Full Blune Carnivore June

(Karen) #81

Another day done and I’m in bed early ready for tomorrow’s early star at work.

Stair runs done CrossFit done and boy was it hot hot hot today. Its a real sun trap where our CF box is and although temp was forecast as 22° my car temp showed 30° which is what it felt like running around the road track too many times lol.

Brunch was a ribeye steak and 2 eggs
Tea was cold water prawns smoked salmon and 1 6oz burger.
Plus some cheese as per.


Today the weather is nice I suppose, as long as I avoid direct sunlight. Nice little wind, I love that! :smiley:

Maybe because I ate so late yesterday (and my body still clings to its wanting-meat phase), I got hungry early. So I have lunch. I don’t care about rules, my soup has duck necks, pork, fish soup concentrate and eggs :smiley: It’s tasty enough for me :slight_smile:
Even cheese is tempting now, again. In moderation. But I am hungry enough to like almost everything now. Well, obviously not Alvaro’s carby food, that isn’t tempting the slightest.

I had lunch. I am full and still starving on some level, yeah I will need some days to reach some balance. I tweaked my attitude already.

I have crunchy biscuits :smiley: From some old super lean pork roast insides, eggs, pork belly… I overdid the spice and the cheese is variation but not needed (a few had a little cheese). I keep this recipe. They were too spicy and that’s what sour cream is for… Nothing can break my passionate love story with sour cream now but I always very much loved it as it’s a wonderful thing.

I had a few more meals but basically it was TMAD with a few bites… Whatever. I had enough of tracking again.
My meat cravings finally went away but I will be careful in the future.

Well it wasn’t a carnivore day, I had to taste some of our many beautiful strawberries… I didn’t feel any sweetness. Alvaro says they are fine. I just felt some sourness and nothing else. They never was my favs but they are so, so pretty!
But it was surprising. It makes no sense…


Hungry day. Wood stove cooking experiment.

Broke fast with 3 fried eggs, 4 bacon rashers and 40g Jarlsberg cheese. Cooked in a “Dutch Oven” campfire oven on top of the wood stove. Then cooked two lamb shanks for an hour the same way using the bacon fat and some beef stock. Lamb shanks are mainly calf muscles. They were delicious. Rump steak is on the menu tonight.

A yoga teacher asked if I was depressed as they could see I had gotten fatter. I said, “It’s winter but I am content.” We can still gain weight by over-eating our energy source (fat) and, in my case, it piles on with dairy. But work is easing off a bit and I’m out in the rural country side away from the toxic city again. So, it’s time to tighten up the plan and do some physical activity for mental recovery.

Bacon and eggs for dinner. I didn’t feel like steak after the lamb. this is interesting to examine.


hey you be kind to yourself any way you can. You got something going down and it is time for alot of self care and get yourself fixed up :slight_smile: wishing you the best and just do all you can to get yourself back into shape and get things in good form! Sending good vibes!!!

you said it…just plain old nourishing basic life’s blood food :slight_smile: darn nice pic!

just curious, are you buying those already precooked or are you buying raw and cooking? I see bags of the precooked that seem so much easier for convenience to buy in the store but for me personally I like to cook the raw ones…so just interested in which way you go on the shrimp.

I hear ya…when I ditched all tracking it was one of the best days of my life :slight_smile: I was never a lover like some, so no tracking ever again in my life to me was just a monster plus to my eating lifestyle.

sorry to hear that FB…I thought last report was your measurements were going down and you were doing great actually but then I guess you haven’t reported in as much? or I missed you saying you were gaining a bit? oh well…sorry for it all.

thing is it is more the dairy than the meat fats. One can eat alot of meat fat and not have issues but also one can’t be sedentary a bunch either and I know your job and long car travel and more is taking you out of your movements thru the day and physical work you were doing on your off the grid homestead. Vicious cycle isn’t it? Our carnivore eating plan can heal us easily but our lifestyle of work, our less movements thru the day and more being chained to ‘our living’ really can effect so much.

I hope things change up for you great since your job is easing up and now you can truly be more in nature, get your physical activity with Billie and ditch that toxic city for your beautiful rural location and ocean!

Just follow exactly what your body wants, just like you said…it wanted just some bacon and eggs, you give it that. Many times I plan a steak or pork after my morning steak and don’t want it and leave it for the next day and do like you are changing, just eat what your body is saying to eat :slight_smile: That means alot, you are ‘feeling it’ truly in your changes, a good sign truly.

-----------*****So it is amazing how coming out of winter into the nice hotter weather and outside activity has zipped me up again.

I lost another lb. WEE!!!

