think that big azz steak is what I need so when hunger says NOW it will be a 1 lb fatty ribeye and after, who knows :slight_smile:

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Bit of a better nights sleep although it was a muggy night but only got up 3 times got the loo. Hot up a little later with not going to CF today but still got on with my my stair tuns.

Brunch a bit earlier today at 1020am just some ham and cheese. Then off for a 9 mile walk n talk with my daughter. Very hot day today but a super lovely quality time with my baby girl.

Ready for some lamb chops when I got home, then some cheese, then some more ham and this evening a tin of crabmeat and the last of the ham.

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Well I found in aldi …cheese fries made from halloumi cheese omg maybe too good it could be dangerous but very filling its just sliced cheese made into fries you can pan fry.so I added that to my flanken ribs and 2 slices of bacon .it’s a high fat but it’s so filling and so my 2nd meal will be very small.

@Fangs yes I’m so very greatful to have Dr C the podcast I posted of him with Shawn baker was the start of him reaching out to see if others are seeing the same trend. What he also said was he doesn’t buy into
Paul salidinos eating sugar in fruit and honey so although he got me to add advocado and mushroom he doesn’t not want me eating fruit. he said olives but I dont like them so as long as its cream with my mushroom he said ok to those…he spent almost an hour with me which in todays times is almost unheard of but he certainly isn’t rush you in and out of his office type Dr.


Lots of packets and processing. But good choices in the situation. Hold to the plan! (I’m sure Fangsy would say that). Are they anchovies in the jar?

Hey Fangsy hope your hard life stuff got sorted out to the best possible result. Stress eating is an affliction in my food addiction. It’s great that you shared how you managed that episode. So, are you showing us carnivore is not only what you eat but the complex weave of behaviour around the plan that gives a carnivore more resilience when times are tough?

An angry Antarctic low pressure system is spinning past down in the Southern Ocean. It’s whipping our coast with fronts of icy rain and strong wind, but interestingly interspersed with cloud breaks and momentary winter sun. I’ll head to the beach with Billie the Labrador to get a lung full of the freshest air in the world and watch the 15ft waves mixing salt and ozone into the air. At home, today is a day for a day fire in the stove and a hot, cooked lunch. Mrs Bear drives up to the city and flies to sunny Queensland today. She is on godmothering duties for a special girlfriend. We used to live in Queensland and it was subtropical so winters were sunny and calm (beautiful), whereas summers were hot, humid and sticky. I will be in a carnivore bear cave for the next week. Just me, Billie and the two cats.

It looks like it will be two lamb shanks cooked in duck fat for lunch.

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Yes, very salty, i use them as a salty spice for meat and fish alike.

While you enjoy winter, I got lucky. At work on the Spanish island Ibiza. At the end of spring, the best weather you could hope for.

Carnivore on

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Hi guys, omg it has been YONKS since I wrote here…:scream: Still going strong on keto have not stopped.:upside_down_face: I found out I need glasses, so the headaches could be due to that.:thinking: So yesterday I ate ground beef and eggs and yummy blue cheese imported from Italy.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Tonight will be marinated chicken and eggs and the same blue cheese with salami.:wink: My tummy pain has eased so that is good. I have been very constipated though…it has been 9 days.:scream: I have just been creating with @Shinita as we have creative plans together and doing this has made me feel more positive. I have been so slack with the forum lately… just thought I would check in .Hope everyone is well.:wink:


I never was a real stress eater…I just ate all the crap I wanted, when I wanted, all the time, 24/7 cause I was a sugar addict and carby addict to the max LOL

Luckily tho being into year 4 of carnivore I am becoming way more controlled and predictable. Like year 1 and 2 if I couldn’t ‘get to my food’ when very hungry I could panic up some…now it is like…woke up very hungry, wanted to really eat but other stuff had to be dealt with and I just said to me…ya ain’t gonna die, just hold on and eat well a bit later :wink: I do alot of ‘self talking’ to me when any situations hit I need to deal. I used to find every excuse to eat off plan but now, all these years I know the right answers to tell myself when situations get a bit out of my control and I won’t allow excuses or crazy back into my thoughts. Nope…been there, done that, and so friggin’ over it.

Remember I said I am working on a ‘balanced freeing natural gracious life’ now for me so I am just kinda putting my thoughts in those directions.

