@Karen18: Those meat slices shining with fat always get me :smiley: Or the pretty eggs… But shine on meat is special.

I am perfectly aware of that. I merely wondered if I ever can eat little eggs and dairy.
Carnivore isn’t THAT scary (well it is long term, I don’t plant to go there) but mostly meat is.

(There is nothing wrong with eating fruit either if I want it, IMO (as the amount is naturally little enough in most times. eating a ton wouldn’t be good, not even for Alvaro who is thriving on high-carb. but he merely eats fruit frequently, not in huge amounts. that would bother me and I would be vocal and we hate arguing about food. but it’s important. so it’s great we have similar views. even if we need very different diets. but not opposite ones, thankfully, that would make my cooking way harder), I know I try to do a way more stricter diet I need… It’s one reason I fail so much. Well I don’t necessarily consider it fail… Just when it goes very much against my plans… Like now. I am determined and not even miserable and vulnerable now - but a select few items can wear me down. I need multiple factors at play at once but it happened. So I have a close to carni but still just keto weekend now. I go strict tomorrow and that is one factor less. The tiny extras bit. I still like that bit sometimes, I wrote it may help, other times it’s just inavoidable for me but it has its risks. Not alone, with other factors like having an old irresistible food around, after a long time and a harmless and still desirable one. I don’t even have regrets, I ate very well, merely not according to the February plan. I am bad with plans. And my average is still the most important thing…)

Oh fish as a side dish is perfect for me, I don’t want much just some and preferably some tasty fatty one. I really like those. I enjoy the unusually soft flesh too, I love when my food has different textures at different times :slight_smile:

Sunshine and walk (it was so windy but the now very big lake was pretty! we saw coots swimming, barely any ice is left as the weather is warmer now), no pasqueflower leaves anywhere but daffodil ones in my garden! Spring is coming!

I hope the boring lean hake fish got better in the fish soup I just made :slight_smile: The cats are all excited, this fish has plenty of nice bites for them, fishbone with meat, organs…

My IF today is well, non-existent. Weekends may have this. It started with Alvaro sitting down to eat lunch at 10am… Of course I didn’t have a proper meal then but a creamy coffee and half a boiled egg (with the whole white) happened. And a bite of pork. Lean pork is so great for hungry me in small amounts :slight_smile: I can eat it all that way, eventually.

It’s 1:30pm now, sometimes I eat a bite of pork but I am waiting for hunger. I have appetite as I have good food (and had a bigger walk, it often helps) but that isn’t enough reason for a meal.
I will have fish soup and pork, I have lean and fatty alike, it’s the best.
I still have half of my jellied fluff dessert. I didn’t like it yesterday. Maybe I didn’t have a long enough time without truly sweet things… But the texture wasn’t right either. It always have 2 layers, the jelly underneath and the fluff above. Very very rare that I manage to make a more uniform one. I added more gelatin to have enough to jelly the upper part but I just didn’t stir it frequently until it started to set so I had a too hard bottom layer with a not jellied fluff. But I remember using much gelatin once and it immediately made a pretty homogenous thing, there wasn’t a need for waiting and stirring again… Something important must have been different. Making food has its tricks :frowning:
I just want a nice jellied fluff and not scrambled egg-y sponge cakes. And maybe a crunchy biscuit…

I had one proper meal today… A bit before 3pm as I just couldn’t wait. My hunger was soft but still insisting… So I had my early lunch while Alvaro had his quite early 2 course dinner. Fish soup with lots of fish, lean pork, fatty pork, eggs, tiny Greek yogurt… It was quite satiating! I haven’t tracked my last 2 days yet…

But now I did. I had below a pound of meat (a significant part of it was fish today) but I did have eggs and obviously dairy… Guesstimation says 180g protein on Saturday, 150g today. Fat is 110-115g (or totally not, this macro is the one I can’t really guess but it can’t be very far from that…) for both day so I definitely didn’t overeat, yay! Especially that I had exercise both days. I am more satiated today (the smoked pork hock with my leftover sponge cakes in the end made me really full after a little time. oh and I had almost OMAD, that helps), yesterday night I had the usual not fully satiated state but I didn’t eat. Except a boiled egg with only half of the yolk… Nice stuff. And it did the trick and that feels nice.
Oh and while I only did keto (though closer to carnivore than normal ketoers), my carbs didn’t went up much. As I ate less lactose. Hence staying keto.

