Come one come all

we got delayed, I didn’t see a new Feb thread so this is it.

Any goals, changes, chats you want to zc discuss…go for it here.

----------------simple day. couldn’t get any easier. steak and pork.
just on zc cruise control right now. feeling fine.

(Karen) #2

Continuing the usual through feb, zero carbing on and eating loads of steaks😉

Been out dancing this afternoon to Church Gresley and had a super time. Always bumping into people we haven’t seen for ages/years even and today was no exception, so it was lovely.

Food today started with brunch of tinned tuna and a very small piece of salmon pan fried in butter.
Dinner was a large ribeye steak, 2 black pudding followed by 5 rashers of smoked streaky bacon.

I took a quick pic of Raymonds valentines shirt when i picked him up and gave him the pink shirt which he was delighted with :slightly_smiling_face:


fab meal pics K!

and WOWZA on that shirt, it is wonderful. gives a prince feeling to me, bet Raymond becomes dashing in it :slight_smile:


Wow, Raymond will be totally impossible to notice! :smiley: I showed the shirt pics to Alvaro as well, he mentioned bullfighting and wtf but poor one is stressed, we had a 1-2 hour struggle to login to google play but at least we know it’s impossible so I just give up on getting apps. I trust if I ever buy a new tablet, that will have a decent chance. I am still miffed, I wanted some fun lil drawing apps. On the big tablet without the totally cracked screen. I got success on my small, cracked one after lots of work (doing the same thing was different there. like it sent me a code to my phone and it never asked for it) but he just didn’t get the final button or what to finalize the login. It does know what the account is, it always did as he is logged into google but the google play app doesn’t care about that. Oh well.
Sorry I HAD TO vent. I was in tears in some point (when my tablet still believed Alvaro is logged in despite I totally logged out on another device for my device. and I was logged in myself anyway) and it doesn’t happen often. I don’t know how many times I cry per year, 2? Not counting totally touching movies and videos (but that’s not often either). Some animation artist has a way with animals and touching hearts, I am weak to that… And that’s good, feelings are important. When I am in a very dark place, I am mostly apathetic. It’s very horrible when in a deep level and long term.

I will write about goals and whatnots later.

My dairy items, part 1:

250g quark, 800g Greek yogurt, 1600g sour cream (20%, the normal one), 2 liters of milk (well, less as one is partial) - and a spread called “butter”+“creme” in Hungarian. It’s mostly “soured cream” (isn’t that sour cream?) and butter, with spices. Hungarian flavor, it’s a popular one for many kinds of food and I love it. Paprika, mostly.
I plan to make my own one day. So, this thing was broken and I have just found it out today!
So I decided to eat it asap.
Almost nothing was left some hours ago, I didn’t think I will be that effective… Alvaro helped a bit too.

Today I got hungry early. And had a headache so started (and continued and finished) with milky coffee. I even had a bite before lunchtime but really just one.
We had fried pork, I had plenty of sponge cake muffins with the spread…
The fatty pieces were nice, the lean ones were boring but edible with the spread. Still, much remained. No wonder I got hungry very, very soon. So I had an early dinner, just like my lunch except I put the pork into scrambled eggs and ate it with some Greek yogurt. Still boring so I couldn’t eat much… Got hungry again but I got so busy then upset that it passed.
I ate much lately, I can get away with this I suppose.
I can’t really track with unknown leftovers but I will try tomorrow, maybe. Or I just track 2 days together. If I manage to eat poor pork already… I took out some fatty pork from the freezer this time… Why I didn’t think about the very known (but sometimes forgotten) fact that I am unable to base a day on lean pork…? I WILL get bored of it and then I will be starving, most probably. Not today, it’s the “not nice food, let’s just feel satiated without other reason” day. Surely due to my well-fed state. But it always bring the serious risk of getting hungry again soon.

I will come in better spirits in the future! :smiley: I always have a goal of being more decent here. But then things happen and my personality isn’t compatible with control. And I forget anyway. Just like food photos - but the scrambled eggs was intentional, it wasn’t pretty.

(Geoffrey) #5

Oops! Looks like we’ve got two threads this month.