You, 2 cats, Billie…alone…what are ya’ll gonna get into while the Queen Bee is away :slight_smile: :wink:

---------------*****ate a big ribeye yesterday. yum
few big slices of pork tenderloin and few slices of taylor ham

I kinda was more hungry toward night and wanted ‘to nibble’…but I don’t ‘nibble’ anymore truly…so just didn’t bother eating and woke up OK, kinda hungry and not hungry…in that whatever land. Won’t eat til later.

Going to pick up my 93 yr old mom today for a 2 day visit here. Change of scenery for her and even tho soaking wet she is like 110 lbs…she can eat like a maniac LOL So stop at grocery and get stuff she wants and will feed her well and have a great few days visit.

Told hubby I am ‘getting food’ed out’ :clown_face: When you start to get just get tired of eating…so I have a ribeye defrosted which holds no interest, told hubby he could have it tonight and I have to buy me some meat/seafood at the store when I stop for mom. No clue what I want…a giant pile of chicken wings? I am beef and pork’d out —for today at least–so will be interesting to see what meat/seafood I bring home for today.

today is some fry pan pot luck style eating day for me.


@KetoKoala … YAY! You’re back! So happy you are going strong on Carnivore! Isn’t is wonderful not having tummy issues?! Well, except 9 days…that seems a tad strange. A little magnesium citrate might fix that, but sure would not want you to mess up your happy tummy. Very happy you are back, and going strong!

@Fangs … Hard life stuff. That’s what sent me off the deep end a couple times. The last event is what drew me back to getting healthy and fortified my determination. Ribeye sounds delish! But, if ya gotta switch gears…chicken thighs are my go to. =)

Had the weekend off, and just kinda relaxed. Putzed around in the garden a little. Went for a drive. Went to church. Been alternating between house work and resting my sore leg. Woke up with a motherduck of a headache. Also work up to weighing 2.5 pounds less!

Going to putz in the garden, then in the workshop. Got an order to whip up. Have a good day all!

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@SecondBreakfast well done with the weight drop thats brilliant. Bet your headache is a result of relaxing cos you always seem to be working all the time! Hooe it eased off for you.

Another muggy night but slept okayish needed the loo a few times and seemed to be weeing like a good’un! One thing I thought about this morning is that my wee doesn’t smell anymore. Not sure when it stopped smelling though I am sure if I ate some canned corned beef it would smell again. I wasn’t eating corned beef every day though .

Felt a bit stiff this morning but loosened up after doing my stair runs then straight to CrossFit for a good workout. Actually felt hungry when I got up and the emptiness was quite prevalent during the workout. Really felt I was running in empty. That I guess was eating mainly ham yeasterday, didn’t eat any beef and I think that effected my workout.i was doing a lot of belching during it lol.

Brunch was steak bacon and eggs.

Dinner 2 steaks followed by some cheese and then a bowl of cold water prawns.

Certain made up for having no steak yesterday!


I am so tired. We fixed the handheld lawnmower thing (I got out enough hair to be enough for a big village of voodoo shamans, Alvaro was surprised I have no bald spots. I still forget to tie my hair up but I remember it very soon and fix it) and I used it and even did my whole weightlifting session and run a bit too… It’s much for me. Tomorrow my arms will be aching and not because of the vaccine I will get (Sputnik V, 2nd dose) .

I had a bit crazy weekend, I mostly mean eating a lot in a bigger window but it wasn’t carnivore either, Alv cooked an old fav with more eggs than usual, okay, it’s not such a big fav anymore. But it’s good, I suppose but not good enough when I have pork and well, I changed.

Today I did OMAD, about 330g pork shoulders, 33g dry sausage (150% meat), a little chicken, soup, a few eggs and pancakes with the leftover mascarpone as I run out of roasted pork and I didn’t want to get out more from the freezer, it was enough for a day.

I ate well.


Today is going to be a fantastic carnivore day for me: there’s LIVER IN THE FRIDGE! Yay!

I can’t wait to have lots of liver! My favorite animal food, for sure! I think I’ll eat the lot in one sitting!

For the rest, workload is finally back to normal and I’m using the free time to do long bike rides and walks under the sun. Life is good!

You all have a fantastic day!