Okay so I go stricter now. I thought about it and my fish soup was so tiny I want a soup again but without meat so it won’t be fully carnivore but it’s condiment level. I basically only will use spice. And lard, obviously, I need flavor too. I always liked my super thin soups, warm water is half success :wink: While Alvaro almost omits water… It never was easy for any of us to make a soup that we both accepted. It’s even worse now. He just can’t handle meat alone, be it a roast or soup. I find those quite nice so why would I overcomplicate my life and add carbs needlessly? His Mom cooks wonderful veg+meat soups, that should be enough from that kind - except when I really feel sorry for Alvaro, not to have meat soups. Even the one at his Mom has only the flavor but little meat itself as the used meat is bony and I eat it up every time… We get the mere liquid, vegs in a separate bowl, meat in a bowl, pasta in a bowl… It works very well especially that really, no one wants the meat except me and the base liquid is super good, a bit even better than pure meat soup though that is perfectly fine for me as well.

Not surprising, I see that here too. Not THAT empty shelves ever, fortunately but sometimes it’s apparent what people bought up and what (almost?) no one touched…
By the way, I never understood how can many plant-based stuff be so very bad tasting while plants tend to be delicious… At least the (very, very numerous) good ones, not each and every one… Mystery.
I suppose those are bad, I don’t know it about most items, I just read opinions and tasted a few at some point. Though reading the ingredient list, many must be quite bland… Spices may help to a little extent but they are just spice, they can’t save them.

I did would eat the remained stuff in deep starvation. If I couldn’t buy any more food, I quickly would need to depend on our (very, very tasty) plant proteins at home (stupid tiny freezer and normal sized fridge, well it’s okay as long as I can go shopping…). But we would survive for quite a few months.
Those things in the supermarket are probably drastically worse but as long as they have some protein, they would be of some use. Unless I couldn’t stomach them at all.
I can’t do much with those… What was it? I am curious and read labels sometimes… Some horrible idea for fake cheese? That has nothing even remotely to do with cheese macros. It was starch, water and oil… But it can’t work… So, I wouldn’t touch those, I need protein. And as low-carb as possible but I can survive on HCHF for a while if I must. HCLF (with enough protein, that’s quite important) is hell but everything for survival… But I have fat (probably not enough to give me enough energy though. and I hate being starving anyway), I need protein, first of all. We have a quite significant amount of plant protein in the house. But it couldn’t last for super long. Oh well, it would take so much time for me to lose all the muscles I can live without… Even if I don’t have much. I still have some.

Why these apocalyptic scenarios interest me so much I don’t know. But I never can resist thinking about it, again and again when someone mentions it…

Many nutritious plants have the great advantage of easy storage of huge amounts. Hence our multi-month emergency food* is mostly plants. I know canned meat is a thing but well, I have little of those and I don’t wish to change it without knowing I will need it. And I don’t buy egg powder either.

*It’s not primarily that. Big shopping is rare and it’s smart to buy a decent amount on a sale, we have the space, Alvaro has the appetite and need… It’s comfortable to have plenty of food, I like it.
He is even worse than me, sometimes his “grain drawer” is hard to move, fully packed and about 20kg… I don’t even have a drawer. I have a freezer though. And an egg cupboard but we both eat meat and eggs though I eat more.

(Judy Thompson) #22

I do this so much. I love the option to read in the quiet of the night and nap after lunch. Years ago a Mercola article said don’t worry about being up at night and taking a nap, it’s how primitive people did it and it’s fine. 4-5 hours at night and then an hour nap and the next night I sleep like a log - it averages out, don’t stress over it which is much more harmful!
I treasure those wakeful nights for the “play by myself time” :rofl:

(Judy Thompson) #23

That’s a hilarious video!


And if you are among the lucky ones who can function that way. If I am awake before 6am, I WILL be an extreme zombie all day, no higher brain activity, no mood to do anything only to lay down and sleep but it’s not easy for me to nap nowadays. That state is a horrible thing, I do my best to avoid it. It’s bad enough to be doomed to be a zombie all morning.

Fortunately, it’s very rare for me to wake up early. (Or at the right time.) I always was good at sleeping through the night, even as a baby. Doing more than the average amount of fasting was something I was born with, apparently. I was great at falling asleep almost instantly and going back to sleep too but I lost those, very much. So I shouldn’t wake up.

My meal was way too early yesterday, I ate at night in the end. Eggs and lovely, not too lean greem ham roast, cold, mostly. It was amazing. My food joy is always super high at night, I love even really lean pork then. I just don’t want to eat that as my protein tends to be higher than ideal already…

Apparently my notes weren’t even right about the pork chuck… And there was the apparently not small night eating. Now I got 246g protein and 157g fat for yesterday. (I could eat so, so much more… It’s me holding back but not too much. But having a huge eating window. My energy need never matters much if I eat in a big one, I typically overeat just to get satiated. Hence my goal of a tiny eating window and it has a smaller chance if I eat as early as 3pm.)

I got hungry and ate at noon today. It won’t be a particularly low-protein day either… And now I need to wait so I won’t ate too late again. Late eating triggers early eating the next day quite often. As far as I could figure things out (and it has nothing to do with my diet), I need to be asleep when I am at 8-12 hour fast. It MAY help if I sleep until then but it’s not very reliable. It didn’t help this time, not even with a slight overeating. The amount of my food never matters unless it’s extreme, it’s about fasting times and time of the day for me.
I will push myself a bit more next time. Night eating isn’t good for me, it raises my macros way too much and triggers early hunger as I wrote (I don’t know about any other disadvantages but these are very serious ones). I need to get better at ignoring lack of satiation and subtle hunger, even at bedtime when they are the most problematic.
This hunger was sudden and annoying too and that’s bad because I ate my lovely food quickly, focusing on fuel, mostly. What a waste. I felt the tastiness and fattiness but I like to sit down and enjoy my food properly. I like food joy (if not appetite… that’s not really important) and hunger and/or need for fuel at the same time. I have all combos and that isn’t ideal or hedonistic enough.

I had some hake fish again (beyond the obvious pork and eggs). It’s better cooked in fish soup but could be improved. I plan to make a recipe for some tasty sauce one day.

I managed not to drink coffee until noon and beyond! :smiley: I did have a n Irish Cream tea with cream and vanilla, that was nice and the best and closest thing to coffee I can get! (Cocoa or hot chocolate may be about as close to it but the tea is tastier when only a small amount of cream is used.)
I made coffee, I just didn’t drink it. I am pleased. I had no headache this morning, that helped too but I am more determined anyway. This week should be good - after I manage to get my eating window in order. If I avoid late eating, I probably won’t be hungry until 3-4pm tomorrow and even that hunger will be easy to ignore. And all will be well. I don’t even eat much dairy now but enjoy my (somewhat varied) meat very much.

Sorry, I analyzed myself a bit much, it may not be interesting for others. Or it may be, I am totally interested in differences between people.

Or languages. I started to learn French again… I didn’t remember they only have gendered pronouns but persons/living beings and object/whatever else aren’t separated. So they dont have “it”. Hungarian has, we don’t have gendered pronouns (and how great that is. though it has its advantages here and there… but lots of disadvantages too, especially these modern times with snowflake pronouns).

By the way… Are there any other languages with snowflake gendered pronouns? I never heard about that. I hope it’s not a common thing, it would make life sooooooooo complicated. I would accept a neutral one as that makes sense to me (as an androgyn :smiley: but I don’t care too much, I just can’t choose from “female” or “male” on sites. if I must as there isn’t a third one, whatever that is, I prefer to choose random as that suits my feeling about my gender) but there are MANY pronouns even for neutral! The best for me is not having genders at all hence my content with my language in that area (and many others. Hungarian is pretty cool. just too hard for most Hungarians to master it. sigh).

And I forgot French put even the adjectives into plural! (And they are gendered too.) We don’t even do that with nouns if there is a number or something showing it’s not one :smiley: That must be weird for people learning Hungarian… :thinking: Multi-language sites with simple translation always mess that up.

Languages are quite wonderful. And I still don’t think the tiny language (with less than 200 word in it) has much practical value, we need our many words. But it’s fun - and easy to learn all the words :smiley: And then it’s easy to make its inevitably super vague sentences. It would annoy me as my goal is usually to express myself more or less clearly. Not saying something that can be interpreted in zillion ways. it’s hard enough to get through another person, words often can mean various things especially for various people… And they often can’t even use it right. Fanfic writers often have no idea what sarcastic means, for example…


ohhh great pic. one of my hubby’s prized cuts from his hunts!

no there isn’t, but I keep forgetting you ain’t all in carnviore sometimes LOL if one wants keto then be keto. I just thing carnivore at all times when I respond to posts now. other plans don’t even enter my mind :slight_smile:

thanks, this was good info to read JJ!! actually I am a caveman so,…,…primitive suits me just fine HA

@Karen18, ohh in that vid I feel sorry for those local dogs! he said they even are feeding them the vegan feta cheese, omgosh lol…ugh
be horrible tho to be that isolated of a town. wow, I know my farming of livestock for personal use would be in full force, in other words, never rely on a supermarket, rely on yourself on this one!

------------------wow I didn’t sleep much again. hmm. but it seems I am doing ok but kinda just in that slower type tired stage. will get back on my normal track tho at some point…I do get this every now and then which is rare, but it is still around a bit…oh well

ribeye. hmmm, had one last night. didn’t pull that Tbone, I pulled an older pack of ribeyes that needed to be used. You know what, that ribeye taste, I am not as big of a fan anymore…I went thru this stage before on ribeye too. I ate them every single day for like 2 yrs straight, then got off them, well I have them back but this steak was good and tender and all, but the ‘taste of this cut’ is not a draw right now to me. OK like I said been there, done that. will eat other beef cuts til a ribeye is screaming my name again :slight_smile:

today got beef chuck roast and pork chops. done zc day.

(Edith) #26

Did you do something to fix it or did it right itself on its own?

(Judy Thompson) #27

Hope you get some sleep @Fangs. I think at some point, you won’t have a choice! :crazy_face:

We finished lunch about half an hour ago. I did a bacon cheeseburger stack but the bacon was too hard so I passed most of it along. I’m already a little hungry again! Sheesh.

I kept waiting for the sous vide machine to get unpacked but it doesn’t seem to be here. I ordered another one. They’ve come down a lot in the past year. I guess I’ll have one for here and one for VA :wink:
I started a batch of L. Reuteri yogurt, it will be done tomorrow night. The colonoscopy Dr wants me to do Probiotics so this combo will put me over the top. It takes 36 hours so will be done tomorrow night, then you eat ½ c a day.

Here was my lunch-

(Karen) #28

Stair running this morning… been doing it 6 days a week and resting on Sundays, seems to work… still doing the dumb bell work first thing after stair running and on sundays so i guess sundays aren’t a complete rest lol. Started including situps too as i think the tum needs toning up again… can’t let myself go to the dogs just yet :grin:

Had a bit of a late brunch today at Asda about 3pm 2 fried eggs 2 rashers of bacon and one very small sausage. Dinner, about half 6 was belly pork done in the oven and just had a tin of sardines (10pm)

(Bob) #29

I stopped my weight loss (because adipose tissue is stored triglyceride) and started taking fenofibrates and mega-doses of niacin (in the form of nicotinic acid) when my trigs almost hit 3000.

(Geoffrey) #30

Venison stew for my first meal then I went fishing. After I got home it was a nice lamb steak.


@Fangs Cheryl challenged us to try carnivore in November 2019.

Not much has changed since then… EXCEPT OURSELVES! :laughing:

Eggs and experimentation for breaking daily fasts.

I am watching a recent medical school lecture on atrial fibrillation (heart arrhythmia) from an US university that talks about caffeine and alcohol. I don’t think they mean together, as in an espresso martini, but some recent updated findings in relation to the increasing numbers of people affected by this disease. Interestingly the growth in numbers reflects many of the metabolic ills of modern society. So, one must ask, are we looking at another cow in the herd? Is atrial fibrillation in it’s increasing numbers another signal of general population metabolic disease?

Last night was a cattleman’s steak. About 500g of beef once cooked, well salted to taste. Too big to cook in a pan, so sealed and then oven baked. Previous night was fried lamb chops.

The conference where I presented a talk at another university campus was a food rude culture shock. Pastries and coffee on arrival, same at morning tea, lunch was plant based calorie counted tiny meal, afternoon tea of biscuits and ice cream, and then a sundowner of deep fried in oil snacks and many vegetarian options. It was carnivore Hell. Sleepy afternoon scholars. So, I opted to fast and eat beef ribs afterwards.


LOL very very true JJ! I conked out for the longest nap of my life in the afternoon :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

hard bacon, ICK, I know it too well, nasty isn’t it :slight_smile:

Hope you like your new sous vide ya got coming. did ya order same brand or try out a new gadget?

too funny! :crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face:
How is your DD doing? I hope very well still! Got her still in my thoughts and prayers!


@Geezy56, ok, you are now a zc fashion photographer! That pic is amazing and yes, I want that!!

OHHH, seems SO long ago and wow how this thread has been roaring along since then, with you and me, Cheryl and keto daisy and secondbreakfast and barefoot bob, septimius and so many fab others we always had a blast chatting with thru the years! Memories, wow.

I stopped all caffeine and rarely drink anymore due to heart PVCs. I tell ya I corrected a very nasty situation I was heading into with literally my menu. I think caffeine is a big poison to our systems for sure. well, I can say for me it sure was hell. along with that damn fake sweeteners in my diet soda…2 best things I dumped in my life. no caffeine I think for me was a key factor in changing my PVC issue for sure.

carnivore hell, know it so well being in those damn situations. watching the bloated carby people the going a bit brain dead and into slug land, lol…hey I was one of them, but HA not now :slight_smile: you did good thru that!!