I am outside, sweating, moving, doing this and that and loving life and winter, I just vegetate mostly…cold weather shuts me down massively…but summer, oh yea me alive again!!

yesterday was a lb. ribeye steak…very tender, loved it
then not being so hungry I just opted for 2 cheeseburger patties

done for the day. usually that isn’t alot of food for me but summer I function so different than winter. This is where I know me! I know what effects me thru my life and how things go down for me on cycles of weather and more now.

Balance. Such a simple word and massively hard for darn near all of us…but at this point I must have MY personal balance in my life. Older I get the more I fight for it! I feel like that overall need for a ease of all balance in my life. I also find I take many big steps to make that work for me and not against me. I made big changes in my life to follow how I kinda want my overall daily life experience to be.

that is some of my work in progress on me :slight_smile: I just keep plugging along and doing what suits me best to be my best kinda deal, I don’t go at it full speed, I make slower changes and just seeing what results from those.

Life is so noisy. Noise. White noise in the background. Noise buzzing around us at all times. Noise and more noise LOL and believe me I want away from it all. I am walking right toward that too. I dumped alot of my useless type stuff in my life that didn’t really give me anything but took my time and was exhausting…but in the end I just keep changing more and more to ME…what suits me and the hell with the rest of it :slight_smile: I used to be more scared to do just that but now, again, getting older I find time shorter to do for me, as I want, how I want my daily life so I find myself definitely doing more changes to achieve just that.

just a ramble and some thinking of my thoughts :slight_smile:

all is going very well in zc land for me. today I got a 1 lb. pork tenderloin to eat in a while…woke up hungry!!! I will be hounding that bad boy down around 10 or so I think and for second meal, hmmm, I do have more burgers! Will see how the day goes.

Hold your zc eating everyone and eat all you need, at all times. Don’t overthink or monkey with the plan…tweaking around screws us up…just eat the meat/seafood/fish or fowl your body is asking for and enjoy every darn bite of it!

(Karen) #85

@Fangs sometimes I have cooked sometimes raw prawns. Whatever takes my fancy. I have some raw king prawns in the freezer but I forget to take them out so if I am in shop I will buy a pack from the chilled box. Sometimes king prawns and so etimes like yesterday the smaller cold water prawns. Haven’t a clue what the difference is apart from one being smaller than the other and tbh I don’t really care, they’re all tasty :wink:

Up at 4.45am this morning after chappy sleep again. So close and warm through the night. Still got on and did stair runs as soon as I hot out of bed.

Took a packet of cooked chicken thighs to work but could only manage 3 of the 7 thighs. Also took some cheese, ate all of that on and off throughout the day and a packet of 5 slices of topside beef of which I ate all slices. Atrived home about 6.30pm and ate the remaining smoked salmon 70g and vooked 3 x 6oz beef burgers but only ate 2. They needed cooking as I had got them out the freezer the day before. May take the last one to work tomorrow to eat cold. On a late shift. Must check out what else I will take… hmm thinking about it I have another packet of topside beef slices I can take or some ham. That’ll do the shift, I will be working till 10pm :pleading_face:

(Jenn) #86

I’ve been having trouble staying sleep myself. I wake up around 3am with my entire body feeling very restless. Today I ate something not carnivore - I mashed a half of an avocado into my tuna at lunch for a bit of fat. Normally I break my fast with a fattier cut of meat, but my steak was thawing and I’m having bacon and eggs for dinner, so I opted for a plant fat with my tuna.

I do have a question on electrolytes. Dr. Ken Berry says it’s extra important to get your electrolytes in on a carnivore diet. I find when I just put salt directly in water, it has an extreme laxative effect :flushed: I received a sampler pack of LMNT sticks. Though not technically carnivore, would one of those added to my water daily be acceptable?


Hi, fantastic people! Checking in again.

I’m still working very hard and enjoying how easy it is to eat carnivore when I have no time to think of food. Best thing about a carnivore WOE: how easy it is!

I miss reading your inspiring posts and I hope I’ll soon have less work and be able to relax again in the forums.

In the meantime, just wishing you all happy days, good health and tasty steaks!


I kind of tracked today but I ate so simple it was very easy… I only measured my meat as I like to take notes about how much I consumed.

Oh, today… Yay!

I am very hopeful about my pork jowl now. I just tasted it (1000 kcal in 1-2 minutes, it’s very dense and super tasty) but I can’t lose this Perfect Satiation since!!! Almost 9 hours passed, I won’t eat again today, it’s almost bedtime for me.
I couldn’t even eat my 220g (almost half pound) pork. Not even half of it. And I had 2 eggs, a slice of cheese, some cream in my coffee and that’s about it…
I ate LUNCH. I never eat lunch and can avoid eating again as I have 10-12 hours between lunch and bedtime and that isn’t soooo much but not a little time and I must eat so much to stay satiated for that long that it’s only possible with very much carbs (I thought until now). Or maybe massive keto overeating using special items? But no, that has tiny chance too. I need super satiating food and extreme low-carb. But I usually have smaller meals on carnivore and couldn’t do much about with my too easy satiation… Until this wonderful item… (That I ate before but its effect still wasn’t apparent then.)

The super low protein isn’t nice but it was a single day… 46g protein, I couldn’t go near that low on my plant-based days! (Without gluten. Nowadays if I made a plant-based day - fat chance! I barely could do it back then because no eggs!!! but I was curious and had no eggs for a little while - I would eat 160g gluten for my first meal alone. It’s not very easy to eat very low-carb without animals, almost all plants are out and protein helps with satiation, its not proper amino acid profile aside. I did only low-carb back then so vegetables were okay and anyway, my favs… I still can’t wrap my head around my changes but I definitely am glad :smiley:

Tomorrow I start with my pork :slight_smile: I can be super paranoid about my protein intake… I am not used to it being below 120g and me being fully satiated even after midnight! Hunger always catches up to me. But not today.

I have big plans with this item if it keeps working well. If it makes even my earlier meals (I ate around 4pm) big and satiating, it’s a huge gift to me! It was my big problem that sometimes I start to eat early therefore I eat small therefore I get hungry very soon, I eat small…etc. See my 5-6 meals annoying days. And I can have this even when I was not careful and run out of meat. Or not but it’s frozen and big and I don’t want to defrost it all as we had some plans for it for later… Or if I am bored of pork. This thing is special and I don’t overuse it, it’s super good every time. And now it has more meat than usual, that’s nice. No matter how wonderful the fat in this, I always need some meat with my fat.

I weigh a ton though. 77kg in the evening. That’s much. My pants are barely okay when sitting. I am hoping for things getting better. Not just related to my weight, that’s not among my 10 biggest problems. But it would cheer me up to go into the right direction there as well.

Tomorrow I will walk 10km for some pork :slight_smile: That almost sounds like fat-loss to me :smiley: Both part helps.

Electrolytes are important, sure. If I eat almost every day and don’t keep my meat intake super low, that’s totally enough for me… Many people have this. But we are all different so if you feel the need for supplementing, do it. I can’t answer your question about those sticks though.
It’s a bit individual what is acceptable. I don’t want a badge or label so I add anything I like, at least in tiny amounts… If something is very needed for someone, can’t find a better option, supplement or medicine where the benefit overpowers the tiny not-carnivoreness (or we don’t know but suppose that’s the case and want to try) I would choose using the stuff (except I avoid supplements and medicine as much as I can BUT there are extreme circumstances and feeling well and healthier is my first priority).

(Linda ) #89

Well todays food was rib eye…rib bones meat included and bacon.
Tomorrow is 4 month carnivore and off to see Dr Cywes in the morning.
His blood work seems to take forever to get back I had it done 10 days ago still not able to see the report yet.
I’m suprised how fast the time is going hardly seems like it’s been 4 months but no plans to hop off I’m actually enjoying the food and the ease of which life has become so simple.

Looking forward to hearing what he has to say.


LOL I hear you on that! Either way you can get them right? :slight_smile:

your actually better using something like mayo if you like it because it is a massive higher fat content for a smaller amt. A tablespoon of mayo is high fat and actually can be made carnivore. https://youtu.be/QZcUcHJcKew
Like the MeatRX guys says, even an avacado healthier mayo is better over ‘eating real’ avacado in that the smaller amt of oil that is in the mayo is a plus actually over eating 1/2 an avacado.
Primal Kitchen Mayo: INGREDIENTS: Avocado Oil, Organic Cage-Free Eggs, Organic Egg Yolks, Organic Vinegar, Sea Salt, Organic Rosemary Extract
BUT that is just some info…I know everyone is gonna eat what they want but eating plants on carnivore isn’t the way to roll if you want full on carnivore. Just info I am posting to you :slight_smile:

Don’t use the LMNT sticks. Start carnivore off all supplements. It is your best way to roll. We only ‘guess’ if we need electrolytes. We truly don’t know just yet, meat/seafood/fish/fowl and a bit of salt truly should be all the body needs to reset itself…and yes some do better on electrolytes but they wait to see if it is a normal adaption issue and goes away or if they want to later try and see how it all does for them…BUT again, this does fall into a personal choice for you of course :slight_smile:

Restless leg type issues can be a normal adaption while you change over…of course if it continues longer and because a real issue that is in your face you can address it then…has it been happening alot?

also from the net: There may be a connection between RLS and low levels of iron in the brain, even when blood tests show that your iron level is normal.------you might want to eat some liver or buy some liver capsules and pop a few.

Thing is RLS is one of those mystery issues and just sucking down electrolytes really might not be what you need…OK just some of my take on it :slight_smile:

ok just a carnivore chat with you to see where you are falling in all this.

So happy things are going so well for you.
Sounds like alot of work hitting you, be nice for you to get a break coming up!! cool!

*****------SO yesterday food was
1 lb. pork tenderloin, pan fried in 1/2 stick of butter…yum yum LOL
2 cheeseburger patties
1 leftover country pork rib
2 beef sticks

I lost 1/2 lb on the scale again…HIP HIP

I went a long time, many many months without losing and now Blune June has given me 1.5 lbs down so far…hey I will take it!

Big sun in morning before the big rain Tstorms come later today into tomorrow…I am gonna get outside and move and goof off before I am housebound in the pouring rain :slight_smile:

All great in carnivore land for me for Blune June…feeling freaky and fine! HAHA


Duck meat and rump steak is a satisfying mix. I couldn’t eat more than half the steak. Ate about 200g. But ate two roast duck breasts.


for all LONGER TERM carnivores I posted a video in ZC video thread for helping weight loss…so check it out…newer carnivores don’t tweak up anything at all…eat as you need!!! but this is some more info on ‘carnivore stuff’ out there to be heard.


Yesterday’s OMAD lasted for 22 hours. Well I still wasn’t hungry but I started to feel weak , it’s not uncommon I have this instead a hunger sign. Alvaro was very hungry already, he couldn’t eat in his normal “at home” lunchtime due to a dentist visit so we ate together.
Even a bit similarly, we both had eggs but I ate meat while he ate carbs… And I made 2 different simple desserts, his were carby and mine was pancake, what else? :smiley: I always have pancake dough now instead of 5 days per week… Good when I don’t know what else to eat.
I ate a tiny big of those fatty thing. 760 kcal/100g, it’s so perfect to shock people who are into making this number tiny…

I have photos. This is the cooked pork jowl with paprika:

And these are my 2 OMAD meals from this week. The energy intake is about the same, it’s not like I have a big wriggle room if it’s about carni OMAD… I hardly can eat more without not so great items but I need this much to be satiated for long.
The first one has a half tiny radish but the pâté had way more carbs… But still low enough for me, too bad the thing wasn’t tasty.

The coffee represents more cream than visible… But the first coffee had yolks and butter as well (and very little cream).
I use 20% cream now but I will buy some 10% on Tuesday, I can’t afford all the unnecessary fat. I just want to make the coffee better, not much fattier.
Skipping coffee would be best and I tried it again and it wasn’t that hard except it just came back again while I wasn’t looking (and I had headache in the morning too).

I just had my lunch, spicy ground pork with eggs, scrambled and other eggs (4), a little pork jowl, some soup with a duck neg and a pancake filled with mascarpone with vanilla and coffee. Yesterday was the only way on this week when I couldn’t eat pancakes, I was so full! Now it felt nice and needed.


THIS IS your hunger sign LOL

yea we do not need a real hunger in the tummy to know we must eat. If you get that ‘weak feeling’ and not in the tummy at that exact time…go eat something…a few bites and it means you might trigger eating a meal your body needs, or just a few bites and you feel better.

this is definitely a normal issue on carnivore and so many of us walk just that.

Great pics of good food

I laugh still tho when I read about your ‘pancake’ cause those here are just flour and sugar and I know yours are the ‘great good ones’ but that word, pancake now to me is like poison but I know yours are fab!!


double post…


I alwayas eat when there is ANY urge, I actually should know when to ignore hunger…

Well I ate a ton today. Oh well. I know I shouldn’t use fatty pork, the fatty thing and pancakes on the same time while not doing OMAD…
But it was nice and I ate around 3 times as protein as yesterday…

I will do it better in the future. Now I am pleased I didn’t eat many times. As I knew when to ignore which hunger.

Needing fuel isn’t hunger to me but it’s just terminology. We can’t even feel what the other people feel. If I don’t feel ANYTHING like hunger at all, I just get weak, that’s not hunger to me. I just know it’s need for fuel to me. There may be zillion other reasons for it and I don’t think I always feel I need to eat, I just suppose as I never feel weak normally…

Whatever. I know when to eat and if I mess it up, that’s my food choices.

I NEVER eat a few bites, that’s horrible for me. That always makes me hungry, no matter what. If I ate a few bites at 3am after a day with a ton of good protein and fat, I would get hungry, it’s how I work. My body can’t be teased and not fed.

But… Yeah, sometimes my hunger is just isn’t there. And when I start to eat, I realize it was time. But I need to figure it out and accept a more or less big meal. The time helps, I can’t be hungry early. If my body still want food early, it nudges me very clearly. Keeping it wait isn’t always pretty though as with most eating mistakes, they are the smallest by far on carnivore (unless I eat very wrong items). I am glad, I often read some people don’t have this and can even overeat meat, something that is plain impossible for me. Without trying, at least but possibly anyway.

Our family pancakes always had a lot of eggs, yeah flour too but no sugar I think or those were only mine? Sugar makes them sticking to the pan if I remember well, I don’t even understand why would anyone put any into it… And how could I eat my pancakes with cheese or meat or other similar stuff if I would make sweet pancakes? I make neutral ones. Totipotent archeocytes, they can become… Anything! :smiley: Not quite but it sounds good to me.
My pancakes are too fatty and too easy to eat though for a day with already perfectly fine food so I should be a tad more careful… Oh well, I have no regrets, I ate well. And then the miracle thing so maybe a bit too much. I expect wonderful satiation and an energetic cycling tomorrow morning!

I make my roasts tomorrow. Is pork chop roast a thing? It’s so lean! well we will figure out what Alvaro will say, I eat the pork shoulders! I think I am done with mince meat for a tiny while, I made some and put into the freezer (half shoulders, half lean chops, sounds okay to me) but even today’s fattier one felt too lean somehow… And I had to add added fat anyway, I don’t like that. My roasts are way better, I just need some variety now and then. But I will figure it out.

I made a chicken/duck/pork soup, it turned out way better than the almost only duck neck one, no wonder, I put a very big pork chop bone into it and the fat on the chicken back was important too… It’s easy when I actually have proper ingredients but the fish soup concentrate saved the last one anyway :slight_smile:

I am quite full now. It’s good my body has its balancing act so I probably will be more easily satiated tomorrow. Or not but I will build some muscles, I am fine with that too :wink: I need stronger legs, probably.

(Karen) #97

Woke up and didn’t want to get up. Felt like cancelling my CrossFit class but I didn’t. I got up and di my stair runsa nd then another hard CF session.

Came home , via the company shop, with some cheap goodies. 5 steaks and 2 packets of lamb chops (2x1.4kg) and some ham .

Brunch was lamb chops and steak.
Took the ham, the remaining cooked beef burger and some cheese to work.

(Linda ) #98

Well I had a good dr visit with Dr Cywes he is bothered by my triglycerides although they have dropped 100 points in the last three months which he said is a huge shift in the right direction prob because of the extra fat…but they are still way to high. And he needs to know if its something to be worried about so I got to have a cac scan I’ll do that hopefully next week.

He said he is seeing a trend in some patients and added me to the list where their numbers in cholesterol shoot up like mine and blood sugars start to rise again…
He is starting to talk to the other carnivore specialists to see if they are seeing the same results with their patients…
He is not sure if my liver is being forced to make glucose because I’m eating too much protein for my liver to handle and the body cant store amino acids
Or if my body needs the sugar because it can’t draw on enough of my fat stores because of insulin resistance. So it’s making its own fuel to use as well as the fat im eating and what it can get off my body.
So he is having me add to 3 meals a week either advocado or mushrooms with cream and the rest if My meals I got to eat my with cheese or eggs or bacon to try and cut back more protein and up my fat even more he doesn’t want me eating one meal a day I got to at least eat 2 or even 3 smaller ones… He is trying to pull me back from where I’ start getting gout and or start making kidney stones.

(Jenn) #99

Today was a very busy day, so I didn’t get my workout in like I had hoped. I had my morning coffee with 2tbsp of heavy cream. For lunch I ate 2 delicious sirloins with 1oz of goat cheese. I salted the steaks overnight and I cooked them to rare. I didn’t get hungry again until around 8pm. I had a beef patty with swiss cheese and mayo and I’m done for the day. My appetite hasn’t been that big the past few days, which I’m okay with. I’m eating when I’m legitimately hungry, stopping when I’m satiated and not trying to force myself to eat on a specific timeline.

Also, thank you to all who offered their advice regarding my electrolytes question.


Bacon & eggs breakfast. Chicken liver pate wrapped in cheese slices and 200g cold rump steak. 2 coffees during the day with double cream. Marking university assignments on a sunny winter Saturday. Had 30 minutes shirt off in the winter sun after a few wintry days.

I find these little reports-in and this thread are great for keeping me on plan. I think community is important in going on health quests.