(Geoffrey) #61

That particular skillet is a Lodge brand 15 inch. Very common and affordable in the US. I don’t care for their pebbly grain so I just use a palm sander to resurface the cooking surface and then preseason it. You can probably mail order one or for that matter, there are many cast iron skillets of higher quality that can be mail ordered.
I have three other cast iron skillets of varying sizes but they are all Grizwald’s that date back to the 40’s which is pretty new for a Grizwald. I purchased those off of EBay.

(Geoffrey) #62

I want to thank everyone for their well wishes on my downed heifer but I’m afraid she didn’t make it. Lots of money and effort put in trying to save her but our cold snap last did her in.
That’s bad enough but we can’t even butcher her out because of the medications we used to try to help her.
Such is the life of those who raise their own animals.


@Geezy56: :cry: But you are right, it’s life, it happens.

@JJFiddle: You are right, it’s best if I try what I know is right for me (and sometimes something stricter, for reasons) even if it won’t be full success! I am stubborn but it’s not like I have any other options anyway… I ate more carbs in December (as I wanted to bake and taste what I baked… I still have such urges, there was a memorable day in January and I already got such thoughts, I just didn’t act on them… at least not on the carbier ones) and it definitely wasn’t good. I like to feel good and to eat somewhat simple… And carni food is my fav, I just get bored or interested in something else here and there.

I think pork shoulder makes me hungry… It’s debatable if I had one meal today as I had a few bites 30 minutes before my lunch and some bites after my original lunch (I was soooo hungry) but my eating window was pretty small, maybe 130 minutes.
I still was careful with my pork as it’s too fatty. I managed to eat over 200g fat and 170g protein, still wasn’t satiated but my appetite run out and thought it should be enough… :thinking: But it wasn’t a fully carnivore day for reasons. I still started with a lot of pork shoulder and I was quite hungry afterwards… I had more than a pound, thankfully not 2 as on my memorable days…
But I finally ate enough meat unlike in the last days, hopefully it will help with the next days :slight_smile: I put away the vast majority of my fried pork shoulder for super low appetite and hunger OMAD days (it will be quite useful there!) and took out a slab of pork chuck…

But perfect satiation arrived eventually and I never got hungry again. I better not, with these macros and being this close to my highest weight ever…

I managed not to drink more coffees :slight_smile:


So much, so much. Ineffable. So sad to read :cry:.

Dogs are the best people.

(Judy Thompson) #65

Sunday we went to brunch at a local place with our weekend guests. I ordered steak and eggs. Nice to be able to eat a satisfying meal in a restaurant.

Still waiting for the sous vide machine to replace the one we forgot from va! It should come today, then I can get into the thick ribeye and picanha steadiness I dry aged upon leaving for va the first part of January!

So yesterday I thawed some chicken thighs and air fried them, added a couple deviled eggs.

Nice and filling.

Still thinking about the orders from the colonoscopy Dr to get more lactobacillus. I read about L Reuteri yogurt from Dr. William Davis, the grain brain guy. I’ve done 2 batches now, one with just cream and one with part Fairlife milk.

The suggestion was from somebody in one of the Carnivore groups on Facebook. Look at the list of benefits! Quite impressive. It takes 36 hours to incubate - I just used the sous vide setting on my
Instant pot max and forgot about it.

(Karen) #66

Well eventful day yesterday as Raymond landes back in hospotal. Chest pains again… turns out it was through dehydration. He had serious cramps throughout the night after the dancing whic was unusual then starting feeling iffy Sunday. So i took him to the hospital late morning and collected him half nine in the evening. I didn’t stay all day as Sian would have been cross with me as she feels i pick up my bad bugs when i visit him in hospital. So dehydration … when he told me thats what the doctors said had caused it, everything made sense including the severe cramps. Saturday night he had one cup of tea and then had his prescrition multivitamin shake… no water all night. Of course he had been dancing vigorously with the cha cha’s and jives so had sweat some too. So now there is something else to nag him about :roll_eyes: he was fine today and back walking as his leg was back shaking violently yesterday and he couldn’t walk without aid. He is still managing to be sugar free so he is doing extremely well, he is trying to help himself so there is not much more one can ask for. I don’t get as frustrated with him now as i did during earlier years when i would advise him what to do and it went in one ear and out the other!

Food yesterday plus some cheese. Been for brunch at the cafe today… 2 fried eggs on 2 black pudding and a small sausage. Sirloin steak for this evening.


Nice sunny day. a tad windy, warm for February but still cold a bit…
We left our big leander in the terrace for the winter as the small one is big enough inside (they grew a lot! I cut off parts but they grow high and we don’t have a proper place where they don’t get into our way… the little primadonna - do you use this word for super needy, choosy beings too? - wilted many leaves again. I just can’t water it enough in winter, it complains like this. it looks good otherwise… so the remaining leaves are pretty and everything) - and as we got a very mild winter, it lived just as we expected.

Alvaro brought me tiny onion bulbs :slight_smile: So I planted them in 2 flower pots. They will make a handful of pathetic thin green leaves but it’s something. Anyway, I love growing things, onions are easy and quick. Not as quick as outside though, I hope I can start dig up the veggie patch soon. As it may be, like, 4 square meters, I still need days for it. The wonderful, sturdy, diligent peasant blood got thin in me.
We don’t want rain for a while, Alvaro says the forest starts to get okay for cycling…

I got a bit hungry at lunchtime and ate. At 3:30pm this time so it wasn’t super early. And I ate a tiny meal (still with enough protein for a day for someone with my stats, of course. it’s far from enough for me personally though but I need to eat more anyway).

I had dinner. Still super low-cal in my world, oh well. 111g protein, 76g fat - I tracked the shoulder as chuck though as it was a quite lean part of it. So maybe it was even less fat, who knows? The chuck lost some too. But maybe the chuck was fattier than the data in the database? My fat intake is anyone’s guess if I eat fatty meat :slight_smile:

I keep having difficulties with the macro lens (they aren’t for food photography in my hands. I already am pants at food photography… I LOVE this lens for flowers) but the main dish isn’t super blurry. The dessert is somewhat blurry so its beauty isn’t so apparent. But it was wonderful, finally not a too soft fluff over the jelly part, it’s a very nice piece.

As I already realized several times, fried or roasted pork chuck is just about the best food ever. This is a very good slab, marbled and wonderful. The slices more or less in focus, those are that. In the background there is some leftover pork shoulder (too lean and dry), sponge cake leftover “dough” fried, it’s a fluffy scrambled eggs except it’s whipped but it acts like scrambled eggs… Made in the pan with the pork chuck so it was wonderful… And the sponge cake muffin is probably recognizable. I had other things like leftover quark, another sponge cake and ate a bit more from Alvaro’s dish (yep, WAY too much vegs even with an extra boiled egg in it… but I wanted the turkey. so soft and nice. I miss turkey. I can’t wait until the sale on Friday!). But it run out so I try to keep it carnivore now. As much as I can when I make eggs in purgatory again… But that is condiment level in my case. Good enough for this February. I have difficulties with using unnecessary strictness when I can’t do it longer term now anyway. No momentum. But I may just skip eggs in purgatory, it’s just a simple main dish for Alvaro now, I am content with my pork chuck (and later turkey. and roasted pork loin, Alvaro said he is fine without garlic, yay!) and boiled eggs.

(Robin) #68

I never miss my magnesium in a glass of salty water, especially before bed or if having leg cramps any time.


Sometimes I remember the times with cramps… I don’t seem to have that lately :slight_smile: I never had them before keto and almost never had them on carnivore. Vegetarian keto was the problematic diet for it but the occasional Mg pill solved it. Still, I dislike supplementing so it’s good I don’t need anymore.

(Geoffrey) #70

Well I finally got around to experimenting with using pork rind panko as a breading for frying. It works and it’s great. Crispy and doesn’t taste like pork rinds.
Egg and cream wash for the fish then coated in the panko crumbs and fried in tallow. Then a generous splash of Louisiana Hot Sauce.

I also smoked 40 rainbow trout today also. I’ll shred those later for smoked trout dip.

(KM) #71

Did you catch 40 trout at one go? Great pic, looks like a whole school of fish!

(Geoffrey) #72

No, we have a five a day limit so that’s a lot of fishing. Which of course I don’t mind. :wink:


Does pork rind have a taste? It seems some dry boring stuff to me (still couldn’t justify to try it, super expensive per weight - tiny packet, IDK, 25g? so it’s not much actually but it is for its weight - and I am pretty sure I wouldn’t like it)… Just like crispy chicken skin has little fat and little taste, that’s chicken though. Most meat is tastier when fattier but of course, it can be my bias and even I have found some tasty lean meats… But skin is less tasty than meat to me… :thinking:

I should try pork rinds already… I don’t know if I would use it for “breading” though as while I like crispy coats, I never liked the work and mess involved (it’s less without using flour though… still not my style). I do have panko at home and I use it for mushrooms sometimes when we find many parasol mushrooms but a package lasts for years… And Alvaro eats it, of course, I lost my interest in mushrooms together with the vegs.


Sometimes I wonder about a great fishing lake being just here… But it’s not only too much work for me (getting equipment and knowledge and whatever), our fishes tend to be lean (there are exceptions but most are lean and full with tiny fishbones). I prefer fatty fish and I am fine with just a little every year… Maybe a bit more than what I had in the last several years… Bream goes on some wonderful sale sometimes…

I don’t need to cook lunch today, I have pork chuck :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: and Alvaro gets eggs in purgatory. I don’t call that cooking, it’s almost nothing.
I bake bread and carnivore biscuits, though. I love baking. Cooking is fine too but it’s still more like a chore. Baking is fun - and exciting when I make a recipe for the first time. My biscuits have a modified recipe, hopefully it will be tastier and crispier than the last bunch I ended up baking 3 times… I have so many ideas to improve it if this batch won’t be good enough…
I will bring photos if they will be nice. Even if I need outside shots and Alvaro must guard the plate from the cats (as I need to be meters away with the 100mm lens. he is already searching for a nice new lens, he can’t shot his hardware either. he sells some to people now and then). The biscuit is full carnivore (well, with spice so maybe not fully. it has MUCH spice), of course they will want it. Spice never stopped them when it came to eggs or dairy or meat (that my biscuit doesn’t have). I should use some white sheet too, outside light is too harsh - and not good enough in the shadows… I never needed that much work with flowers.

(Geoffrey) #74

They can be an acquired taste. Many companies flavor them with a coating but those often contain sugars.
I like them because they’re a meat product that can satisfy my desire to eat something crunchy. I suppose that’s an physiological craving from eating chips or crisps so much in my former SAD life. I find them to be tasty but that may be due to the fact that they have a little salt on them. I can use them to make carnivore nachos or use them with a cheese dip. I like them with liverwurst or salmon salad. Anything that I would have used a cracker or a chip I can use pork rinds instead. Finding that I can use them as a breading for frying is a real game changer for me. There are many foods that I thought I’d have to abandon forever when I became carnivore and I’m fine with that, no misgivings at all but knowing that I can again eat chicken fried steak (practically a staple in Texas) fried fish, scotch eggs, fried shrimp and fried chicken, wow, that’s got me excited.


THANKS all you great guys giving condolences for Bolt :slight_smile:

I sure appreciate what great internet friends I have on this carnivore site!!!

I keep looking for him all over the house LOL crazy, but I chatted thru with kiddo and she is better with him passing now too. Literally he was ‘her brother’ getting him at like age 5 and her now near 20, he was just part of her. But he lived fab so that is a nice memory thru life.

great posts on the board, trying to catch up…ugh

@Karen18, ahhh dehydration issues for Raymond. Yea I can see that going down with dancing and being so active, his water intake should remain higher for sure. hope he keeps improving and knows he should be sipping water thru the day if he can.

-------------You know that is something I wont face never in life I don’t think,dehydration…in that I wake up and drink water instantly. I have water bottle with me in my home all thru the day, I have water in my car when I go out, I have water in every situation of my life. In fact hubby thinks I am a water nut but I drink water all thru the day. I will not even go out and about without my water bottle LOL If I do I tell hubby, I forgot my water, first gas station STOP and I buy 2 bottles just in case LOL In fact water is by my side every single day for all my zc years…never was before, now when I started zc, a water bottle is literally attached to my body HAHA…,ugg just crazy thoughts on how I roll now.

hubby got me this: 2 packs of heart shaped cut ribeye LOL
I bought him a mini sized heart shaped cheesecake :slight_smile:

SO food today is eating this heart ribeye first with shrimp again.
second meal gonna put in 4 country pork ribs to cook.

ER Vet place called. Bolts ashes are ready for pickup, ugh sad but this kinda makes it over for me here. onward

done deal for Valentine ZC day


I wrote this earlier, wanted to bring my flower pics but I messed up even those. And then no sunshine and forgot too. But I have several blooming yellow crocuses now and I saw a white/purple bud too! :smiley: Spring is here and no one can talk me out of this :slight_smile: The weather is great and mild too. Not all day sunshine but quite a few hours, pretty good! No rain in weather forecast!

I love crunchy, I have my cheese whisps and crunchy skins (usually chicken, the thicker ones are tricky) for that! And the carni biscuits, those aren’t fully there yet but I won’t give up…
(If I go off and when I am not off lately, I can have my keto wafers too.)

I liked chips partially for the taste (partially for the crunchiness and partially for the saltiness). Potato has a wonderful flavor, nothing can replace that. But it’s no big deal to live without it, that’s good as making chips is messy and time consuming. And I may not catch the minute when it’s crunchy but not burnt… So I always had big motivation to eat other crunchy things, never had a super chips-y life. As I instinctively never bought much overprocessed overpriced stuff. It was very, very occasional.

Oh so you use them with something else, that makes sense if they are not really flavorful alone. I do that with my sponge cakes. They are eggs so tasting eggs but no added salt and anyway, eggs can be a bit neutral, at least in that form, maybe the air bubbles, not like it makes much sense :smiley: I use them with flavorful, rich items. They just need to be a fluffy, midly egg tasting but pretty much neutral base. And they are great in that role. That’s why they are perfect for sandwiches. If one is used to slightly moist, muffin shaped sandwiches where spreading is possible but different. I have no problem with it. I have way more problem with actual bread slices except maybe my best attempts. But they are in the future at this point. I can wait, I really like my sponge cake buns, they don’t have a crunchy crust though. Not like most of my breads have (including the very carby ones made for Alvaro)… That is tricky. Me and crunchy, it’s not easy but I LOVE and NEED crunchy so maybe one day I will get better at it.

I just ate them alone :slight_smile: Never did anything else with them. It’s actually a good thing that I never was into sauces and gravy and spreads and such things. Well I liked some spreads, here and there but I always used bread for them. When I was a kid, it was the thing, bread with something like butter or lard or honey, I definitely never heard about nacho or salsa in my first few decades… I only have some very vague idea about them now too, I don’t think I ever had them… :thinking: I don’t even know if it’s a thing here now as I have no social life and I barely ever watch Hungarian videos.

I tried scotch eggs, they were horrible with panko on them as they released a ton of water. So I made them naked. Mine were naked to begin with, I just wanted to use the panko as I almost never do and crunchy is good and Alvaro may appreciate it.

I can eat anything I want any time but yes, I like to keep things very low carb and if possible, carnivore so I keep my eyes and mind open :slight_smile: In many cases, I lose/sacrifice absolutely nothing to get the lower-carb option. In other cases, there is no lower-carb option but I can live without many of them for years without any anguish… And sometimes I need to compromise but it’s not good enough for me (I dislike compromises especially if it’s about my food) so I change myself to make it a consensus… :smiley: There are points where I am still at the compromise or just go off like crazy phase. The worst items aren’t needed for Alvaro so I just never make them if possible, that helps.
But if I MISS something, that’s serious. I don’t think I ever miss carby things (probably would happen to fruits if I ever stopped eating them for long), I miss certain textures. So if I manage those on carnivore, it’s a big win. With variety if possible, I often need that.

I drop tracking, annoying and it doesn’t help now. I am curious but oh well. If I even learn to eat very very simply, maybe I check what I eat again. I focus on lunch skipping and not eating late and doing simple and whatnot for a while. And not too much thought about food if possible, not being too much in the kitchen either.

Same! I am a very thirsty person. And I barely ever sweat. I had days when I only drank coffee until mid-afternoon but I was very well hydrated even then (it was much coffee but I drink more in the evening anyway, usually, not always).
I do skip my water bottle on my tiny walks but those are what, 50 minutes long? :slight_smile:
Alvaro isn’t like me, once he run 21km without drinking as he forgot his bottle. I would turn back some time in the first 5 minutes as I get especially thirsty when I do something more serious than walking. I drink a lot if I lift weight, I stop drinking all the time while cycling… Motorbike riding isn’t an exercise so I didn’t need many stops there. Once we were in a challenge and we wanted to get home the first day and ended up riding for 17 hours. I stopped once to pee (Alvaro needed 2 :P), ate while riding… There were tiny, 1-2 minute stops as we had to answer questions at some points and we needed to look them up but otherwise, we rode all day and half night… That was the time when we rode faster in villages than outside of them and not because we went fast in villages. We used to rode slowly for bikers to begin with but in the dark when there are forests and wild animals around (and not a particularly good quality or wide or straight road)? It was SUPER slow. My bike lamps weren’t very helpful (a bit weak, pointing not to the best direction for me to see the road) and I am a cautious one and I was tired and sleepy… That last leg was reaaaaaly sloooooooow. But we saw a badger :wink:

I do will need my bottle even for the tiny walks if I go with Alvaro in summer. Heat and me talking all the time, that makes me thirsty! :wink:

Oh yep I just noticed it was Valentine’s day. We never cared about it though sometimes I make heart shaped chocolates. As we like chocolate and I have heart shaped molds too. Skulls are much cooler if you ask me but heart is a shape too.

A heart shaped ribeye is a winner though. Especially now that I lost most of my interest in chocolate. It still is nice but very much not needed, it’s mostly the fond memories. I don’t lose those regarding food, not even when I really stop liking the item (that didn’t happen with my own chocolate. fried cauliflower is a better example, I really don’t like it and I loved it so much I had to ban it in early keto as I ate 40g carbs from it in a few minutes).

(Geoffrey) #77

Spent the morning turning six bison rib roasts into ribeyes. My payout is I get to keep the fat trimmings and the end pieces and I get to eat one of the steaks.
Was almost done eating when I realized that forgot to take a picture.

Tomorrow I get to cut up five beef rib roasts so yippee, more fat trimmings for more tallow.


Haunting is normal after a pet dies. They are checking in on their family. When we were packing for a big house move in 2017 I found a small box. Inside it were the collars from 4 cats that we had over the previous 17 years. I looked and thought, yup, treasures. But I lifted one collar out and the bell and tags jingled. Audrey the cat was there with me again at that moment. It’s crazy how pets can talk through the percussion toys we hang on them. If it is crazy, then I like the crazy. :heart:

It’s 43’C (109.4F) here today. All current pets are asleep stretched on the cool floor. I’m getting some heart palpitations in the heat. I ate a scrambled cheesy omelette 3-egg breakfast. But will knock back some bone broth and some extra magnesium containing electrolytes.


I love the pictures and carnivore food variety you share Geoffrey. You are right into this way of eating. How are you feeling with your health?


@FrankoBear, so agree they haunt :slight_smile: I chatted all about my dogs, cats and horses that I lost over the yrs with my kiddo. I can so recall all the ‘best family’ I had! Can picture them like they are all still here…just like your collars when ya saw them, instantly they are fresh in your mind :slight_smile:

WHOOO on that heat. ok, I want your heat so badly since we are now dipping back into alot colder in my local, but that 109 is actually too high for me even. I like about 95, I gotta say 109 has to be close to truly having med issues in that kind of high heat. You take care of yourself definitely! Go hit the surf!!! Cool off!!

-----------------simple zc day. I require very simple right now. Going to pick up Bolt’s ashes tomorrow. I am just on low key right now. too much drama around. MIL is still in hosp. They are basically flipping her around on meds like crazy. How can one truly be recovered and healthier when on like 10 diff. high power who knows what meds? So far they are stablizing it all a bit but still, not a good situation but roll with it all as everyone must. See where this goes.

woke up hungry. yes I did! I am gonna cook a smaller boston butt pork roast in a bit. low and slower in oven. yum. can’t wait to hit on that soon. dinner, hmm, rare I want it anymore but I got my mind on a mini meatloaf. A lb. of burger mixed with 2 eggs. bake and eat. not sure why but it is calling my name.

month is like 1/2 way over, wow feb is starting to fly by…we are all lucky it is flying by in zc style!

HEY OVER in ZIOH, a mom has a boy who has very bad psorasis. brave as she was she posted a few pics and his face was covered and neck and hands and poor kid is only 9. BUT SHE put him on carnivore and within like 3 wks she posted updated pics. His entire body was healing. his redness and viciousness of this med issue was fading, recovering, healing being on carnivore. I tell ya, I see posts like this and I praise carnivore to the ultimate and I also praise a very brave mom to put her young son on a big lifestyle change too…very uplifting to see big posts like this sometimes.

ok just an off chat on ZC! More power to the healing~