(Geoffrey) #101

Venison chorizo and egg tacos made with Egglife wraps.

Spring must be right around the corner. My girls have started laying again. Yippee!


Yay! We started to get eggs from the egg lady again now too, after months of almost nothing! Her hens produce not very much, only for her family and us two :slight_smile: We are very good customers since years :wink:

I have found the CF cards!
The food looked much better irl. I had limited options for light, I was glad the downstairs got some light… I can’t bring it outside as I need a distance with the 100mm lens and the cats would grab it in no time… My room has a chance when it’s cold instead of warm and dripping… But this pic should do.

And the flowers!

I saw coltsfeet too (another fun name :slight_smile: but one of its Hungarian name is similar so it wasn’t surprising. though I still don’t know why they are called like that). We have plenty too but not at this time, they only came out in the most sunlit places, not next to my house in the north where sunlight is very scarce.

(Geoffrey) #103

Ate twice today. First meal was some venison chorizo and egg tacos using Egglife wraps.

Then for my second I had a couple of small venison steaks and ribeye bites.

(KM) #104

I actually love your food pix, they look like Vermeer paintings to me. We all know what pork looks like, it doesn’t have to go in a reference book! I much prefer your works of art! :heart:


@kib1: Thanks :slight_smile: It definitely has some dramatic lighting and has lots of dark colors like oldschool paintings :wink:

Gloomy weather today, rain too, it’s good I made my first “spring onion nursery school” yesterday… I like to grow them and Alvaro managed to buy some super tiny bulbs for me. I bought some too, huge ones and mixed ones, reds and purples! I always loved onions and their variety (it’s mostly for the looks though I needed 2-3 different kinds to eat too. but there are a huge variety I never needed) including drawing and planting them :slight_smile: When we bought this house, I promptly sowed various onion seeds. I didn’t get much of it but this soil isn’t good. But the spring onions are great, I can make some raw vegs for Alvaro in a few days when the weather is right! He is very, very dependent on raw vegs and sometimes he just can’t buy enough for a proper price. His Mom gives us pickled vegs but sometimes it doesn’t suit his dish. So it’s useful - and I really love growing things as long as not much work is involved. My first onions grew cute long leaves already! With all the early spring flowers we have now I really feel winter is mostly over. I can’t be sure until mid-March though.
I will buy some pansies soon too, I do that every year. Too bad they can’t survive the hot weather so they die in summer, the florist said yep, they do that. I go and buy some other tiny spectacular flower when that happen.

And… I don’t know what to blame, honestly… I don’t feel nearly as dead as on Saturday when I barely slept… I just totally FORGOT about cooking food for myself today. Me. I never forget about my food… Well sometimes when I make too many things for Alvaro, it happened lately… But my main food? I wanted to fry some pork chuck. Planned some soup too… And now I have nothing :slight_smile: (Except 8 boiled eggs but they just would make me hungry, I need much food if I finally eat and 8 eggs are little and I eat only 4 yolks if they are hard-boiled.) No problem, I barely am hungry, it’s just super odd. Maybe I am changing. But I still think a lot about food so I wouldn’t have thought it could happen. Oh well.

So lunch skipping is successful today.


have to hit florist for funeral flowers and over to mortuary for final arrangements etc…woke up not hungry but it is now like noon and I thought I better eat before hitting the road at 1.

made 3 egg cheese omelet which I am trying to choke down. darn I am not a fan anymore, lol. these were my ‘go to’ when needing fast food but I will eat it, I don’t waste ZC food :slight_smile: I fried up 6 big pork sausage links. To me this is an inferior meal for sure HAHA but in the end it will hold me til I can get home and my 1.3 lb. NY Strip steak will be defrosted and I will hound that sucker down in a flash.

ok…onward to handle life.
enjoyed reading everyone’s posts :slight_smile:


I don’t understand but I just couldn’t get hungry today. I still ate a bit with Alvaro after 6pm though.
Freshly made fried pork chuck is the best food ever, I realize it time to time. At least normally, the ingredients aren’t always the same good. This one was nicely marbled and lovely.
I still enjoy my milk but I am very content with a really small amount.

(Karen) #108

Got up a bit earlier today and got aome stair running done. Ate before heading out to pick Raymond up for a trip across town. Ate the rest of the belly pork thinly sliced with the manual slicer… much easier. I bought the slicer years ago in East Berlin before the wall was pulled down so it was dirt cheap, simple to use, very basic and so much better and easier than my mums electric slicer! The belly pork was once again scrumptious!

Did some charity shopping and managed to find a kinderkraft crib and a cute chest of drawers about the size of a bedside cabinet wich i will use in my sewing room.

Home again and dinner was a small plate of smoked streaky bacon followed by 2 pork loin chops and then followed by some hot n spicy chicken wings. They had super crispy skins, very tasty.

(Geoffrey) #109

Ate some bison ribeye fat bites this morning but that was while I was cooking 6 pounds of venison liverwurst. I’ll be eating some of that later on with some pork rinds.


@Karen18: Hmmm… I rarely have food I feel the need to slice up but I have slicers, maybe I should try it…
I still don’t know how anyone can make chicken skin crispy without getting it off from the meat and frying it for a long time :frowning: Mine just never does it. Not like I try often as I don’t like chicken much and I rather eat turkey and that has thicker skin…


Australian summer is hitting hard here. We have had at least 8 days of 40’C+ weather and extreme fire risk forecasts. It comes with the territory. I’m not coping that well with the heat. I do a few chores but most of the day from about 12pm to 5pm is wait it out. We have a well designed house but no air-conditioning. The beach and cold ocean is 5 minutes away.

Trouble is that I’m supposed to be working. They keep cancelling meetings with me in the city. So, I am hanging out at the homestead. Sitting down to do admin work at the computer kicks off a headache. I have done about 95% of what was needed. So, the rest can wait until tomorrow.

Robin is so right on this. I had the sad news that a high school and onward long-term friend died on Saturday. His health had been deteriorating for about 4 years. We were young surfers together. He gained a lot of weight and worked as a stockbroker. His metabolic health got complicated and then he had a stroke. Moved back in with his elderly mother to become a recluse last year. Living in a hospital bed in his old childhood room. He loved his companion dog and his lovely daughter from a broken relationship. We kept in touch via text but he didn’t want any visitors. Then he had a fatal stroke a few days ago. Not yet 60 years old. My stuff is minor and fixable. It’s a wake up, though.

Omelette breakfasts and ruminant red meat dinners. Adding extra salt an probably over-hydrating. Both are better than the opposite. No AF at the moment. But get feet swelling and light headed. So, I’m wondering if the pump is working efficiently. Have the fan on and wearing wet clothes. The sun is so bright and the sky is a blue that could eat the world.

The shark-spotting helicopter (it’s only here for summer)

(Karen) #112

Up late this morning :roll_eyes: did my exercises, read my books and then dashed upstairs to get clothes on and dash for the bus to meet Raymond in Beeston. Brunch in the cafe and tram into Nottingham. Popped o the Asian fabric shop … again :slight_smile:

Food… before bed i had some scrambled eggs. Then today at the cafe 2 fried eggs on 2 black pudding. Dinner 2 pork loin chops, 1 sirloin steak and a tin of Sardines. All very tasty.

Bought a bit 9f cheese in the cheese shop whilst in Nottingham so i am going to indulge :blush:


@Karen18: Your eggs look so tempting and juicy again… Why I don’t make such things I wonder… I should.
But now I need to use up the remaining 6 boiled eggs. I will make salmon deviled eggs tomorrow and hopefully photos will come too, it was so long I showed a whole meal.

I want sunshine too, we had a bit today but not very much.

(KM) #114

Really, how Do you do that? Very low heat? Super fresh eggs? Mine sit in the pan an uncooperative soup, or get rubbery, dry and browned. :nauseated_face:

(Geoffrey) #115

Eggs and bison ribeye bites for my first meal

Then this evening a couple more bison ribeyes.


Oh I am so sorry for the loss of your friend FB! that is such a young age truly. Sending hugs and prayers to you and your friend’s family!!

swelling? that extra salt and water retention. light headed could truly be the high heat effecting you. Your temps soar very high, even me being a hot gal I can only handle up to like 96 tops, after that I melt and go more frail truly so I get you might be having reactions. I truly hope it is not some other health issue for you! Hit that cool breeze and cold ocean water when ya can!

Hope Billie is doing fab, if ya ever get a chance to post a pic again, hmmm, Billlie is adorable, lol

-----------------Simple zc food. keeping life super simple thru the funeral time and all. Everything was handled so professionally so the support from those service providers is amazing and it has taken alot of burder of feeling lost off us and we are basically ok thru all this now once that hard hit starts to fade a bit.

living on fatty country pork ribs and beef steaks. But yesterday I ended up eating only 1 lb of hamburger. Not my usual at all, 1/2 lb. cheeseburger patty around noon, then around 6pm I got a tad hungry and at another. Haven’t been doing burgers at all much but this was enjoyable,

today I got to eat up leftover pork ribs in fridge and then I got a nice NY Strip steak for second meal. Might pair with shrimp again, so in the surf and turf mood :slight_smile:


I don’t see anything wrong with such scrambled eggs, I preferred to do it that way (well not rubbery, the white of my boiled eggs are rubbery and I LOVE that) :slightly_smiling_face:
I fried the hell out of everything including my eggs :slight_smile:

But it still can get old and looking those juicy ones… Mmmmm. I eat way less wet food since I dropped vegs (except my soups but they don’t happen so other either) and I guess dry isn’t that tempting to me anymore (unless it’s crunchy too). Juicy meat is nice but sometimes I desire something more wet. But I never was into sauces. I plan to make some stew soon but I still prefer carnivore meat dishes so I am a bit torn.

(Karen) #118

I add plenty butter to the pan before scrambling. They are whisked with a fork prior to going into pan. I stand over the pan and watch they don’t get over cooked and dry. Takes about 1.5mins.

(Karen) #119

No i cook on a high heat very quickly. Just replied to @Shinita as to how i cook them :slight_smile:

(Karen) #120

Does the bison meat tate stronger than beef and is it as tender?