(Karen) #81

@Fangs loving your heart shaped ribeye steaks oh you got hubby well trained and i think the same is to be said for him with you :grin:
Yes Raymond has learnt from it and is trying hot water in the evening which is what i have suring the qinter months… mind you it was 17° today! … lovely but back to cooler tomorrow. The sun actually came out and i thought Yay i will be back in my shorts in no time :wink:

Stayed at home yesterday and did another shirt for Raymond, took it over to him today and he was delighted again.

Food yesterday and today

Also jad a fried egg and bacon at sally army cafe today and a couple of pork chops this afternoon and a tin of tuna after the rump steak.

(Geoffrey) #82

Thank you Frank. I love to cook and eat good nutritious food.
My health is doing good. In fact my PVC’s or heart flutters have become almost nonexistent. As you know I’m already off of one heart med and on my next visit with the cardiologist I’m going to see if he will start weaning me off of the other.
I feel a little guilty when I see that our WOE isn’t helping you with your AFib when it’s helping mine.

(Geoffrey) #83

Bison ribeye today.

I was too busy today and didn’t get in until late this evening so I just grabbed a few pork rinds for second meal.


Bad sad news.
My MIL Rachel died yesterday at 5pm.
You guys know she was in and out of hosp. lately with med. issues.
Hubby got call from hosp. and intensive care Dr called him and said come now, so he left work and picked me up and off we went.
She passed peacefully with alot of ‘comfort drugs’ and when they took her off her Bpap oxygen machine she passed very quickly. Sad times around here. She is our last parent to pass now. We both have no parents left. But we will handle the funeral arrangements and all right now.

My mom passed 2-18-22, my Bolt doggie passed on what, 2-11-24 and now hubby’s mom passed yesterday on 2-15. WOW alot of punches right here in this little old week time.

So might post a bit less as we handle arrangements now.

holding zc. just in a brain fog right now but simplest part of my life is knowing what I will eat. truly. things like this matter to me, simplicity and holding it.

(Karen) #85

Condolences @Fangs very sad times for you at the moment. Just got to keep all the happy memories close to your heart now. Prayers are with you and your family :pray::heart:


Hey @Fangs I join with @Karen18 to send a few words of support at this time to you and your hubby and daughter. We are some kind of ethereal online tribe but our feelings and best wishes for you are real. I hope you find a few moments of grief respite in reading them and reflecting upon them. :heart:

(Judy Thompson) #87

Me too. Now that I never even want to taste it, it’s like playing with clay. Glad we play for the church so I have somewhere to take it. This week I’m making donuts in a mold for them. I’m never tempted by it, don’t consider it food, it is Just an easy fun (good smelling) craft to give away.

(Judy Thompson) #88

@Fangs oh my Karen, this has really affected me, the passing of your MIL. We’ve been through all of it with Bolt and your mom and MIL for the past couple years and this death is such a blow.
Selye’s theory of stress, you can survive two but then the third one knocks you out :cry:
Condolences to you and dd and especially hubby. Losing that last parent is so sad and an eye opener for sure. Now, we are the older generation!


My condolences @Fangs :frowning: :black_heart: (I hope black heart isn’t used for something I don’t plan to. I just combine heart and grief. I saw it used like this but who knows about modern smiley slangs? Not me.) I was afraid of this development, she wasn’t in a good shape based on the little info I knew from your comments. Of course, there is always hope but at some point it’s in vain or runs out. Sigh.

We have one parent left too. We lost them pretty early. We are only in our 40s. Well I never had a father to begin with, not even before the divorce so I never missed that one… Alvaro’s parents divorced too but there was contact until his death, he seemed a fun chap. I only met him a few times. We are still in some contact with his nice second wife (well, there were 2 half-siblings of Alvaro too).
I just hope Alvaro’s Mom lives for a loooooooooong time. Despite her health problems. She had her hip surgery, she even lost weight last year, she has a strong will, she is spirited most of the time and first of all, her mind is fine :smiley: I really appreciate the last one as Mom’s cousin isn’t that lucky (well she was when she was as young as Alvaro’s Mom…). I really hate physical ailments especially the ones that makes one dependent on others but losing our mind and memories? Not realizing our life partner of MANY decades just passed? That’s the worst. She was my aunt’s cousin. She hasn’t attended the funeral, she wouldn’t have even understand what was going on… Pure tragedy.

I am sorry if it got too negative, I deleted things first but couldn’t help my thoughts the second time either.

I could use that attitude. I had some problems with it in the last few months. Stronger than ever. How can I go through it I don’t know. I am not good with self-restraint when it is about food. I need to lose interest if I want success.

Bright sunny day again, I shot the crocuses (they are prettier than 2 days ago) and bring the photos after I made some of my very, very beautiful, nicely fatty pork loin roast. It was so fatty it gave me some lard! I made it last evening, it only needs some warming up and we can jump it! It’s for dinner as Alvaro still eats eggs in purgatory and I had such a super wild 2 days that I might not get hungry today but probably I will. I possibly set my carb percentage record in my life not counting super low-cal days and my very low-fat one. I ate almost exclusively bread, my own very low-carb one in the end but still. I NEVER did this before. As I wrote, it is serious. How could I mess it up this much? No idea but I have a phase where I just start to lose hope in myself in general. That isn’t a healthy or useful attitude and I will get over it but it’s hard now.
I need some drastic change in life, I know, I try and fail every day, bad habits just drag me back. Where is my willpower when I need it? I remember I had that.

I hate being this negative especially here where I am the most cheerful. As I am a super optimistic one but not very cheerful in the last decade. Sometimes (like, when the sun is shining and I take a walk. I can’t resist that :D) but normally very dark. But talking about food in such a nice company? That tends to bring out my more cheerful side. If I don’t start to think about deeper things.

So I am super out now except I really want and need to come back and I have a pretty roast.
Physically… Well I feel as expected, a bit heavy and SUPER full and satiated. I ate as much as I physically could (not close to my records I am very sure, I need a more balanced diet for that), I wasn’t even remotely hungry since days. Otherwise I am fine. My main macro was fat I suppose, I never managed to change that without some very serious conscious attempt. I wouldn’t want to know how I would feel without much fat. That’s abnormal and torturous to me.

IDK why anyone would eat like this for long (I just mean the amounts without hunger), it’s not fun. I have these “I don’t care” times but they are always very short. Even the taste and rebelliousness isn’t that good in that situation, at least after a while…

But that’s enough exhibitionism for a long while. I should solve my personal problems. With my horrid track record. I feel I am in quicksand since years. Quicksand is evil, it doesn’t kill you quickly like water (be it pure or marsh), you stops getting lower at some point but things are still pretty hopeless if you can’t get help. But I really stop here. Sorry. I wanted to be quick without bringing my own problems.

I can relate. I definitely feel I had my quota for a long time with my Aunt’s passing too. Even though Mom died 13 years ago. She was Mom. I don’t even had siblings or cousins or a father… Just her. Time helped though, now I feel my Aunt’s death a bit stronger as that is so much more close and I lost my last blood relative I had in contact with. I lost that after Grandma’s death but got back after Mom’s death. That was nice.
It’s good if one has family left, it helps immensely. Most people never should stay alone, it’s horrible. I know that even without being in that situation.

It’s good my sunlit 2 hour walk is near, I need that now.

(Edith) #90

Oh my, I’m so sorry to hear about your MIL’s passing. Sending sympathy and caring wishes to you, your husband, and daughter.

(Robin) #91

I would say @FrankoBear ‘s woe IS surely helping him.
He’s still here and kicking.
Our woe may be the dam holding back the flood.

(Geoffrey) #92

@Fangs I’m so sorry for your loss. My condolences.

(Geoffrey) #93

Started the day off with a bison ribeye. Then had a second one this evening.

I then deboned 40 smoked trout and made a smoked trout dip.

I’m now in the process of rendering down some ribeye fat trimmings for tallow.

(Karen) #94

Went dancing yesterday afternoon , Raymond did very well only tiring when he felt a bit food depleted. He had taken some sugarfree rich tea bikkies with him to eat at the breaktime ( everyone else has cake) but he forgot to eat them so we picked him up a cheese sandwich to eat in the car on the way home which perked him up again. His breath went through the cha cha but overall he did well… i haven’t called him yet so not sure how last night was for him.

Food yesterday, a couple of pork chops before driving to Lichfield and i felt peckish after dancing so grabbed a packet of sliced cheese and a packet of sliced topside of beef. The beef was meant to be the ‘finest’ but was bland as and had no seasoning at all. I must have had a notion that it would be because that’s why i decided to buy cheese too. Well i ended up finishing both though the beef i ate later and spread it with butter and sprinkled with salt which made all the difference.
I then had the rump steak i got out of fridge in morning. Much nicer than thursdays rump but then i remembered how to cook it which obviously helps… so different to cooking sirloins and ribeyes! I haven’t bought rumps in a long time.

You can see difference in both rumps from the pics.

Not eaten today yet but will get a steak out for later.

(Judy Thompson) #95

@Shinita yes, in my 40s I wanted lots of fun food too. Now I feel like, been there done that, wanting to stick to what works even if it’s over the long term.
Lastnight at the restaurant we played for a table of bridesmaids who asked me the secret of a successful marriage. I said, you get married when you’re so old that splitting up is not worth the trouble. :joy:
Same for food I think.
Yesterday I took the dry aged beef out of sous vide and it was so hard I could barely cut it. I took the chicken out of the other sous vide bath and iced it and it was overcooked. I was in a digestive phase where I didn’t want to eat anyway so I nibbled on the chicken leg quarter- seared in ghee - and later had some smoked cheddar before heading to the gig.

I can cut this thin and warm it in butter… Or just cut it fine on the plate.

It’s 2 ribeyes and a picanha. The picanha came out the worst, oddly enough.
Guess I’m done with dry aging. The chef at the restaurant said “oh well, at least we tried.”

(Karen) #96

Went to the cafe in Beeston today with Raymond. Ordered an omelette and asked them to cook it properly after a disastrous omelette a few weeks ago… it came out exactly the same as before, heavy and flat and hard to eat :roll_eyes: they took it away and gave me a proper omelette which was cooked just right, nice and light. I found out that they had been sticking it under the grill after pan frying which was making it drop and turn into a flat heavy , fritata-like thing. I know if i had eaten it i would have ended up with indigestion!

Dinner was another lovely rump steak.

(Karen) #97

Saw this and thought of y’all…20240218_101307


quickie post but wanna say a BIG THANK YOU to everyone for your wonderful support and kind words :heart:

a bit jumbled around here getting things handled but relying literally on my pork ribs. which seems insane to think about but key for me now is simple routine.

not really hungry but nice thing is I make this and the fatty pork goodness just controls me thru the day easily so all going well as we progress forward to handle arrangements.

thanks so much everyone!! zc on strong, it makes us strong to get thru tough times also :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

(Karen) #99

@Fangs good to hear you’re keeping focussed. You need the food to be able to think straight when you have so much to organise.

Had a small supper of bacon and cold water prawns before bed. Went to bed quite late, after midnight … note to self start getting to bed earlier! I didn’t get up till after 10 this morning! :astonished:

Pottered about this morning after reading, watering my indoor plants and cleaning an electric food slicer of my mothers that i brought home after she went into the home. I hadn’t ooened the box it was in for all these years and it was a bit minging as you would expect from an old lady with dementia :hugs: i wanted to slice some belly pork slices into thinner strips to pan fry. I haven’t sliced belly pork before as they are bought sliced but needed them thinner. It didn’t work very well so will try my old manuel slicer next time. I pan fried them and they were flipping scrumptious. Just eaten them (nearly quarter to 2) and could easily have sliced up some more to cook and eat! I have another rump steak for dinner but i may cook some more belly pork later… we will see how hungry i feel!


IDK where I put my CF cards :frowning: So my beautiful food and flower pics (at least I hope they look good :slight_smile: ) will come later.
We have found pasqueflowers today!!! Just 2 bunches, hopefully more will come out soon, it’s so early, after all. But February is pretty warm and sunny for February so we expect everything coming out early. So we checked and how right we were!
There are white violets in my garden now. And we saw… adonis buds :smiley: Lol, adonis :smiley: Pheasant’s eye, apparently. I LOVE English plant and fungi names. But why “false hellebore”, they look nothing like hellebore… Oh well.

Sans photo then but we had a beautiful, wonderful slab of pork loin. We both enjoyed it immensely. It had fat layers INSIDE too, of course that part became mine. It didn’t last long, only Alvaro has some bites left. We ate up our smoked pork in scrambled eggs. I have eggy times and we still have plenty of boiled eggs left.

And nope, I won’t be able to check out what pork rinds are like. All of them in the local supermarket contains 14% sunflower oil (it has a bit more sunflower oil than lard in it this way!) It’s SO STUPID. It has lots of lovely lard to begin with, it’s pork skin, next to a ton of fat tissue… So it takes a pretty hard skull to take all that away and replace it with something worse and alien to poor item. But it surely makes the profit even bigger and that’s what matters.

I still have no lean pork :frowning: I hope I can get it on Thursday, the day when the supermarket gets their meats. There was plenty of meat on Friday but NOT green ham :frowning: And 1200g pork loin was so very little for us two… I didn’t take the bigger half as Alvaro enjoyed it so, so very much, praising the juiciness of the light pink meat :slight_smile: Indeed, it was superb, I will keep buying it. But maybe not one piece per time :wink: It always comes in such tiny slabs.
But we bought 3kg turkey if I haven’t mentioned before. Still, I need my lean pork too.

But isn’t it more tempting than some chocolate? And I always liked my chocolate but proper, savory food is still better when one isn’t in the phase where there is no hunger just fancy for sweets. Or is it me? I always wanted proper food when hungry. And meat dishes often have these luxurious tempting looks and feels and tastes :wink: What not to like? :slight_smile: