(Geoffrey) #121

I wouldn’t say it’s a stronger taste so much as it’s a richer taste. After butchering out my first bison several years ago I fell in love with the meat and came to an understanding of why the American Indians preferred bison over beef.
Like beef the tenderness is all relative to the area in which its cut from. In some areas the grain of the meat can be dense and others so soft that you don’t need teeth to chew it.


Thanks, I suspected the butter and decided to use it next time… I just need to eat up my deviled eggs first, Alvaro expressed his doubts of anything heavily involving eggs AND fish can possibly be good.
Oh well, I made them for myself anyway. And they tasted good to me :slight_smile:

(Karen) #123

Good to hear you are getting support at this sad time and you are staying on course food wise…mind you we are very alike that we keep strong with this woe throughout the good and the bad times. :hugs:

(Karen) #124

Brunch with the lads this morning (my ex work colleagues) 2 fried eggs 2 sausage and 2 bacon though by the amount i received it was 2 portions of 2 rashers and it was really nice. It was the nicest breakfast i have eaten in that pub eatery!
Felt tirrs this afternoon as i hadn’t slept too well last night… too mich cheese too late!

Later in afternoon i had a sirloins steak with 3 rashers smoked streaky bacon, a can of shredded crabmeat and some crispy spicy chicken wings.


These bison that have suddenly appeared over the ridge, onto the discussion and your plate. Did you hunt it, Geoffrey?

The meat looks amazing.


I always wanted to try bison but it couldn’t happen this far. It’s only available ordering a truck with a fridge built in, not cheap.

But I would be happy with some mutton now…
City shopping will happen on Saturday, we will visit the hypermarket with the huge meat department! And a smaller supermarket has wild boar on sale. IDK… I love pork, I love game but wild boar was a bit too lean to me when I tried. I think I prefer deer but I see wild boar so rarely, maybe I will buy a bit? I will look how much plastic it comes in and decide.

Meanwhile, I have problems. Whenever I will think I simply have no self restraint/control, I will think back these days and will appreciate what I have. I can’t resist anything now, messing with my timing, eating without any proper need. I guess I understand why but it’s stupid. I should find some other joy in my life than food and actually, I have some, just not enough. At least I didn’t eat much carbs now… Still wrong. Eating before noon is one thing but without a physical need? Pathetic.
I just come to try to grab something to get me out of this. Whatever I have. As it’s not fun.
I have nice plans for my main meal (mostly leftovers) and turkey is defrosting for tomorrow.

We have a very windy day but no rain so I can do garden work.


We are having a swalk = a swim + walk on the calm side of the cape.

(Robin) #128

May your days and your mind be always on the calm side.

(Geoffrey) #129

No sir, I wish though. I was an investor in a small herd that my son in law purchased for trading cutting horses. When they were used up we sold some and butchered some. Halving a half interest I got to split the meat with him.
These bison I’m eating now are from my sister in law’s restaurant. She serves bison and venison as well as the regular fare and because buying a whole rib roast is cheaper than buying the ribeyes separately she needs my butcher skills in cutting a proper steak. My payment for helping her out is I get to keep the end caps and any fat trimmings and she cooks me a ribeye in the restaurant for my meal. I consider that a good trade off.


I had light problems, even a very high ISO wasn’t enough so my pics ended up blurry. Oh well.
The best part of my food these days :slight_smile: Pork chuck and salmon deviled eggs (I had more of them):


I don’t fully understand how Alvaro can tolerate me eating up all the pork chuck we have (occasionally, when he has no other protein source, maybe we have too few eggs and I happen to have some leaner chuck parts, he may eat a little but normally nothing) but each to their own. More for me! He ate 3 sunny side ups for lunch (with side dish 1 and side dish 2 and dessert as well).

Oh I remember you talking about this before. How nice :wink:

(Karen) #131

Had to get up early today. I was tired after the bad nights sleep the previous night and so slept fairly well last night. I was in bed just after 1030pm.

This morning i had to be at docs for 10am for a routine blood test. The nurse was great… didn’t feel a thing and no bruise today. Popped round to Raymonds for a cuppa then home for some brunch. 2 brisket & chuck burgers and 3 rashers streaky smoked bacon… very crispy.

The afternoon was spent cleaning and re-organising the loft since putting the little wardrobe up there the other day. It really needed the clean and looks better.

Dinner was sirloin steak which was nice and tender and i also had some crunchy cornish extra mature cheese.
Just eaten the last 2 burgers from the pack of 4.

We have rain again plus a lot of flooding along the road and in the fields.


I saw a carnivore hater video again (well the first minutes, then I commented), okay the target was more like the ones eating raw and more extreme things but there was critique about the carnivore diet in general. (Or opinion. A strong one. About TASTE.) Sigh. Some kids are complained about their parents. And some parents are crazy and controlling but in one case, the mom did nothing wrong according to the sentences of the child. In my eyes as others agreed it’s an eating disorder and the child must intervene somehow to safe the mom from self-destruction.

Sigh. I should have go and sleep instead. But I like to know how people think sometimes. It’s so weird, it’s like we don’t see the same thing… And I really don’t feel particularly biased.

MANY people consider it basically a SIN not using all kind of spices like our anchestors.
I thought I have the right to choose which to use and if I only use salt because it already makes my pork perfect, good for me. But apparently, it madden people. And there was white people blaming. Apparently white people can’t handle spices and now poor non-white ones get eggs without spice from places…
I had no idea such things exist. I still don’t know. The white people I personally know use spices.
Not like it matters. If the ingredient is flavorful, WHY should I put spices on it? In my own house, not seen by anyone, just because some people consider it right? Crazy. And they don’t just think it, they write it down…

And almost everyone considered people eating butter alone crazy or something similar. But why? If someone starts eating, IDK, some kind of hot sauce alone - it’s their body, I don’t feel the right to criticize them :smiley: I couldn’t write something less extreme because I ate mustard galore and all alone as a kid. It was quite nice. I always was prone to eat things all alone. I wasn’t as good with dry things (except crackers and the like) as I wanted to eat them with other things (usually fat). But I could if I had no fat…

Of course it’s very unhealthy and we will get scurvy too but I don’t even bat an eye reading that. But how dare anyone tell another person what and what not to eat…? Without any good reason as I am fine if someone tells me not to eat another human when I don’t need to. Oh there was wondering in the comments about what would happen if we would release 100 vegans and 100 carnivores in a wild forest. I think people overestimate the nutritial value of berries but many realized that at least the carnivores could eat the vegans (but most vegans would eat human flesh in need too, most probably. human always end up eating each others in dire situations, at least when corpses get produced naturally as moral people don’t kill each other. immoral ones do. sometimes there are exceptions but not always). I am sure most modern people would just die. I surely would. And all sane and healthy enough people would become opportunistic, not caring about rules. I surely wouldn’t even if I normally could do carnivore long term. But still, no way I could find any plants worth to eat. IDK why some sour berries (close to zero calorie) are presented as semi-decent food in many novels and whatnots. But presenting 1-2 smallish fish as decent food isn’t that correct either (at least if it’s their normal meal). I didn’t know it’s that bad but once a couple was drifting in the ocean for months. Those were surely better times for catching prey there, they got turtles and very many fish a day. They emacinated rapidly and it’s not like they got no fat to eat. But not enough. That was the first time I saw people calling fish eyes delicious. I still don’t believe it. Yuck. I would need some serious starving situation to try. Or thirsty or something?
When I have a whole smallish but not tiny fish, that is very decent to me but it’s not my main meal…

Tomorrow will be a rainy day, apparently.

(Robin) #133

Genius arrangement!

(Judy Thompson) #134

@Shinita funny post. Lots of truth in it though.
Yesterday and today we ate in restaurants. Today’s wings were the tiniest I have EVER seen. Unpacking groceries when we got home I cut open a lb of hamburger and ate a quarter of it!
I don’t worry about restaurant food. There’s not a lot of choice and what’s there is isn’t usually very good. I just say to myself, “It’s OK, I have food at home.”
Yesterday, a bacon cheeseburger patty.

I sous vided steak at the beginning of the week but too long and at too high a temp. Tomorrow we’ll eat the thick ones, hopefully they will be better. (this is also crack chicken left from the weekend.)

In the morning, I’ll put a brisket on a 72 hour sous vide and Monday I’ll smoke it for 2½ hours. That worked well last time.
Saturday and Sunday we’ll eat a chicken and a lb of shrimp :shrimp:

I’m making hubby go ketovore following his birthday on the 29th. His shirts are not fitting, so I told him 3 weeks and his gut will likely recede enough. He comes from a family with great constitutions, but doesn’t take care of himself.
So he’s agreed to this. Just at home, he can eat and drink whatever he wants in a restaurant. He’s looking forward to it (surprise!)


THANKS tons! Billie is SO sweet, give that pooch a hug from Karen please, ugh, Fangs :slight_smile: great pic, adorable!

if one loves raw eat it but never force it on anyone or do the shaming, eww, disgusting, or eww, how could you, or gross…ugh…burns me up :slight_smile:

It is simple. Judging others makes us blind. What life one lives is their business and to never learn about another and their ways is what judgement exactly is.

the best: Opinions are like Aholes, we all have them :crazy_face:
too bad we can’t learn that one’s personal opinions are not what this world is about :pensive:

what is worse is no one with big judgement will ever take the time to do research why they spout nonsense and offend others, ugh…ok on a lighter note

@JJFiddle, ketovore will suit your hubby well, heck he is already there with ya mostly, it is that little extra push to make him realize he wants the best for himself too :slight_smile: You have him right there anyway, that forward change will do him well. fab pics!

---------------viewing went well. done. next is Veterans Admin. burial onsite next Thurs. Getting thru it all.

eating a bit weird. not good now. I was starving last night as my food I thought would be usual, pork and steak attack, ended up being nibble time…that is useless in my life and can be leading me to destruction.

pepperoni and cheese, pork sausage, ate a few beef sticks, I DID eat a small NY Strip steak but not enough food, then later I had to eat 10 shrimp to try to hold me, well it didn’t LOL and I guess the viewing day got away from me. Kinda in that brain fog but I got thru.

woke up very hungry cause it was all I could do to not eat down the entire kitchen last night around midnight HAHA

first meal of day…rainy and icky. Will eat a nice strip steak I got defrosted AND AM doing a crapload of crab for next eating cause I want a ton of food on one sitting. Yup I am gonna go hog wild in a few hrs inhaling beef and crab. I NEED IT as a mental reset for me…but all is good, I eat how I need, I thrive.


Gloomy day. I don’t even attempt a photo in these light conditions. The turkey is… Okay-ish but I couldn’t make a meal of it. Especially that I managed to oversalt it. It’s a common problem of mine lately, I should be even more careful. I had sponge cakes with cream cheese and smoked, super thinly sliced ham, mmmm. My sponge cakes are full fluff lately so I happily keep making them.

We run out of more and more basic food (including cat food), it’s high time for shopping! I am looking forward to all the different cheeses we will buy but I will try to be modest :smiley:

(Judy Thompson) #137

You’re rockin this big series of events. Remember a couple-3 years ago it was such a long wait for burial. Mom passed in Jan '21 and VA cemetery buried her ashes, but no funeral there till Nov!
Thinking about you grazing through this rocky time, it’s pure self preservation at this point. All these are food events too - whenever people get together there is food :stew: :woozy_face:

@FrankoBear, beautiful pic of Billie! Water walking. So restful!

The thick ribeyes came out a lot better than the thin ones the other day. They say not to sous vide a steak more than 4 hours but with my teeth I do prefer an easier texture, and 24 hours for that thick steak is just right. I seared it in the Otto along with a raw hamburger patty for me then split the steak with hubby as I knew he wouldn’t eat more than half of one.

Tonight starts the weekend marathon of gigs, so today as usual on Fridays, we take it easy. The brisket is in one sous vide, L Reuteri yogurt in the Instant Pot sous vide at 100° until tomorrow night.
This weekend we have 2 new tunes - My Girl (Temptations) and My Guy (Mary Wells) both written by Smoky Robinson in the 1960s. I’m frantically memorizing!

(Karen) #138

Stair running this morning before reading books and then upstairs to bath and ready myself for tea dance. I had a cheese omelette before setting out to pick up Raymond.
Great afternoon as usual. Fab people fab floor fab music and an all round great place to be.
Home about half 5 and cooked a lamb loin chop followed by some cheese then 2 more brisket & chuck burgers with butter snd just eaten some tinned tuna. Oh and had a packet of cooked smoked bacon on drive home…very salty!


yea JJ…it can drag out crazy when you are on a military schedule and they show no mercy on that! You had to hit the hard times too! we were lucky to hit that appt for onsite burial. whew…cause the drag out is mind numbing. We now just want it over ya know, to process and move on, but heck I have not even picked up Bolt’s ashes from the ER vet yet…ugh…I tell ya!!

Where ya playing your gigs at right now? Is it one of the restaurants that hired ya before? just curious!

@Karen18 as usual your pics are always so enticing, love ya keep putting them out here…I actually can’t wait to see what ya post!
Always a lover of your daisy plates HA

------------ok all chillin’ out a bit more here. all good so today is simple.
Got NY Strip steak defrosted, pulled it out last night from freezer like at midnight and yea, it is ready to chow down later when I get hungry for first meal. never hit my crab. They even put it on sale at a great low price this week, 7.99/lb but I got so much in freezer to eat I can’t bother buying…I feel ‘off’ on not jumping on that sale…omgosh I wish I would keep eating my snow crab but honestly, it blows my mind I don’t wanna tackle the darn cooking, shelling etc of it for a meal. I like fast meals, nothing about that snow crab is fast HA ugh…but I miss it ya know, hmm, new brain mind concept as I am seeming to ‘let go’ of my snow crab obsession LOL crazy…

second meal not sure. I think I will just grab 3-4 big country pork ribs from freezer and slam into over and be done with it.

hubby not eating alot, he is handling estate stuff and feels a tad overwhelmed and sad I am sure so not worrying on him with dinner as much. Asked him about tonight if he wanted big ol’ pork chops and he said just wait til I call ya later, he is working today, and I thought, damn he is gonna wanna stop and get Japanese or some other fast food crap lol but hey that is fine, I don’t want it but if he does, then go for it I guess. I eat so diff. than him, sometimes I gotta let him just buy the crap he wants and eat it without any thought. it is what it is…ok anyway,

lets finish Feb in strong carnivore form.

You know we are going with MEATMADNESSMARCH for our next thread, haha


I try to be quick. {Yeah., sure. Of course writing about food made me awake and motivated to write more :D} I am soooooo spent, I had a long nap in front of my computer (we tried to watch deepo sea videos. Alvaro usually falls asleep in no time but this time I slept toot!)… Big shopping, the usual, well a really big one with the hypermarket - and we want to do something about our kitchen floor and then lamps attracted us… And I had a headache. It went away after the nap.

So, we have supplies galore again! Multiple smoked pork items, various cheeses, cottage cheese, quark, 4 liters of milk (one of my 2 fav brands was on sale and Alvaro helps using them up a lot…) and of course, I have green ham now. And some chuck as heaven forbid I would run out of that… I have sausages again! A normal one and a really hard one that is half Mangalica! That was a good find, it went on sale and it wasn’t very expensive to begin with, for a hard Mangalica/normal pork one :slight_smile: I hope it will be very nice :slight_smile:

Alvaro’s mom made chicken as usual. She talked about her friend wondering about us getting bored of chicken but she said it’s easiest for her and we can eat chicken once per month! And she is right, we can. She made fish soup too. And no desserts, she just gifted us a package of mascarpone, I had it so long ago and already planned to get some :wink:

well. I was in the hypermarket so checked out mutton. NONE was found. It has a place in the huge meat department, a tiny one, like, 80cm m wide for mutton, lamb and veal… But there was only veal there now. There is a little beef there, a tad more… And 90% is pork and chicken. Or more. There is a few kgs of rabbit, possibly. The seafood is elsewhere but that is a very tiny area too, I looked at the prices, ouch, I won’t eat seafood in the incoming months for sure. Except the not expensive fish I already have. But shrimp? It’s super expensive and octopus is just over the top. They all come in very tiny packages as people probably wouldn’t buy more… Of course no big crabs whatsoever here. Sigh. Oh well, I do like my little occasional fish. I just would like a little shrimp sometimes. But it isn’t worth it.

We have found the extra little almost hidden place with the “everything is 1 kg” ruminant meat, with okay prices. Lamb was listed and it was absent, I only have found various deer meats. It’s easy to buy deer, that’s never a problem. And yep, I have found wild boar in LIDL but I am very much against big plastic boxes now, I feel I used up my quota in the last months… I can somehow handle a few boxes per year if I must but that’s it. I haven’t buy ruminant, I wonder how many months since I ate any but I am happy enough with my pork and turkey. For now.

But we have found some nice packages in the hipermarket. 5kg chicken breast… :smiley: Alvaro was almost tempted but no way he could use up so very much meat in a not too long time and we just don’t have the freezer space to store something I don’t really eat. We have plenty of turkey and fish now so no chicken for him this time. I did buy a little hen, it will become my first lovely soup in March… He can have its breast then. Now it’s vegs, vegs and turkey time for Alvaro, he may have more turkey than cauliflower this time (it was my goal when we bought 3kg turkey…) but no problem, he just adds 1kg peas as well. Oh well, I have my own turkey and plenty of pork. He isn’t compatible with low veg meat dishes while I am not compatible with high veg meat dishes, no matter if I am off or not… Vegs are so in my past at this point except in tiny amounts here and there. It only works when I do the cooking as it’s carnivore then and he can add plants - and I am fine with the close to carnivore stews too.

But the turkey I cooked! Not exactly fried though that was the plan… But too big and a bit too sticky pan… The lard mixed with microscopic turkey bits just did its best to burn in the middle of the pan so I kept adding water… It never truly burnt but it got brown and the taste was so, so good… I wrote that I wasn’t so much into it at lunch but later? I loved it! It was so flavorful and strongly reminded me of some proper stew! And it only had turkey, lard and salt (and water but it evaporated :wink: )! So I can’t imagine me making turkey stew as it’s so unnecessary! Lovely food.

I watched some cooking shows (the competitive type), there are so many extra flavors there but yep, that is being a chef for you, or even a housewife, normally… They didn’t overdo it though, well they totally did in my eyes as I can’t imagine a nicely roasted meat getting any better with additions but it wasn’t a too fancy fine dining thing. Just some more flavors to balance things out though I never would want fruit with my meat… It was interesting. I like looking at nice food pics and even watching such shows, I just find it very unnecessary when it comes to my food. I use variety but it doesn’t mean various spices and sour, salty and sweet in everything… But yeah. My diet is not “normal”. If normal is what most people do, I use it in that meaning here. I can’t stop being amazed how blissful a very simple meal can be. I don’t say it’s good enough for me and I am lazy to put more effort into it, I honestly don’t want my food to get better, it is 20/20 already. But some people apparently can’t believe it.

So. I have supplies and no new things whatsoever. Just Mangalica sausage and smoked pork ribs, I don’t normally have those but it’s not too far from my usual fare either… We fit into the fridge just fine. Well, barely but we had it worse before.
We checked out fridges in the hipermarket, I already know I probably will need a Whirpool as that has an easy access freezer shelf and it’s basic to me. I open the freezer and put things or get things out of it several times a day, I need it to be easy! :wink: Poor fridge starts to get fall apart (it still will work for some time, it does it slowly), we really need to find some bigger selection of fridges soon! Fine, we will visit the proper stores, eventually… But we focus on other things to do in the kitchen first.

And I started to buy seeds! :smiley: I bought lettuce and garden cress to provide raw greens for Alvaro (they are rewarding anyway especially the latter as it sprouts in no time :smiley: and it’s lovely looking and spicy) - and I have bought a mix of small flowers this time! I looked at all of them (there was a species list on the package), wonderful! Some flowers I had before (or totally have ALL the time, it’s not like I could get rid of marigold if I wanted, my veggie patch has them galore), some flowers I never even saw, some flowers we had in Grandma’s garden and I would really like to meet them again… I can never have too much flowers but I don’t even have so much anyway. Besides the cooking shows I saw pretty gardens and I am motivated to make mine prettier too. I bought a small flower pot too, I may not put flower in it but it’s very beautiful. Oh and I chosen some sturdy looking small hoe. No idea what it is called in English, we have a cute word for it with the Hungarian word for hoe as the root. it’s probably not the official one but then I don’t know even the Hungarian official word for it. I had such a thing before but it broke in NO time, seriously, I used it once or twice, stupid low quality tools… This one looks much better. We have bought a lot of nice dark soil too. It has its uses but we use our own new soil made from compost for the veggie patch when I dig it up.
I start to face the inadequacy of my English language in some areas and I wrote a lot already so I stop now. But I am somewhat excited for the new year! The weather still looks very serious about staying spring-y, one more week and I will tentatively believe it. It was nice, warm and sunny today, no coat was needed, not even for Alvaro.