Full Blune Carnivore June


What. Well I had them rarely too but mom did it once every year or something and I LOVED them,. I disliked the chicken every Sunday and the bland boiled beef in a soup here and there. Pork was good except the lean breaded thing that is insanely popular here. Give me a fatty roast! :smiley:
But it would be too fatty for you. Or not if it successfully loses a lot of fat? It’s quite troublesome for me that it has lean meat parts with pure fat streaks. The meat gets dry, the fat is too much… I prefer high not visible fat content in the meat (with some visible fat too).
But my childhood memories are better. I wonder why. Mom probably could roast ribs better than me…

I never had steak in my almost 45 years though. As far as I remember but I probably would. (Proper steak, not fried meat slices, I made such things. I obviously fried them well and long, it was in the beginning when I used 90 minutes for chicken liver too. But it wasn’t even the right cut… So nope, that wasn’t steak. It was good but nothing special.)


I can be a honorary Aussie. I talk more than healthy with KetoKoala, learn about Australia, slang, food and everything! :smiley: (I already learned about the animals before, well I learn more now.) And I am about as far from Australia as possible, in Hungary :slight_smile:
(Visiting KetoKoala one day will be pricy. Alvaro comes too of course, it will be a looooooooong holiday. Until then I just enjoy I don’t have critters trying to kill me everywhere here. Snakes are fine, spiders are harmless, ants and bees and wasps stings a little and it lasts for minutes only - if one doesn’t have an allergy… Our biggest predators are barely bigger than a fox. And of course, birds don’t attack people.)
I can be an inverse Aussie then.

But nope, I need to represent Hungary. Our Covid numbers are terrific, we do it so wonderful! I want to visit a museum now, I wasn’t in one since last summer!
(While Australia is all scared of Covid with their about zero cases, KetoKoala says. We have 200-400 a day, 18 deaths in the last day so it’s wonderful and people can go anywhere and do things in big crowds.There is some limit, like 200 and 500 for various things but it’s cool enough for a half-hermit like me.
Okay, we are well vaccinated… But still.)

There are seafood stores somewhere? Well of course they exist… I never saw any in this country for sure, we have no sea so we have little seafood. We have a tiny part of a fridge in supermarket for seafood. A tiny, tiny part. Almost everything is chicken or pork, that’s the loooong part on the two sides. And one end had beef, the other end has fish and maybe other seafood. And that’s about it.
But I can get some shrimp :slight_smile: (And use one in every week as it’s expensive and probably not satiating and must last for months…)
Hypermarkets have a fish stand but 1. it’s mostly for river fish 2. they often put pickled veggies there for some reason. so it means even less fish. Salmon has a big chance but that’s about it…? Super low variety :frowning:

(Karen) #23

I got my iodine from amazon, it was my osteomyologist that recommended it to me. I have used it a good 3 years, not every day but probably 3 to 4 x per week, 3 to 4 drops. Thyroid no different. Sleep was a bit better last night though I am surprised I didn’t draw blood! Hopefully I will get a better night tonight as i am up early for work tomorrow. Felt up for CrossFit today and did a good workout so must have got a biy more sleep last night. My fitbit seems to think I did anyway lol.

(Karen) #24

Glorious sunny and hot day and now looks a bit like thunder on its way. Love a bit of thunder and lightning.

Stair runs done and CrossFit class which was a toughie again… they are all toughest lol but so enjoy them.

Brunch was a few lamb chops yum yum love lamb… a bit of cheese. Dinner was smoked salmon (reduced price at Lidl) and the 20p meat n cheese pack that I got yesterday… so a cheapy meal this evening.

Early rise tomorrow for work, 4.45am arghhh hate them but needs must. I have picked up some reduced price smoked ham to take with me plus some chicken thighs so another cheapy meal tomorrow lol meant to be a bit cooler tomorrow which I am glad about else it might flare up my rash and it won’t look good scratching between my upper thighs :wink::wink::smile:


Bacon 200g and 4 large fried eggs for breakfast and as far as I could eat through a 1kg rib eye for dinner. 1 cup of black coffee, no cream. 2MAD. 16:8. Walked the dog at the beach and got some winter sun on my skin. Got some paid work done.

Just need to do this x 30 to achieve the full blune for June.

(Vic) #26


I had a smallish dinner yesterday at 6:30pm… Of course I had to eat at night again… Sigh. Maybe I really should track as I can predict such things that way (if I eat lean enough meat where I can guess the fat content)… I track my meat intake anyway and I am curious about protein too. It was 165g for yesterday, nothing special (over 1 pound of meat, 1.1-1.2? I won’t count now but around that, very few eggs and almost all the leftovers I had. My supplies are pitiful but shopping is near).

Beef leg stew is insanely flavorful and delicious now. It’s out of the world. Too dense and rich and much all alone (but that’s what I have sour cream for, stew with sour cream is very Hungarian :D). After all that pork I ate in the last months pork isn’t that exciting. It’s good and everything but beef is something else, it always was different, sure but I strongly preferred pork and right now, I prefer beef (I am not fair if I compare stew with roast though… but I think I prefer beef stew over pork stew too at the moment). Hopefully I can buy some in a month, probably not in the next 3 weeks but who knows? I will visit the city but not by car and it’s summer so I won’t buy fresh meat. But I will buy bresaola on Saturday, OK, that’s beef but just a tiny dried thing. I missed it last night, I very easily go astray (under some circumstances. I am not so bad now but things can add up) or eat too much or too many times at night (getting satiated with a little isn’t what my body does) but bresaola seems to have a positive effect.
I think I will keep some beef at hand all the time, it’s so rich that I don’t need it in big amounts like pork…

(Amy) #28

Hi guys, hope all are well.:slightly_smiling_face: Woke up absolutely exhausted yet again…Headaches that never go away…Infact 6 days straight. I talked to my Mum and she thinks the headaches are from being anemic, @VirginiaEdie SPOT ON!!! That is what Mum has Pernicious anemia, she wants me to get myself checked out for this. I need something done because I’m sick of feeling horrible.:pensive: I don’t blame keto at all, I have always been so tired my entire adult life. If I wasn’t so exhausted I would get so much done but I can’t remember what it feels like to have energy. @Shinita I will work up the courage to eat liver.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: and it is weird but my mum never did ribs, but every Sunday we went to my grandmother’s for either roast pork, beef or lamb…That was always nice. :slightly_smiling_face: yes Shinita you are almost half Aussie now.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: You even know what Bogan means and learning the lingo and last night we talked about Hungarian and Australian Owls.:owl: One day when you come here with Alv, we can listen to the mopoke.:slightly_smiling_face: @Karen18 oh…AWESOME, I didn’t think to order it online. I will do this tomorrow. I am willing to try ANYTHING!!! :slightly_smiling_face: @Fangs Thank you always for your positive upbeat personality and your kind words, you were one of the first to welcome me here when I joined in January 2020 and we both are horse gal’s.:wink: :racehorse:. Food tonight is eggs, fetta cheese, bacon and sausages, I eat very very little fibre, so small infact that I might as well cut it out. So I didn’t track today but didn’t need to as I tracked yesterday. I am yet to eat, so will go do that now. How now brown cow, get into my stomach NOW!!! :wink: :ox:


I am so glad you will be off for shopping soon and you load up on all the good meats you can get your hands on LOL It is so super important to have our meats available for newer carnivores…our appetites and eating pattern flip around a bit and food on hand truly is so important. Happy you will be loading up on the meats soon!

----------------SO all good in zc land for me.

yesterday was
few slices taylor ham
few chunks of leftover chicken breast
few slices of salami
2 cheeseburger patties

when it came to cook my Tbone I didn’t want it. too heavy.

but I have to eat it today so it will be meal 1 for me so I hound it down and get it cooked and eaten! My appetite is definitely lower. Again, summer time I flip on eating so this is very normal for me. I love it too!

meat sale is Tbones again around here. I am wanting lighter cuts now…so I think I am going to pass up this good sale and keep all my money for going to a bulk store and buying whole beef tenderloin slabs. Put the money on that and eat the cuts I am wanting. I am SO wanting tenderloin cuts now so I will make it a priority to get my butt there and hope they have some!! Time to get my freezer really loaded back up with the meats I desire right now.

Hold strong carnivores! Eat well…eating well is what gives us our healing and health benefits :slight_smile:

(Heather) #30

All is good in CV land for me.

I did have a one day recurrence of my stomach issues, but it was then gone for good. I’m back to eating my liver, as it makes me feel good and I haven’t had any issues. I think it was the cod. :face_vomiting:

I had all but given up any cardio workouts, but I am now back to power walking 5 days a week. We went for a family walk a couple of weeks ago (about 3 miles) and the next day I was incredibly sore! My hips were hurting, my legs were hurting, I was a mess! It made me realize that while cardio doesn’t help me with weightloss, I need it in my life for my overall well-being. It makes me feel good, loosens up my joints and gives me more energy. I dislocated my hip when I was 22 due to a car accident and at that time the doctor pretty much assured me I would have arthritis in that hip when I got older, plus arthritis runs rampant on my mom’s side. I need to move to keep things loose! The only downside to it is that it causes me to retain water due to my poor circulation. I still do my slow burn weights and HIIT 1x per week.

Hubby is doing well, but definitely not eating enough. Yesterday, he didn’t eat until 7pm and then he had one boneless skinless chicken breast, 1/2 package of bacon and some shredded cheddar cheese. That was it for the day. DD is not eating enough either. I keep telling them that they can’t continue on this path, as their metabolism will decrease, but I’ve decided it’s something they’ll have to figure out for themselves. DH admitted that he’s struggling w/ the CICO side of things and is frustrated that the scale isn’t moving more. He wants the weight off NOW. I told him it doesn’t work that way, but he had to see that for himself. I’m just glad they’re staying the course. DD has her “cheats” every now and then, but I just leave it alone and not make a big deal out of it.

Glad to hear everyone is pretty much cruising along.

I added frozen liver pills to my repertoire. I swallow about 27 grams of them every morning. I don’t taste them (or very little of them). I have noticed a difference in my energy, not huge, but a difference. It might be worth a try.

(Karen) #31

Up at crack of dawn after a miserable nights sleep. Was still scratching and think I got bitten by a mozzy so at 2.52am I am up and rut’in through drawers in the dark for my tube of antepeol cream. Arghh up for my stair runs at 4.45 and a bath and off to work. Lot of running around up and down the landings and I was melting, just so close and muggy.

Took some smoked ham, cheese and topside for fuel.
Came home at end of day and had some chicken, finished the topside I had taken to work and had some prawns and last of my 20p salami.

Now i am back 8n bed to do it all again tomorrow! :roll_eyes:

(Edith) #32

Do you wear your fitness tracker to bed?

This is going to sound strange. I was listening to a podcast. Unfortunately, I don’t remember which one, but it was about sleep.

Whoever the “expert” was mentioned that any kind of light during the night can be disruptive to our sleep. Even light that doesn’t enter out eyes but touches our skin, including the light from fitness trackers.

I poo-pooed it. That’s crazy! Well… I always wake up at 3:30 am and have a hard time falling back to sleep. I usually use the low droning of the voices from a podcast I’ve listened to before to fall back to sleep.

Two nights ago, I forgot to put my tracker back on after charging it. I slept great! All night. So, last night I slept without the tracker again. Another good night’s sleep. Could be coincidence.

I’m going to keep it off at night for the next month and see what happens with my sleep. If my sleep stays good, I’ll put it back on and see if I go back to sleeping poorly. Maybe there is something to that green light shining on my skin at night.


fast post

my brother and nephew flew down to visit mom

heading over with 4 big racks of ribs for a rib feast and some fun chat

so alot of ribs for me today and if hungry later tonight I will just make some bacon and eggs or taylor ham, won’t need much cause I plan on eating alot of ribs :slight_smile:

for new carnivores: I posted in ZC videos about why it is so important to EAT on this plan. So that read is posted over there.

everyone, eat and eat well :slight_smile:


Quickie post …
Worked an 11 hour shift Wed. 9 hours Thursday. Had the ultrasound on my leg this morning. She found something, 'cause she marked up my leg with a pen, diagrammed, and measured it. The whole thing took almost two hours. I won’t know more until next week when the dr. calls. Hoping he will text and let me know what to do next.

It is unseasonably warm and humid, and while I’d love to play in the garden - my leg throbs and its too hot. And, I work all weekend. Got a couple friends coming for dinner, so…gotta clean house.

Take care all, and carnivore on. Cheers.

(Karen) #35

Yes 8 wear my fitbit in bed. I have suffered insomnia long before I got the fitbit though. It got so bad I got referred to a sleep clinic but because of the different times I have to get up for my shifts it was quite impossible to follow the advice entirely. I may try it when I have fully retired in 2 years time, however being fully retired may cure my sleep issues lol. I used to sleep brilliantly, could sleep standing up but having my Autistic son and having to get up every two hours for 7 years didn’t help and then when splitting up with my 2nd husband I was Sure if I went to sleep before him I would not wake up in the morning so I used to keep myself awake till he dropped off. Things we have to do eh? Anyway I can now hear a pin drop lol :roll_eyes:

(Karen) #36

Early up again this morning at 4.45am and off to work the morning shift till 1.45pm. Stair runs done before leaving for work.
Took a bit of cheese with me to tide me over. Actually felt hungry about 9.30am which was odd for me as I don’t feel peckish till 11ish usually. Anyway I worked through it till 11.30. Very busy shift in reception.
Home to the big thick lamb chops that I slow cooked overnight. Can’t say they were as nice as when I pan fry them. I much prefer pan fried meats now. That added lard makes a big difference. They were very tender though and the meat fell off the bone.
A bit more cheese then a chicken leg thigh drumstick and wing then a bit more of the lamb. Then felt icky after the second lot of lamb. What happened to stopping eating when I am full???.

@Fangs hope you had a super lovely time with your brother and nephew and enjoyed the ribs.

@SecondBreakfast I hope your doctor doesn’t keep you waiting too long. You would think if they spent 2 hours examining your leg and scribbling on it they would have given you some indication as to what might be the issue.
Have a great weekend everyone x

(Vic) #37

It was spaghetti Bolognese at the dinner table today.

Had my own version.
Swapped the pasta with a fatty pork chop.
Zero plants in the ground beef.
Lots of cheese

Much better :smile:


Bacon and eggs for breakfast. No added fat, no cheese. Black coffee, no cream.

The past 2 nights have been oven baked beef ribs + 100g brie cheese.

Yesterday had a work staff lunch. They all ate pizza, potato fries and burgers. I ate a serve = 4 chicken wings. Unfortunately they had some BBQ sauce on, but I wiped that off as much as I could. It was still sweet. They all drank beer. It was a sunny winter day. I drank soda water. Nobody said anything about my different choices.

In today’s breakfast I cut up the cold leftover rib eye steak from a few nights ago. About 200g and reduced the bacon rashers by 50%.

Saw some information on increasing carbs at night may help sleep @Karen18 = Consider a tea spoon of honey (an animal-based food) before bed? (5.7g Carbs)


Hello, fellow carnivores! I’m still one of you, really giving the experiment my best shot!

I’ve been working 15-16 h a day, 7/7 for over a month, most days and therefore exercising very little for a change. Also little time for my OMAD. Being carnivore makes the thing easy. There are also works in the house. Busy, busy.

Next week this will be over and I’ll have more time.

Just a quick visit to wish you all a fantastic month!

(Amy) #40

Quick post as I’m so tired. I had one hours sleep last night. The landlord has been complaining about condensation on the windows in winter, and this house is 70 years old with leaky taps…rotted floor boards and windows that aint sealed…yet she thinks it is my fault… She thinks I spread moisture through the air when I have a bath… omg. @Shinita has not stopped hearing about it, poor girl…She got me through last night.:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: It is absolutely freezing tonight and I will force myself to cook, even though I’m exhausted. So tonight is minced beef with some bacon and eggs. I very much need to have good sleep tonight. I just feel so tired and lazy. Hope your all well.:slightly_smiling_face: