For the love of Richard Morris look here first if you can’t or won’t use the search feature



Other topics frequently rediscovered?


Powerful person with pin please consider a better version of this topic for pinning?

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This one. Which is pinned but…


I am for this topic and for being pinned :sweat_smile: Others that come to mind:

High LDL
Keto Foods (What to eat on keto)

I’m sure there’s more. Maybe we just need to expand the scope of the “Keto is this easy” thread.

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What makes you think the person who isn’t using the search feature is going to read lengthy pinned threads?

I believe there are many reasons we see the same questions asked over and over (they want personal interaction, they believe their situation is different, it’s a super common issue in general, they don’t know the key words to search on and a bunch of sifting and reading would be required, etc.) and I’m not sure pinning will solve these issues.

My advice is to pass it by if you don’t want to get involved. If we’re pinning to be helpful or enrich the forum experience, great. If we’re pinning with the intent to stop people asking questions we don’t feel like answering again, I’m not sure it’s going to work or if that’s a good reason to start pinning things.

Finally, people change, new science emerges and what I would have told someone a year ago would probably be different now. Pinned topics can become out of date.

Opinions welcome.

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No, I dont think a lot of people are going to read through lengthy threads. But I do think the FAQs is an excellent resource covering everything keto, and we should always point newcomers to that link. I was doing it for a while but got lazy. That and the keto is this easy should be required reading. These are basic enough that I doubt they will get updated as time goes on.

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Regina, I agree that the “basics” should be required reading and I’m still thankful to Juice for writing it up. Especially when someone new comes along and says How do I do this. It’s nice to have a link. Also, I like to link to other threads for all kinds of things people ask.

So, if we had a FAQ, what kinds of things could be simply and quickly answered and maybe we could also provide key words for a user to search on for more reading.

Also the acronym list should be out there because what new user knows to search on NSV or CICO, etc.

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The catchy headline

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I just meant the FAQs on the site:

I still refer to it on occasion. I’m going to try to remember to send it to any newbies now that I’m back here again every day.


The way Discourse’s forum software design works is that Newbies are suggested to formulate a question before even finishing their full registration process as a user - and that’s a big part of this.

This great thread that Capn Bob started could be added to the list of past threads to validate some things:

Also, pro tip - if you’d like to create non-newbie discussions that are only viewable to full users or specific categorites of folks, you can always create a thread in one of the locked Health subtopics. Great for focus!


P.S. btw, I like that non-religious (yet spiritually) exclamatory “For the love of Richard Morris” for expressing noble oldies keto frustration.

If one uses it away from the forum people will want to know who this Mr. Morris is, quite a keto conversation starter. :grin:

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Really? I have no recollection of doing so.


Yeah - but it’s not required, and you can pass on it if you dare, and you must’ve done that. I did too - because I figured as a newbie I had no entirely new questions lolol, and, I wasn’t in any state of emergency (some folks are and use the forum as a type of ER I guess). And, I mainly came here to read for my first few months. :nerd_face:

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I started out with a question after a few days. Didn’t know I was supposed to do the whole introduction thing. (And now everyone here knows my life story :rofl::rofl:) I had already been doing keto for a few weeks-I was following the banting diet without the dry toast. Read the forums but didnt start testing for a few months.


I like the FAQ and acronym lisr idea. It could have the basics + also link to threads that provide extensive discussion and information on the matter. Then ppl can be referred to the FAQ and hopefully only start a thread if the general answer or discussion on the matter doesn’t address their question. This can hopefully make way for more evolved and nuanced discussions.


Can I be annoying and say I (almost) never read pinned topics? To me they scream “I’ve been posted here forever with info from a long time ago!”, when I’d rather read recent stuff. But that’s just me. I’m not normal :wink:

Also - and to me this is just common sense - why would you take the time to type out a full post asking a question and then twiddle your thumbs waiting for answers to trickle in, when you could search and get hundreds of responses instantly? I mean, jeez…


I’m still hoping in my optimistic Australian way that @richard will shine a light beam of rapacious wit into this topic and respond to his deification. (We all know it is not uni semester time).