@Geezy56, only one thread, this one :slight_smile:

------------- store has chuck roast on sale. gonna run and hit up like 2-3 only since this sale price isn’t the lowest I do get on occasion. I kinda got the ‘store sale’ routine down pat. They put on very low price sale one time, then next 2 times on sale it is at a higher sale price, then it flips again to next sale very low price. Next lower sale price time event I will freeze up like 6 then----SO today is a nice chuck in the oven when I get home with it. Should be at least a 2-3 lb’er so I am considering that my only food for the day.

crab legs on sale at $5.99 lb. Way low price event. BUT I got like 12 lbs still in the freezer. AS much as I relied on these, loved them as my go to decadent meal that I thought I would never give up, I tell ya, I CAN NOT stand the work involved in cracking those legs anymore HA
OMG I never thought I would say I am not buying more at this low price and I think now I am basically gonna back off crab legs. I still never thought I would ever say this in my zc career truly.

but I walked from so much. dumped cheese mostly now. cut salt back to very low amt from being a super salter person, I lived on daily ribeyes for years, now I prefer changing up the beef cuts more, I dumped chick wings and thighs and will never eat another chick thigh come hell or highwater but a few wings might appear here and there in my eating, I dumped eggs and basically gave up bacon. OMG I would fry 1-2 lbs of bacon and inhale, now bacon is barely on my radar.

Going more mono eating is something I find amazing that happened to me but at the same time I find it is THE BEST way for me to eat daily in that I have cut cook time down to almost no work, I have basically gave up my daily thoughts on ‘what the hell to make’, I find life without the kitchen and thoughts of food suits me OH SO WELL that I know, finding this way of lifestyle for me is a massive blessing I sure wish I found in my 20s instead of in my 50s LOL

OK, zc onward, hope every carnivore is doing well


Fangs said this is the one so fine, I will post here!

The sun just came out, yay! I need some sunshine. I had some horrid nightmare with sweets I wouldn’t even touch. I don’t know why I get food dreams sometimes. I almost never do but when I do,

  1. I don’t taste anything (is it normal? I do dream in vivid colors, that part is fine and needed as I am a very visual type. the candies were rainbow colored as they often are)
  2. it’s always some stupid sweets dream. the worst kind, not what I actually like, not home-made either or anything.

I don’t even have a struggle when I get those dreams so it’s not that. Odd. But I totally and lengthly(?) felt the failure. I never feel quilty just because I eat something, it’s not that bad but it was my first day in my dream too, I did well otherwise but the sweets happened too for some reason. I never know I am dreaming and I felt a bit bad. For LONG. And then I wake up and see nothing happened but it’s not a relief as the damage is done and I don’t feel good :frowning: STUPID brain.

I had some coffee, I was miserable with a slight headache, could have said no but after some deliberation I went to the easiest route. Just today :smiley: Not tomorrow. Definitely not tomorrow.

Hmmm… My carni days changed too. Just because I go off a lot, I do evolve and change.
I eat leaner meat now but it can’t be the base, that would be super boring to me and I would quit. Even short term, I would add too much eggs and dairy as only meat is really satiating. And I would miss meat at midnight… So nope, I mix leaner and fattier meat, I enjoy that the best :slight_smile: Nothing is wrong with a little lean meat. Only with much lean meat, for me.
Cheese almost disappeared from my life too and I could reduce my dairy consumption. Need much more work as it very easily raise again (and then I get the vast majority of my energy need from eggs and dairy… I don’t say my calories as I just overeat when I start to miss meat… It’s strange, I don’t need food or macros, just meat. maybe some nutrient but can’t it wait until the next day?! so it’s not the nutrients, I would think. my body merely wants some proper amount of meat nearly every day. sometimes I can pull off a 300g meat day, after all. not often but sometimes)…
And you saw my dairy items part 1… I have things to eat.

Oh I go and shot part 2 soon!

I remember, it wasn’t long ago :slight_smile:
I never was into bacon. I do love the idea but getting good bacon… Not too salty… Not for a very high price… That’s tricky. I do buy bacon ends on sale whenever I see them, those are nice and very affordable too. Not in slices but who cares? I can slice them if I want! They aren’t even as salty as the slices ones, those are horrible, I need many eggs or much lean meat with them.

But processed meats… It’s going down for me too. I don’t even have sausage now and I am fine with that. I do keep some smoked pork around as it’s nice and useful (necessary in peasant’s breakfast!), Alvaro likes to put smoked pork hock into his legumes and I make meatballs with the skin… So I like to have these items for variety and for emergencies - but the amount seriously dropped. And I am choosy and don’t buy certain ones due to their ingredients list. I am somewhat choosy since I went low-carb but it got more serious lately. I can buy processed meats with nice ingredient lists, I can make my own if I really want so why to accept inferior ones? Health usually isn’t my reason as the amount would be very tiny and my body can handle a lot. Sometimes water is my problem in the ingredients list, in first place. I don’t buy such pâté even if it surprisingly lacks sugar and MSG (and even has meat. meaty pâté is the best!).

I am still sticking to pork but what else? It’s the only satiating meat I can afford - and thankfully, one of my biggest favs :wink: I would like to eat ruminant meat more often (months pass without any) but the availability is so bad, I can’t just go and buy some around here, there is none at all. And I just don’t want it enough when I visit the city and anyway, I would like deer or mutton and I eat it so very rarely that I am willing to wait for a sale… Didn’t see any lately. But I do like to eat ruminant meat like 4 times a year. Preferably more often but it’s not important to me. But it’s really tricky so next time I see some nice stuff, I will buy a lot! So it won’t be just for one tiny stew.
Our stews are always tiny. They never last long. Even the curry made outside (so it wasn’t on the bigger side, that is a lengthy process with constant work as we burn various woods we can’t do anything else with. it still amazes me how much wood a tiny garden produces and of course, we will NEVER burn the wood from the rebuilding of the house… what was is, 12 years? we have so, so, so very much still and I made some basic furniture with some) with the lot of vegs in it that I didn’t even eat much of, lasted just for 3 meals for Alvaro.
And it was turkey, not something satiating anyway. Ruminant feels the most substantial, pork next.

I eat less eggs now but I still need them very much. But… I had enough of the scrambled eggs like bottom of my sponge cakes. And it’s work to whip the eggs, cleaning and it produces so little… I need some better stuff. I still will make sponge cakes now and then but rarely. Or I need to fix them. I so love the fluffy upper part. It makes perfect sandwiches. Sigh. I know they can be fixed on keto but on carnivore, it’s trickier. Making them into quiche is nice but they lose their bread role. I don’t want to add cheese, I never liked that (cheese mixed into something else. I liked cheese on top of things) and I didn’t made cheese almost disappear from my diet to bring it back for such a vital role.
And of course, I tried to fix them with egg powder (homemade as I don’t accept eggs from not even remotely proper sources) but my egg powder wasn’t fine enough…

I thought about bringing back my pancakes. They can have an almost bread role (they can be filled with spreads or cheese and rolled up) and I used to love them. I almost forgot about them as I always strongly favored sweet/dessert pancakes (my forever favs for filling are walnut and jam) and those led to off eating. But I do love savory fillings too, I just never had many options as the only traditional one was a veg. And quark and sour cream is nice but only for one (and it makes me think of the sweet version. I have this problem with quark too, not just pancakes, it is primarily dessert to me. not necessarily a problem though), just like cheese and what do I do with the rest of the pancakes? I can’t eat 2 of them, I am the 4-6 pancakes type (I eat a lot beforehand but I still can’t stop so early. maybe with some epic meaty filling…).

We will see. I wrote more than enough, my goals will come next time.


No photo, my food wasn’t pretty and you can imagine dairy part 2: I have 2x500ml + 2x250ml cream (super much! but I have way more months than one to eat them up. only the 250ml bags need to be consumed in 2 weeks), 650-700g butter (it’s for very many weeks on carnivore - unless in a butter phase… - , Alvaro doesn’t really eat it as he has no idea how) and some cheese but only the slices Masdaamer is mine.
I ate the 17.5 g processed triangle one today.

I am brave with the 500ml whipping cream but it had a good price and it is lactose free :smiley: I don’t mind lactose but this way it is quite sweet and I almost always use cream for desserts. if I eat all that sugar already, I better feel it really sweet! :wink:
I used to feel challenged even with the 200ml ones, even when Alvaro used some up for his puddings (now he always uses milk instead. he still can use whipped cream on top but it’s even less than before) but I can make so many desserts with cream and even some non-desserts, I will be able to use it all up in time. I just need to be careful when I open a package, ready to eat every kind of stuff using cream… I am sure ragout soup with cream is very nice too. Even though it’s good with sour cream as well… If a savory dish (or a dessert that has any kind of sourness) uses cream, it can be replaced with sour cream. The result won’t be the same, cream has this fancier, more noble flavor… But it’s WAY more expensive. And fattier (it can be good or bad, it usually doesn’t matter). And I need to whip it up and do some cleaning… Oh and cream spoil quickly too. I googled a bit and found various data but I only trust my own experiences anyway. It doesn’t last as long as sour cream. Sour cream is brilliant - but we still need to use it properly if we open a 800g bucket :wink: And sour cream does it without UHT flavor… Yeah, it’s soured so of course it behaves differently… And cream is creamier. Greek yogurt is creamier. Sour cream is almost always a bit too thick and sometimes tends to separate. But it depends on the brand. Some has even a cream taste, that’s interesting and not what I usually want from my sour cream but surely is the best for desserts (unless we want more sourness but one has lemon juice for that purpose).

I didn’t want to write this much but DAIRY :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
I need to get off from dairy a bit. Yesterday I got over 1000 kcal from dairy. And I didn’t eat much or focused on dairy! I just had boring lean meat and the spread I had to eat… Eventually… Not necessarily in one day… Suited my 9 sponge cakes I consumed though.

Yesterday was unusual. Guesstimation (but it seems close to reality) says 106g protein and 143g fat. 25g sugar, well yeah, dairy that isn’t butter or cheese… A tiny bit comes from spice in my spread but the vast majority is lactose. Good thing I am fine with that. And I don’t eat like this every day! Today will be more modest.

I hoped I can skip lunch but I got hungry in the end. Just a bit but the first bite into my leftover meaty scrambled eggs showed I am really hungry! I was fine with a small lunch though, good. Not a proper satiation but I had enough mentally (or whatever is where appetite and mood has control) and if I had full satiation, I couldn’t eat dinner. Only a late meal and I don’t want that.
I finished my small sponge cake buns (3) with some spread and the tiny processed cheese. And had many milky coffees. Oh and one egg in purgatory, I just couldn’t resist and the spread already made my day not fully carnivore…

I plan more eggs and fried pork for lunch. As I don’t really have anything else, I think I will stick to plan. Maybe without the eggs, I have fresh pork chuck slices and those are good!

What I don’t have is brevity :frowning: Nothing new but it still bothers me.

My goals seem to get postponed again. it’s nothing interesting though, carni and skipping lunches if possible, mostly. Simplicity, little dairy (well… for me. usually)… Nothing new and special but my brain doesn’t work well today (I forgot making dessert for both of us, they were planned. no problem, they handle being postponed well) so I will think about it later.

(Karen) #9

@Shinita hahaha love that Alvaro thinks bullfight lol poor Raymond would be the target lol.
And yes he will be hard to miss on the dance floor… which is just how he likes it… he loves to be centre of attention :grin:

@Fangs yep Raymondo will be belly of the ball haha
Bacon… i am same as you can take it or leave it. I have had some this evening and have some more in fridge but i can go weeks without it…i do find that it is a simple filler when i feel a bit peckish before bed but i have to be careful otherwise if it has some additives it can affect my sleep.

I didn’t manage to fit in food before going dancing to Lichfield this afternoon so i was a bit hungry by the time i got home. Danced my tootsies off today and had super afternoon and really feel our dancing is getting back to where it was pre covid/stroke/infection and Raymonds heart and leg problems!

Had sirloin steak and bacon followed by some more bacon and a black pudding.

Dancing again tomorrow evening :grinning:

(Judy Thompson) #10

Yes, lots of changes in my 2 years too. Sausage, bacon, this ham we had today… No thank you. Chicken is okay to eat but can’t be the only thing on the menu. The mayo I love to add is getting old - if I have ghee on hand it substitutes nicely.

Karen18 glad Raymond enjoyed strutting his stuff in the newly embellished shirt! I bet it was something to see!
@Fangs you get great sales there. Nice you can plan for them.
@Shinita you ought to move to the US so you can get some ruminant meat on your table!

Thawed out the ham hubby wanted for Christmas but we didn’t have time to eat and EWWW the texture was like cotton and of course when I went to sear it a ton of water came out of it, I had to drain the pan. And it said 2g sugars per serving.
So he said he can eat it. Yeah right. I can see I’ll be tossing a bunch of it!

I put in a thick steak and a picanha steak to dry age before we left on January 5th. I’ll take it out next week and probably sous vide the meat, then grill on the salamander grill. Interested to see how that comes out. I’ve never had dry aged meat although the steakhouse where we play serves it to the exclusion of all else.

We’re back to work this weekend. Looking forward to it tbh. Hubby got a new cowboy hat yesterday so he’s ready, lol :joy:


At this point I don’t even want chicken. Turkey is so much better and it goes on wonderful sales nowadays. Hen for soup is different, that has flavor!
I never ate mayo but mustard lost a lot of its importance.

I remember the smoked pork hocks we bought once. The taste was good but the texture!!! I don’t know what happens to give it a kind of gritty one but it was horrible so I promptly wrote it on a paper in the side of the fridge to never buy it again… Oh well, it happens sometimes.

I tracked, it’s easy with my simple days. 127g protein, 117g fat, yay! After yesterday’s 300g meat, it was 422g… No meat boredom at all, the freshly made pork chuck slices were lovely, even the green ham as it got some of the fat of the chuck… freshly made is the best anyway… But I quickly got the meat stop at dinner. I still didn’t eat enough, not even with 2 eggs but I had some Greek yogurt and could finish the last piece of meat of the actual slice I stopped eating (meat stop signal is serious when happens!). And that did the trick, apparently. It’s 10:40pm and I feel fine. Not very satiated but not hungry at all.
Only 18g sugar today. Almost half of it from the yogurt, it’s so very sugary, I haven’t even eaten much! 5 eggs today, I enjoyed those too. So after yesterday’s too lean meat, today was just right. The pork chuck is so rich, maybe too fatty, I mean, a little unnecessary, I totally enjoy that level as I stated many times :smiley:
Not counting the zillion coffees, 2MAD with a 2 hour eating window. I am pleased.

We have our plans for the weekend, food wise. I plan hake fish (soup and fried) and pork, obviously, probably many eggs too… Alvaro makes a plant-based dish, it was so long ago he made one, after all… It’s one of my old super favorites, the triggering one that I could eat half a potfull, getting the rare “my stomach can’t be stretched any more but I am super hungry!!!” state I dislike… As it’s almost 100% low-cal vegetable, super little calories even in 2 liters. I don’t think I would desire it now and it is half tomato. I still love tomato but I don’t need it and a tiny bit stuck to my eggs is plenty for me. Even that isn’t needed, I will make my poached eggs in fish soup in the weekend :wink: Soup is good for it. I always need something flavorful even though the eggs themselves are tasty.

Coming next Monday, I go strict carni unless something happens that makes it horribly inconvenient. I ate up the Hungarian flavored spread today and Alvaro eats the eggs in purgatory like no tomorrow so that won’t be present either. And I don’t want stews yet. I rarely do. I have my fried pork phase - with the reappearance of roasts.

It’s new that I had 2 days and they had zero processed meat. I used to eat some every day… I barely even have any now. A tiny pork belly and some smoked, very thin ham slices. That stuff is wonderful, Alvaro loves it in his scrambled eggs. I prefer cubes in my scrambled eggs but whatever works, main thing it is smoked, very tasty and not as super salty as most bacon.


interesting, I have no idea on this one. I never dream about food but I aj one who rarely dreams vivdly and I hardly ever remember any dream when I do wake up. huh

I know you have, I can read it in your posts and read about how your vision and thoughts about your food have changed. and alot too. you are way more heading toward carni for sure as a total base I think :sunny: I started this way, low carb to very very low carb and tip toed in and out of carnivore for a bit ‘til my brain clicked’ for me and I jumped into zero carb full speed ahead. This could just be your walk right now for you as you do continue to grow and learn what truy works best for you.

yea while this is ok sometimes for sure, many of us have to control that dairy in that it is just nutritionally dense that meat provides. Nice thing about that darn meat is that it is packed with everything a physical body needs for survival and true health. But that darn dairy can our names for sure HA

Hey you best please take some pics of you guys. I definitely would love to see the both of you all fancy and smiling!!!

I think that is how I feel on bacon now, like you said. it has become a side dish thought to me now. I used to use it truly as almost a main meal to shut down cravings and all that, now I dont require that so I am shoving it aside.

K have you noticed any meats or seafood/fish options that you are not eating anymore and don’t desire like when ya started carnivore? You kinda seem like a more mono eater like me. Kinda set on your meat food path as on auto pilot.

:partying_face: wow JJ reading that and I thought, I met ya on this thread too and it has been yrs now chatting :sunglasses:

I dumped mayo now too. Only used it when I ate tuna, which is gone now, or if I made fresh chicken salad, which is like gone now cause I rarely eat chick too. But ya know, those little darn condiments like mayo, when required back in the day, kept me on plan and smiling while eating cause I enjoyed that taste but now, like you, longer on plan we find we just don’t need any of that stuff. WOW how we do change! Great reading about your journey!!

OMG my hubby is a ham lover to the max and I dislike it to the max LOL Like you that texture, that ‘ham’ taste is just off putting to me and in the end, never a ham lover here, lol, so I know one thing, I wont be eating ham any time again in my lifetime :wink: Seems ham is gonna be off your list also :sunny:

New cowboy hat :slight_smile: Love that!! When my hubby was showing horses in Tennessee he had a few fancy hats for the competitions. Still got them and I do love me a fancy guy in a fancy new cowboy hat :wink: haha

---------------------always great chatting our monthly zc thread for sure!!
I enjoy it so much.

that crab leg sale is today. woke up thinking, OMG I have to hit the store then I thought again, NAH, no more running for crab sales. Just lost focus on it which is normal zc change. Now I NEED big big beef sales :slight_smile: Luckily don’t require too much off pork costs cause they are still alot lower in price than beef.

I will survive on beef and pork and that word survival is never said in a bad way HA It is always said in fine fashion for me on zc.

So today is 8oz beef filet tenderloin and this won’t be enough so gonna pair it up with like 3-4 scrambled eggs with melted cheddar on them, that side add might do the trick? not sure but I know one thing, if not satisfied I will find other meat to eat too.

dinner for fam is spaghetti/meatballs which I will make…so got burger out. My 2nd meal will just be a big ol’ cheeseburger patty and call it a day.

zc on strong all


Yes we want pics, @Karen18! :smiley:

Okay weather (we got sun but only a few hours. good enough), tiny bicycle trip to the village, we bought 140 eggs in the last days and we have about 90 now - and many boiled ones :smiley: Or will be soon, IDK where Alvaro’s outside cooking is at. I just made a nice fire and came back.
We had lunch after noon, I waited a bit but eventually ate. I had some food (not the roasted pork but sponge cakes - I have found notes about how to make full fluffy ones. it failed epically. I just don’t know the secret, sometimes it works, sometimes not - and smoked pork chuck, more about that later) and I wasn’t so satiated after my tiny exercise and lower than usual calorie yesterday… I had some eggs and pork. Good thing I had leftover fried pork chuck. But we visited the farmer’s market and bought smoked pork chuck and some spicy sausage. Good price, only the cheapest stuff in supermarkets cost less but these homemade things are very different, much better! Not just better tasting, maybe not even that in some cases, they are fundamentally different and I like that. I had such items so long ago, we will go to markets more diligently now, I even have a working bicycle after months… I tasted the pork chuck, it was very nice and I was very controlled, I ate it in moderation!
I had coffees too, tiny headache again and I am more relaxed in weekends anyway… But eventually I will stop, really. Like tomorrow as I run out of cream and milk. I could open a new box but I try not to. I really go for low dairy now. I don’t eat much cream but still. I go for few dairy items per day too… And now I have Greek yogurt. Today I even ate a tiny bit of cheese…

I plan mostly lean pork for dinner as I ate early and not my top satiating items or if it was meat, it was fatty so I should balance things out. But I am fine with some freshly made lean pork anyway :slight_smile: I won’t hold back if I need food, that’s sure. It would be nice to be completely satiated in the evening even though I handled the lack of satiation pretty well this far. Normally I don’t but it’s February after a not good enough January (great compared of December but December is my carbiest month by far) and carnivore is even easy for a while but I am determined too.

For me, mustard wasn’t only something I totally loved due to the vinegar but it replaced raw juicy vegs quite well in the very beginning. Just fatty meat? Alone or maybe with eggs? It was a too big jump (even adding meat was a change!). I quickly lost that need but mustard is very nearly a must for boiled eggs and some kind of sausages… They are just a great combo. If I made my own sausage, that would be fine without but store-bought ones are super fatty and I want something to balance it out. And some watery sour thing feels perfect. Simply bringing down the fattiness with some sponge cake (I can make them lower-fat and sometimes do) just isn’t as good.
But I rarely eat things requiring mustard. So I use very little of it.

I have some other condiments I like though. But they aren’t strictly needed, just nice. Good idea if I would be bored with my food otherwise. Or feel restricted. I mostly use them with my leanest pork but not always. I rather don’t go THAT low with fat and if I inevitably end up with leftover really lean pork, I fed it to Alvaro. Or wait until I get really hungry and eat just a bit of it. Or my fav, mixing it with eggs… But for variety and joy, some nice condiments here and there is good for me.

Next time I will buy smoked ham in the farmer’s market! Ham usually turns me off as supermarket ham is so bad (I just read the ingredients list and put it back every time) but I did love it as a kid. I must have talked about it, my Aunt had whole hams in her pantry, they were lean, dry, hard and tasty, nice smelling too… I totally went downstairs just to visit the big ham :smiley: She had a complete huge place with a looong corridor and many rooms with freezers, another kitchen (I spent there so much time reading, playing while Grandma cooked), the garage was there too… It was separated from upstairs, both part had its own main door.
So good ham is good and I must eat it here and there! I prefer the fattier kind but ham is great either way. The cooked soft Easter ham should be very fatty though. If I share it with Alvaro, I can get half meat, half fat! I just don’t know where on earth I can get some. Supermarkets are out and farmers have the dry stuff… Alvaro’s Mom got it from some acquaintance at some time, that was amazing… Oh well, smoked pork hock is good enough, not ham but close… The best smoked stuff from supermarkets if you ask me. I just always feel sorry about the fact we buy one big for both of us. And I end up with way too little meat as it has big bones, much fat (yum but I need enough meat with it), skin (for my meatballs!) and Alvaro eats only the meat, for 500g legumes. My share just isn’t enough. One day I will cook one just for ME. It doesn’t help that I can eat a lot of it at once, it’s so easy to eat… And best when freshly made… Maybe I should make an OMAD meal of it here and there…

That’s what we almost never have :frowning:
I would be quite fine with deer and mutton sales… Deer isn’t very expensive anyway but I know there will be sales and I can wait… I surely won’t buy just one package next time!

I wonder if there will be a month (week? I can do a day) where I will eat close to no eggs and dairy… Maybe some years later. I am VERY content with just keeping them lowish (not like I am there yet. but on some days it happens!). Zero is a scary, impossible looking thing right now. And I always imagined I would need some huge meat variety to pull it off even just for some days. Ruminants, pork, fowl, seafood… I still would love a way wider variety of seafood here :frowning: But I surely will buy the nice fish again. And the other one. Gilt-headed bream (the one I ate and it was sooo good) and striped brass (never ate it, sounds good). African sharptooth catfish is available too and surely good, I rarely tasted catfish but I liked it. Oh and mackerel, I can get that too. As I am not a big fish lover, the… I don’t know but maybe 8-10 species of fish I can buy in a better supermarket (many has nothing at all) is probably enough for me (if I can justify buying such luxurious food. it’s easier now that I tasted the bream and found it really good. I was content with a modest amount, even! just like with smoked mackerel, well my amounts are really small there, so much flavor!). It would be LOVELY to get a bigger variety but it’s not so bad. I don’t remember having this variety before, let alone going on sales very often (LIDL has Fish Friday with the mentioned species)… Shrimps are pretty much out though, they are highly expensive. And even less substantial I suppose. Merely fun. I miss the Chinese restaurant in the city (it was short-lived but we went there a few times) with a special soup, it was full with little shrimps and it was VERY tasty. And cheap. I never could make anything similar and that would be expensive too…

(Karen) #14

@Fangs yes generally on auto pilot these days. Still love sea bass, I have some in the fridge. Still eatin salmon too but don’t love it the way i used to a number of years back… it is an ‘odd occasion’ meal for me these days. Tinned tuna, quite enjoy that in scrambled egg and don’t mind tinned sardines qith or qithout scrambled eggs. Since eating less cheese the tins have bene my go to if i feel i want something before going to bed. Had some cheese yesterday and today and qish i had just bought the single portions albeit they’re expensive, but by the time i have eaten those small ones i have gone off the taste!

Need to go and get dollied up now ready for this evenings dance, need to pick Raymond up at 6.15!

Todays meals

Lamb ribs and sirloin steak with fatty back bacon … nice to have been able to find bacon with lots of fatty rind and it happened to be the cheapest ,how forunate to be carnivore :grin:

(Bob) #15

This month is off to a good start. I got some blood work done, and have fixed my triglyceride issue. So now I can start losing weight again. Already a pound or so down after semi-deliberately stalling since mid-November.


I forgot to announce before: our croccuses have their little leaves out! :smiley: There will be early flowers soon, snowdrops, hellebores and pasqueflowers!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

(I had pork roast for dinner. Not counting a few kcals, I had TMAD with a 5-6 hour eating window today. I will track it eventually.)


remember tho, dairy and eggs are carnivore :slight_smile: if you do ok on eggs and some dairy there is nothing wrong with eating them at all.
You said going ‘zero carb’ is scary but I think in a way you are right there too, right on that doorstep :slight_smile: if you want over that threshold just do it but like you say, you have to have the meat/seafood fish and fowl available at all times for you to be satisfied. as carnivores we do need to eat good amts of fatty meats to keep us in our best health so what is available to us is very important for sure.

deer and mutton, hey if you can store up some packs while on good sale prices you go for it. Having that supply is a must for us!

fish is a toughie for me in that I dont enjoy fish. only fish I do like is canned tuna and tinned sardines, lol. One thing for me tho is fish is such a lightweight for staying power in my appetite. It just carries no weight and most carnivores, if they eat fish like salmon, macherel etc it is more of a side dish to meat still.

too bad your little chinese restaurant didn’t survive. I also could never recreate restaurant tastes much at home, me being a bad cook and all HA

good post S! enjoyed reading it!

@Karen18, cool you are on auto pilot too :slight_smile: Doesn’t it feel very calming and very peaceful? I find it is for me. Less cheese you now go for the tinned tuna etc. to be your go to, I get this. the cheese while good still for me doesn’t hold any stay power over eating actual meat proteins. dairy still comes in second lol.

fatty rind and cheaper, oh come on :slight_smile: that is a carnivore dream HA
can’t wait to see you guys dolled up!!

ROCK ZC! glad you are doing good. happy to know you are ready to hit Feb. hard!!

---------------- it is 1:30AM, soooo night time, :slight_smile: but I went out to freezer in garage and pulled a big sirloin steak for hubby for defrost and pulled me a 4 pack of pork country ribs for defrost and pulled a nice Tbone steak for me first meal.

ok simple, food covered for the day LOL

I survive on mostly 5 hrs per sleep every day. that is my normal. I was watching some crap on tv and feel alseep on the bed around 8:30 which is SO early for me, lol. crazy. but woke up at 1AM and I am wide awake to the max…oh gosh gonna be a long darn day to even get to morning!! might sleep a bit again, who knows. house is so quiet right now. love it.

zc on strong everyone, we can carnivore slay Feb very easily!!

(Geoffrey) #18

Yesterday was baby back ribs and bacon wrap venison backstrap. All of course smoked on the pit. I had a lot more than what the picture shows.

(Karen) #19

Had a super lovely evening dancing last night and of course it was quite a late night by the time we got back and i dropped Raymond off and got home. Was a bit hungry so had some bacon.

Rest day today but i did get a couple of jumpsuits and a pair of trousers prepped and ready to sew hems up as they needed shortening. I am just a shorty really!

Food today… cheese omelette for brunch followed by 4 lamb ribs cooked in oven and sirloin steak for dinner. Finished off the cheese which wasn’t too pleasant and then had a tin of tuna.

(Karen) #20

Just seen this and thought of y’all :rofl::rofl: