Full Blune Carnivore June


@FrankoBear, I gotta tell ya I am one step from reporting your post…putting dripping honey on a spoon in a carnivore thread…yea not cool :clown_face::crazy_face::unamused:

OK everyone who wants to be carnivore, do not let ‘carbs fix your issues’ cause there are no reasons sugar should be used to fix anything in our lives…Just throwing out my point of view on that one! Everyone hold your no sugar carnivore lifestyle and don’t be swayed!

public service announcement from me on that one HA

************So very fun time with family yesterday. We ate a ton of ribs. My brother and his son both are ‘more carnivore’ in lifestyle but will do some carbs…I guess they are ketovore type people but they attacked the ribs like a pro!

but I did something strange I never do…I drank 5 beers. Didn’t bring hard liquor and saw my bro bought 2 six packs for all of us to enjoy and I was gonna say NO way and thought, screw this I am gonna party up a bit…whew it backfired on me for sure!!

So I drank 5 light beers. I buzzed out around beer 3 and enjoyed the fun with it all and sucked down the other 2…then we ate a ton of ribs and had a great time chatting and all that…

when I went to get out of the car after we left and got home I could barely move. I was so stiff and sore and felt like someone took a baseball bat to my entire body. It was insane. My whole body was stoved up and rigid and yes it was painful. Got worse over the next hr or so but then I was slamming down alot of water and took Ibuprofen too for any relief and I would say about 5-6 hrs later I was feeling better. The joints loosened up, the whole body system ‘felt moveable’ and stiffness went away. It was strange for sure. It was SO noticeable it kinda freaked me out and I put it to one thing…beer. Hadn’t had more than an occasional 1 every now and then and not that often, very rare, but these 5 beers showed me one thing. Never a beer again! That is out of my life permanent now, it had to be the issue. Any future time I want a drink it will be rum…the only thing I like anymore and want so that is my path of not bothering to drink anything but that again if and when I only truly want it, which is not much anymore as I get older LOL Not putting that beer in me ever again! Woke up feeling ok this morning but it was a very strange hit I took. I didn’t like it one bit. It was in my face and on me and hurt my body and it was a WOW moment for me on that one.

food yesterday was

few slices bacon
few slices taylor ham

alot of delish ribs!

5 light beers (never again!)

Funny thing is I woke up feeling very ‘thin’ which surprised me cause beer usually always bloats me up like a maniac in the guts but this time, another strange thing, I got almost NO bloat…probably why I continued to suck down those last 2 beers cause I wasn’t so bloaty and uncomfortable.

I don’t know…it was all a strange issue with these 5 darn beers HAHA

Feel great so today I am defrosting a nice pack of country style pork ribs and eat those as second meal of the day cause now, I am super not hungry at all and no draw for food so will just play the day and see how it goes.

Carnivore on everyone! We got this!!!


No worries Fangsy. I blurred out the word. Now the picture looks like a spoon of gold liquid.

But that well known carnivore leader, Dr Salad-ino says…

And carnivore eating is not necessarily zero carb in all its forms, is it? It can be low carb. But it’s not necessarily ketogenic. It can be an elimination diet versus plant toxins. Even with a tea spoon of honey it remains low carb and even ketogenic. The liquid is animal-based food, like dairy. That also spins us toward the addiction of coffee. But if coffee is acceptable as a drug, then isn’t there room for bee vomit?

I was just thinking. There are many readers of the thread. Are they carnivoyeurs?

No, I am not drunk. :wink:


I hear ya on what you are saying but carnivore is eating an animal only.
Or an animal based product like an egg is not like honey ya know…honey is ‘made by an insect’ which is in the animal kingdom but it is not an animal at all. An egg actually is an animal LOL

Carnivores never ever, never ever, care about any carbs that come from an egg or some shrimp or any animal product they eat. Only carbs we care about are the ones wrapped in veggies, or grains or eating straight sugar like honey. We don’t want those.

Carnivores are always ketogenic diet—in the sense we burn only ketones. We are not glucose burners at all so now we got that ‘ketogenic as in always in ketosis’ and ketogenic as in ketone burning body LOL

Liquid gold…more like liquid death to me that picture…damn near could trigger my darn addictions to want to have it again…I truly love to use a carnivore thread and post pics of meat/seafood we prepare and keeps me on my lifestyle and avoid all the sugar pictures cause in truth, I don’t wanna see them truly.

So carnivore is not ‘low carb’ as in eating a low carb diet…a low carb diet is mostly saying limit your veggie, grain, plant, sugar carb intake to ‘lower carb’ and while carnivore is a low carb diet LOL again, it is this play on words that is bullsh** to the max in the bitter end of it all.

We are zero carb…means eating zero sugar/carbs in any form from plant matter. Carnivore means eat animals and nothing else (dairy we know is that weirdo option we put in our lives for each of us)

coffee we know should NOT be a drink on zc/carnivore BUT it is a 0 carb product. and it is one most people in the world won’t take out of their menu ever cause they love it…and if you do well on coffee and you want an enjoyable lifestyle long term to suit yourself personally and want to keep coffee then yea, 0 carb coffee can remain as a personal option…after all no real food police gonna come to your door right HA

honey has about 17-20 grams pure sugar per tablespoon and IS PURE sugar intake and not an animal and this can easily trigger many people, like me, to go insane…not saying everyone, but it sure can for me!

remember coffee is not sugar. Coffee has essentially 0 carbs. Coffee is to truly be dropped from carnivore but will kept by many cause it is a way to make this lifestyle enjoyable on their terms they want long term. Cool.

Honey. Pure sugar. Carnivores eat no sugar! None, nada. We don’t play the ‘sugar carb low limit diet’ game at all…that is for LC diet or keto diet etc. to play sugar carb limiting from plants and all other sources.

bee vomit…omg! honey is bee’s food for their life…leave it to them…as I leave the grass and crops to the animals who need to eat them to feed me :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I first went LCHF about a decade ago, and went on and off it for years. I’m not a huge drinker, but when I wasn’t actively watching my carbs, every three weeks or so I’d enjoy going to the pub and having 2-3 beers - lager and light ale especially. (When I was doing LCHF, I’d always drink soft drinks - when I was forgoing alcohol - or spirits.)

But now, beer floors me. I can drink spirits with ease, but a single pint can make me feel really unwell.

I can’t decide if it’s the general reduction of carbs over the years, age (I’m not that old, eek), or increasing insulin resistance (probably this, I guess).

I suppose it makes sense - having a beer is a flood of carbs, akin to liquid bread.


you got showed and I just got showed!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::skull_and_crossbones:

I looked up Coors Light beer…5 carbs per bottle. So 25 carbs and that is a flood for me for sure but it is grains right, hops, barley, wheat and more grain crap all concentrated and nailed me big time! I think my body showed me with no reservations how it feels on this stuff now!

and alcohol we know the body treats as a poison so I over poisoned me, not a doubt in my mind on this one LOL

Liquid bread, yup, sure is…all grains! bad juju eating this stuff or drinking this stuff!


I’ve had a couple of months off drinking altogether, but I’m going to have a few spirits over the next week or so - I’m curious to see what impact it has now that I’ve had a break from it. I suspect I might be in for a not nice surprise, ha.

On a general carni note, as I’ve not joined in so far this month - all pretty much the same here. Eat steak, eat eggs, drink water, lift weights, sleep consistently, repeat.


oh yes and when ya do have a few drinks let us know how you do…more we are off certain things in the menu and longer term, when we add back, like my beers did to me! we see truly just how our bodies don’t want this stuff.

Glad you are holding carnivore and doing so well! Eh, we know you are carnivore and part of this group even if you aren’t posting as much!! :slight_smile:


Honey is plant sugar in its origins, not like it matters to me, sugar is sugar, I wouldn’t eat condensed milk either.

Not like I didn’t go astray, things got added up. I shouldn’t let my egg supply go this very low… But now my meat run out and I can’t really buy much in the next 3-4 weeks…
Well I have eggs and liver, it shouldn’t be too bad. I try to keep my net carbs very low, it shouldn’t be hard. I am well-fed, even zero food for weeks shouldn’t cause a big problem.

I saw myself in the mirror anyway and a long EF felt tempting but well, I can’t even do OMAD. So I will exercise more as there are zero other ways to lose fat for me at this point. Of course I shouldn’t touch food unless I have huge difficulties without but I know it won’t happen…
I pretty much lost patience.

I try to be super scarce, I should get rid of the biggest part of my food addiction.

I drank beer myself, btw. 150ml or something. I don’t even know how to drink a whole beer… And we almost never would drink more than one (being at a nice place for hours could be an exception), Alvaro is pretty content with the 250-350ml he gets :slight_smile:

So I “experimented” (everything is an experiment even if it wasn’t my goal) with carbs again. Nope, my body isn’t into it. But it can handle, sure.
Btw, how on earth could our species evolve to people who prefer desserts containing 54% sugar? I just can’t wrap my head around that nowadays… Humankind knows all that sugar is bad. And there are alternatives too, even not expensive ones. Why they keep producing and eating all that insanely sweet sugary things? We here don’t even have the low-carb bars most of you probably could buy if wanted… It’s just easy and almost no one care…? Probably.

Alcohol… I always wanted to try to famous bigger sensitivity on keto and never ever could :frowning: I drink too little to begin with and I probably drink beer when I already messed things up with more carbs… Oh well. Maybe one day. Preferably after a long fast to make things interesting… No, I can’t be so bad to my own body, okay then :slight_smile:

Back to carni topics. I got bresaola and ham :smiley: And that 86% fat thing (in grams). WHY I bought that and a huge piece of it (apart from it being super tasty)…? I don’t know but hey, I don’t have proper meat, I probably can afford it :smiley: I just need something lean with it… Some bread type as it’s a fatty stuff… Can I eat it with pancake? Oh I forgot I have sponge cakes too, I took a break from those. That’s a good idea, I make some again! I will make experiments with fattier times and more protein rich times! I suspect the latter is better for fat-loss but who knows? Fat tissue satiates me well (if I eat the required protein too).

I really hope the town butcher will have pig tongues next week… That’s very good meat and I STILL didn’t buy it ever as fresh meat. The village shop surely will have some non-chicken fowl meat… I don’t want the challenge of almost zero proper meat for weeks, after all. It doesn’t matter what else I add, it can’t be good. But now I am okay with liver, I fried some today, Alvaro appreciated it too.
Hopefully I won’t get bored of it easily :slight_smile:

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Thanks @FrankoBear I used to eat a lot of honey pre keto but it never helped me sleep. I used to have it in my fruit teas and always a spoonful if I felt a cough coming on. I swore by it as the coughs never fully developed when I had the honey. Not had any since May 2020. Mind you haven’t had a cough since then either lol

(Karen) #50

Stair runs and CrossFit this morning. Paired up with my daughter for a gassy workout which was super fun and I love it all the more doing it with my daughter.

Brunch bacon and eggs and last lamb chop. On the photo it looks a bit like cake lol it was too fatty and just didn’t enjoy it i had to leave a fair bit but the bacon and eggs were lovely.

Dinner belly pork slices which is not something I would usually eat. It went down okay, had 500g but won’t be having it again anytime soon. Followed it with cheese which took away the greasy taste of the pork.

(Jenn) #51

Any goals or experiments or anything you want to try for June?

My first goal is to lose 10lbs. That will put me 25lbs away from my goal. I just received my first Butcher Box. I opted for all beef, but I’m also getting the free bacon so that’s exciting. My only deviation from true carnivore is that I drink coffee. I’m hoping to see my eczema continue to improve.

(Linda ) #52

Well I went out for dinner it was a rib eye and it came with mushrooms and onions I decided I’d try those…the onions were so sweet they could have been topped with cream and eaten as desert the mushrooms also had a sweetness not noticed before I did not eat all the onions but I paid for it on the scale in water weight, and prob inflammation I shot up 7lbs omg …lesson learned I hope can’t be doing that again… first time eating out at a steak restaurant since covid …it hasn’t led me to keep eating off track I ate steak and bacon yesterday down 2lbs of weight 5 to go…
Todays food is rib eye steak


Last night was cold, second hand beef rib from last week and a gnawed on the bone of the rib fillet steak from last week as well. That gnawing and tearing meat off the bone with my teeth has some positive psychological benefit. The fat is hard and harder to eat when the rib cut has been refrigerated.

If someone is chasing body fat loss it may be an option to eat a bit less dietary fat by eating meat as cold cuts?

I’ve had work spinning in my head at night detracting from restful sleep. So, I tried a test suggested by some carnivore doctors and it worked well for me. Good sleep.

Sunday breakfast was 3 large eggs, 3 rashers of bacon, and 3 slices of Jarlsberg cheese. 2 cups of coffee as I have to do homework this weekend. But if the sun stays out, I’ll get out for 30 minutes winter sunshine on my skin.


Welcome to the carnivore group!
your coffee is ok if you do ok on it and it helps you and doesn’t hinder you, alot of carnivores keep their coffee :slight_smile: Glad the eczema is improving and you hold the course your skin should heal very well.
Butcher Box, oh my, nice meats!

@Azi, yea up 7lbs that fast, wow. You are ultra sensitive for sure and I understand that cause I am the exact same way. Everything will taste super sweet when off all but carnivore lifestyle. I know I used to use a tiny bit of fresh minced garlic on my steak when I started zc, then a while later I dumped it cause it had such a sweet taste it ruined my steaks. Never thought that would happen but it does for many of us…I don’t like any sweet taste in my food now. Your 7 will come off very fast with homecooked meats your way :slight_smile: restaurants we all play the game of how it was prepared and all that stuff, so yea, you will be fine!

@FrankoBear, so sorry about work stress FB. It stinks. You know I am fully early retired now but when I think back about work stress in my life it saddens me. We allow this to happen to us you know, what I allowed work to do to me and how it dragged me down is eye opening for many of us. It just is wrong but work is work too so? ugh

Test for sleep from carnivore dr? OK I bite…what did you read and what was suggested and it worked? Cool…gotta know more on that one please~!

************food yesterday was few slices bacon, few slices taylor ham, 2 cheeseburger patties.

just didn’t want anything else. I love when food drops down into a zone of not being a focus. Not being on my radar. Summer time does it for me all the time! Winter I eat like a bear before hibernation and thru boredom cause cold weather is not my gig…summer I am outside moving all the time and don’t just require or think about food in the same way.

I do have a nice Tbone for later. Woke up very not hungry so will just eat something smaller for first meal and hold my Tbone for second meal.

I bought some whole roaster chickens on sale. So cheap. Not a huge chicken fan anymore but I am gonna start to incorporate it more. I am going to spatchcock one and have hubby grill it outside and see how it all comes out. Might do that today later if he wants to grill and my day will be chicken and Tbone.

All good in zc land for me right now. I have no clue how I didn’t gain up on that stupid beer but I didn’t bloat up…maybe body is now handling stuff differently and processed it thru me? I don’t know LOL old days 5 beers would be like 5 lbs up but I am holding my lower number and feel ok thru that idiot drinking day of misery.

early in Blune June here for all of us, let make June a great month for each of us as we progress thru the days!!


It never did anything to me except it was extremely tasty. It definitely never helped with sore throats and cold! That was onion soup with lots of vinegar. Oh my soup, I abandoned it for fowl soups on carnivore… I miss sour soups, will make something like that from meat!

Oh, photos… I really should be scarce as I have no meat :smiley: Okay, a tiny bit.
Tomorrow I probably eat eggs and not much else. I always wanted Monday my most ascetic day as it’s easiest there and I like experiments and odd days even though I like to eat vaguely similarly almost every day… And when to do it when NOW when I barely have any other carnivore items? I would get bored of liver if I ate that every day!
I love eggs now anyway :slight_smile: But I never ever could eat only eggs for a whole day for some reason… Oh well, I have other things. But I will focus on eggs.

@Azi: I never was at a steak restaurant (oh it will happen one day and I will write about it :D), I thought they can be very plain, it’s all about steak. Meat, salt, some fat I suppose, no idea how fatty is the meat people make steaks of… And that’s it. What else would one need? But I tend to be very simple when I have meat…
Onions are very sweet, sure, that’s why they are so carby. But nope, they wouldn’t make good desserts and not only because they have onion flavor. Even beetroots can’t make a proper dessert with their own sugars and they are even more sweet than onions…
So you still have water weight changes… I lost that a few years into on/off keto.

I can overeat fat using cold cuts, no one need to worry about that…
Sometimes I eat my pork roasts cold but I prefer it warm. But it’s very good cold too sometimes, it depends on the meat and probably my mood too?
And I eat the 86%-fat-in-grams thing cold too… Why have I bought a pound of it? I am so afraid to open it, I fear I will gobble it up and overeat like crazy… Maybe not, it’s fat tissue, it satiates me but still… I was dreaming about eating much fat again all my low-carb life… It got better on carnivore as I may eat not so much fat but it’s enough and satisfying… Well I could use some more for joy, sure…
Maybe I should eat not that frequently. And exercise more. I know I should.

So I come back to pretty strict carni (with my tiny plant matter, sorry notsorry, I can’t eat 15 eggs or something without my condiments. I do real strictness when I have enough proper meat) tomorrow. Today I had circumstances but I kept my carbs very low and it feels better than my crazier days lately. IDK why I do things I don’t enjoy, seriously. My mental state isn’t as good as it should be…

I try to keep my coffee drinking and dairy consuming at a minimum again…
Eggs and meat, that is my goal. Mostly eggs now.

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Up a tad bit later this morning did my stair runs, had a nice bath and got picked up by my daughter to go get my son from his care home for a walk and bite to eat out.

We enjoyed a great 4 mile brisk walk, Ben only knows one pace when there is food at the end of the walk lol and then to the pub. Unfortunately it was a chain pub so we knew the food wouldn’t be up to scratch. I got a double bacon cheeseburger with 6 chicken drums and a rump steak. Had to ask for another plate to dump the bun chips veggies and salad. Was going to let Ben have the chips but his plate was also full to brimming so we aired on caution and didn’t give him them. He would have stuffed himself silly then been sick!

Rump was smallish and a bit tasteless till I loaded it with salt, burgers were dry and cheese was the fake stuff so again totally tasteless. Never one to waste food I ate it all and tbh the chicken was the best bit for a change. Ben then managed to squish in a dessert before we left to return home. We all felt very dozy after the meal, first time in so long that I have felt like that so I am putting it down to the trashy food. (wasn’t a trashy price though lol gets more expensive everytime we go out !!!)

Had to go straight to bed for 40 winks when I got in. Could probably have stayed in bed for the rest of the day and night but got up after 40mins of a pretty deep nap and got a nice cuppa and lump of proper mature cheddar. Feel better for that.

Was going to have a ribeye later but now not so sure. May just be the one big meal today. Certainly don’t feel hungry yet.

@FrankoBear spill the beans about the sleep test think we will all be interested lol

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Attempt 8 to post a pic

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Trigger WARNING: This is only for carnivores who are not addicted to sweet taste. Others should scroll past.

Dr. Saladino has been diving deeper into natural honey as an animal based nutritional medicine. In his 24May21 podcast he cites the paper (below) that shows an experiment.

In diabetic patients, honey compared with dextrose caused a significantly lower rise of PGL (plasma glucose). Elevation of PGL was greater after honey than after sucrose at 30 minutes, and was lower after honey than it was after sucrose at 60, 120, and 180 minutes.

Generally sleep therapists know that eating a carbohydrate rich meal 2 to 4 hours before bed will improve sleep. We may have experienced past feasts that were carb rich where the whole family crashes out for naps after feasting for a few hours. Mothers in the 1950’s knew that warm milk and natural honey would help send the children to sleep quickly.

The interesting thing about a small dose - a teaspoon of natural honey one hour before sleep, or half an hour before bed (if one likes to read a few pages of a novel*) will send a person into restful sleep quickly, thus increasing the chance of avoiding light sleeping and easy waking.

Drawing from another source (the Peak Human podcast) a guest expert described tactical last-thing-at-night-carbs modulates urine production while sleeping and reduces waking to go to the toilet.

Animal-based carbs tactically timed before bed may help reduce sleep disturbances from LCHF and carnivore WsOE.