------------defrosting a smaller sized Boston Butt pork roast and cook that to gear at dinner so hubby can partake. first meal will be that sirloin steak and pair with shrimp. Need to hit store for more shrimp and gotta keep in mind I need to start using up those crab legs before they get too much freezer time. ahh, carnivore problems right? HAHA

all going very well, my Feb seems easy, calm, food focus simple, nothing taxing at all in my WOE—


I wrote this yesterday… Sigh. I hoped I can just write a small one today but this leftover, nope.

Understandable, even my thinking is like that quite often. But I am surrounded with plant food all the time and even eat off at least a bit… I just wanted to express that NO WAY I ever would think it’s wrong not to do strict carnivore or that dairy and egg wouldn’t be carnivore when I don’t even think it’s necessarily always wrong eating natural sugar :smiley: One just should know themselves and eat accordingly. And as I always say, amounts matter (sometimes the amount should be zero though). Of course, it’s less so on carnivore… It’s like vegetarianism just without the zero tolerance policy for most. One can’t do the vegetarian diet with 2g lard and 1g meat a week but a carnivore may drink coffee or use a little spice… Or even a tad more, it’s not the same for everyone, apparently.
It was so odd as I have the other potential problem, I don’t restrict things enough sometimes, I am too indulgent and don’t try hard at all… I can’t do it any other way and I don’t need carnivore as badly as many others but doing it my way does slow me down… Compared to the hypothetical stricter method that isn’t very realistic for me… But I enjoy myself better this way and that’s very important as it’s the main drive in my life, health is more important but there isn’t a conflict there.

Did I say we have a super sunny, warm day…? I had to undress to a T-shirt, inside (I exercised a bit) and outside alike! And no heating upstairs, we have SUN! My room has sunlight but it warms up Alvaro’s room too, eventually, to a lesser but very noticeable extent.
Even the radio talks about spring in present tense :smiley: Though it’s not actually here, it just very much feels so. It’s like a warmer spring day.
I am curious about this March. Last year(?) we had -20C (that’s negative even in Fahrenheit! the coldest we could get here, it happens once per few years) on the 1st (after a warmer February) and once we had sudden thick snow on the 15th.

Allegedly, some people have violets! We have plenty when it’s time but that’s not now. We only have spring flower leaves. They are sooo cute. Normally February is cold, more or less gloomy and I am soooooooooo tired of winter. But this one started so sunny and warm… Very windy too. I try to collect the corn leaves in front of the house. It’s so messy but the field just next to us had corn last year :frowning: So it’s everywhere now. I can’t do this alone, someone need to keep the bag open, it’s hard enough without the wind but with it, even Alvaro doesn’t have enough hands for it (my hands are used to grab the leaves)…

Garden work will start soon… Not very soon, I don’t sow super early plants… Need to dig up the veggie patch though, I never can do it before the frost as I always have plants still in the soil… And I will dig elsewhere too, last 2 times when we cooked over open fire, there was a lot of mud around it. I have plenty of stone tiles or whatever those are called so I will make a little stone floor there. It will do good to the stability of the benches too. I just need to figure out what to do with the huge roots coming of the soil there.

I will try to write less, really. I almost wrote a lot about Hungarian again, I am into language details very much now, it’s so fun and different :smiley: Like omitting the substantive verb and pronouns really often… That must be hard when learning too… And why to use 6 words when 1 is enough… Our verbs can handle plenty of little things glued to it at the same time. It must be very difficult to learn when one isn’t a baby surrounded with the language.

So, it’s Tuesday. I had a long walk to the post office and back (it’s so good I sold those tiny land particles, when it reaches the point where I get informed about that change, it will be the last one. an agro company went on a buying spree, good except all the letters I get due to it), sunny and WARM, t-shirt time! I need to find my thinner pants… And buy some more, I already had troubles before winter but still had something to wear…

I had lunch but a small one. Small soup with little pork, a poached egg and Greek yogurt. Sour cream is better for soups, I expected that but had to try. Scrapmeat so not too lean! I will make lard and scratchings from the meaty parts. That is always a joy. I had some deviled eggs and coffees with whipped cream (but only one coffee at a time! progress. I love whipped cream so I don’t use the bare minimum now).

I fry up the rest of the not so fatty pork for dinner or rather tomorrow.

Oh I tracked my yesterday. This time half of my calories came from meat :wink: It’s usually way less but it’s normal when I eat much lean meat.
522g meat (wow. but I was low lately, it was expected I will go higher), 155g protein, 107g fat, <20g carbs. Pretty good for a day with a bigger eating window than what I like…
And I wished to eat more meat in the evening but already ate up what I made so I ate lots of cheese too. And smoked pork chuck, it’s too convenient to have it. Alvaro likes it in his scrambled eggs only while I prefer it raw. It’s just a bit too salty to be perfect eaten alone.

So I am not displeased but I can do it better…

So pretty :heart_eyes:

One day I bring a photo too. I either forget or I get discouraged as we totally lack the right equipment to make a proper shot. Sometimes I mention it to Alvaro but he takes his sweet time to buy a new lens. We never had a tablet or phone with even remotely decent photo making abilities.

@Karen18: The pork belly looks beautiful… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: So lovely colors. I like my meat less fatty but it takes away nothing from the aesthetics (and I have my bigger fat percentage loving times too).

@Geezy56’s food is too raw for me, sorry. But I am always a tad envious when I read about lamb. Next time when we go to the city, we will visit the hypermarket (it was so long…) and will find some mutton, most probably!

Is that a thing? Well what isn’t a thing and it sounds good (coffee with something not salty tends to sound good to me, I am not a martini fan though)… I just put rum into my coffee now and then. I have a tiny bottle, that lasts almost forever. Not in February though as it’s not carnivore and booze is one non-carni item I actually can stay away from… If we doesn’t count my flavorings, I still cling to then especially the vanilla one for my egg milks and desserts.

And my hell in every point of my life. And Alvaro’s hell. And hell for most people I suppose. Where was the food? Nutritious, protein-rich, proper amount food? I would think a lunch is supposed to be more than some light snack for most people… And that is just the lunch…

I don’t think it changed so much for me. I never had carbs as my main macro and my energy drops after eating on any diet… Of course it’s better with less carbs but it’s more subtle for me.
I probably would feel super awful on HCLF but I only could test it for one day and I just disliked my food, I wasn’t even hungry! The egg fast was worse. I don’t plan to repeat either experiments. I have ideas for so much better ones on carnivore. Like today I thought I am pretty ready to try some mostly meat days. Just a few, that sounds realistic. I need supplies (fish - preferably some fatty, tasty one too -, fowl ,pork and ruminant meat, various but good processed stuff…)!
But first I try to get rid of my still existing tiny extras. My deviled eggs had some tomato as I made the filling mostly for Alvaro and he only likes that. I won’t make 2 different kinds if I don’t make a lot for myself. But maybe tomorrow will be different. I keep tea, coffee and very little spices, maybe a tad of mustard but that’s it. Sometimes I just start a carni time in January in a cold turkey way and apparently sometimes I need a loooooooooooooong time to become as strict as I can be. Very temporarily but it’s me I am talking about…

I realized even pork chuck can get a freezer taste. I don’t think I was that sensitive before but now I am. I finally got my last pork chuck roast slice from the freezer and it had an off extra taste.

(Karen) #34

@Fangs Sian and baby doing very well so far. She went to midwifes appt last Wednesday and the midwife thought her bump wasn’t big enough and booked a scan for last Friday. I held my tongue but wanted to ask how many babies the midwife thought she was having! I think she has got big very quickly… i didn’t look more than 3 month pregnant with either her or my son but having said that i guess they are taking no chances and Sian was reassured on Friday that everyrhing was perfectly normal. She keeps sending me little videos of her belly moving :blush:

I went to bed about half 1 last night and woke once or twice and then slept in till 1040! Fitbit registered 8.5 hours sleep. I couldn’t believe the time… hate sleeping in. Finished sewing the hems up on my gear on the machine so that i would feel i hadn’t completely wasted the day then after some scrambled egg (2 large eggs) with tinned tuna went over and picked Raymond up and we went to a 3 storey, crammed full antique shop at Heanor for a rummage round and a cuppa in their cafe before coming home for dinner
Dinner was a tray of piri piri chicken wings and 4 beef burgers. Cooked the burgers in the oven in yesterdays belly pork fat. They tasted more like meat loaf so i won’t oven cook them in future, pan frying is better.


Mom didn’t even need pregnant clotches, merely a bit looser one. No one was with her when I was born because the staff told her it surely will be a miscarriage as she had no belly! (Yep, it was a horrid place with horrid people, some were nice though). Some people have an anatomy where a smaller baby just doesn’t show much. Little water, no fat gain on the mother… It happens.

But the main thing they are well! I am glad to read that and my best wishes for the future too!

I had a bad sleep :frowning: So I was a bit miserable in the morning but I did this and that and the weather is perfect, ate too so now it’s much better.
I FORGOT cooking my meat, how can that happen? I wasn’t THAT braindead zombie today but cooked other things for myself and the meat was forgotten. So I will eat it for dinner. Now I had so, so many eggs and much cheese… I made a new food, flavoring inspired by pizza, I call them spongy flowers as the cheese piece on top stays low and the dough puff up at every side… I cut the cheese into hexagons and pentagons today… Some are fully carnivore but all are at least quite close. And I even made photos but I just can’t make a decent one with this lens, all become so bad. Oh well, I show one, too harsh light, at least it wasn’t done with 1 hand like the scratchings, those shots became even more useless.

I can’t shot them from a proper angle since I only have macro lenses. Maybe I really try the tablet next time, it’s not that bad outside, only horrid inside due to lack of enough light.

I made wonderful though a tad burnt scratchings, ate all the black ones (bitter… I don’t fear charcoal as I ate them with my food all my life. I always could cook when I tried, I am merely absent-minded a bit, other times too optimistic or the oven wasn’t cooperative… it’s always on me with induction cookers, they are good and I have total control. except when the new one is way too strong even at 200W. we can’t cook rice on that one - at least not in the rice cooker pot - and as rice is Alvaro’s number one staple by far, it’s very important for us). And I ate some not burnt pieces as well :slight_smile: Yum. Good stuff for making carni OMAD possible but I can’t resist so I ate it today, it probably will be a TMAD day.

The cooking history channel had a carni food this time, deviled bones :smiley: I sooo like that term, I will use it :smiley: Hot chicken bony leftovers, he used wings. And there was talking about how it was a food for the very poor. Wings are one of the worst pieces of the chicken, after all, too much bone, little meat. I do understand if one likes it a bit more but yep, too bony and tiny. Turkey wings and necks? Great, lots of meat. But the same parts of a chicken? Borderline cat food. Even more so if the wing contains the last, meatless part as well. And it’s not even good for soups for me as it’s too fatty due to the skin. And I don’t like cooked skin. But at least it doesn’t pollute the liquid with ZILLION super tiny bones and bone fragments like chicken frame does…
So it was almost everyone who didn’t consider chicken wings being a good part but then things changed. Even here. Wings are more expensive than thighs! Good for me as I prefer thighs - but cheap chicken is tasteless so it’s almost a moot point. (How Alvaro’s Mom can make it better than I can I don’t know. But she has some insane skills at soups too.)
And one commenter wrote about $4/lbs chicken FEET! What. It’s very, VERY beloved by many here but it’s still a super cheap part. Meatless animal parts are usually quite cheap even when popular. Of course, some high-quality smoked Mangalica fat is different but that is an exception. Mangalica is always pricier than normal pork.


enjoyed reading your post!

yea I found that to be true also S. I am way more sensitive to freezer taste on my meats now. probably cause that is all I eat, taste. I don’t cover it with sauces, or eat sides with it, or use herbs etc. so that freezer taste real fast can become an issue for me. I so agree with you on this one!

Sorry on your bad sleep S! ugh me too lately being off but I feel I am going back to normal pattern now. hope you do too!!

Ohhhh that is a wonderful update on your DD. thanks for sharing K!
Super happy she is doing so well.

When I was 9 mos. preggo I was still slinging around 70 lb bales of hay at the barn LOL In fact no one knew I was 9 mos preggo either, I have a very long torso and would mostly wear my loose flannel barn shirts out and about. Funny story is I shop my local store and I come in with a baby in a carrier to shop and my cashier lady I knew forever said, who’s kid? I said mine! She is like–you were preggo this whole time?? She was floored LOL I still laugh about that this day. Too funny actuallly. I never gained weight tho, only 19 lbs thru whole preg time, I ate very well and watched gaining baby weight so I never looked off to people in a way I guess and being a longer torso gal I guess I never looked that rounded preggo tummy too…crazy HAHA Yea I fit into that weirdo category sometimes :slight_smile:

----------today is simple. got ribeye steak, yea ribeye again I need to finish up----so waiting on a NY Strip steak or Tbone sale to hit-----and gonna eat shrimp tonight. with shrimp might do burger or ‘‘might’’ make alfredo sauce to give me that extra satiaty I require with just shrimp…will see, but will make it a simple shrimp and something meal.

zc rockin’ strong!

(Karen) #37

@Fangs shrimp is always an extra to something more substantial for me! Mind you i expect your shrimp to be as big as lobster while ours are usually pretty small. King Prawns are maybe your shrimp hahah

Stayed in today, was ready to go out with Raymond but he called and said his legs were bad after the stair climbing yesterday in the antique shop!

Todays food 2 sea bass fillets panfried in butter followed straight away by bacon done in the same pan… lovely, spicey chicken wings, sirloin steak and just eating anchovy fillets.


Wasn’t hungry at dinnertime, barely take a few bites (more scratchings, how could I say no? :smiley: and some leftover bites to make tracking easier and to get some protein too).
I still managed to overeat a little [EDIT: Nope I had a wrong row in my tracking]. Yeah, the scratchings were serious (though this is the unusual time when I track more fat than what I eat. normally I track less for sure as I choose the fattiest leanish pork slabs and I give the leanest part to Alvaro… my scratchings contain meat too, little but still and some of the weight was charcoal today… still, it wasn’t little fat) and low-meat meals aren’t so satiating.
216g meat (super low but when I finally cooked my pork, I wasn’t hungry for normal food. for more scratchings, any time but that’s different :upside_down_face: ) - and now the edited, more right numbers: 98g protein, 147g fat. And higher carb (I mean, over 20g, still very very safely keto for me), mostly lactose, maybe I should be a bit more careful with milk. I blame the coffees (I used ice cream for the first one but I run out of cream and Alvaro wanted to use the milk anyway…).
I am tentatively pleased, I feel really full and I am very hopeful I won’t feel hungry later despite the quite low protein. In my world. 120 is already risky but below 100?! Maybe 100 if the scratchings were meaty enough…

Tomorrow I will behave, I really feel ready for it now. I have meat and everything! Plenty of pork but I cooked turkey for tomorrow as Alvaro has no veggie food left so it’s my job to cook something for him. It works so well, he makes something (usually plant-based) in the weekend, he eats it for 1-4 days and then I cook. After all those plants+boiled eggs day, he welcomes some meat but he is usually not against that unless if he ate meat since several days. I can cook some eggs then. I only cook split peas (the easy super boring thing that doesn’t need extra thickening) when there are way too many days to cover. That’s good as I dislike it (unless someone converts it into a dahl… I still love tomato and that transforms it. I still couldn’t eat much of it though) so no temptation. But it’s boring even to make it so whenever I can, I just share my own meal, easy and good! Even if he is totally unable to eat it alone. I wonder what would happen in a carnivore apocalypse…

I try to stop drinking coffee already :frowning: It just complicates things, it doesn’t help and I don’t even like it (without lots of whipped cream sometimes).

Egg lady called, another 20 eggs, yay! We have plenty but below 100 so it’s very much welcome! Pork chuck sale in the local supermarket, I will buy so much meat tomorrow… As I need my usual leanish pork as well, that is the default not so fatty meat when I don’t have turkey. (I don’t like lean fish much so that is just a little addition.)
Pork chuck is the BEST. When it has no freezer taste. That single slice really wasn’t a joy to eat :frowning: Good I ate the rest when they were still great.

@Fangs: Nice to read stories like this, after all this time I know so much about you people who are here a lot, talking about other things than food too :slight_smile: It’s good when someone isn’t just some stranger where I may have some idea about the fav foods but that’s it. It may be fun just knowing the eating habits but this is even better.


Warm, sunny weather again, great for my walk! It will be small, just an hour as Alvaro brings me back with car. We pick up an order, get 3 liters of carbonated water, get the eggs from the egg lady and meat from the supermarket…

I got hungry last night, wondered about it and ate my soup with a boiled egg in it. It did the trick and it’s not much! I don’t want to ruin my sleep going to bed a bit hungry. I slept well now but I managed to find my bed before I fall asleep, that always helps…

People do garden work now, no wonder. I will start it soon as well. I have time as I don’t sow super early seeds. Like parsley. I have a ton anyway, I keep finding them everywhere. We almost never use them but if we still need some leaves, we have it. So I put them into their own little row :slight_smile: They are cute. Leaves suit my garden so I am more indulgent with them especially when they are pretty. Swiss chard is very pretty (we have bright red/darkish, very pretty green ones) but I only keep a few as it’s inedible and I don’t need many for beauty either. Even Alvaro can’t do anything with it. (It is edible, technically but it is tasteless so useless. I don’t put pretty tasteless things on the table.)

But first we get spring flowers!!!

(KM) #40

I always did the chard with fatty smoked ham, broth and vinegar, onion and garlic. We have a green here similar to chard, called collard, that’s a southern staple food cooked that way, Obviously not carnivore, but tastier for Alvaro?