Full Blune Carnivore June


And here we are with June for Carnivore!

A wonderful lifestyle!

food yesterday for me was 1 and 1/2 big country style pork ribs which were delish

few slices salami

ended up being a OMAD day for me, which is rare, but hey it is summer and with my eating flipping around as usual I just go with the flow. The ribs satisfied me so much :slight_smile:

got nice NY Strip steaks I found in the freezer and need to use those. I definitely like to keep that freezer rotating

My only goal for June is just follow and listen to the body and eat what it is telling me to eat and put no other pressures on me. June will be declared a month to relax and enjoy the fine hot weather and swim and chill. Yea I am gonna use Full Blune Carnivore June to just chillax the month away LOL

Any goals or experiments or anything you want to try for June?
Any new insights you want to work on in this month?

Let’s start rockin’ out Carnivore June!

(Vic) #2

No goals, just a normal life.


Yeaa :sunglasses:


Goal: still trying to get rid of abdominal pains from over a year ago

(Edith) #4

Hey @daigo1, there is a new thread started about histamine intolerance. You may want to read what’s posted and see if anything relates to you. Stomach issues can be a symptom.


Thanks. I have a lot of the symptoms but I only eat pure beef and nothing else every day so there’s nothing I can really do in regards to food consumption if I do have a histamine intolerance


@Carnivoor, normal? you normal? HA :wink: just joking…I am also right now in normal carnivore life for sure. It is a nice place to be right? :slight_smile:

ohh so sorry D that you are having issues…not to intrude but what do you think they are from? Did you have some surgery or hernia type issues or ??? or do you think this is food related or ?? Again, no clue but just wondering what you think is going on with you and this is about a year now? forgive me if you mentioned but I don’t know


grocery store raised my snow crab legs up $3 per lb…can you believe it? Out of my price range now…done deal. Won’t be gracing those on my plate much anymore.

and I asked meat guy what’s the deal and he said before the memorial day holiday weekend they all came in and raised prices on almost every single item in the store!!! WOW we all in my area just got hit with big price increases —again! I tell ya guys, I wanna scream but it is what it is :crazy_face::clown_face:

@Azi, I did hit 2 packs of flankens on markdown sale and I snatched them up and I thought of you while buying them LOL!

_______****WELL tho my anniversary is in June. Really it is Dec 22 but with Christmas we never even remember that date HA so we picked June to be anniversary time for us…I know what I am doing…all you can eat snow crab leg buffet at our local good eats joint and I will make sure I eat like nothing the day before and I will attack so many crab that it will make my head spin :heart_eyes::star_struck: hey I got something to look forward to for a nice eating out!!


yea my meat and seafood goes up and up and up, the great stuff and my fish and fowl are increasing in prices too…yet I can get corn on the cob damn near free, the crops are in and produce so abundant that they are basically giving the crap away for nothing…and I don’t wanna eat that crap :poop:

repeat my mantra…let it go…let it go…let it go :roll_eyes::grimacing:


Doctors don’t know so at first both they and I thought it could be from being overweight so I lost about 60 lbs. but the pain is still persisting even after I am almost a normal weight now. I have never had any health issues prior to my weight gain. Paul mentioned a rare condition of chronic appendicitis which normally wouldn’t show up on an ultrasound so it could be referred pain from that. Otherwise no idea


I have no special goals, just keeping my carbs nicely low ~
I hope I won’t have those days with many meals but it’s no goal, I can’t control it much.

I start to get run out of eggs so I will have a bit challenging 2 days but nothing too bad. I have 6 eggs and lots of egg whites and some food containing eggs (not much). Time to invent egg white pancakes! (With only one yolk for 5 pancakes.)

I just ate soup, a little cheese I didn’t really want but my options were limited and it’s not bad, per se… And 100g chicken liver, fried. And ice cream because I have that and it has yolks and my options were limited and I can’t resist anyway… I made very very very good ice cream. I don’t explicitly want it but it’s nice and good for nutrients and satiation when I have no better options, I ate enough from every other food and I still need a little more. This is made with whipped cream,
not mascarpone as the previous one but I can’t tell them apart. They are vanilla flavored and very yellow, I have good yolks. I think I kinda finish my sweetener experiments, it was a good idea, it made things super easy even on very low-meat days and I rapidly loses interest… It’s the same as with cakes on keto, I so got bored of them as I always ate them that I pretty much stopped and now, years later I am still not interested, a few special ones has some tiny chance but the proper cakes, no. I don’t even feel desire to BAKE them! That’s serious :slight_smile:

I am not particularly satiated but that will arrive. Anything to avoid eating what I have. It was nice but enough. I couldn’t even finish my big amount of cheese. 34g, I am not used to that.

I think I should get the pork from the freezer, I can’t eat much liver, I barely have eggs… I will be fine at dinner but not tomorrow.
But it’s a bit too lean for a roast and I ate enough slightly carby stews lately. I wonder what one can do with meat… But I have an idea (the usual just with much less eggs, not 50% or more), I ground it, mix with an egg, maybe some sausage spice and fry it. Yum. That should work. With sour cream on top, I still adore sour cream and eat it every day. In moderation, of course.

And finally, finally there is no leftovers left for Alvaro and I don’t have anything I must use up so it’s time to grab the ancient leftover beef stew! Yay! So tomorrow will be easy and as carnivore as possible when one eats a little stew as well. It’s really small, Alvaro’s main dish for tomorrow, I will have pork so I will just taste it… a bit generously.
I finished the bresaola last night, it was nice. It’s a (quickly) acquired taste for me, I wasn’t into it first, it was so strange though not bad… But not good. Now I enjoy it. Perfect food when I am a tiny bit hungry but not really but want something on a lighter day… So it’s a little, satiating, satisfying extra. I messed up my day so many times when I chose my little extra wrong.

I will think about goals. Well, losing some fat would be nice. I want more energy, chill, OMADs and TMADs… If I just continue whatever I am doing (without the sweeteners I experimented with lately. it was nice and enough. surely I won’t stay away from them for good but they belong mostly to the past. but before this short time with them I had some time when I often ate fruits, seeing the flowers in the spring did something to me… hopefully these times are over and I only will cling to my dairy…), that will be perfect, I think.

Oh, have a nice eating out, @Fangs! One day I will revisit a nice place in a city farther away… All you can eat Asian restaurant. One just chooses various meats and fishes (and veggies if it’s their thing), some sauce and the guys fry everything quickly… I remember fondly when I ate that stuff. There are many other food items but those are carbier, cheaper and nothing special but I can’t buy all those fishes fresh in a supermarket!
And I can eat a lot if I am properly hungry :smiley: And it’s a nice place, proper restaurant atmosphere, one can just sit and eat for hours :smiley: At least I hope it’s still there, I wasn’t there since several years. Not a cheap place, of course but it’s worth it for someone who can eat and appreciate something slightly exotic. We really have so, so, so little variety regarding seafood (or just fish)… A few cheaper items I don’t like so much, a few expensive items and that’s about it. I like seafood now and then, I am just very choosy about it and we have no sea and seafood is usually not fatty or tasty enough for me… But there are good items I would like to eat (again. or not again, there are so many things I never could try!).

Oh, goal. I try to focus on creating things more and thinking about food less :slight_smile: I think I have some chance.

And it would be nice to gain a lil muscle this month :slight_smile: I weightlifted today. I should get used to it, my muscles take too much time to regenerate at the moment so I can’t do it 3 times a week. 2 good workouts are fine too I suppose but I don’t always have that either. I better get my act together. I will practice cycling too, I go to buy eggs on Thursday! Alvaro’s new bike has no basket on it so he can’t even buy me many but it’s fine, cycling is good, eggs are good, it’s a perfect combo for me if the weather is proper and my thighs can handle it. But they will on Thursday.


oh wow that is annoying and misery and interesting at the same time.

Not sure if this applies to you in any way…but my mother in law had a very small car accident when she hit a rut and it dragged her tire off the road and she went into a small ditch…slower speed, nothing dramatic but she small hairline fractured one of her back vertebrae and was in a body brace for that…she healed but when she over stressed her back again one time it showed up in the front…she kept saying her ‘gut area’ was miserable and hurting. They did liver, appendix, kidney, stomach and more tests and no one could figure out ‘the hurt’ and it wasn’t in her back at all, it was like ‘weirdo lower type front stomach pains’ and she finally got a Dr that asked her tons of questions and when she mentioned the hairline vertebrae fracture he said put on the body brace for 2 weeks and rest and more after an xray showing stress in that area on that crack and YES it fixed her weirdo tummy pain issues.

Now that is a big guess what I am saying…but hey could this be any part of you :slight_smile: :slight_smile: in any way…just throwing out some help on this and maybe a connection?

best chat is the one where we don’t hit the nail on the head but then one day…AHHH someone says something and it could be the issue maybe?


That could be it, yes. I also have bad posture from the stress put onto my spine from former athlete days (some of my bones developed abnormally due to the years of training since childhood). Maybe I will ask for an x-ray too


WOW that is wild you have issues with your back to that degree.

Cause my mother in law was for months and months saying ‘she hurt’ in the front gut area and it never ‘specific’ ya know…she just knew she hurt and was ‘off’ and miserable.

alot of dr appts to figure it out for her personally.

til she hit the one Dr that put the back injury as it might have flared up again and could be contributing to her ‘front pain issues’…cause mother in law never said OH MY stomach hurts. Or my XYZ hurts…it was just a ‘pain in an area’ and she couldn’t pin point it ya know…if that is the kind of pain you are having and can’t be truly pinpointed then yea, if you have that issue you know of with your back situation, yes it could be directed related and could easily be back issues and it is a weird time thinking it is ‘front gut issues’ or whatever is in that area…but it is all coming from your back issues.

Well D I hope it sent you maybe in a good way to find maybe what ails you :slight_smile: :slight_smile: I was surprised to read your response that you have big issues with back area, but hey, if a few tests to help you could be your answer to finding it all out maybe? wishing you only the best!

(Karen) #12

Very tired this morning as I didn’t sleep well. I have another rash which I believe is reaction to sundays suncream … again! Not the same suncream as what caused the last irritation either!!! So I have been scratching the top of my inner thighs, my neck, chest and inner knee. I am guessing I am in for another night of scratching. When I was being good and resisting the scratch I could just feel a burning sensation. Arghhhh this morning I had been put in the CF class after going on reserve list yesterday when I booked but I decided to give my spot yo another bod on the reserve lit. Nyway Doms had set in from the hero murph wod so the rest was welcome lol. Did the stair runs as per.

Had a ranch steak eggs and bacon for brunch. Wasn’t quite sure what a ranch steak was so looked it up and it is from the shoulder commonly known as chuck steak. Not enough fat on it, in fact none and I really missed the fat but the steak cooked rare was fairly tasty. I also found it much harder than my sirloins and ribeyes to get through it all even though it was roughly the same size.

Tiny bit of cheese later before popping to company shop late afternoon where I picked up a few bargains again. You can get more bargains in the morning though. Stocked up on some bacon and bought some raw prawns half price and a couple of packs of deli meats n cheese for 20p each. I don’t tend to eat them very much but at that price it would have been rude not to!

Dinner was lamb chops followed by both packs of prawns with cheese. One pack didn’t look enough but of course once I cooked them two packs looked mammoth! Lol … I am a greedy piggy and got through the lot! Gone off adding cheese to prawns … unless it’s just that I am using a different brand which isn’t as nice!

No real changes for June, just to stay on track eating lots of meat. I did think after todays food that I might have to cut down on how much I am eating because I am eating for the sake of it. Perhaps I need to train myself to listen to when I am full and pop what I don’t finish back in fridge to eat cold. Maybe not take too much out of the fridge leading me to believe I need to cook it before it is past using.

Restrictions supposed to get lifted on 21st of this month and our first social Dance in a year and half is on 25th and I can’t wait. If the restrictions don’t get lifted arghhhhh,!! :sob::sob::sob:



Liver is so confusing… I ate 200g for dinner and couldn’t eat much more of anything. (One light pancake - I spare my yolks so only used half the usual amount - was possible but barely. The light pancake is a bit tasteless but it will be good with the leftover yolk-heavy egg stew. I couldn’t even start to eat that.)
My hunger went away, I got a proper stop sign… But I was still not satiated. It was an odd feeling. But it went away, now I am super full and satiated and everything.

So I had a rare low-calorie TMAD day unless I will get hungry later. I ate way more for my OMAD yesterday.

Beef and pork are defrosting in the fridge, the near future is bright even without many eggs in the house.

Pretty prawn photo, @Karen18 :smiley:
(I want prawns too. When was the last time, 10 years ago? And I never ate it in my first decades…)

(Linda ) #14

Well I was up eating steak at 2am because I had my blood work this afternoon at 3.30pm.

So I came home from that hungry so I ate one flanken style rib 2 strips of bacon (let me know how you like them Fangs they my favorite lots of flavour)
I followed that up with calf liver coated in pork rinds and two more strips of bacon…
Wow liver is sure filling but I’m lucky cos I really like it.

Goals for the month well hopefully to just keep on trucking. For me carnivore has made life lot simplistic shopping is in and out food prep is alI so simple and really only happens to fish/ liver or chicken fried steak…The 5lbs that I gained back I lost 3 im still up 2 but my clothes still fit the same or slightly loser my rings have got loser to where they turn around on their own not to the point of coming off.
So it’s something I’m monitoring and trying to eat a lower fat with a higher fat to balance things…
I’ve got an appointment on the 11th with Dr C I cant wait to see how things have improved.

@Fangs yes it sucks on meat prices bacon here went from 15 dollars for 4 lbs to 24 dollars so when it was 16 last week I bought 4 packs of 4 lbs and threw in the freezer.
But you know what your so worth those crab legs no matter the price they are your treats and no different than having a special cake or special bag of eggs or candy if you were back in the carbs days. So I say don’t not buy them just keep in mind of all the crap you used to buy and no longer do.

(Vic) #15

Chicken liver and beef burgers.

The burgers came in a pack of 6, on sale, from the supermatket.
There was clearly a small quantity of shugar in them. Yuck. It didn’t say on the label, but it was there :confounded:

I don’t mind if my food is not perfect every day, but why not disclose it on the label?

(Amy) #16

Hi guys, thought I would pop in and visit the new June thread awesome thread name @FrankoBear :grinning: I just realised Aussies have named the last two threads. Go us.:kangaroo:. I am doing ok, I finally got rid of a four day long headache and my belly has not been in pain for two days so this is a good sign. I had chicken last night but I am over chicken now. So I got some good gourmet beef sausages today to change it up a little, so tonight sausages and eggs, simple but good. I was eating a lot of fish for the past week and keeping things really light for my tummys sake but yeah, I want meat. I have not had steak since before the energency room scare last week, I will ease into it. Very very tired today. I never get the endless keto energy. @Karen18 I went into the chemist today and asked for iodine and they didn’t sell it and they started telling me I shouldn’t have it and think it could mess up my thyroid.:sob: Damn cos I was looking forward to trying it. I need a new doctor as mine is negligent. Am still waiting for an ultrasound and my iron levels are very low and he wouldn’t offer me an iron infusion ( WHICH ACTUALLY HELPS) I actually have energy when I get an infusion. So will need a better doctor. I am so confused with my anaemic state…as I eat meat everyday.:thinking: Though my Mother has a condition she just got diagnosed with where she will have to have vitamin B12 shots every month for the rest of her life, I can’t remember the name of the condition but she said it runs in family’s so I will have to mention that to the doctor. It can’t be healed but as long as she has the monthly shots she will be ok.:slightly_smiling_face: @Fangs Mmmmm you are literally making my mouth water, country style pork ribs.:heart_eyes: Can you believe i have NEVER had ribs in my 32 years.:scream: My goal for this month is to get my medical problems fixed and to eat more calories. I don’t know why I struggle so much with this…I think it may be the ingrained annorexic thinking, if I go over 1300 calories my mind panics, it is damn silly. I have severe body dismorphia so people do roll their eyes at me, but they don’t see what I see in the mirror and it is real to me. I am getting better, 5 years ago I ate 200 calories a day so I am MUCH better now. :slightly_smiling_face: It is getting damn chilly here, but I am opposite to you with this one Fangsy…you love the heat but I say BRING ON THE BEAUTIFUL AUSSIE WINTER!!!:heart_eyes: I weirdly get more energy in the cold, in Summer I am agitated and overheat too easily, I’ve always been this way. Though I do enjoy swimming in Summer, have always been a complete water baby.🦭 @Carnivoor Mmmmm as usual nice food pics.:ok_hand:. @daigo1 Ouch, I hope your abdominal pains go away, I have them too so I can relate. I have had a stomach ulcer perforation and bowel surgery ect in the past…Take care, get it checked and I hope everything will be ok for you.:heart: So we have the same goal, get our tummys feeling better.:pray:. @Fangs Sorry about the raised meat prices…:crazy_face: It happens here too, lamb and beef and lobster is SO expensive… good mantra to have…Let it go, let it go, let it go, and it is winter here so let it snow…Not that it will, I am no Elsa from Frozen with a castle on a hill…:snowflake::snowflake::snowflake:. :snowman_with_snow::snowman:. Sorry I can’t help myself, I love to rhyme.:sweat_smile: It does not snow in the area in Australia I am in. @daigo1 Sorry I just saw another of your posts…Sometimes not everything shows up in an ultrasound, have you had a CT scan?? Where they inject dye into your blood stream and xray all your tummy in a machine?? When my ulcer burst, I had to have a CT scan to be diagnosed. @Shinita Oh I remember you telling me about this all you can eat Asian restaurant.:slightly_smiling_face: Like you, a goal for me should be creating things more and helping you create things more, I am your muse after all. We both need to float on creative clouds.:slightly_smiling_face: @Karen18 i can relate, I had one hours sleep last night and woke exhausted.:flushed: Sorry about the itchy’s and scratchies…Owwww. hope it clears up soon.:pray: Nice food pics…I sometimes like prawns but I have to eat them with cocktail sauce…your pics are making me damn hungry.:heart_eyes: @Azi I should eat liver too for the iron but I never liked the taste…:roll_eyes: I ate the rest of my chicken last night at 3am but not because of bloodwork…I just had the early morning munchies ( not from pot, I don’t smoke it…just the normal keto munchies :wink:) Hope your blood test results will be good.:pray: @Carnivoor I KNOW…I hate it when packaged meat doesn’t say there is sugar on the label… my sausages might be in the same boat as your burgers.:flushed:. They should just say exactly what’s in the meat…Like what if people have allergies…Damn it.:crazy_face::thinking:. Ok guys I have caught up and looking forward to June.

(Amy) #17

Very very ugly photo of Din Dins cooking. Yes I will clean the stove area…LOL.:sweat_smile:


wonderful food pics!

I sure would be buying the best of the best hypo allergenic type sunscreen and then cross your fingers LOL Keep searching, there should be one out there, maybe check out an all natural sunscreen company or something like that.

Next time you hit the city for shopping maybe search out a seafood store and see what options they have. All seafood is a great addition to carnivore. 10 yrs is too long without shrimp :slight_smile:

wow you got a massive hike on your price too! ugh. At least ya got 4 packs before it went ALL that much to the higher price!

So happy you are ‘leaner and meaner’, carnivore gives us that. It truly is not the number on the scale anymore on this eating lifestyle, it is eat the meat and seafood and let the body lean out :sunny: But it is cool you are experimenting on your fat intake and more and hope your dr appt goes well!!

@Carnivoor, beauty pic of your food…seems so nutrient packed, oozing vits and minerals from that plate!
Yea I can taste a grain of sugar a mile away. I know it is shocking when we eat something and hit that sugar taste and think…come on!! Anything prepackaged and made for us, darn they are sneaky on how they produce it.

So happy you are feeling better. Now you eat well and start more healing for you!! Yea the Aussies are up and running on the carnivore thread :100:

Real nice food pic, bet you enjoyed all that! yes and clean that stove area HA

____****-----ALL GOING WELL and have a big Tbone steak defrosting for later. I think I will keep that for second meal since I woke up so very not hungry. I think when I get a hankering I will just eat up some cold chicken and maybe a tin of sardines or so…then attack the big steak later.

Nice sunny warmer day. Goofing around outside doing this and that. Have mowing and more to tackle. Mow…omg the allergies are gonna flare but I don’t care, I feel too good to worry about some clogged nose and leaky eyes!! Bring it on HA

I don’t have any good seafood markets around me. But I think I am gonna google around the few close towns and see what I can hit. Got some great butchery shops but not seafood so…gonna make it a small mission to find me a few stores if not too far and explore.

(Edith) #19

It might be pernicious anemia. It’s anemia caused by B12 deficiency. We need something called intrinsic factor to absorb vitamin B12. There can be hereditary causes for lack of intrinsic factor, autoimmune causes. You may want to have yourself checked for that.


I already wrote before, you eat quite little meat (less than me!) and not particularly iron rich ones.
You told me a few times you will try liver and you still didn’t do it. Don’t be shy, I will be the last person to tell you to eat something you don’t like but the liver of various animals are very different, there are multiple ways to prepare it and you don’t need much! :smiley: When I am not into it but have some leftover, I mix it with some eggs, that’s nice :smiley: Plain scrambled eggs bore me.

Hi guys, I drop tracking again, I eat a ton either way.
Liver is filling but not really long-lasting, I ended up eating a bit at night too. The beef stew is quite good :wink: And so different from my normal food! I will buy some turkey soon, I ate so much pork and liver, I need something different (no, not my fish supply I didn’t touch since ages. I am not a fish person. it’s nice here and there but not now).

I decided I really will do my best to skip lunch or make it light and low-fat. I need a big dinner to avoid these mildly annoying night feedings and it’s not like I am normally hungry at lunchtime. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. I will be flexible, of course, I always eat when hungry. And often even if I am not but a proper long lasting meat satiation makes things so much better. So I expect a good day today eating wise. Meaty days are always easier but I can’t have them all the time. So I do something with my timing, that helps with all days.

Apropos low-fat. I decided on trying lowish-fat, it has some chance now :smiley: I don’t sat high protein as I almost always eat high protein and the last time I tried to raise my protein (it got very high as it’s super easy for me), I ate 260g fat… It’s super hard for me to raise any macros without raising fat. I am extremely bad at controlling my macros, not like I try hard, I believe in eating whatever I desire (with some training if it’s not the best direction) but still. My body has rules about it.

I fancy some leaner turkey now. Maybe it’s mental and I will say no later but it seems a good idea for me now. I like liver too. And now I lack egg yolks and my pork is lean enough too. And I tend to be not hungry until dinner. So it’s the right time to experiment with lower fat!

I don’t think I ever saw beef sausages. We mostly use pork, of course. It’s a pork country, very much, buying very fatty meat is very easy here. We have other traditions, herding sheeps was a huge thing here a few centuries ago (we have some Hungarian dog breeds for that) but now it’s hard to get mutton :frowning: Beef is in between, I can’t buy it in the nearby towns and villages though theoretically the butcher have some after it opens… I am glad if he has some good looking pig organs, the offer varies. I wanna buy a tongue next time, that’s good meat!

Our labels says everything as far as I know. But the law requires it, doesn’t it? is it serious enough to be a law? Whatever, some regulations at least and it’s a MUST. But it should be law, it’s about people’s health and well-being (that food industry neglects if it can get away with it, of course).

If the little beef stew won’t be enough for Alvaro, I will introduce him to my newest creation. It’s still the ex-vegan faux-sausage thing I mentioned multiple times already but it’s proper sausage at this point except when I make it for Alvaro (it’s vegetarian keto then, usually as he dislikes lard but he can handle it better now, it seems). Maybe I make a hybrid and a carnivore enough (just spices) one and we will see what he says to them? It would be convenient to make the same version for both of us and I don’t want to eat roasts all the time when I eat proper meat. While I was happy with my roasts, he simply didn’t get that sausage spiced dish… But he liked that. Without meat. But meat can just make it better so I will try. Alvaro likes meat as long as it’s very little and/or occasional. When we ate meat few times a year, he (very rarely) complained about the low frequency sometimes. And then he complained about the high one. He stopped that but makes sure he has meatless days.
I presume he (just like me) needs some time to get used to it but it goes way quicker for me (well, living basically on eggs and meat with some complimentary dairy can have this effect. I adore eggs but they are super boring without a significant amount of meat after a while :smiley: and it can’t be healthy either).