Food prep question for experienced carnivores

(Jane Srygley) #61

OMG so jealous!!!

I just ate that this morning and it was amazing!

Thanks so much for all that detail. Truly appreciated :heart:


It’s so much more fun when our hubbies are carnivore along with us. :smile: And that much beef sounds like heaven, lol.

(Daisy) #63

Ok so I’m just going to put this out there. I’ve “tried” carnivore off and on for the last 7 months. Being 100% carnivore 90% of the time each time. I would eat that way for a few days, then have a day where I’d eat some unsweetened chocolate and maybe a teaspoon of raw local honey. Or some yogurt. Or some nut butter, or whatever. All pretty keto/paleo friendly, never SAD. But I would lose a couple lbs and gain it all back each time. Plus keep digestive issues, etc. @Fangs would yell (in her super awesome, polite way) that I needed to go 100% 100% of the time, but I am stubborn and thought what possible difference could that tiny bit make? I’m going to tell you, it makes all the difference. I’ve been 100% since just… January 6 (huh… I totally thought it was longer than that, will have to push my measurements another week), and I can tell ALL the difference. My weight (although I’m not getting on the scale or measuring for at least 30 days) is plummeting, inches are pouring off, digestion is better, appetite is leveling out, everything is improving!! So, if you’re stalled, think about going that extra 10%. You may just see a miracle.
Ps thanks @Fangs for staying on my butt!!


YES!!! WTG, Daisy! It really does make a difference for those of us with digestive issues! I did try a while back to drink a hibiscus tea and back came the digestive issues! Herbal tea? Sheesh! It’s amazing that some “little thing” can be so bothersome, sigh. Patience and persistence will pay off though and that’s what matters. It’s a real blessing to see you doing so well now. {{{HUGS}}}

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Super interesting Daisy! I am still planning on doing carnivore just 5 days per week and meat-heavy omnivore on the weekends but if my weight doesn’t start moving… well, I’ll cross that bridge if I get there. Truly appreciate your perspective. And yeah @Fangs is a menace :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Don’t tell her but she did kinda push me on the meat thing and it’s at least partly her fault I’m here :heart:


hey this is me LOL I am about 187 right now…I am going down the scale very slowly about .4 to 1/2 drop every now and then.

Ohhh, grass fed beef cattle and tons of beef. short ribs…oh my, I could faint over those :slight_smile: We raised Angus on the farm. I didn’t know you were raising cattle also…you must be a farmer gal like me? But we shut down the farm a few years ago and sold all cattle and other livestock.

Jealous when I read that list of me and what ya’ll eat LOL
Fun post to read!


Holy cow Daisy, reading your post was just super wonderful!!!

I bet you are feeling so darn good it is amazing.

Your list of improvements and benefits to you are outstanding. I am super duper thrilled for you feeling so darn good!!! You got me smiling big time for you and wish you nothing but even more improvements as you hold carnivore!! Cool!!

Hey any time ya want me on your butt, you just call out, hey I can do just that HAHA

I know, I know people swear what difference does 10% make? Well usually while we think we might be eating a few things that equal about 10, it could be more in the 20% range and we don’t even notice it truly as an overall percentage…but let me tell ya, the difference is huge as you just posted! I am so glad you hit those benefits and I am so glad you really see the 100% all in results from your hard work!

Just a fab post Daisy!!!


HA HA yes I admit it. I am a carnivore menace, I just have to cop to that :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

truly guys I mean well all the time even if I come off as tough and hard and stubborn and all that jazz LOL

You rock it out Jane!! Carnivore may just end up being your best darn friend thru it all, ya never know :slight_smile:

(Daisy) #69

Ok I was right, it has been almost 30 days. I went 100% on the 30th, not the 6th. I knew that didn’t sound right! Lol

Thanks everyone for the awesome replies, I am feeling great. Just had a 16 oz steak at the roadhouse yum yum lol


enquiring minds wanna know, did you pick it up and eat it with your fingers while out? HAHA steak at the roadhouse does sound yum!

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Now, there is no mention of “insulin” in this thread. Let me bring it in :slight_smile:

I’ll have to dig out the talk from low carb down under where this was discussed. As mentioned in another thread:

Protein is insulinogenic for some of us. It seems to be some damage from high glucose or high insulin, because it seems to happen a lot more frequently amoing diabetics. Bottom line, insulin flatlines for most of us if we eat meat on keto, while for a minority a lot of protein is converted to glucose.
So we see a marked insulin response to protein for some people.

Therefore it’s not feasible to compare individual experiences, because the rate of gluconeogenesis may be vastly different between people.

The interesting questions are of course:

  • Why do some of us have gluconeogenesis in overdrive? (It does most likely depend on insulin resistance and related damages to the liver, but there may be other factors.)
  • Does it matter how you prepare your meat? (Raw or cooked, etc.)
  • Does it depend on the type of meat? (Very likely. We know that whey protein is fairly insulinogenic, but these studies were probably done against the background of a western diet so the results may not apply for keto. Even grass fed vs. industrial could be a big difference.)
  • Does it matter if we eat 100% carnivore, could 10% non-carnivore food be the difference between active gluconeogenesis or not? (@Fangs looking at you :slight_smile:)

As we have no answers for these questions, all we can do is experiment.

Personally, my 90% carnivore failed. I’m still insulin resistant (last HOMA-IR was 1.7) and I hope my response to protein might change once my insulin response normalizes. I’ll go medium-protein OMAD keto for now, check my HOMA-IR from time to time and I’ll try carnivore again once it’s settled down (below 1 at least). Then I’ll go 100% carnivore (and not 90%) and maybe I can arrange for an insulin measurement after a meal after maybe a month of carnivore. Not sure if it’s a good or bad plan, but it’s my plan and I’ll stick to it :slight_smile:


when you tackle 100% all in carnivore and give it at least 30 days then we can chat up again on it all and how ya did etc.

LOL while we are all different and there are exceptions to everything in life, the true basics of GNC won’t change for most.


You go for it. Do what you want, when ya want and how ya want :slight_smile: all any of us can do actually! best of luck

(Daisy) #74

Lol I don’t eat it with my fingers at home. Well, I guess that’s not entirely true. I often cut it up and then mindlessly pick it up with my fingers while I’m working lol


HAHA see you do HAHA

yea I cut up my steaks also into finger size chunks and have at it.
my steaks are hands on as are my ribs etc…others things I do fork it LOL I ain’t a total heathen I think :slight_smile:

(Jane Srygley) #76

You don’t at all! I just love to mess with people :rofl: You come off as caring and knowledgeable :heart: and I truly appreciate it!


Cool. I am one of ‘those carnivores’ and I can get a bit testy defending my science and eating and all but in the end, I am just a 58 yr old gal trying to change thru all the friggin’ food insanity out there like everyone else LOL It ain’t friggin’ easy by any means :wink:

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57 but same LOL :heart:


You come off as a super enthusiastic one (who I can relate to more as time passes despite my totally different diet style or what I should call that. but I can be very enthusiastic too) and I am comforted that not only I can write many looooooong comments.
Your kind is probably needed for balance (see food insanity) and you still aren’t stepping over certain boundaries the other sides regularly do. (If my English is bad, sorry for it, I am not always sure about it and not always in a mood to research for long for a sentence. I guess I am usually understandable.) At least not often.
I can’t stand hateful missionaries with flawed logic and there are so many out there. Enthusiasm and personal experiences allowing other people aren’t the same? That’s nice.

My meat is usually fatty so I usually eat it with fork (or spoon if it’s too wet). But nothing is wrong with eating with fingers at home, I guess, in the case of many food items. I have one or two taps and liquid soap nearby to wash my hands any time.
I find it very sad when people overdo etiquette when they are at their own home alone (overdo = they actually don’t truly respect it but other people do so they do it even if the other people aren’t present).


Same here only I’m 63. Don’t you change, Fangs, or I might be tempted to eat some chocolate cake (Yikes) and ruin my PKD, lol.