Full Blune Carnivore June


@FrankoBear, oh yea Paul S doing his ketovore experiments on himself…ok I remember that from longer ago…carnivore is drop all sugar, all the time, for all reasons and let our bodies heal so when Paul S does the I can eat honey BS he went ketovore, kinda like old days when Jimmy Moore did his I eat Keto and/or Carnivore yet I can eat carnivore and still eat 1 entire dark chocolate bar per day and do fine…well to each their own on those experiments but if one needs/requires/must be carnivore and follow this lifestyle eating sugar doesn’t ever come into play.

------------------SO my chicken was ick. Hubby prepared it, we spatchcocked it (whole roaster flattened) and I let him finish it off and he dry rubbed it will all kinds of crap…tasted horrible to me and tasted sweet cause it used some sugar based hickory smoked rub on it with other stuff he combined and —well—basically ruined the darn thing for me…kid and him loved it LOL

food yesterday was
some taylor ham slices
Tbone steak
few bites of icky chicken!
small cheeseburger patty and can of tuna

Remember everyone, if you need the carnivore lifestyle don’t let sugar back into your life for any reason…cause it is one step from a train wreck of backsliding for most of us! I get many can ‘ketovore’ experiment on themselves and do well…hey that is super cool for them truly…but if sugar is your personal downfall and physical misery comes from it in all forms, don’t use any excuse to allow it back into your life.
Carnivore will regulate your sleep eventually…mostly sleep issues are truly from life issues ya know…alot of reasons sleep can go wonky for many of us and carnivore and any other plan isn’t going to magically make us sleep 8 full perfect hrs of sleep each night LOL Wish it could but most of us know our lives are slam packed full of a ton of factors that effect sleep…don’t need to rely on a teaspoon of pure sugar to ‘fix us’ cause there are just so many non-sugar ways to help with sleep.

Ok just my personal thoughts on this and how I see it. My honest opinion on it all.


Oh my god, poor @Fangs… Shouldn’t he know it’s bad for you? And yeah, probably for him too but that’s another thing entirely. Sigh.
I love my sweets (well it depends, it’s a bit mixed) but sugar shouldn’t even come close to my meat. I can handle the almost zero in some processed meat but that’s it. I doubt sugary rubs are a thing here, I never ate something like that I think…

I tasted the salami Alvaro bought for himself as he likes that stuff. I like ham and sausage and I bought those… And pork belly or is that jowl, whatever, super fatty and cooked and tender and amazing :smiley: But we eat them a tiny bit a time so only one pack is opened.
Edible but not good as all salami to me. It hasn’t even paprika so inferior even other but better salamis… Oh well, it will be nice after many eggs :smiley:

It turned out the nearby shops had pork sales as almost every weekend… Chuck too, this time. Too bad I didn’t know but the town shop never has fresh pork for some weird reason. I still could have visited the town one but no problem, I will do that this weekend :slight_smile: We can cycle to a bigger town but it’s too long, I don’t really want to bring fresh meat from there, maybe a bit and we would cook it right away…

Summer is here. The hot summer when I refuse to go for walks while the sun is high up. It’s burning… The house got warmer :frowning: How on earth will I survive the really hot times when 80F/27C is already unbearable…? Woe me. But I realized I didn’t start to wear my hot summer clothes yet and I do that now. When outside as I can’t sit in almost nothing in 22C/72F. That’s my room, I go to bed in pyjamas and wake up due to super hotness and must undress. Few things wake me up when I am sleeping at night but feeling too hot is one of them.

Oh well, I will walk around 7pm and never run, it’s not like I run until now… I planned to, though. Maybe in October, that should be cool enough sometimes. Summer is my least active time by far unless I go cycling as miraculously I can handle that, even in the sun, even uphill. I feel hot but I am not exactly dying… That’s good, I need more activity!

The world around me is pretty though, all those green plants! :smiley: And whatever colors the flowers use (probably all of them including almost neon green). So I want to walk. I planned a walk in dinnertime, it never hurts not to eat even at 7pm as I too easily overeat, my trust is myself is minimal at the moment… But now eggs seem a better and better idea, I just boiled some and warm boiled eggs are so tempting! :smiley: I don’t need them yet though so I behave. But I love them warm and fresh… I avoided boiled eggs since a few days so my appreciation of them is high again even without hunger.

We will see, it’s very early yet.

Apropos sugar. Strawberry season started in my garden! It came late, probably due to all the rain in May. Only started (just like my newest carni streak) so Alvaro can have them for now. But they are pretty and all for me to see! And Alvaro and anyone who looks at them but it doesn’t matter to me.
They are prettier than good IMO anyway, it’s the big fav for so many people, well, not me. They are good but they are prettier and I can eat better things. Not like it is a good reason for me not to eat something but I don’t want them at all. Just to look at them.

I noticed that carnivore made my variety needs smaller. I still need some cute variety, sure but I am so fine with a handful of staples. At least for a while, I still don’t know what would happen longer term but considering how I act on my off days, I don’t seem to miss much…
Eggs immediately got less boring when I skipped plants, even without much meat at that time, to put it lightly… But now I am very very fine with eggs, pork, liver and a very small amount of other things. I can get bored of anything if I overdo it but it never lasts long and I have enough options. If I don’t want pork, I eat liver and when I get bored of liver, I already want pork again… And I even have beef, turkey, tuna or whatever occasionally. And my main staple, eggs, I couldn’t last 2 days without it (fasting days don’t count, not like I have them anymore) unless someone magically could give me a very tempting selection with the best seafood and fancy cuts…

I looked at shrimps and similar things, I don’t even know the differences, in the shop, still too big and horribly expensive packets for me… And I want tiny ones anyway and they didn’t have those. Oh well, we will visit a hypermarket eventually, that should have a wee bit bigger variety I suppose. I searched and yep, cheaper and smaller packets, I will buy one next time! Shrimps/prawns aren’t as tasty and rich as the way cheaper beef and pork so it doesn’t worth it at all for me regularly but I have to eat some again at this point.
I will find some nice recipe for it… I probably will throw some into my soup… I liked when I had soups with shrimps before.

I am not sure my sleep is bad, I just don’t have much energy in the morning. But I am no miserable super slow zombie in the mornings if I don’t overdo carbs (maybe not even then? I won’t test it, one day surely don’t do that) so I should be happy with that.
I still can’t consider honey as animal based, how could I? It comes from the sugary juice in plants but it doesn’t matter anyway. Sugar isn’t what my body likes, it is very clear on it. It handles it if I throw it at it but it still doesn’t like it.
But each to their own, I suppose. I would eat it if it would help me with a big problem but I never ever noticed any benefit.

A big meal right before bed may help sleep (though many people says the opposite. it definitely helps in my case) but my morning won’t be so nice then. So I personally keep my 6-8 or more hours fast before bedtime. I was so good with up to 12 hours before but it’s in the past, I get hungry. So I go for 6-8 hours now, maybe less but I doubt it :slight_smile: So I eat dinner(s) only if I can, it’s ideal looking at it from both direction…

We will see, it’s not like I control this, I just vaguely decide things and maybe my body will cooperate…


Why I am here and this explains it all for me personally!
Many won’t ever ‘fit my life I require’ and that is cool, but for me, this is the way forward!

(Edith) #64

Thanks for that. I also read that he just couldn’t get his electrolytes squared away and developed heart palpitations. Adding some carbs back in stopped his heart palpitations.

I’m currently doing an experiment by not wearing my Fitbit to bed to see if the green light from the pulse detector is what messes with my sleep. So far, four good nights of sleep versus one bad night. I’m giving this experiment an entire month.


Had my ultrasound+CT scan done, gastroenterologist sent me to a neurologist because they suspect it’s a nervous system issue and not a GI one. Neurologist said there’s nothing we can do until I start developing a concrete illness and there’s really no possible preventative measures to take aside from continuing my carnivore lifestyle (they had no opinions on carnivore, but just told me to keep doing what I thought was best for my health). I even told them about how Paul on here had chronic appendicitis and Fangs’ M-I-L had abdominal issues stemming from her back and they checked all of that on me and conclusively said it was none of those. They even considered rare stuff like abdominal cutaneous nerve entrapment. Oh well, I guess I can live with stabbing pain and hope that carnivore makes it go away


Not my most enjoyable meal, oh well. I very rarely buy pâté and other spreads but for emergency/variety and possibly for Alvaro I have some. The salmon one is nice but the pâté with beef is bad. Overpeppered too. I don’t even eat pâté, I just fry my liver and it works nicely.
Alvaro’s salami is greasy, not nice and a bit bitter too. I stop eating that.
The bresaola is fun like always but I got a packet with some super thick slices again. I prefer the thin slices.
The eggs were good enough.
And I felt pure starvation for an hour. I was so fine before the first bite, no hunger, no appetite just satiation. I ate because I was fed up with my headache and who knows…?
Hopefully I ate enough now, my appetite is definitely negative now so more eating isn’t possible by my own will. But I think I am fine, I get fuller with every minute as I am sitting here and the bresaola finds the way into the depths of me. At least it feels it does this satiating action.

My head is still not well. Maybe the weather, it’s a rainy sunny day today. Not at the same time though that would be easily possible too. I am not particularly sensitive but I noticed some weak correlation in the past. But who knows? Almost anything and its opposite can cause headaches.
I don’t blame the carbs in my past as I never noticed that would matter but for my tiny starving? I totally blame them. But it’s actually not rare when I wait until dinner (well, an early dinner, it wasn’t even 5pm). But I felt less than zero need and desire to eat, of course I didn’t do that.

Tomorrow I eat at least a bit pork, it’s surprisingly hard without some proper meat :smiley: I ate a little liver only as always. And almost no dairy. It wasn’t a bad day, it just could have been better.

Oh, new article. I have an article reading day.

We don’t want pumpkin pie, not because it’s not ZC, but because we will suffer for days after eating it.

Meanwhile I don’t suffer afterwards at all. I don’t want it because it’s pointless. I can eat much better food, health and taste wise alike. I need some stupid compulsion or special circumstances to eat it - but if it was made “normally”, it would be inedibly sweet anyway (and starchy, I suppose. never ate that specific dish). Not like I don’t have methods to balance that out but let’s forget it. And nothing can balance out the effect on my body and it may be barely noticeable but it’s not polite to do such things to it.

If something hurts, it seems the easiest thing to avoid the items in question from my hedonistic viewpoint.
Nothing edible hurts me in a way I would really feel it (to a big extent, at least. I managed to go over my limits a few times in the last decade, it was hard but I can be very stubborn. I like to think I am not that sensitive or idiotic anymore. but it wasn’t just carbs, it was massive overeating, the fat content alone could have done the trick, well the carbs surely didn’t help). And I don’t use willpower either. I need to be tricky. Or patient. Even if I do my worst, time is my ally, I get better and better. Carnivore is very special, keto never could bring me far from carbs, they stayed close to me. Now I actually look at dishes I ate on keto and I can’t consider it food or just barely. I still didn’t get used to that. I had this “not food” thing years before keto but with way more carby items, items I easily cut out of my diet. It’s very different with my important items on keto, things I couldn’t imagine to stop eating…
But I wrote about this many times.

I couldn’t send it when I wrote and now I even tracked :slight_smile: A cute meal of ~1550 kcal, a tad more fat than protein, the usual. Even if I don’t track, this much is expected.
About 0.3 pounds of meat, it will go up in the near future but it was definitely enough for me now.
And nothing helps with my headache so my eyeballs are aching but hopefully it’s only for today. At least I feel nicely satiated. Just like before my meal but after meal satiation is still different from well-fasted satiation.

(Karen) #67

Stair runs and CrossFit done this morning. Was nice cos my daughter was on a late shift so came to the class, nice to be seeing her 2 days on the trot. Regretting yesterdays pub lunch as I was seriously belching from the time I got up. Very unladen like but needs must!

Straight home and flattened the boxes in the recycle bin which led on to pulling the weeds that I had sprayed last Sunday and cleared up the hedge trimmings and dead leaves as tomorrow is bin day for both recycle and garden waste. Front drive looking nice and tidy now. Then brushed down the stair carpet and hoovered and ate! I was ready for brunch by that time.

Decided to have the remaining cooked chicken sauted in butter and adding melted cheddar. Haven’t had that in quite a while and it was quite nice.

Dinner was a bit of cheese and then rump steak rare 2 eggs and bacon ahhhh so flippin tasty. Anchovies a tad bit later, just because lol.

One thing I forgot to mention yesterday was that as I was clearing everything I wasn’t going to eat off my plate on to a spare plate I’d asked the waitress to bring me my daughter asked me if I had got a bit of ocd ??? Does anyone else get asked that when eating out with people??? I think I must have been very particular in getting every flippin carb removed from that plate lol

(Jenn) #68

Today I accidentally did OMAD. Had some 75/25 beef patties with 2oz of grilled halloumi. Didn’t even get all the way through the meat before I hit the “wall”. It’s been interesting for me to feel the difference in hunger and satiety cues with this WOE. I’ll go hours and not even think about it food (whereas before it occupied my every waking thought) and usually before I’m done with my meal the mere thought of taking another bite almost makes me feel sick. It’s like my tastebuds stop registering what I’m eating and I’m just done.


My tastebuds have absolutely nothing to do with my satiation stop signs…
And I only have this clear stop sign with meat (as I almost never ate meat before carnivore, it was a very new experience to me. and because carbs mess this up epically and I always ate carbs before, I did a pretty carby keto). And sometimes I stop while a bit hungry as my appetite went into the negative… I did that today.

I still think about food a lot, I am a very serious case but it’s very different to do it as a mental disconnected-from-me thing, hobby, I-cook-for-others… And not actively wanting to eat at some level. I am nicely satiated and eating doesn’t interest me anymore. That’s cool. Carbs totally ruin that chill unless I eat a big meal so eating more on the same day is out of question.


wow D that was alot of testing and medical help and you still come away with no answers. Must be frustrating as heck for you!!

Where is this pain and how does it hit you? Only in certain situations or movements or is it all the time?

I broke 2 ribs and long time after healing I got this ripping/stabbing chest pain when I turned or swiveled or sat down wrong or whenever and I thought WTH…no clue. So asked Dr about it and right off the back she said it is your ribs you broke and I thought HUH? those are healed but she said ribs alot of times heal with a burr on them, and that bone burr can catch your chest muscle and cause pain and I thought what in the world…but after about another yr it disappeared mostly and only rarely does those muscles snag on my rib cage area.

Could it be from maybe a past injury to that area you might have dismissed?

again just throwing out some ideas cause one might hit on an issue when chatting it out!

It sounds more physical than diet related ya know.


I do the same. Always another plate for carb scraps and always ask for all sides to a meal put in little side dishes/bowls so I can easily hand them off to my hubby to eat. I annoy a waitress for sure HAHA
It becomes so normal to ask for this off the plate, no extras, put other crap in a side bowl to feed to another at the table :slight_smile:

It is wonderful isn’t it? I call it my food focus level. When just lower carb I focused on food 24/7 and then when I went all in with carnivore I took all that food focus away. I was focused so much on ‘zero carb eating and meat’ it got annoying when I started LOL but very soon it became all about just eat the meat and done. No more wondering about crazy lc fake recipes, no more tracking of anything and all that focus was out the window…just eat, get full, forget about food til you are hungry way later again…ahhh, that was the ease of life I needed!! Glad you are doing so well and finding your hunger cues and more that suit you!

**********country style ribs were delish.
had a tin of sardines and some salami also

got a nice ribeye steak for later today
not sure what else I might eat.

have like 4 days of rain on us…ugh…I want some nice sunshine and I want it now LOL Head is a bit cloggy from sinus from weather but will survive, allergies acting up a bit. We got some tree sending off waves of little white fluffy pedals or something into the air, like it is snowing outside. At least these days of rain tamp down that floating pollen around so that helps a bit!

Hold carnivore strong everyone!

So I bought beef liver/heart/kidney ancestral supps a long time ago and took a few and put the bottle in the cabinet and forgot about them…saw them the other day and thought, I am gonna take them ALL and see if it means anything?? I paid alot of money for that darn bottle and thought, eh, will take them and see if I feel different…so 3 in the morning and 3 in the evening til I use up the bottle and kinda try to see if they made any kind of impact on me?? we shall see.

(Karen) #72

@Fangs what a great idea for future reference. Although I had made it clear I was just a pure meat eater and my daughter reiterated it still came with all the carbs. I will definitely ask for the other stuff to be served in side dishes from now on. :slightly_smiling_face:

Stair runs and CrossFit this morning, yet another hard gassy workout but I strangely prefer these to the weight lifting days. Finished with a romwod with the coach which is like a yoga stretch session which we did in the sunshine just outside the box and it was red hot!

I have completed mountain #15 ,today, Broad Peak @ 26,414ft

Brunch was 3 lamb chops which were lovely and some cheese.
Bit more cheese mid afternoon.
Dinner was sirloin steak, very tender, bacon and eggs. Extra bacon today to use it up.

Love this woe and don’t think I could go back to a carby lifestyle. To think many days I couldn’t be bothered to cook for myself and just ate crap.


I could cook very simple carby stuff - as I already do for Alvaro. But nope, even low-carb is beyond burned bridges, I can visit shortly but I don’t feel right there for longer. I can’t even do much with most of my old keto dishes.

So, I had another OMAD day, yay!
But I enjoyed my meal less than yesterday and I felt wrong afterwards… It probably wasn’t a good idea with eating when I got hungry but I had no appetite and it wasn’t a big deal, I just lost all my energy and napped… So next time I eat when I feel the slightest but real hunger. And make sure I will have better food.

I made soup from too little bony meat but some fish soup concentrate helped with the taste… It’s mostly just some warm salty liquid I can put eggs in… Alvaro expressed his desire towards some nice soup. Definitely not with meat only. Oh well, he will solve it somehow, he always does.
I personally want some sour soup with cream next.

Tomorrow I will eat pork again and I expect an enjoyable meal.

I am a total hero, I picked a bowl of strawberries of exquisite beauty today and let Alvaro to eat them and I even plan to continue with this, that one reason pork for tomorrow is a must :D. But I really should rise my meat intake at this point anyway and my desire towards eggs drastically dropped. Today I had liver, bresaola, a bite of salami and the not so great pâté (mixed with sour cream as it makes it better), just a little from each. And eggs, of course.
I planned pork-egg biscuits but it didn’t happen in the end.

I took a walk around 8pm. It was a bit too hot… But I saw Eurasian/Australian/common coots at the pond! Wow, why it has such names :smiley: If Australia has it, why to call it Eurasian?


Okay so I never ever will figure out how I should eat at my meal… It’s good I can eat later at any time. It’s 3MAD then, I hope it stops now as it’s 1:30am already.

At 10pm I was hungry and it felt a terrific idea to eat some meat. So I did. All was well, the wrongs got right.

And then I was starving at 1am so I obviously ate again. I am very unfamiliar with cravings since long, I think, rare compulsions happen but that’s different. But I very much crave meat now and it’s probably my first. Sure, I like my pork and I was hungry and wanting “not eggs” a few times but it’s very different from that. I am sure I ate enough already and my body should shut up, it’s not hunger, it’s typically what I get when my body is a tad restricted and it’s fine with it, really, I feel no problem at all… Until it suddenly changes and overcompensates. The reasons for now are complex, timing, energy intake and what kind of food I have now. It was a bit unfortunate combination and I would have been doomed without my little leftover pork. Oh well. I change the parameters a bit but I basically stick to what I started, it seems the right direction. I use up all the meat I have (very little but it should be enough… I don’t count liver as I had enough of that for now. I have PLENTY of liver…) in the next days and I buy more on Friday in the village.

It was so nice after my second meal. I am not even sure my third was a good idea, I think it wasn’t. Night feeding when my body isn’t fully pleased with the near past, that’s one of the most dangerous situations I can imagine eating wise. Nothing bad happened but now I feel full. So I will be too full in the morning. Next time I better remember that…

I want some simpler times now. If I need to buy a ton of pork for that, so be it :smiley:
Oh pork shoulders will be on sale in the village shop. Now when I want leaner meat. Oh well, it should be fine… I cut back the cream instead, that’s a great idea just hard to do if one is me!
(Lower-fat butter, people are insane…)
The village shop is pricy, even the stuff on sale, pork is a rare exception, yay! :smiley:
Oh pork chop on sale too? I wonder if that is edible, that’s awfully lean, I never liked it but maybe it’s good as ground meat… Mixed with something fattier…
Nicer times are coming then. I don’t need to make the most challenging style that is maybe possible for me… If I don’t make my life easier with enough proper meat on carnivore, when do I do that? :smiley: I will eat less meat when I don’t want more, I have phases… I should depend on the village shop sometimes even if I visit it, like, once in every 3 months…


Ditto. I get this particularly with eating baked beef ribs.

There is a winter storm on its way here today. It’s been brewing for a few days.

Scotch fillet steak and two eggs last night. No added fat. Just cooking in breakfast pan grease from the bacon (4 rashers) and 4 eggs. 2MAD. 16hrs not eating, 8 hour eating window. 2 cups black coffee. Second one had cream. Log fire in wood stove. Wood stove cooking. Rain on the iron roof.

(Linda ) #76

I spent the last couple of days reading “strong medicine” It was such a good read …and it’s nice to see that even though it wasn’t called carnivore back in early 1900s it was still shown to do the same healing way back in then that we see today.

My food has been rib roast and chopped beef…im still up a couple of pounds but im not cutting back food im going to follow Fangs advice and just try to not panic and keep eating…

(Karen) #77

There are a few books by that title, who is the author?
I would be interested in reading it.

Well done getting some of the increased lbs off again. I am sure it won’t be long before you are back to where you were before the gain.


You make winter sound appealing :slight_smile: You are eating well and that is great too! We finally have the bigger high temps hot weather around here, I am in my summer glory! Can’t wait for all in swimming to commence!

yes never panic on a few lbs. Anything can ‘be about a few lbs’ LOL so just as we hold our eating to when truly hungry and just let carnivore heal us we do best. No use to cut back and control anything yet…you are doing so well!

Strong medicine is a great read.

Here is a link to read for anyone interested:

I love what he says in the book---- He says that if his patients did not eat enough food, enough times a day, they would invariably stop losing body fat.

alot of good info from a book written long ago!

----------****SO I ate 1 giant country pork rib
I ate few slices taylor ham
3 cheeseburger patties

didn’t want that ribeye steak but have to eat it today so I don’t lose it.
which is fine, I want it today LOL

I have to watch defrosting too much meat right now. Summer I just eat less so I have to be careful not to defrost too much at a time cause wasting any meat is not an option :slight_smile:

Lately I am loving cheeseburgers. No clue why but just those country pork ribs are a fav and now I am leaning more on cheeseburgers. Eh, I just go with the flow and eat what I want when I want!

Blune June is rolling along and we are all carnivore strong!!


Hey all. Still hammering through June. Had a few slips where I popped a handful of pumpkin seeds, pistashios or pecans. I guess my mouth got bored. =+/ Anywhoooo… still waiting to hear back from doc re: the ultrasound on my left leg. Still throbs after being on my feet at work for a few hours. Not sure how long I can keep this up.

Been making plenty of meats in the Instapot. Love that thing! Made batches of white pine needle tea also, as a Native American friend had mentioned how it is used to alleviate cramps and bleeding - which I am all too familiar with. And, it works amazingly well. I just chug a few cups a day. It tastes like lightly pine-flavored water, and is quite pleasant. Nope, not carnivore - but I’m more tired and exhausted from bleeding and cramps than I am worried about being 100% carnivore at this point. I have done 100%, and its great, but, right now - there are other things at play that must be dealt with. So. Here we are.
Still maintaining my loss, working on more. Trying to start planking again, but it is hard. Going to push through and see if I can make it through another long day at work. I’ll be glad when its Friday!

Have a great day, all.

(Vic) #80

Just food